Season 22 Tier List: Solo Greater Rift Push Build Rankings

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This page goes over the current state of each class in respect to their solo clearing capabilities and provides a full ranking of each build currently available on the site.


Top Solo Pushing Builds for each Class



With patch 2.6.7, several items that modify Rend Rend were buffed, bringing forth this build as the top Barbarian build and one of the top S-Tier builds overall. In the past couple of seasons and on non-seasonal, this build has dominated the leader boards for Barbarian while also being relatively easy to play, making it an excellent build for players looking to pick up Barbarian for the first time. While the Leap-quake build did receive some buffs this patch, it is unfortunately not enough to come close to touching the Rend build. If you are a Barbarian, look forward to another season of spin-to-win.



With the new changes coming in Season 22, a brand new Crusader build has emerged that is poised to take over the leaderboards. The Thorns Bombardment Crusader utilizes the newly buffed Bombardment skill along with the Akkhan's 6 piece bonus, the Invoker 2 piece bonus, and the Norvald's Fervor set to utterly annihilate anything in its path. This will be the strongest build overall for both group and solo pushing in Season 22, so if raw power is what you are after, look no further than the Crusader.


Demon Hunter

In Patch 2.6.9, Demon Hunters gained the new Gears of Dreadlands set (GoD), which is based around using generators. The new set, combined with some substantial buffs to supporting items has led to the new Hungering Arrow generator build using the new set, which is far and away the strongest Demon Hunter build in the game. Demon Hunter will actually get the GoD set to start in Season 22 from Haedrig's Gift, so you should see it dominating the Demon Hunter leaderboards from day 1. This build offers the highest baseline movement speed and a play-style similar to the Whirlwind or Rend Barbarian builds, which makes it great for both speed and pushing.



The best Monk build in Season 22 will be the PoJ Tempest Rush build, but specifically making use of the extra cube slot to use Shenlong's Spirit weapons. The Patterns of Justice variations of the Tempest Rush specifically gives you the Spirit regeneration required for this build to function, which is what lets it pull ahead of the Sunwuko variation. While this build has dominated the meta for Monks ever since it was first added, this season offers a fresh take on the build that adds an extra layer of complexity, but with substantial power through that complexity.



While the Masquerade Necromancer set was added last season, it was too weak to see much play in the meta. In Season 22, however, Bone Spear is receiving massive buffs, rocketing it straight on top of the meta. This build is incredibly satisfying to play, giving you reliable power from day 1 in both groups and solo, allowing you to speed farm and push all with a single build. This will be the best Necromancer build in Season 22, easily competing with other classes for the top clear overall. Necromancer will be the best all-around class in Season 22 along with having the most A-tier or S-tier builds out of any class. It is worth noting specifically the extra cube slot this season will benefit Necromancer more than any other class due to their abundance of powerful weapons with insane multipliers.


Witch Doctor

Witch Doctors received some amazing changes for Season 20, particularly with the new addition of the Mundunugu's Regalia set. This set uses Spirit Barrage Spirit Barrage to deal massive AoE damage, and has proven to be the most powerful Witch Doctor build to date by far, potentially being used in the group meta for non-seasonal as a trash clearing build. This build did receive some substantial nerfs in Season 21 by reclassifying the phantasms to not be pets anymore, but this build was already so far ahead of every other Witch Doctor build that it should have no trouble retaining its spot as the top pushing build for Witch Doctors. Nothing else comes close.



Wizard is the only class right now where the top build is impossible to predict. There are three builds that are all extremely competitive with each other, meaning any of these builds could end up holding the top spot at the end of the season. Wizard received more changes that most, shaking up the meta for the first time in a while. Hydra, Frozen Orb, and Energy Twister are all now very promising builds that are sure to be fighting their way to the top of the ladder this season as they have on the PTR.


Full Build Tier List

The difference between the tiers below is roughly equal to 5 GR levels. Also remember that builds evolve and adapt, and the tier list below will almost certainly end up over or undervaluing some builds as they play out over the season. This list is by now means set in stone, and has plenty of room for change as we learn more about the new builds.


S-Tier Builds

  1. Thorns Bombardment Crusader
  2. Aegis of Valor Heaven's Fury Crusader
  3. Masquerade Bone Spear Necromancer
  4. GoD Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter
  5. Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush Monk
  6. Mundunugu's Regalia Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor
  7. LoD Poison Scythe Necromancer
  8. LoD Corpse Explosion Necromancer
  9. LoD Frozen Orb Wizard
  10. LoD Energy Twister Wizard
  11. LoD Hydra Wizard

A-Tier Builds

For A-Tier and below, builds will no longer be placed in order. There are too many builds that are too close in power to have an accurate ranking between builds within the same tier.


B-Tier Builds


C-Tier Builds



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