Anduin Build Guide “Injustice will not stand!”

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Anduin, a Healer in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.


Anduin's Overview

Anduin is a ranged Healer that excels at protecting himself and his allies at the same time using shields and heals. Unlike some of the other Healers, Anduin possesses quite some play-making potential utilizing various crowd control and utility effects. He can, for instance, save allies in need by using Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith ability, which grants them immunity against crowd control effects and pulls them towards Anduin. Mastering Anduin's arsenal of protective and offensive tools provides your team with a powerful Healer in the backline that can contribute a great deal during team fights.


Anduin's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Strong burst healing
  • +Can protect himself quite well
  • +Both Heroic Abilites are viable choices
  • +Powerful late game
  • +Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith counters crowd control
X Weaknesses

Anduin's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Basic Attacks Build

Level 1 Bold Strategy Icon
Level 4 Inner Fire Icon
Level 7 Blessed Recovery Icon
Level 10 Lightbomb Icon Holy Word: Salvation Icon ?
Level 13 Push Forward! Icon
Level 16 Inner Focus Icon

Anduin's Basic Attacks Build offers a slightly more aggressive playstyle thanks to the strong synergy between Inner Fire Icon Inner Fire at Level 4 and Push Forward! Icon Push Forward! at Level 13 that helps to get more value from Bold Strategy Icon Bold Strategy at Level 1 in a safer way.


Anduin's Synergies and Counters

V Anduin synergizes with

Anduin has no synergies in particular, as he empowers a great number of Heroes due to his neutral kit. However, his constant healing can make Tanks very hard to kill. To Assassins that lack any form innate escape machanisms, such as Jaina or Raynor, Anduin's Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith can be the saving grace to protect them from enemy assaults.

X Anduin is countered by

Anduin struggles against two major counters that affect his kit: Firstly, anti-healing abilities like Ana's Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade, which shuts down most of Anduin's combat performance. Secondly, mobile Assassins like Tracer or Illidan can be impossible for Anduin to escape from unless he is aided by teammates. A more specific counter to Anduin's Holy Word: Salvation Icon Holy Word: Salvation Heroic Ability are long-distance crowd control effects, such as Falstad's Mighty Gust Icon Mighty Gust.


Anduin's Maps

Anduin's stronger maps
Alterac Pass Battlefield of Eternity Dragon Shire Tomb of the Spider Queen
Anduin's average maps
Blackheart's Bay Braxis Holdout Cursed Hollow Garden of Terror Hanamura Temple Infernal Shrines Sky Temple Towers of Doom Volskaya Foundry Warhead Junction
Anduin's weaker maps

Anduin excels on Maps that feature static Objectives, such as Shrines on Dragon Shire or Prison Camps on Alterac Pass. Furthermore, choke points can make for great locations for Divine Star Icon Divine Star to get value from. All in all, Anduin's well-rounded kit leaves him with no real map vulnerabilities.


Anduin's Tips and Tricks

  • Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith can be used on allies already impaired by enemy crowd control or pre-emptively to prevent them from taking damage.
  • Cancelling Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal's channel animation does not put the ability on cooldown, which allows Anduin to re-position himself and immediately start casting again.
  • Safe positioning is key when playing Anduin, as he lacks any form of escape mechanism, such as dashes or teleports.
  • Inner Focus Icon Inner Focus can be used after casting Desperate Prayer Icon Desperate Prayer to reset Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal's cooldown.
  • Lightbomb Icon Lightbomb's Stun can be used after (or before) using Chastise Icon Chastise's Root to trigger a strong crowd control combo.

Anduin's Role in the Current Meta

As most Healers, Anduin is not really impacted by the introduction of Experience Globe Anomaly, as it is usually not the responsibility of the Healer to pick them up in the first place. He remains a neutral pick in the current Anomaly that does neither over- nor underperform.

Anduin is a healing powerhouse that combines AoE healing and single target protection. As such, he is a decent pick against all sorts of damage types on the enemy team. Since he lacks any form of escape mechanism, positioning is key when playing Anduin. Keep an eye out for engaging Tanks and Bruisers that can use Stuns and Roots to lock him down.

At Level 10, both Heroic Abilities can be used with great effect. Lightbomb Icon Lightbomb is particularly strong with melee Heroes who will likely be surrounded by several enemies. Its relatively short cooldown also makes it quite forgiving if the ability does not provide the desired efficiency. Holy Word: Salvation Icon Holy Word: Salvation, on the other hand, requires precise timing and game sense. Thus, counting cooldowns on enemy abilities that could easily interrupt Anduin's channeling process is often vital to guarantee success.



  • 07 May 2020 (this page): Builds and Descriptions changed according to the latest Balance Update.
  • 07 May 2020 (talents page): Builds and Descriptions changed according to the latest Balance Update.
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