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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Ana, a Healer in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.


Ana's Overview

Ana is a long range Healer who excels at manipulating the course of battle from a safe distance. She is particularly efficient if protected by a sturdy frontline, since she does not have any real escape mechanism. Consequently, knowing how to position Ana during a team fight becomes of the essence, not only when it comes to staying clear of danger, but also when it comes to healing allied targets from the right angle.


Ana's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Long Basic Attack range
  • +Relatively low Mana consumption
  • +Works great with Assassins who rely on spell damage
  • +Counters other Healers
X Weaknesses
  • -Relatively fragile
  • -Limited damage dealing potential
  • -Main Abilities are skillshots that require precise aiming
  • -Underwhelming mobility

Ana's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Grenade Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Contact Healing Icon
Level 4 Biotic Enhancements Icon
Level 7 Anti-Healer Icon
Level 10 Nano Boost Icon Eye of Horus Icon ?
Level 13 Purifying Darts Icon Speed Serum Icon ? Smelling Salts Icon ?
Level 16 Sharpshooter Icon Active Reload Icon ?
Level 20 Nano Infusion Icon Deadeye Icon ? Armored Stance Icon ?

The Grenade Build provides strong AoE (anti)healing, which is particularly good if your team has several melee Heroes who usually clump next to each other and if the enemy team features one or several Supports with high number healing abilities, such as Rehgar's Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing, for instance. Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost is the Heroic Ability of choice, even if your team does not feature any dedicated Mages, as the Mana replenishment and especially the cooldown reduction works great on most Heroes. However, Eye of Horus Icon Eye of Horus can certainly be picked as well, especially if your team requires additional burst healing during team fights. The Level 13 talent pick is highly situational, however, judging of how likely a talent is going to net value throughout a game, we value Purifying Darts Icon Purifying Darts a lot, since there is a larger number of Movement Speed Slows and Roots than Stuns. That being said, some Heroes have such highly impactful Stun abilities (Muradin's Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt, for instance) that Smelling Salts Icon Smelling Salts can definitely become a viable alternative choice. At Level 20, both Heroic upgrades are strong choices. However, the additional damage and, more importantly, the additional protection makes Armored Stance Icon Armored Stance a solid alternative.


Ana's Synergies and Counters

V Ana synergizes with

Ana's Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost possesses outstanding synergy with Assassins who rely heavily on ability damage such as Kael'thas or Kel'Thuzad. Furthermore, Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade's healing boost effect greatly enhances both her own and her targets' self healing capabilities. As such, frontliners like Arthas or Dehaka can greatly increase their own survivability.

X Ana is countered by

Ana usually struggles against mobile enemy Assassins and Warriors, such as Genji or Zeratul. These Heroes can pose a serious threat to Ana, who has no real escape mechanisms. Aiming and landing Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart thus becomes crucial to keep these approaching threats away from her.


Ana's Maps

Ana's stronger maps
Alterac Pass Braxis Holdout Infernal Shrines Towers of Doom
Ana's average maps
Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay Cursed Hollow Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Hanamura Temple Haunted Mines Sky Temple Tomb of the Spider Queen Volskaya Foundry
Ana's weaker maps
Warhead Junction

Ana performs really well on battlegrounds like Battlefield of Eternity or Braxis Holdout that focus on early skirmishes and extended laning phases. This usually results in less unpredictable ganks, which Ana is somewhat vulnerable to. Furthermore, her low Mana costs allow her to stay in lane for a long period of time. On open maps like Garden of Terror or Warhead Junction, however, Ana is very susceptible to enemy flanks, which is why we do not recommend her too much on those maps.


Ana's Tips and Tricks

  • Due to her limited self-healing capabilities, Ana needs to pay special attention on where she positions herself during a team fight.
  • Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost's duration of 8 seconds is quite long, so do not be too hesitant to cast it at the beginning of a team fight.
  • Use Ana's superior Basic Attack range to consistently harass opponents in lane.

Ana's Role in the Current Meta

Ana's strong lane presence and most importantly her ability to win early skirmishes thanks to Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade make her a great choice to secure Experience Globes for her team and deny enemy Heroes from picking up theirs. Thus, we rate Ana to be a formidable choice in the current Anomaly.

Ana fits into a variety of team compositions and is ideally played as a solo Healer, although she can also empower so-called double Support compositions. It is worth mentioning that she has limited self-healing capabilities and as such should be played very defensively most of the time. In the case of an emergency, Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart is a great tool to keep engaging enemy Bruisers and Assassins at bay.

Make sure to position Ana in a way that she has a clear shot with Healing Dart Icon Healing Dart on targets that require healing. Ana's Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost has incredible synergy with ability damage heavy Assassins like Alarak, Kael'thas, or Kel'Thuzad. If your team composition does not feature any Mages or if you require additional healing during team fights, Eye of Horus Icon Eye of Horus can be (but does not have to be) a worthy substitute ability.



  • 06 Dec. 2019 (this page): Added an entry about the current Anomaly to the guide.
  • 03 Jun. 2019 (abilities page): Applied minor updates to Ana's ability descriptions.
  • 03 Jun. 2019 (talents page): Changed Eye of Horus from Situational to Recommended and updated the talent builds accordingly.
  • 13 Feb. 2019 (abilities page): Updated Ana's abilities in accordance with the latest rework.
  • 13 Feb. 2019 (talents page): Updated Ana's talents and builds in accordance with the latest rework.
  • 07 Mar. 2018 (abilities page): Updated Shrike (and Biotic Grenade, very slightly) text to account for the latest patch.
  • 07 Mar. 2018 (talents page): Updated Ana's Talent Builds in accordance with the most recent balanced update.
  • 29 Jan. 2018 (talents page): Overdose is now Recommended and Aim Down Sights is now Not Recommended as intended.
  • 13 Oct. 2017 (talents page): Changed Dynamic Shooting from Not Recommended to Recommended and fixed Overdose's description.
  • 29 Sep. 2017 (talents page): Updated talent builds and descriptions after further playtesting.
  • 28 Sep. 2017 (talents page): Added talent discussions.
  • 26 Sep. 2017 (this page): Guide added.
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