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Welcome to our strategy guide for Warhead Junction, a Battleground in Heroes of the Storm. In these pages you will find everything required to understand how it is designed, from Map Objectives to Mercenary Camps, and how to play it, from drafting to team strategy.


Warhead Junction's Core Ability


Cooldown: 18 seconds

After 4 seconds of delay, launch a Warhead dealing damage equal to 30% of their maximum Health to all Heroes hit.


Warhead Junction's Map Objectives

In this section we explain the Objective present on this Battleground. You can see all the possible locations in the image below.



The main Objective of Warhead Junction is a group of Warheads (also called Nukes) spawning across the battlefield. Collecting a Warhead will allow Heroes to nuke a given area and damage all enemy units within it. Due to their relatively long cast time and huge delay, Warheads are best used for damaging enemy Structures.

Spawn 3:00 minutes
Respawn 2:55 minutes

Warheads can spawn in 9 possible locations, however, each Objective phase will either have 2 Warheads or 4 Warheads on the ground, starting with 2 Warheads and alternating for the rest of the game.



Except for The Lost Vikings, Heroes can only have a single Item at a time. The default key for using Items after collecting them is F. Once collected, Items give you access to special Abilities that can be used only once. As a consequence, the only way to use them again is to collect a new Item of the same type.

Be aware that Items are visible on the Minimap until they are collected and that Warheads in particular give vision around them. Any player nearby—regardless of their team—can collect Items on the ground after a short channel by right clicking on them, but only if they do not take any damage while trying to do so.

After collecting a Warhead, you have to wait 5 seconds before being able to use its special Ability. If you do not pay attention to this characteristic, you may end up walking within range of enemy Structures by mistake and take unnecessary damage or even dying in the process.



Warheads do not deal bonus damage in the center, therefore they give maximum value when hitting as many Structures at possible at the same time. With the help of Minions and/or Heroes, a single Warhead will be usually enough to take down both external Towers and the Healing Fountain nearby. Thanks to their damage scaling over time, Warheads will one-shot Healing Fountains near Forts after 4:00 minutes and Healing Fountains near Keeps after 11:00 minutes.

Ideally, when using a Warhead, you should try to hit the incoming Minions as well. Considering that Minions are always team symmetrical before they meet enemy units, you can look at allied Minions in the same lane to see where enemy Minions are.

Warhead [F]

Consumable Item

After 1.5 seconds of channel and 4 seconds of delay, launch a Warhead dealing damage equal to 30% of their maximum Health to all Heroes hit and 2300 (+70 per minute, up to 4050) damage to all non-Heroes hit.

Heroes trying to use a Warhead can be interrupted with crowd-control Abilities, putting the Warhead on a 10-second cooldown. Knowing so, if you have those tools, you can stay near your Structures to constantly stop enemy Heroes for nuking them. At the same time, though, enemy Heroes will try to use Warheads from the sides, behind the impassable terrain surrounding your Forts.

Whenever a Hero having a Warhead dies, that Warhead will drop on the ground, ready to be collected by another allied or enemy Hero. If you predict that you are going to die for sure in the next 2-3 seconds, you can use it on the spot so that the enemy team will not be able to get value from it.


Warhead Junction's Mercenary Camps

In this section we explain the details for every type of Mercenary Camp available on this Battleground. You can see all the possible locations in the image below.


Warhead Junction's Siege Camps

This type of Mercenary Camp features 2 Hellbats. Once captured, it spawns the same units fighting for your team in the corresponding lane.

Spawn 1:00 minute
Respawn 3:00 minutes
Experience 120 + 4 per minute

Hellbats reduce the Armor of enemy Structures and Heroes hit by their cleaving Basic Attacks for 3 seconds by 4 Armor per Basic Attack, stacking 5 times, for a maximum of 20 Armor reduction.



While trying to capture Mercenary Camps having only 2 Mercenaries, it is recommended to move sideways immediately after taking aggro so that the farthest Mercenary will move towards the closest Mercenary while trying to keep you within his Attack Range. This trick is important to use when your team has Heroes who can deal area of effect damage, else they will not be able to get maximum value from their Hero, thus leading to a time loss.

To play around their cleaving Basic Attacks applying an Armor reduction debuff, if you are not clearing Hellbats alone, your team must position a single Hero in front of them and all other Heroes behind them. Once the Hero tanking them gets 20 Armor reduction, after approximately 9 seconds, they should ideally swap position with another Hero who is not affected by that debuff to reduce the amount of damage taken by your team while fighting them.



After clearing it and securing its Capture Point, both Hellbats will walk in the lane nearby to fight for your team. Considering that they can reduce the Armor of enemy Structures, they can be used to empower the siege damage of your team.

Warheads benefit from the Armor reduction effect as well, so you should ideally wait for Hellbats to get near enemy Structures and Basic Attack them for about 4 seconds before launching them. Due to cast time and delay together, the Nuke will take a total of 5.5 seconds to hit them, during which time Hellbats will continue reducing the Armor of enemy Structures up to the cap.


Warhead Junction's Bruiser Camps

This type of Mercenary Camp features 3 Goliaths and 1 Raven. Once captured, it spawns the same units fighting for your team in the corresponding lane.

Spawn 1:00 minute
Respawn 4:00 minutes
Experience 270 + 8 per minute

Ravens do not use Basic Attacks. Instead, once every 5 seconds, they fire a Seeker Missile which Reveals the targeted Hero and damages them upon impact. In other words, Ravens only do 20 (not scaling) damage per second while Goliaths deal 40 (+1 per minute) damage per second.

Seeker Missile

Cooldown: 5 seconds

After a delay, launch a missile that chases an enemy and deals 100 damage in a small area around them upon impact. During this time, they are Revealed.



While clearing them, try to kill the Goliaths first because they deal twice more damage than the Raven and do not be scared of the Revealed effect applied by the Raven because while still neutral it cannot give vision to the enemy team, but only to other neutral Mercenaries.



After clearing it and securing its Capture Point, those Mercenaries will walk in the lane nearby to fight for your team. They can deal a considerable amount of damage to enemy Structures, so you can try to siege together with them when possible.


Warhead Junction's Boss Camp

This type of Mercenary Camp features 1 Slime Boss. Once captured, it spawns the same unit fighting for your team in the corresponding lane.

Spawn 5:00 minute
Respawn 5:00 minutes
Experience 750 + 10 per minute

While in combat, the Slime Boss will use Slime Spit to create a damaging pool on the ground, so be ready to avoid it.

Slime Spit

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Spits on the ground, dealing damage to enemies hit and leaving a pool on the ground which lasts 10 seconds and deals damage over time to enemies standing in. Slime Spit and Spawn Pods cannot be used within 6 seconds of each other.

About 6 seconds after that, the boss will cast Spawn Pods to launch multiple slime pods around him.

Spawn Pods

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Fires 7-10 slime pods in the surrounding area, each near a random Hero, which deal damage over time to enemies hit. Spawn Pods and Slime Spit cannot be used within 6 seconds of each other.



While clearing it, make sure to dodge all his Abilities because they deal a lot of damage, something that may cause your Healer to consume a huge amount of Mana or, even worse, to abort the capturing mission due to a lack of Health.

Considering that there are 4 bushes surrounding the Slime Boss, it is not that easy to guard the 2 bushes on the enemy side, unless you have vision tools at your disposal. As a consequence, it is extremely important to kill a few enemy Heroes before trying to capture it.



After clearing it and securing its Capture Point, the Slime Boss will walk in the lane nearby to fight for your team. The best strategy is to go together with him and deal as much damage as possible to enemy Structures before he gets defended by the enemy team. If you have Warheads, remember to use them as explained in the dedicated section above.


Warhead Junction's Sewage Tunnel

Even if Warhead Junction is a big Battleground, it is relatively fast to travel between the bottom and the top lane thanks to the Sewage Tunnel connecting them.

You can use the Sewage Tunnel for various things, such as:

  • when you are in the top lane but the enemy team is trying to siege your Structures in the bottom lane;
  • to surprise enemy Heroes with a gank;
  • as a valuable shortcut when traveling from a Mercenary Camp to the furthest lane, or in the opposite direction.

All that said, avoid using them if your team is not controlling at least one of the Watch Towers because, thanks to them, the enemy team will see all your movements between the bottom and top lane on the Minimap, indirectly gaining a tactical advantage by knowing your approximate position in the next few seconds and because, due to not having them, you will risk to meet enemy Heroes at the exit of the Sewage Tunnel.


Warhead Junction's Watch Towers

Warhead Junction features 2 Watch Towers: one right above the middle lane and another slightly below it, each of them giving vision on one of the entrances of the Sewage Tunnel.

Being surrounded by multiple bushes, the top Watch Tower is quite dangerous to capture with a single Hero, unless you know that the enemy team is not nearby because you recently saw 4 or more enemy Heroes somewhere else on the Minimap and you are not scared of the enemy Hero who is laning against you. On the other hand, the bottom Watch Tower has almost no bushes in its area, therefore it is relatively easy to capture after checking the bush right above it.

When there are no Minions to gather Experience from and it is safe to capture a Watch Tower, you should get it back because it greatly helps allied Heroes who intend to use the Sewage Tunnel offensively while at the same time prevents the enemy team to do the same.



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