Garden of Terror Strategy

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Welcome to our strategy guide for Garden of Terror, a Map in Heroes of the Storm. In these pages, you will find everything required to understand how it is designed and how to play it.


Garden of Terror's Overall Strategy

This ordered list illustrates the recommended strategy for playing Garden of Terror.

  1. At 1:00 minute and whenever it is available, start clearing the allied Bruiser Camp in the side lane and then push with it for about 30 seconds.
  2. At 2:00 minutes and about 30 seconds before every Objective phase, start clearing the allied Siege Camp opposite to the next Seed location and time it with the next Objective phase, so that it either keeps an enemy Hero busy or gets value uncontested.
  3. Decide if you want to contest the next Objective or not. If so, be there in time with 4 Heroes while another one is defending enemy Mercenaries. If not, poke with 1-2 Heroes and push in the opposite lane with the rest. The first Seed will always spawn in the bottom lane, then it will switch lane every time.
  4. When the Garden Terrors spawn, try to attack or defend as many lanes as possible. In case the enemy team is playing grouped, however, you must immediately retreat from the lane near them and be happy that your teammates are getting value elsewhere.

Garden of Terror's Notes

Garden Terrors have the ability to spawn an Overgrowth, a stationary Summon which disables nearby enemy Structures for up to 10 seconds, until destroyed. The offensive team can use that effect at their advantage, to hit enemy Heroes without the enemy Fort or Keep targeting them. The defending team should clear them as quick as possible, so that their Structures will be useful again.


Garden of Terror's Lane Assignments

Garden of Terror has rotational symmetry, so you can swap who goes in the top lane and who goes in the bottom lane because they have the same value. That said, keep in mind that lane assignments in Heroes of the Storm are not strict and you should always adapt to the situation.


1-1-3 Formation

Garden of Terror 1-1-3 Formation

Garden of Terror does not have a Boss Camp, however, going for a 1-1-3 formation allows you to put more pressure on the side lanes, where Bruiser Camps are located. Once captured, they can be used to damage enemy Structures while being in within range to get Spell Armor from their leader. Also, opening up side lanes means that allied Heroes who are able to split-push can get more value from it.



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