Witch Doctor Helltooth Grasp of the Dead Build

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General Information

Welcome to our build guide for Helltooth Grasp Witch Doctor in Diablo 3. Here, you will learn everything you need to know to play this build at the highest level. This build is updated for patch 2.6.4 and Season 16.

For more information regarding followers, we advise you to read our follower guide, which contains detailed advice on choosing the skills and the gear of your companion.

1. Introduction

Utilizing one of the least popular Witch Doctor spenders, Grasp of the Dead, this build leans into the hex-heavy fantasy of the class, leaving enemies near-helpless while a rain of corpses demolishes their ranks. This sustain damage, control-heavy spec is better suited to Greater Rifts, where damage over time spells can show their potential.

2. Quick Reference

2.1. Skill Setup

The basic skill setup of the Helltooth Grasp of the Dead Witch Doctor is displayed below. Read the dedicated Skills page for detailed information on choices, alternatives and build customization.

3. Builds

Greater Rift Solo Progress
Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Grasp of the Dead Icon Grasp of the Dead Unbreakable Grasp Unbreakable Grasp Right Mouse Button Wall of Death Icon Wall of Death Communing with Spirits Communing with Spirits 1 Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest Languish Languish 2 Spirit Walk Icon Spirit Walk Severance Severance 3 Piranhas Icon Piranhas Piranhado Piranhado 4 Hex Icon Hex Jinx Jinx
Passive Skills

3.1. Gear Setup

The required gear setup for the Helltooth Grasp of the Dead Witch Doctor is listed below. Check the Gear page for detailed information on choices, alternatives, gemming, Kanai's Cube and Paragon distribution. It also includes detailed explanations for Season 16 adjustments.

3.2. Legendary Gems

3.3. Kanai's Cube

4. Role in the Current Meta

This build is ranked as a Low Tier solo pushing build for its class in the current Season. If you are looking to challenge yourself with an unorthodox, but still very viable build to complete the Season Journey with, consider using this build.

The build is constructed for solo Greater Rifting, as one or more of its core mechanics are deemed too slow or timing-oriented for the quick nature of Normal Rifts and Bounties. It is not recommended for group Greater Rifts past the point where every party member can handle the content on his own.

5. Changelog

  • 18 Jan. 2019 (gear page): Added suggestions for the baseline Ring of Royal Grandeur for Seasonal characters.
  • 18 Jan. 2019 (skills page): Information was reviewed and approved for Season 16 with no changes required.
  • 18 Jan. 2019 (this page): Guide was revised with additional recommendations for Season 16.
  • 20 Sep. 2018 (this page): Guide was reviewed and approved for Season 15.
  • 15 Jun. 2018 (gear page): Added the guide.
  • 15 Jun. 2018 (this page): Added the guide.
  • 14 Jun. 2018 (skills page): Added the guide.
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