Heroes of the Storm Dragon Shire Tier List

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The goal of this Tier List is to inform all kind of players regarding how strong Heroes are in the current metagame on Dragon Shire.

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The goal of this Tier List is to inform players regarding how strong Heroes are in the current metagame on Dragon Shire.

Dragon Shire is a 3-lane Map with no Boss Camps, 3 Bruiser Camps, and 2 Siege Camps. Although it is not the preferred strategy, you can double-soak just fine and being global is strong. In addition to a solid Offlaner for the top lane, you will also need a reliable anchor to control the Objective in the bottom lane. Being able to roam as 3-man to gank enemy Heroes in any lane is a scary strategy for the enemy team. Make sure to have some Heroes who can take care of Mercenary Camps.

Heroes that do better on this Map compared to their overall ranking have an upward pointing arrow and name in green whereas Heroes that do worse on this Map compared to their overall ranking have a downward pointing arrow and name in red. You can see their overall ranking in our General Tier List.

In order to better represent what kind of Heroes are needed in a solid team composition, we list Offlaners (unofficial Role which includes Heroes from various official Roles) instead of Bruisers.

If a given Hero can be played in multiple Roles (for example Tank and Offlaner), we mention them multiple times because each of their Roles may belong to a different tier.

Heroes that are generally worth banning at the beginning of the draft have been marked with a red border and a BAN label, however, in some circumstances it may be better to ban other Heroes instead, either to target-ban a player and/or to remove a counter to Heroes your team will pick.


Tier S

In this tier you can find overpowered Heroes that will do great in most games.

Offlaner 1 Hero
Ranged Assassin 1 Hero
Healer 1 Hero

Rehgar is currently a solid Healer who can provide a balanced mix of sustain and burst healing, with the ability to quickly clear Minions and Mercenaries.

Valla is a formidable Ranged Assassin who can deal an insane amount of damage to anyone, including Tanks. Due to her low durability, she loves to be paired with Supports or to have a second Healer.


Tier A

In this tier you can find strong Heroes that will perform well in a lot of games.

Diablo has access to a solid combination of crowd control, self-sustain, and damage compared to other Tanks. If left unchecked, he becomes deadly for any squishy Hero within range, especially near impassable terrain.

Garrosh is a threatening Tank who can easily punish enemy Heroes who get too close to him, especially in the early game. Always pay attention to nearby bushes and dismount him as soon as possible.

Johanna is not only the most durable Tank in the whole game but she can also provide a good amount of crowd control to disrupt enemy plans and help her teammates in team fights.

At the cost of being not that strong in team fights, Samuro has one of the best kits for playing macro (self-sustain, good waveclear, escape tools).


Tier B

In this tier you can find good Heroes that will generally be fine but not that strong.

E.T.C. can be played as Offlaner by picking Stage Dive Icon Stage Dive and using it to join allied Heroes after taking care of a side lane. This strategy is particularly good on big Maps, where global Heroes are valuable.

Thrall is not a great Offlaner because he does not have a lot of waveclear, however, he can do fine on Maps where that is not a big weakness (notably Battlefield of Eternity).


Tier C

In this tier you can find situational Heroes that will only do well in some circumstances.

Arthas can be played as Offlaner against melee Heroes who rely on Basic Attacks and cannot deal with Frozen Tempest Icon Frozen Tempest because they lack mobility tools to disengage whenever they want.

Even though she does not have self-sustain, Johanna has enough waveclear to be played as Offlaner on bigger Maps, where the offlane matchup is not that important.

Thanks to his high waveclear and decent mobility, Rehgar can also be played as Offlaner. When appropriate, he can also capture Mercenaries with ease, but that also applies when being played as Healer.

Uther can be drafted as Tank to enable a powerful Melee Assassin (for example Kerrigan) or Ranged Assassin (notably Valla) to deal more damage.


Tier D

In this tier you can find weak Heroes that will do poorly in most games.

Tank 1 Hero
Offlaner 1 Hero
Ranged Assassin 2 Heroes
Support 2 Heroes
Healer 2 Heroes

Important! Ranged Assassins should be picked as Offlaner only when you have a favorable matchup in lane, you are not exposed to ganks (for example Genji), and your team composition has a solid and powerful Bruiser (such as Yrel) or a durable and high-damage Melee Assassin (for example Thrall) the 4-man to help with vision, flanks, and peeling in team fights.



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