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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Stukov, a Healer in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.


Stukov's Overview

Stukov is a high utility solo Healer, who provides excellent zone control. His exceptional healing is reliant on well timed use of Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch. While his Abilities are very powerful, their use needs to be carefully planned to achieve maximum effect. Stukov has limited mobility, and should not roam by himself. He is designed to assist his allies, and will not perform well without them nearby.


Stukov's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
X Weaknesses
  • -Difficult to master
  • -Slow attack speed can lead to poor single-target dps
  • -Bio-Kill Switch has a long cooldown; misuse is unforgiving
  • -Lack of mobility

Stukov's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Standard Build

Level 1 Fetid Touch Icon
Level 4 One Good Spread... Icon Biotic Armor Icon ? Vigorous Reuptake Icon ?
Level 7 The Long Pitch Icon
Level 10 Massive Shove Icon Flailing Swipe Icon ?
Level 13 Virulent Reaction Icon
Level 16 Pox Populi Icon Superstrain Icon ?
Level 20 Push Comes To Shove Icon Top Off Icon ?

The Standard build focuses on boosting Stukov's healing and crowd control abilities. The idea with Stukov is catching off enemy heroes with your Weighted Pustule and Lurking Arm combo. At level 13, when Stukov gets Virulent Reaction, is where his power shines. Fetid Touch can greatly reduce the cooldown of Weighted Pustule and completely remove the Mana cost. The Long Pitch allows you to apply pustules from greater range, which opens up opportunities to apply them to many Heroes with each cast. Your level 4 talents will depend on the enemy team composition. Against a dive team, Biotic Armor Icon Biotic Armor or Vigorous Reuptake Icon Vigorous Reuptake would be better options.


Stukov's Synergies and Counters

V Stukov synergizes with

Stukov is strong with Heroes who teamfight near their allies, as opposed to those that will dive out of range of Healing Pathogen. He is also strong with Heroes who have access to some form of Executioner, because he is capable of liberally applying slows.

X Stukov is countered by

Stukov is countered by high mobility Heroes who can circumvent his zone control. Lacking any form of Cleanse, Heroes with access to multiple crowd control Abilities are also effective against him.


Stukov's Maps

Stukov's stronger maps
Braxis Holdout Cursed Hollow
Stukov's average maps
Alterac Pass Blackheart's Bay Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Hanamura Temple Infernal Shrines Sky Temple Tomb of the Spider Queen Towers of Doom Volskaya Foundry Warhead Junction
Stukov's weaker maps
Battlefield of Eternity

Stukov is great on maps that feature many choke points, and on maps with two lanes. Lurking Arm provides a lot of zone control in tight areas, while Healing Pathogen excells at healing large groups of allies. Stukov does not perform poorly on many maps.


Stukov's Tips and Tricks

  • Use Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch primarily to heal allies affected by Healing Pathogen Icon Healing Pathogen.
  • Cast Healing Pathogen Icon Healing Pathogen onto Heroes who will spread it to as many allies as possible.
  • Weighted Pustule Icon Weighted Pustule is useful for harassment and light disengage. It can also secure kills on fleeing enemies.
  • Channel Lurking Arm Icon Lurking Arm onto choke points, or use it to cancel channeled enemy Heroics.
  • Massive Shove Icon Massive Shove can be used to push enemies far away from team fights, or simply to Stun them against nearby terrain.
  • Use Flailing Swipe Icon Flailing Swipe to peel and disengage if a fight is not looking favourable for your team.

Stukov's Role in the Current Meta

Stukov is great on teams that want to zone enemies away from essential allies and objectives. He performs very well with teams that strive to protect their backline damage dealers, because such team compositions usually stay grouped within Healing Pathogen Icon Healing Pathogen's spread range.

Stukov has the ability to apply slows almost constantly, can channel an area of effect Silence indefinitely, and can single handedly remove an enemy Hero from a team fight. Despite being heavily armed with monsterous amounts of utility, he is still a viable solo healer for most team compositions.



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