Masters of the Universe Conquest Guide

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The Masters of the Universe (Masters of Sets for Hardcore) conquest requires that you complete 8 Set Dungeons with a Mastery ranking, meaning that you complete both map objectives (varying from set to set) and kill all monsters within the time limit. Since this conquest requires a great deal of preparation and resides well outside of the core gameplay loop (set dungeons do not reward you in any way outside cosmetics), this conquest is rated as high difficulty.


Obtaining Masters of the Universe Conquest

Set Dungeons are a unique challenge tied to the bonuses of 6-piece class-specific sets. Set Dungeons are unique in their puzzle-like nature and lack of randomization: they have a fixed difficulty, layout, structure and enemy types, though the placement of the latter will vary. Keep in mind that Set Dungeons are largely designed to showcase a unique aspect of the 6-piece they are dedicated to, often to the detriment of traditional gameplay and character optimization. It is not uncommon that you will have to tone down your character power or respec in an unconventional way in order to beat its respective challenges.

Set dungeons are hidden across the various locations in adventure mode, their presence only revealed when you approach with the 6-piece bonuses of the respective set equipped. You can receive hints on each Set Dungeon's location by visiting Leoric's Library. Do so by taking the Act 1 Leoric's Manor Courtyard waypoint, entering the Manor, taking the flight of stairs to the right, then straight across the corridor, and down the main hall. You should come across a Tome of Set Dungeons, which will drop a clue to your currently worn set's Dungeon location. Alternatively, you can skip the investigation and check the exact location in our dedicated Set Dungeon guides below.

Location of the Tome

Note that you will receive clues and be able to enter the respective Set Dungeon only if you have the full bonuses of the set active, achieved by either wearing 6 pieces of the set, or 5 pieces plus a worn or cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Set Dungeons are generally constructed as follows:

  • A failure condition: taking fatal damage. This can be prevented via cheat death passives without failing the dungeon. Hardcore players should note that they are not in danger of losing their character inside a Set Dungeon.
  • Two Primary Objectives. The first is usually related to killing monsters with skills enhanced by the set, sometimes imposing a limitation or a twist to the process. The second objective either closely follows the first (highlighting the quirks of the set), or adds an additional layer of limitations related to avoiding damage.
  • A Basic and Mastery completion conditions. While Basic completion only requires one of the Primary Objectives and killing some of the monsters, the Mastery completion will demand both Objectives plus cleaning up the whole map. For the purposes of the Masters of the Universe conquest, we will be aiming for Mastery.

Currently there are four set dungeons per class, for a total of 28. Since the Set Dungeons feature was added prior to the Necromancer DLC class, only 24 of those (the base game and expansion characters' sets) are necessary for the wings cosmetic rewards. Basic completion of a Set Dungeon grants you a banner sigil, while mastery of all Set Dungeons of one class will reward you with a class-specific pennant cosmetic. Basic completion of all classes' Set Dungeons will reward you with Wings of the Dedicated, while their Mastery will net you, logically, the Wings of Mastery.

Keep in mind that the instructions and builds listed below are not the only way to complete this conquest. Take note of recommendations in the builds' gear pages, mix, match and experiment as much or as little as you'd like!


The following builds have been specifically designed to get you through the Masters of the Universe conquest.



Demon Hunter



Witch Doctor




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