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Welcome to our strategy guide for Warhead Junction, a Battleground in Heroes of the Storm. In these pages, you will find everything required to understand how it is designed, from Map Objectives to Mercenary Camps, and how to play it, from drafting to team strategy.


Warhead Junction's Core Ability

Contrary to Warheads collected by Heroes during the Objective phase, Warheads launched by Cores only deal damage to enemy Heroes. As a consequence, they will not help against enemy Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters.


Cooldown: 18 seconds

After 4 seconds of delay, launch a Warhead dealing damage equal to 30% of their maximum Health to all Heroes hit.


Warhead Junction's Map Objectives



The main Objective of Warhead Junction is a group of Warheads (also called Nukes) spawning across the battlefield. Collecting a Warhead will allow Heroes to nuke a given area and damage all enemy units within it. Due to their relatively long cast time and huge delay, Warheads are best used for damaging enemy Structures.

Spawn 3:00 minutes
Respawn 2:55 minutes

Warheads can spawn in 9 possible locations, however, each Objective phase will either have 2 Warheads or 4 Warheads on the ground, starting with 2 Warheads and alternating for the rest of the game.

Warhead Junction obective 1
Warhead Deployment
Multiple Warheads will spawn periodically across the battleground.
Warhead Junction obective 2
Collect Warheads
Pick up a Warhead to activate your Nuke. Use it or you will drop it when you die!
Warhead Junction obective 3
Call Down the Thunder
Launch Nukes to devastate the enemy team's fortifications.


Except for The Lost Vikings, Heroes can only have a single Item at a time. The default key for using Items after collecting them is F. Once collected, Items give you access to special Abilities that can be used only once. As a consequence, the only way to use them again is to collect a new Item of the same type.

Be aware that Items are visible on the Minimap until they are collected and that Warheads in particular give vision around them. Any player nearby—regardless of their team—can collect Items on the ground after a short channel by right clicking on them, but only if they do not take any damage while trying to do so.

After collecting a Warhead, you have to wait 5 seconds before being able to use its special Ability. If you do not pay attention to this characteristic, you may end up walking within range of enemy Structures by mistake and take unnecessary damage or even dying in the process.



Warheads do not deal bonus damage in the center, therefore they give maximum value when hitting as many Structures at possible at the same time. With the help of Minions and/or Heroes, a single Warhead will be usually enough to take down both external Towers.

Ideally, when using a Warhead, you should try to hit the incoming Minions as well. Considering that Minions are always team symmetrical before they meet enemy units, you can look at allied Minions in the same lane to see where enemy Minions are.

Warhead [F]

Consumable Item

After 1.5 seconds of channel and 4 seconds of delay, launch a Warhead dealing damage equal to 30% of their maximum Health to all Heroes hit and 2300 (+70 per minute, up to 4050) damage to all non-Heroes hit.

Heroes trying to use a Warhead can be interrupted with crowd-control Abilities, putting the Warhead on a 10-second cooldown. Knowing so, if you have those tools, you can stay near your Structures to constantly stop enemy Heroes for nuking them. At the same time, though, enemy Heroes will try to use Warheads from the sides, behind the impassable terrain surrounding your Forts.

Whenever a Hero having a Warhead dies, that Warhead will drop on the ground, ready to be collected by another allied or enemy Hero. If you predict that you are going to die for sure in the next 2-3 seconds, you can use it on the spot so that the enemy team will not be able to get value from it.


Warhead Junction's Sewage Tunnel

Even if Warhead Junction is a big Battleground, it is relatively fast to travel between the bottom and the top lane thanks to the Sewage Tunnel connecting them.

You can use the Sewage Tunnel for various things, such as:

  • when you are in the top lane but the enemy team is trying to siege your Structures in the bottom lane;
  • to surprise enemy Heroes with a gank;
  • as a valuable shortcut when traveling from a Mercenary Camp to the furthest lane, or in the opposite direction.

All that said, avoid using them if your team is not controlling at least one of the Watch Towers because, thanks to them, the enemy team will see all your movements between the bottom and top lane on the Minimap, indirectly gaining a tactical advantage by knowing your approximate position in the next few seconds and because, due to not having them, you will risk to meet enemy Heroes at the exit of the Sewage Tunnel.


Warhead Junction's Watch Towers

Warhead Junction features 2 Watch Towers: one right above the middle lane and another slightly below it, each of them giving vision on one of the entrances of the Sewage Tunnel.

Being surrounded by multiple bushes, the top Watch Tower is quite dangerous to capture with a single Hero, unless you know that the enemy team is not nearby because you recently saw 4 or more enemy Heroes somewhere else on the Minimap and you are not scared of the enemy Hero who is laning against you. On the other hand, the bottom Watch Tower has almost no bushes in its area, therefore it is relatively easy to capture after checking the bush right above it.

When there are no Minions to gather Experience from and it is safe to capture a Watch Tower, you should get it back because it greatly helps allied Heroes who intend to use the Sewage Tunnel offensively while at the same time prevents the enemy team to do the same.



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