Hanamura Temple Layout

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Welcome to our strategy guide for Hanamura Temple, a Battleground in Heroes of the Storm. In these pages you will find everything required to understand how it is designed, from Map Objectives to Mercenary Camps, and how to play it, from drafting to team strategy.


Hanamura Temple's Core Ability


Cooldown: 8 seconds

Fires 2 consecutive volleys of 9 and 10 Missiles around it, dealing 5% maximum Health to enemy Heroes and Slowing them by 70% for 1.25 seconds.


Hanamura Temple's Map Objectives

In this section we explain the Objective present on this Battleground. You can see all the possible locations in the image below.



The main Objective of Hanamura Temple is a Payload. Securing the area around the Payload will let your team move it to its final destination. Once there, it fires 12 shots that do 1900 damage each (not scaling) to enemy Structures in the least damaged lane, gives a Regeneration Globe to all the winning Heroes nearby, but does not give any Experience. The countdown for its respawn will start after the last shot has been fired.

Spawn 3:00 minutes
Respawn 3:00 minutes

Heroes have to be within its range to make the Payload move towards its destination. Leaving the area will cause the Payload to stop moving, but it will not go back unless enemy Heroes start escorting it uncontested.

If a team owns both Recon Camps and the Objective is not active, the enemy team will not be able to secretly and quickly invade the opposite side of the battlefield by walking through the middle area because the only area not covered by the Watch Tower effect provided by Recon Camps will be the small circle of impassable terrain where each new Payload spawns.

Hanamura Temple Obective 1
Single Payload
At regular intervals, a payload spawns at the center of the battleground that can be contested by both teams.
Hanamura Temple Obective 2
Escort Payload
Stand next to the payload and move it to its destination. Prevent the enemy team from trying to do the same.
Hanamura Temple Obective 3
Bombard your Enemy
Once a team escorts the payload to its destination, it will fire upon the enemy's forts.

Movement Speed

While not that important, it is good to know that the Payload changes its Movement Speed based on the number of Heroes of the same team within range. Adding a second Hero will increase that value by about 30%. The presence of a third Hero will only add 15% to that. This bonus is capped at 3 Heroes, so any additional Hero after that will not contribute to speeding up its delivery. Dedicating a single Hero is the most efficient way to escort the Payload whereas dedicating 3 Heroes is the fastest way to escort it.

Heroes Movement Speed
1 100%
2 130%
3 145%

Speaking about escorting the Payload, there are some unique interactions worth mentioning.

  • Gall cannot escort it.
  • Each one of The Lost Vikings can escort it.
  • Rexxar and Misha can both escort it.
  • Clones cannot escort it.


There are three predetermined paths with increasing difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. Each time a team delivers a Payload, their part of the path gets upgraded to the next tier. After all the upgrades, it goes back to the first difficulty.

Heroes Easy Medium Hard
1 42 seconds 29 seconds 46 seconds
2 33 seconds 23 seconds 36 seconds
3 29 seconds 20 seconds 32 seconds

Easy Path

The first path is vertical and requires each team to escort the Payload through one of the side lanes after walking around one of the Recon Camps. The final destination for the easy path will always be top for the left-side team or bottom for the right-side team—in other words, the same lane where the enemy Sentinel goes.


Medium Path

The second path (see the blue line in the corresponding image) is bent in the enemy territory of the losing team, passing nearby the enemy Turret Camp. This change makes it slightly harder for the winning team to successfully escort the Payload again as the zone is surrounded by enemy Structures, especially if the nearby Fort has not been taken down yet. In particular, the losing team will have access to 1-2 Healing Fountains whereas the winning team will not have any of them nearby.


Hard Path

The third path (see the blue line in the corresponding image) is also bent in the enemy territory, but this time goes near one of the Recon Camps and then proceeds through the wide area near the enemy Sentinel Camp. This change makes it harder for the winning team to secure the Objective another time as the final destination is exactly in the middle of the enemy Keeps. The losing team will have access to 2 Healing Fountains whereas the winning team will be too deep in the enemy territory for using them.


Hanamura Temple's Mercenary Camps

In this section we explain the details for every type of Mercenary Camp available on this Battleground. You can see all the possible locations in the image below.


Hanamura Temple's Recon Camps

This type of Mercenary Camp features 3 Henchmen. Once captured, it behaves like a Watch Tower.

Spawn 1:00 minute
Respawn 0 seconds
Experience 540 + 24 per minute


While trying to capture it from a neutral state, you have to do it in a single run because taking down just a part of the Henchmen will only make it easier for the enemy team to clear it later.

Avoid clearing Recon Camps just to get Experience, instead primarily clear them to unlock the Watch Tower effect for extra safety, especially while contesting the Objective. If your team has a higher Team Level and you do not defend them, the enemy team will be able to get that Experience back for free, effectively reducing the Experience difference between both teams. If your team is not leading in Team Level, they are a dangerous way to get Experience that should be avoided when your team does not want to fight, unless the whole enemy team is showing somewhere else on the Minimap.

While trying to take it back from the enemy team, be extremely careful because the enemy team will have vision on you, but they will not be able to steal that Recon Camp until you are done clearing it. As a consequence, you can partially clear it when you do not have enough time to complete the task or when you want to set it up for later use. If the enemy team approaches while you are clearing it and you do not want to fight them, do not hesitate to disengage.



After clearing it and securing its Capture Point, the Recon Camp will immediately respawn 3 Henchmen and work like a Watch Tower for your team. Watch Towers give vision in the surrounding area to the team that captures them. The enemy team will be able to capture it back immediately after, something that makes Recon Camps an unreliable source of Experience as their reward will be temporary.

If your team has the lead, you can use them to easily gain control of a huge area between the lanes and therefore drastically reduce the chances that the enemy team will invade your territory unnoticed, especially if the Objective is not active and you control both Recon Camps because the circle in the middle of the battlefield is impassable terrain at that point.


Hanamura Temple's Fortification Camps

This type of Mercenary Camp features 1 Mechanic and 1 Turret. Once captured, it leaves a Turret on the ground that can be collected by allied or enemy Heroes.

Spawn 1:00 minute
Respawn 2:30 minutes
Experience 470 + 10 per minute


This type of Mercenary Camp features two units: a Mechanic, and a Turret. While clearing it, always kill the Mechanic first because he can repair the Turret while below 80% Health, effectively increasing the time required to finish your task. Considering that the Turret deals a lot of damage, only some Heroes are able to clear a Fortification Camp on their own, so you should ensure that another allied Hero is coming your way before starting it.



After clearing it and securing its Capture Point, a Turret Item will spawn on the ground. Turrets deal damage to a target enemy within range, prioritizing Heroes and dealing double damage to Minions. As they count as Mercenaries, you can empower them with some Talents (such as Mercenary Queen Icon Mercenary Queen by Sylvanas).

Turret [F]

Consumable Item

Place a Turret that rapidly attacks nearby enemies for 90 (+4 per minute, increasing by 2 every 5 minutes, up to +12 per minute) damage per second. Turret lasts for 45 seconds, or until killed.

Once collected, Items give you access to special Abilities that can be used only once. As a consequence, the only way to use them again is to collect a new Item of the same type.

Heroes can only have a single Item at a time, but they can swap them with a different Item on the ground. This is the only way to give your Item to another Hero because, after picking any of them up, it is not possible to place it on the ground without activating it.

Be aware that Items are visible on the Minimap until they are collected. Any player nearby—regardless of their team—can collect Items on the ground after a brief channel by right clicking on them, but only if they do not take any damage while trying to do so.

The default key for using Items after collecting them is F, but remember to position the mouse cursor in an empty and pathable area before pressing it, else nothing will happen. Once activated, those Items will also body block Heroes if they do not have enough space to move in their desired direction.


Hanamura Temple's Sentinel Camp

This type of Mercenary Camp features 1 Samurai. Once captured, it spawns the same unit fighting for your team in the corresponding lane.

Spawn 1:00 minute
Respawn 2:30 minutes
Experience 530 + 15 per minute

While in combat, the Samurai will attack any foe in range and execute his signature move: Horizontal Slash. If you are a ranged Hero, stay distant and just step back as soon as you see Horizontal Slash's indicator on the ground. If you are a melee Hero, stay close and just walk through the Sentinel because Horizontal Slash does not deal damage behind the Sentinel.

Horizontal Slash

Cooldown: 8 seconds

After 1.5 seconds of channel, deal 550 (+5% per minute, increasing by 0.5% every 5 minutes, up to 7% per minute) damage to all enemies in a wide area.



While clearing it, avoid Horizontal Slash because it deals a huge amount of damage. If you are tanking it, try to position yourself between the Sentinel and the wall behind him so that its cleave attack will be cast in that area rather than on the rest of your team. Being flagged as Elite, the Samurai is immune to Bribe effects (for example A Fishy Deal Icon A Fishy Deal by Murky).



After clearing it and securing its Capture Point, he will walk in the lane nearby to fight for your team. If you get close enough to the enemy Samurai, you will be able to make him target you, something that will allow you to turn him around to save your Minions from his signature Ability explained above.



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