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The Curses! (Stars Align for Hardcore) conquest requires that you kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on Torment X difficulty or higher. Since it requires a modest amount of preparation and resides slightly outside of the core gameplay loop (you usually do not pursue Cursed Chests or care about high kill numbers), this conquest is rated as medium difficulty.


Obtaining the Curses Conquest

In order to complete the Curses Conquest with ease, it is highly recommended that you organize a full, four man party. This is both done to maximize AoE (key part of your success) and to improve your chances at obtaining the specific, rare Cursed Chest event that spawns the highest number of monsters. Once you have four players, DO NOT form a party but organize via chat and start looking for the event ON YOUR OWN, remaking games until one of you finds it. At that point, announce it to the other three and invite them to that game.

The desired Cursed Chest in found at the top of the hill of the Cursed Peat event, found in Act V - Paths of the Drowned waypoint. The more common strategy (and a much more effective one with four people going at it, as we advise) is to remake games until one of you finds the rare bounty of the same name, The Cursed Peat, marked on their map. That bounty guarantees the existence of the necessary Cursed Chest.

Alternatively, you can do a short scouting run every game, teleporting to Paths of the Drowned and making a broad circle around the waypoint, but without straying too far. This is a valid strategy (especially solo, where remaking for the bounty can be a tedious experience) because the required event is much more common than its associated bounty — it can often appear, but will be unmarked on the map.

There is a total of six events that can spawn on the Paths of the Drowned locale, including The Cursed Peat. Getting any of the five listed below guarantees that the Cursed Chest will not spawn, and you should teleport out and remake game immediately:

  • Lord of the Hill — this event spawns the correct hill for The Cursed Peat you are looking for, but has you fight a rare monster instead of spawning a Cursed Chest;
  • Pillar of the Faithless — this event spawns a staircase leading downward towards a pillar, which summons a horde of undead;
  • The Burning Man — this event spawns a pit filled with torches; it has you fight bogans and their wickerman master;
  • Lord of Fools — this event spawns a decrepit mansion-like structure where ghostly creatures ambush you;
  • The Crazed Camper, Lurk — he resides in a C-shaped clearing, furnished with a blood-soaked table and a cauldron.

To gain a minor edge during your attempt, you can aggro an elite and draw it near the Cursed Chest. Finish it off right before starting the event to get the fresh, full duration damage bonus of Bane of the Powerful Bane of the Powerful. If you are not wearing this legendary gem, you should! It is perfectly suited to farming difficulty tiers, like the ones you will be doing this Conquest on. This tactic will also benefit In-geom In-geom-wearing characters, although we do not advise to attempt this Conquest on an In-geom In-geom-reliant build if possible.

Needless to say, but with a requirement to kill 350+ monsters this Conquest is an upfront burst AoE DPS check, and many of the character's strongest builds for Greater Rifts will be poorly equipped to deal with it. Ideally, you will have enough gear to adapt into another build — i.e. a Frenzy Barbarian will switch to a Whirlwind/Rend build, a Carnevil/DoD Witch Doctor will switch to a Spirit Barrage build, etc. If you are at all worried you do not have the proper gear or character power to complete the Conquest on your own, simply reach out for help. Hunt out the Cursed Peat event on your own (it is only courteous if you will request a carry), and join the chat of any of the multiple Conquest completion communities. Make it clear you are looking for high AoE characters, prioritizing builds such as Multishot Demon Hunters and Wave of Light Monks. These two builds specifically should be able to oneshot the bounty without any issue whatsoever.


A Second Chance

While it is by far the best and most secure way of getting the Curses Conquest done, the Cursed Peat can be a chore to track down. If you want to have a backup plan, consider quickly looking at the map for the Cursed Bellows event in Act I, Halls of Agony level 3. Similarly to the Cursed Peat, it has a bounty with a matching name and only takes a second to look for.

The Cursed Bellows chest is located in the fiery grates tileset of that level, and spawns its zombies at a slower rate and more spread out — making it slightly inferior to the Cursed Peat and necessitating that you take at least a second party member for more AoE. Nevertheless, it offers a decent second chance to complete the Conquest.


The following builds are not the only ones capable of getting Curses done, but have been picked for their high burst and AoE coverage (key for the completion of the Conquest).



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