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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Fenix, a Ranged Assassin in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.


Fenix's Overview

Fenix is a ranged Assassin who can modify the range and performance of his weapon systems during battle. This allows him to excel at a variety of damage-related tasks, and to adapt to different battlefield situations accordingly. Shield Capacitor Icon Shield Capacitor allows Fenix to trade damage favourably, but he must retreat from combat in order to regenerate his shields.


Fenix's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
X Weaknesses

Fenix's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Basic Attack Build

Level 1 Arsenal Synergy Icon Mobile Offense Icon ?
Level 4 Target Acquired Icon
Level 7 Divert Power: Weapons Icon
Level 10 Purification Salvo Icon Planet Cracker Icon ?
Level 16 Offensive Cadence Icon Photonic Weaponry Icon ?
Level 20 Unconquered Spirit Icon Singularity Charge Icon ?

The Basic Attack Build is the only recommended build for Fenix. Most of his damage comes from Repeater Cannon and Phase Bomb. Therefore, it is better to pick talents that increases the damage output from Basic Attacks, such as Arsenal Synergy Icon Arsenal Synergy or Mobile Offense Icon Mobile Offense. This build stacks several Talents that increase Basic Attack damage. Divert Power: Weapons should usually be activated to increase damage once it is clear that the enemy team is committed to a teamfight. This will allow you to trade optimally until your shields are gone, and to benefit from the bonus damage as long as possible. Photonic Weaponry is a safe pick that will almost always add damage, but Offensive Cadence can be very strong against Tanks and Bruisers if they are unable to retaliate.


Fenix's Synergies and Counters

V Fenix synergizes with

The effectiveness of Fenix's AoE damage can be amplified by bringing enemy Heroes closer together, or by keeping them close together. This makes him strong with Heroes that can pull enemies together. Fenix also does well with Heroes who can easily slow entire the enemy team, allowing Purification Salvo Icon Purification Salvo to deal maximum damage in teamfights. Thrall with Earthquake Icon Earthquake or Diablo with Lightning Breath Icon Lightning Breath are good setups for Purification Salvo.

X Fenix is countered by

Fenix relies on Shield Capacitor Icon Shield Capacitor in order to trade damage efficiently. Varian has Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw that can obliterate shields, making it hard for Fenix to deal damage safely at all. He can also be countered by Heroes who can follow him when he uses Warp to escape, especially if those Heroes can get back out safely after diving him, like Zeratul or Genji. Fenix is also very punished by crowd control. Tanks with many stuns and knockbacks are a threat; you have to play very safely when against E.T.C.. Lúcio is also a concern, considering he can use Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier to counter Purification Salvo Icon Purification Salvo, and his Soundwave Icon Soundwave will often cancel your Warp.


Fenix's Maps

Fenix's stronger maps
Braxis Holdout Infernal Shrines Tomb of the Spider Queen
Fenix's average maps
Alterac Pass Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay Cursed Hollow Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Hanamura Temple Sky Temple Towers of Doom Volskaya Foundry Warhead Junction
Fenix's weaker maps

Fenix is best on maps where the main objective involves large numbers of units. This is due to his sustained AoE damage, which will help to defend against such objectives. Fenix is also a relatively strong solo-laner. With strong waveclear, PvE damage, and solo-lane capability, Fenix is able to be somewhat effective on all maps.


Fenix's Tips and Tricks

  • Cast Plasma Cutter Icon Plasma Cutter liberally, and always try to follow it up with Basic Attacks.
  • Stutter-step to keep enemies near your maximum range.
  • Use Shield Capacitor Icon Shield Capacitor to trade damage with enemy Heroes. Your shields will regenerate, but their health will not.
  • Use Weapon Mode: Repeater Cannon Icon Weapon Mode: Repeater Cannon on isolated targets like Boss Mercenaries, Forts, or enemies who are out of position.
  • Save Warp Icon Warp to escape or reposition as needed.
  • Cast Purification Salvo Icon Purification Salvo when enemies are slowed by Plasma Cutter for maximum damage.

Role in the Current Meta

Fenix deals excellent sustained AoE damage, and is able to do so from range. He is efficient against Heroes, is able to clear Minions and Mercenaries quickly, and deals impressive siege damage to Structures when his team is pushing. This versatility makes him a good fit for most team compositions.

Because Fenix is able to adapt his weapon use to accomplish a variety of tasks, he can perform well on most maps. His sustained AoE capabilities will stand out on maps that have objectives that involve many units, such as Braxis Holdout and Tomb of the Spider Queen. Fenix is, at the very least, adequate on all maps. He can fit well into almost any draft as a ranged damage dealer.



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