Season 19 Tier List: Solo Greater Rift Push Build Rankings

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This page goes over the current state of each class in respect to their solo clearing capabilities and provides a full ranking of each build currently available on the site.


Top Solo Pushing Builds for each Class



With patch 2.6.7, several items that modify Rend Rend have been buffed, brining forth this build as a potential top Barbarian build and one of the top S-Tier builds overall. On non-seasonal, some players have already pushed a GR 140 since the release of the patch, making this the top performing Barbarian build to date. Barbarian is still a bit of a dark horse, however, as the class did receive numerous buffs to several other items, most notably the addition of the new items buffing Seismic Slam Seismic Slam and the Hammer of the Ancients Hammer of the Ancients item buffs. There could easily be an upset in this category before the end of the season, but the Rend build is sure to be extremely competitive.



While some classes have several close builds in the top tiers, Crusader has the only "God-Tier" build this season with Heaven's Fury Heaven's Fury and the addition of the new set, Aegis of Valor. This build can easily be considered the strongest solo pushing build of all time for any class, and is sure to dominate the ladders this season.


Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters have potentially the most diverse build list out of any class for high tier builds, but currently Rapid Fire Rapid Fire stands as the top since its debut during the Season of Nightmares. With no changes to Demon Hunter this season, it stands to reason that the leaderboards will look similar, which would put this build on top, with Impale and Multishot trailing by a few GR levels. It is also worth noting that the Natalya set variant of this build is extremely close in power.



Monk is the other class besides Crusader to get a new set this season, but sadly the Patterns of Justice set is nearly as strong as the corresponding Crusader set. However, several other Monk items did receive buffs, including the Tempest Rush Tempest Rush items, making Tempest Rush builds in line to dominate the season. While this can be run with the new set, the extra Sweeping Wind Sweeping Wind stacks that you gain from the Vengeful Wind Vengeful Wind buffs actually makes Sunwuko the better set to use.



With the nerfs this patch to the Thorns Necro build, Corpse Lance is back on top. Necromancer has been infamous about mainly utilizing LoD builds since the Season of Nightmares, with the Thorns, Corpse Lance, and Singularity Mage builds all doing well.


Witch Doctor

With no changes to Witch Doctor this season, the Poison Dart Poison Dart build that has become a staple of the Witch Doctor Ladder should reign supreme. Both the Zunimassa and LoD versions of this build are close in power, but the Zunimassa variant is better.



Wizard is the only class that has two top builds because the answer changes depending on where you are at with gear, Paragon levels, and proficiency. The Bazooka Wizard build has the highest potential push ceiling, but really requires extremely good gear and high Paragon levels to really take off. Bazooka has been part of the group meta for awhile now, but really does not make its entrance into the solo ladder until much later in the season when people have more gear. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to play perfectly and is quite punishing when you make rotational errors. Vyr's Archon on the other hand is great at all levels, and is still quite strong late into the season, usually ending even or just behind Bazooka. These builds both have their pros and cons, but the difference is too situational and too close to call to really pick a top build between them.


Full Build Tier List

With the exception of GodTier, the difference between the tiers below is roughly equal to 5 GR levels. Also remember that builds evolve and adapt, and the tier list below will almost certainly end up over or undervaluing some builds as they play out over the season. This list is by now means set in stone, and has plenty of room for change as we learn more about the new builds.


God-Tier Builds

  1. Aegis of Valor Heaven's Fury Crusader

This is not a normal tier, and this is one that should not normally exist. This season, "God-Tier" is necessary because of one build: Heaven's Fury Crusader. The new Crusader set and the supporting items necessary to buff Heaven's Fury offers a build more powerful than anything ever seen in Diablo 3, a build that does it all. With this build you are build like a tank, capable of living through anything and everything even up to GR 150. Not only is it one of the most durable builds, but it also does incredibly amounts of damage, both to trash and to Rift Guardians. Simply put, this build has no weaknesses.


S-Tier Builds

  1. Wrath of the Wastes Rend Barbarian
  2. Bazooka Wizard
  3. Vyr Archon Wizard
  4. Sunwuko Tempest Rush Monk
  5. LoD Blessed Shield Crusader
  6. Zunimassa Poison Dart Witch Doctor
  7. Might of the Earth Seismic Slam Barbarian

A-Tier Builds

For A-Tier and below, builds will no longer be placed in order. There are too many builds that are too close in power to have an accurate ranking between builds within the same tier.


B-Tier Builds


C-Tier Builds



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