Might of the Earth Set

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Welcome to our Might of the Earth guide, where we tell you all about this Barbarian set: what the pieces are, how to farm it, how it works, and which builds are using it.


List of Might of the Earth set pieces and desirable rolls

The following is a list of all pieces of the Might of the Earth set, along with a sample list of desirable rolls for the respective item. This stat priority listing is meant to show you what is roughly a good roll of a set item; when trying to put together a build, always check our dedicated guide for the best-in-slot stats for the specific playstyle.


How to Farm Might of the Earth Pieces

Please refer to our guide on how to farm legendary and set items to increase your chances of getting Might of the Earth pieces.


How to Use the Might of the Earth set

The Might of the Earth set is dedicated to a subset of large-AoE damaging Barbarian skills: most importantly Earthquake Earthquake, but also Avalanche Avalanche, Ancient Spear Ancient Spear and Seismic Slam Seismic Slam. It also adds additional effects to utility cooldowns like Ground Stomp Ground Stomp and Leap Leap, encouraging an amalgamation between utility, control and zoned destruction.

  • 2-piece bonus
    • Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, and Ground Stomp by 1 second for every 30 Fury you spend with an attack.
  • 4-piece bonus
    • Leap causes an Earthquake when you land. Additionally, Leap gains the effect of the Iron Impact rune and the rune's effect and duration are increased by 150%.
  • 6-piece bonus
    • Increase the damage of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear and Seismic Slam by 20,000%.

The 2-piece bonus of the Might of the Earth set reduces the cooldowns of Earthquake Earthquake, Avalanche Avalanche, Leap Leap and Ground Stomp Ground Stomp by 1 second for every 30 Fury spent. This offers targeted synergy with resource dump spenders like Seismic Slam Seismic Slam Rumble Rumble and Ancient Spear Ancient Spear Boulder Toss Boulder Toss, allowing for instant resets of your crucial skills. Seismic Slam Seismic Slam is the recommended spender in a MotE setup, due to the Girdle of Giants Girdle of Giants bonuses.

The 4-piece bonus of the Might of the Earth set produces one of the signature effects of the playstyle, triggering an Earthquake Earthquake when you land with Leap Leap. You also gain an empowered version of the Iron Impact Iron Impact rune, granting the necessary survivability to any set worth its salt. Note the 4-piece bonus' synergy with Lut Socks Lut Socks and Band of Might Band of Might, both usually cubed, as well as the benefits from the passive Earthen Might Earthen Might, which keeps your resource pool ready for dumps.

The 6-piece bonus of the Might of the Earth set simply offers a massive damage boost to the roster of skills associated with the set.


Builds using the Might of the Earth set



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