Overview of Season Journey in Diablo 3

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The Season Journey is a set of tasks and objectives for players to complete that helps to guide and frame the flow of seasonal play for new and returning players alike.


Seasons in Diablo 3

Seasons in Diablo last approximately 3 months and allow players to progress through the grind of the game with a fresh start; all gold, items, and characters from the non-seasonal side of the game are not carried over and players must level a new character from Level 1.


The Season Journey for Season 28

The Season Journey allows players to complete a set number of tasks to obtain rewards for that season, including cosmetic rewards (such as pets, portraits, and wings) and practical rewards (additional storage space and full sets for the season).

Diablo Back Spikes

It can be one of the fastest ways for a player to gear up at the start of the season and grants players with a guaranteed full set of gear, according to the designated set for that season.

There are 4 main chapters that can be completed, which will grant the set pieces, followed by additional extra sets of objectives that will "upgrade" the visual of that season's portrait frame and grant extra rewards.

The sets for Season 27 are as follows:


Completing the Season Journey

To complete the main 4 chapters, there is a fastest route that you can follow every season with very minor adjustments depending on your group and the season.

To get your class set as fast as possible in Season 27, you should follow the list below:

  1. Level to 70, following the steps that we outline in our Season Start guide. This will make sure that you obtain Kanai's Cube and the materials necessary.
  2. Once you are at Level 70, create a game for your group on Master difficulty and do a full clear of the bounties in Acts I to V. Save the boss bounties for last so that you can group up to do them, as it may be somewhat challenging for some classes to do solo.
  3. Once you have completed and collected all of the bounty caches from Tyrael, you will need to check and ensure that you have killed the bosses required for the journey. If the named bounties in your game did not include the required bosses, go to them directly and kill them.
  4. Once you have done this, complete the other objectives remaining in each chapter, such as equipping your followers and crafting gear. You should be able to complete all the objectives in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 without leaving town. If you need a follower token to gear your follower fully, simply craft one at the Blacksmith.
  5. Once you have all completed these chapters and have your 4-set bonuses from the gear rewards, put the game at Torment IV difficulty and kill the Keywardens in each act. There is one in each of the first 4 acts.
  6. Once this is done, go together to the two named bosses in the journey and kill them both.
  7. The final thing to do as a group is clear a Nephalim Rift on Torment IV. This will give each of you the Greater Rift Keystone that you need for the next step, as well as unlock Greater Rift Level 20.
  8. Split up and complete a Greater Rift Level 20 solo and, once complete, you should be able to finish the chapter in town and get the final pieces of your set.

Extended Seasonal Journey

Once you have completed the main 4 chapters, you will be able to "enlist" in the extended journey by navigating to the Season Journey page in-game.

The majority of it is much of the same as we completed in the first chapters, but there are some notable new additions that are worth highlighting.


Set Dungeons

The Slayer chapter will ask you to complete a "Set Dungeon". These are dungeons that are designed for players to complete using a certain set for their class, with special objectives.

For this chapter, you will simply have to complete the set dungeon, rather than mastering it, which is required in the following chapter, Champion. The difference is that, to complete a set dungeon, you only have to complete the main objectives, while mastering it requires you to complete the bonus objectives and clear the dungeon of all mobs.

You can find links to all of our set dungeon guides in the class menus at the top of the page.



Conquests are specific tasks that rotate between seasons for players to complete, with a varying focus on different styles of play: some require speed, while others focus more on skill, and even the occasional drop of luck.

Each season, a certain set of conquests is available for players to complete. The conquests for Season 27 are as follows, along with links to our guides for each:

The Destroyer chapter requires you to complete 1 conquest for one of the objectives, while Conqueror requires 2, and Guardian requires 3.


The Final Chapter Rewards

The final chapter, Guardian, rewards players with a unique pet and portrait frame, as shown below.

Season 27 Completion Rewards


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