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Rehgar Build Guide “To the Arena!”

Last updated on Dec 15, 2016 at 00:03 by Kendric 23 comments

Table of Contents

Rehgar Image

General Information

Welcome to our Rehgar guide for Heroes of the Storm. Here you will learn everything you need to know in order to play Rehgar in a competitive environment, whether you play on your own or with a team.

About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. Quick Reference

Neutral Build (talent calculator link)

The Neutral Build allows Rehgar to adjust to most situations he could find himself in. Talents like Spiritwalker's Grace Icon Spiritwalker's Grace at Level 4 and Tidal Waves Icon Tidal Waves offer great AoE healing, while Cleanse Icon Cleanse and Storm Shield Icon Storm Shield add a lot of utility to his kit.

Lightning Bond Build (talent calculator link)

The Lightning Bond Build is recommended when your team needs additional waveclear and/or damage. It works particularly well if your team composition features a melee Assassin or two Warriors, who all greatly benefit from Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield at Level 13. To further increase Lightning Bond Icon Lightning Bond's and Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield's value, we strongly recommend picking Rewind Icon Rewind at Level 20.

Bloodlust Build (talent calculator link)

The Bloodlust Build can be used if your team consists of several strong Basic Attackers, such as Illidan, Thrall, or Valla. We strongly recommend picking Gladiator's War Shout Icon Gladiator's War Shout for this build to greatly enhance your team's power level during the later stages of the game.

See our Talents page for further information Create your own build and share it with friends!

Synergies and Counters

Rehgar synergizes with

Rehgar is a strong melee Assassin and Tank Supporter. As such, aggressive Heroes like Illidan, Kerrigan or E.T.C. benefit a lot from Earthbind Totem Icon Earthbind Totem and from Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing, in particular. When playing with these Heroes, we usually recommend picking Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield at Level 13 to further bolster their defences.

Rehgar is countered by

Due to the fact that Rehgar cannot cast Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing on himself, he has to carefully avoid getting Stunned. Thus, Heroes like Muradin or Varian can be quite a threat. On the other hand, Heroes like Illidan or Lunara are often too sticky for Rehgar's Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf form to escape (unless he went for Wolf Run Icon Wolf Run at Level 1).


Rehgar's stronger maps Blackheart's Bay Infernal Shrines Tomb of the Spider Queen Volskaya Foundry
Rehgar's average maps Battlefield of Eternity Braxis Holdout Cursed Hollow Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Hanamura Haunted Mines Sky Temple Towers of Doom
Rehgar's weaker maps Warhead Junction

Rehgar performs well on smaller maps that require early rotations between lanes, since his Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf form allows him to quickly get in and out of lane. Besides, talents like Lightning Bond Icon Lightning Bond at Level 1 provide him with decent waveclear which further supports this kind of playstyle. On larger maps like Warhead Junction, Rehgar struggles a little due to the reduced movement speed of his Ghost Wolf form. On those battlegrounds, we recommend picking Wolf Run Icon Wolf Run at Level 1 to compensate for this drawback.

TL;DR Tips

  • Rehgar is surprisingly good at clearing Mercenary Camps all by himself.
  • Using Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf's empowered Basic Attacks while fighting enemy Heroes or clearing Mercenary Camps increases your damage output significantly.
  • It is better to cast Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing too early than too late. The more the enemy focuses on killing a single target of your team, the earlier you should cast Ancestral Healing on them.
  • Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield can be cast on Earthbind Totem Icon Earthbind Totem to damage Minion waves from a safe distance.
See our Abilities page for further information

2. Overview

Rehgar is a melee Support Hero that offers strong utility and powerful single target healing. His Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf form allows him to quickly dash in and out of combat even when takling damage. Unlike most other Supports, Rehgar is capable of clearing Mercenary Camps all by himself.

3. Strengths

  • Can use his Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf form even while moving and fighting, which provides unique mobility during team fights
  • Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing offers very strong single-target heal
  • Strong talent choices, which allow for flexible builds
  • Works well in a lot of different team compositions
  • Capable of clearing Mercenary Camps on his own very quickly

4. Weaknesses

  • Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing does require some experience to be used efficiently
  • Cannot cast Ancestral Healing on himself;
  • Very Mana dependent early on
  • Short casting range on his abilities compared to other Support Heroes
  • Vulnerable to crowd control

5. Role in the Current Meta

There is hardly any other support Hero in Heroes of the Storm that is as versatile and adaptable as Rehgar. Rehgar's kit, which consists of a mixture of heals, shields, and crowd control allows him to adapt very nicely to the flow of the game. His exceptional mobility granted by his Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf trait, allows him to clear Mercenary Camps more quickly while at the same time providing him with excellent mobility both in and out of combat.

Rehgar's strong single target healing capabilities, but also his exceptional offensive potential using Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust, make him an ideal match with most melee Assassins, especially Illidan, Thrall, or Kerrigan, who greatly benefit from his Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing Heroic Ability, which is capable of almost instantly restoring even severely injured allies. Talents such as Cleanse Icon Cleanse, Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield, or Storm Shield Icon Storm Shield will protect your teammates very effectively as well.

6. Reading Further

To take things further, we have 2 more pages that you can read:

7. ChangeLog

+ show all entries - show only 10 entries
  • 15 Dec. 2016 (talents page): Updated a number of tooltips and explanations following Ragnaros patch, but no changes were made to the talent recommendations.
  • 15 Dec. 2016 (abilities page): Updated Bloodlust description following the changes in Ragnaros patch.
  • 15 Dec. 2016 (this page): Added a new Bloodlust build.
  • 29 Nov. 2016 (this page): Moved Rehgar to the new guide format.
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