Visions of Enmity Mechanics in Diablo 3

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Season 30 restored and transformed the Visions of Enmity from a one-time to a permanent seasonal mechanic for farming. Curious portals known as Diabolical Fissures have sprung up across Sanctuary’s wilderness, and entering them triggers both dangerous memories from your past, and even more dangerous emissaries of Hell to slaughter!


Permanent Seasonal Addition: Visions of Enmity Effects and Mechanics

Starting from Season 30, every Diablo season going forward will also feature the formerly S29-exclusive farming mechanic, the 'Visions of Enmity'. These visions are made manifest in the Diabolical Fissures — brightly lit purple/teal portals that are randomly spawned in the open world (meaning, outside of Rifts) while you're doing Bounties.

Diabolical Fissure portals lead to a quick, descending chain of compact, heavily randomized levels, both in terms of layout and enemy composition, that are always worth visiting when found.


Mechanics of the Visions of Enmity

In order to experience the Visions of Enmity, take note of the following traits of their encounter:

  • Visions of Enmity events are available from level 1, and will trigger randomly irrespective of the progression of your character (from fresh toon to a fully optimized character).
  • Killing any monster in the open world has a chance to open a portal to a Vision of Enmity, with about 1-in-100 chance to trigger the event. Obviously, this means more heavily populated areas have a bigger chance to spawn the portals.
  • Only one Vision of Enmity can be open at any time, but multiple portals can occur in a single game instance. Closing the portal of one enables the proc for another.

While they are heavily randomized, Visions of Enmity share the following characteristics in their substance:

  • Killing monsters inside Visions of Enmity reward items, crafting materials and gold similar to their open world equivalents, allowing you to take advantage of the same standard difficulty farming tactics like using Sage's Journey set, using the Goldwrap Goldwrap - Boon of the Hoarder Boon of the Hoarder - Avarice Band Avarice Band combo, etc.
  • Killing monsters while inside a Vision of Enmity has a chance to open a portal to a next level of the event. The amount of Vision levels is randomized with a cap of 10, and neither the total number of floors nor their reward hinge on your efficiency, speed, or survival.
  • Getting killed does not prevent you from finishing a Vision of Enmity (with the obvious exclusion of a Hardcore mode death). You can resurrect as normal and continue the event.
  • Monster spawns inside the Visions of Enmity are heavily randomized, and include standard trash enemies, Elite and Champion packs, individual or packs of Treasure Goblins, and even a triple Rift Guardian spawn!
  • Visions of Enmity do not contain Pylon or Shrine buffs.

Prerequisites for the completion of a Vision of Enmity are the following:

  • All Visions of Enmity culminate in a Diabolical Chest, which contains plentiful legendary items and - most importantly - up to 2-3 full Bounty runs worth of Bounty-specific crafting materials.
  • Once finished, Visions of Enmity close on a 30-second timer. You can teleport out, which takes you back to where you entered the portal, or wait the timer out - which puts you back in town.

Unusual Elite Affixes

Enervating and Necrotic elite affixes can only be encountered in the Diabolical Fissures.

  • Enervating: Creates an area of effect around the monster that reduces the player’s Movement Speed by 65% and Cooldown Reduction by 50% if the player is in the vicinity of the monster.
  • Necrotic: The player's healing is reduced by 65%. Monsters have a damage-over-time effect that deals 180% of the player’s max health over 30 seconds. This effect is removed if the player is healed above 95%.

While these affixes are very threatening on their own, the limited challenge of standard difficulties (as opposed to Greater Rifts' scaling difficulty) ensures that any GR90+ capable build will demolish Visions of Enmity elites with ease. These affixes pose the most threat to newly leveled characters, especially ones that haven't assembled their full set or an approximate endgame build. Hardcore characters should be especially careful when entering Visions of Enmity early on in the Season.



Visions of Enmity are more lucrative than regular Nephalem Rifts (since Rift bosses are encountered inside Visions, and they reward GR keys) and full, 5-act Bounty runs (as Visions reward with a generous lump of Bounty materials upon completion) combined. This is especially for Solo Self Found players, who can't rely on the usual "split bounty" tactic.

All in all, this makes Visions of Enmity always worth running when encountered.



  • 11 Jan. 2024: Guide revised to account of the permanent addition of the Visions of Enmity to the game.
  • 18 Sep. 2023: Guide added.
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