Years of War Conquest Guide

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The Years of War (Dynasty for Hardcore) conquest requires that you reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the full bonuses of six class sets. Since it requires very little extra farming and is very close to the core gameplay loop (you do not necessarily do Greater Rifts on every set, but class items are highly interchangeable), this conquest is rated as easy difficulty.


Obtaining the Years of War Conquest

With the current power level and acquisition rate of sets in Diablo 3, this is one of the easier conquests you can undertake. "Reaching" GR 55 means successfully completing it within the 15 minute timer, which requires only the base six piece set, a synergistic weapon, and the proper (and modestly leveled) legendary gems. None of the gear needs to be ancient (let alone primal), or augmented with Caldesann enchants. You will be able to successfully complete the conquest within the Paragon 200-400 range, if not sooner. The only prerequisite is that your gear is rolled correctly; pay close attention to the stat recommendations in our guides, and follow them as closely as you can. You do not need the perfect stats across six sets; at such a low GR level, you can adapt and get creative. For example, a piece with fire resistance in its secondary stats cannot roll all resistance, which our tables will sometimes recommend. In that case, roll to the next best thing, like Armor or Life %.

While the set acquisition is fast, a class only has five sets — and, due to the smart loot system, the game will reduce the chance for set pieces for other classes to a bare minimum. Since you need to grind out one full other set from another class, we highly recommend that you team up with players of another class; early in a season upgrades come frequently, and you can easily finish this conquest with subpar duplicate pieces your friend throws away. Communicate that you are looking to complete this conquest, and ask for the redundant drops; also make sure to return the favor, if asked. Once you are done, you can powerlevel each other's alts for the appropriate class, so you can do the conquest right away.

Always keep in mind the Skill of Nilfur (Convert Set Item) recipe in Kanai's Cube. For the lowly price of 10 Death's Breaths and Forgotten Souls, you can reforge a duplicate set piece into another of the same set. This can speed up the rate of 6-piece completion immensely.

If you are unfamiliar with the secondary class you will attempt the conquest with, this is a rough guideline of set gameplay difficulty, from easiest to hardest:



Demon Hunter



Witch Doctor


Do not take this difficulty chart as something restrictive however — in the end, GR 55 is a very, very easy tier (Torment 12 equivalent). Throw stuff together for what teammates drop you, read through our guides, and have fun. The conquest will not pose much of a threat.



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