Goblin Farming Guide

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In community terms, a "Goblin Run" generally refers to seeking out popular and proven treasure goblin spawn points in adventure mode and killing the random treasure goblin types that spawn there. While you can certainly come across goblins during regular content clears (Bounties and Rifts), Goblin Runs focus exclusively on the hunt.


You cannot target specific goblin types or rely on guaranteed locations, so you will need to settle on a route that suits your purposes and farming style. If you are farming for cosmetics, run on a low and non-threatening difficulty — it will not affect transmog drop rates. If you are hoping for good drops from goblins though, farm on the highest difficulty you can handle while still being efficient (one-shotting trash, clearing elites in a few seconds and never losing a goblin due to it running away). The following is a list of popular Goblin spawn points; add or subtract to your route depending on how often you want to restart the game; shorter runs can be annoying with their frequent restarts.

  • Teleport to Act 1, Southern Highlands, run across the bridge and make a circular run through the area to find the Cave of the Moon Clan. Make a full clear of both Level 1 and 2 of the Cave.
  • Teleport to Act 1, Northern Highlands, and make a full sweep of the entire zone — both the lower area where the waypoint is, but also up the stairs and the entire upper area as well. You can conveniently end the run at the Leoric's Manor Courtyard waypoint.
  • Teleport to Act 1, The Royal Crypts, and go through the entirety of this short area, all the way down to the entrance to the Skeleton King.
  • Teleport to Act 1, Cathedral Level 2, and walk backwards to the previous zone, Leoric's Passage. Check this very small zone in its entirety.
  • Teleport to Act 2, the Ancient Waterway, and go upwards to the next zone, Western Channel Level 1; clear it as best as you can and do the same with the following zone, Western Channel Level 2.
  • Teleport back to the Ancient Waterway and go to the right, into the Eastern Channel Level 1 and all the way down to Eastern Channel Level 2.
  • Teleport to Act 2, the City of Caldeum, and take the nearby zone transition into the Sewers of Caldeum. Do a quick sweep of this small zone.
  • Teleport to Act 2, Stinging Winds, and walk as straight south as you possibly can. As soon as you hit the Black Canyon Mines, teleport out.
  • Teleport to Act 3, The Core of Arreat, and do a clear of this simple, one-corridor zone.
  • Teleport to Act 3, Tower of the Cursed Level 1, and do a complete walk down the winding stairs — including the following zone, Tower of the Cursed Level 2.
  • Teleport to Act 3, Tower of the Damned Level 1, and do a full circle around the level. Once cleared, head down and do the same in Tower of the Damned Level 2.
  • Teleport to Act 3, The Bridge of Korsikk, and head into the Fields of Slaughter. Do a sweep of the zone to find Caverns of Frost (but NOT Icefall Caves!). Clear both of its levels.
  • Teleport to Act 5, Pandemonium Fortress Level 1, explore the zone as well as you can while being time efficient, and then teleport to Level 2. Interestingly, if you spot 1 goblin in these maps, you are guaranteed to find a second one — so keep exploring.

Honorable Mentions

The following levels are either inconveniently large or do not spawn goblins consistently to be part of the main run. Nevertheless, you can consider adding them to your runs for variety's sake.

  • Follow the main roads of Cathedral Levels 1, 2 and 3 in their rectangular, easy-to-remember pattern.
  • Go through the narrow, linear corridors of Halls of Agony Levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Make a downward run through the Gardens of Hope Levels 1, 2 and 3 once your main areas are explored.
  • Do a circular, thorough sweep of Act 2, the Howling Plateau area.
  • Doing a circular clear of Act 1's Weeping Hollow deserves an honorable mention, since the area can spawn goblins and also has a chance to spawn Ravi Lilywhite, a unique Risen Dead mob, who is guaranteed to drop the cosmetic pet Liv Moore.

Farming Tips

Wearing Homing Pads Homing Pads makes a lot of sense during Goblin Farming runs, even moreso than Rifts and Bounties. This item allows you to ignore the numerous annoying pokes of nearby trash, as you inevitably leave packs of monsters around and try to teleport to the next area of the route.

Only one Whimsydale zone can be created in a single game; finding any additional Rainbow Goblins and killing them will result in teleports to the same Whimsydale. If you are farming specifically for that zone's transmogs, make sure to reset the run after every Whimsydale clear.

As a final tip, check your Sound settings in your Options menu. Goblins have a distinct, high pitched laughing sound that is a dead giveaway for their proximity, so make sure to turn off any distractions out of game and turn down the Voice and Ambient volume sliders. Leave the Master Volume and Effects Volume loud and clear.


Goblin Farming Builds

The keyword for goblin farming, especially for cosmetic purposes, is speed. The build you employ needs to be able to cover a lot of ground, and very quickly. In general, most speedfarming variations of guides on Icy Veins can serve as your build for a Sprinter conquest run. Note, however, that they are written with actual farming in mind, whereas this conquest is all about speed — you can make extra adjustments to the builds to enhance your mobility at the cost of survivability and damage (both are irrelevant in Normal difficulty). Examples include:

Builds that will generally do well at Goblin Farming for the various classes are:


Goblin Runs are not considered an efficient method of gearing, but can serve specific, exclusive purposes: access to the goblin treasure realm, to the easter-egg Whimsydale level, as well as cosmetic pet rewards. If you come across a goblin, especially early in a Season or one of a rare and valuable breed, it is accepted as common courtesy to call it out in the game chat and allow team members to teleport to you before engaging. Consider the 10 goblin types:

  • Treasure Goblin — the basic creature type, dropping a modest assortment of gold, gems, items and crafting materials. Its low value does not warrant a call out.
  • Gem Hoarder — a diamond-like alteration, this creature exclusively drops the highest non-crafted tier gems (Marquise and Imperial). Helpful early in a Season, but diminishes in usefulness past the initial gearing stage.
  • Gilded Baron — a variation with a bright yellow shine, this critter exclusively drops gold. A lucky spawn of these in a rift can trivialize the Avarice conquest.
  • Blood Thief — the red-and-purple-hued counterpart, which strictly drops Blood Shards for gambling at Kadala. The flexibility of his currency make him useful at all times.
  • Odious Collector — a sickly green variant, this monstrosity will only provide with crafting materials and plans upon death. Most useful early in a Season, but decent throughout.
  • Malevolent Tormentor — colored in deep golden tones, this goblin subtype will drop a guaranteed legendary item (and indeed, frequently a handful). Due to the high variance of those drops, it is considered a low-value offshoot.
  • Insufferable Miscreant — a steel-clad branch of the goblin family, focused on weapon and armor drops; not a valuable breed.
  • Gelatinous Sire — their translucent blue forms will split into two smaller forms twice before dying for good, but reward you with a considerable and varied loot shower. Consider calling these out early on in a Season.
  • Menagerist Goblin — with a subtle purple hue of its bag and hood, this branch of the goblin family can be sometimes hard to call out ahead of time. They exclusively hold a collection of cosmetic pets, so make sure to announce them if seen.
  • Rainbow Goblin — with its odd, plush-like shape and neon colors, this goblin subtype immediately stands out. Upon death, they spawn a portal to Whimsydale, a highly profitable easter-egg zone with several rare, highly prized transmogs. Make sure to call out a Rainbow Goblin.

To summarize, you will likely be doing Goblin Runs for three reasons: the Whimsydale portal (for the rare transmogs), the equipment/gold/materials rush early in a Season, or the Goblin Realm portal (where you get a sky-high boost of gold and Boon of the Hoarder Boon of the Hoarder). Keep in mind that the Goblin Realm can also be reached by using a Puzzle Ring Puzzle Ring in Kanai's Cube, so you need not farm goblins just for that portal spawn. Conversely, Whimsydale is the ONLY source of the coveted Cosmic Wings, making Rainbow Goblin farming a legitimate time-consuming goal, spawning entire communities around itself. Good luck, and enjoy the hunt!



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