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Gall Build Guide “Those who oppose me invite their own demise!”

Last updated on Jun 26, 2017 at 16:54 by Oxygen 22 comments

Table of Contents

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General Information

Welcome to our Gall guide for Heroes of the Storm. Here you will learn everything you need to know in order to play Gall in a competitive environment, whether you play on your own or with a team.

About the Author

Oxygen is a veteran of the MOBA genre, which he has been playing for nearly 15 years. He has coached some of Heroes of the Storm's most prominent North American players and teams alike, including Team Liquid. As a Master player, he enjoys playing all Heroes and roles.

1. Quick Reference for Gall

Shadowflame Build (talent calculator link)

Level 1 Taskmaster Icon
Level 4 Runic Persistence Icon Bomb's Away Icon ? Double Back Icon ?
Level 7 Double Trouble Icon Ogre Rampage Icon ?
Level 10 Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Twisting Nether Icon ?
Level 13 Searing Shadows Icon
Level 16 Shadowsnare Icon Deafening Blast Icon ?
Level 20 Shadowfury Icon

The Shadowflame Icon Shadowflame Build revolves around greatly improving the potency of Gall's Shadowflame. Key aspects of the build revolve around reducing the Cooldown of Shadowflame through the Double Trouble Icon Double Trouble Talent, and then turning into a potent percent-based damage source. This build has particularly strong synergy with the Hero Level 7 Cho Talent Firestarter Icon Firestarter.

See our Talents page for further information Create your own build and share it with friends!

Synergies and Counters

Gall synergizes with

Cho'gall's nature makes him thrive when teamed up with a strong healer, particularly those who possesses a form of crowd control of their own to make up for Cho'gall's own lack of non-Heroic crowd control. Otherwise, most Tanks do well with him, granted they also bring plenty of crowd control of their own.

Gall is countered by

Cho'gall's nature makes him particularly vulnerable to most forms of crowd control and percent-based damage sources. Fortunately, Cho'gall has plenty of Talent choices and maneuvers that allow him to adapt to a variety of less-than-ideal situations.


Gall's stronger maps Braxis Holdout Infernal Shrines
Gall's average maps Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay Cursed Hollow Garden of Terror Hanamura Haunted Mines Sky Temple Tomb of the Spider Queen Towers of Doom Volskaya Foundry
Gall's weaker maps Dragon Shire Warhead Junction

Since Cho'gall limits the number of Heroes your team can field, he tends to be weak on Maps that requires to effectively distribute Heroes across multiple points at once. On the other hand, his gank resilience makes him difficult to kill, even when caught while rotating, and his excellent long-ranged area of effect damage and zero Mana costs are excellent for taking out small Objectives that must be killed and poking opponents.

TL;DR Tips

  • Shadowflame Icon Shadowflame is by far your highest source of damage. Use it whenever it is off-Cooldown, and take advantage of the fact that it deals its damage instantly.
  • Dread Orb Icon Dread Orb has an extremely long range; using it against nearby Structures whenever there are no better targets is an effective way of maximising its potential.
  • Runic Blast Icon Runic Blast requires you to be well-coordinated with your Cho partner; ask them to let you know whenver they use Rune Bomb Icon Rune Bomb, or pay close attention to Cho's "Bomb's out!" shout.
  • Twisting Nether Icon Twisting Nether works particularly well with Cho's Upheaval Icon Upheaval; try and use them together. Use the Ability's movement speed reduction effect to keep enemies within attack range.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley can be difficult to aim, especially if Cho is not prepared for it; let them know ahead of time!
  • Shove Icon Shove is extremely useful for avoiding dangerous skillshots and area of effect Abilities.
  • Be mindful when activating Ogre Rage Icon Ogre Rage in combat, as it leaves Cho 25% less resilient than he would otherwise be.
See our Abilities page for further information

2. Introduction

Gall is the Assassin half of the entity controled by two Players known as Cho'gall. The Player in charge of Gall has the burden of using the entity's most powerful Abilities, whereas the second Player, in control of Cho, acts as the "driver" that controls Cho's more simple Abilities, physical position, and Basic Attacks. Gall's strongest points are his high area of effect damage and outstanding resilience, due to being tied to Cho's extremely tough body. Should Cho be killed, Gall will die with him, instantly yielding two kills worth of experience to their opponents.

3. Remark

Given the highly unusual nature of Gall, we highly recommend that you use this guide along with our Cho guide found here so as to get a better understanding of the Hero.

4. Strengths

  • Humongous Health pool
  • Abilities do not use Mana
  • Outstanding duelist
  • Great waveclear
  • Permanently tied to Cho, a Warrior, making coordination easy

5. Weaknesses

  • Reliant on skillshots
  • Easily countered during drafts
  • Limited utility beyond raw damage
  • Deaths are twice as punishing, as they mean losing two Heroes
  • Only allows a team to have 4 Heroes, reducing overall map presence
  • Very reliant on Heroic Abilities to significantly impact team fights

6. Role in the Current Meta

Gall is permanently attached to Cho's body, and as such, goes wherever Cho goes. Gall's Abilities have little to no utility to them, and are in stead capable of dealing large amounts of damage to multiple enemies. As such, Gall's primary goal is to lay waste to whatever comes within range and coordinate with the Cho player so as to maximise the effectiveness of their Abilities.

Given the nature of Cho'gall, communication is extremely important between the two Players that are sharing the Hero, but also, with the remaining members of the team that must deal with the unusual situation of playing with only four total bodies.

Drafting-wise, Cho and Gall should almost always be picked last, for certain Heroes tend to counter them. It is also important to draft them along a Hero that is capable of performing the duties of a tank, as Cho'gall is unsuitable to effectively perform such duties despite being labeled as a Warrior by the game.

7. Reading Further

To take things further, we have 2 more pages that you can read:

8. ChangeLog

  • 26 Jun. 2017 (abilities page): Fixed a paragraph that was referring to Ogre Rage instead of Ogre Hide.
  • 18 Mar. 2017 (this page): Guide updated for Probius' patch and moved to the new format.
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