Warhead Junction Strategy

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Welcome to our strategy guide for Warhead Junction, a Map in Heroes of the Storm. In these pages, you will find everything required to understand how it is designed and how to play it.


Warhead Junction's Overall Strategy

This ordered list illustrates the recommended strategy for playing Warhead Junction.

  1. Pressure the top lane and, when possible, deal damage to enemy Structures.
  2. At 1:00 minute and whenever it is available, start clearing the Bruiser Camp in the top lane and then push with it for about 30 seconds.
  3. At 2:00 minutes and about 30 seconds before every Objective phase, start clearing the Siege Camp in the bottom lane and time it with the next Objective phase or with the next Boss capture, so that it either keeps an enemy Hero busy or gets value uncontested.
  4. Secure half the Warheads and use them to open the battlefield at your advantage, with priority in the top lane.
  5. When you get enough kills, either capture the Boss to damage the top Keep or simply take down a nearby Fort, based on the resources you have at your disposal.

Warhead Junction's Notes

Warheads should preferably be used to hit multiple Structures at the same time, even if it means not using them in the top lane. Do not underestimate the value you can get by taking down Towers in the middle and bottom lane. The enemy team will have less space to retreat and your Minions will threaten their Forts. If you manage to take a Fort down, they will also not have an Healing Fountain to use when contesting nearby Nukes, which is a considerable advantage.

Thanks to the Sewage Tunnel, traveling from a lane to any other lane takes roughly the same time. The only problem is that you may be intercepted by enemy Heroes who are standing on your path. If the enemy team controls a Watch Tower, do not try to take it back without your teammates being nearby and do not pass within its vision radius when traveling from a lane to another, including when you use the Sewage Tunnel.


Warhead Junction's Lane Assignments

Warhead Junction has vertical symmetry, so you cannot swap who goes in the top lane and who goes in the bottom lane because they have different values. That said, keep in mind that lane assignments in Heroes of the Storm are not strict and you should always adapt to the situation.


3-1-1 Formation

Warhead Junction 3-1-1 Formation

Going for a 3-1-1 formation allows your team to slowly but steadily remove Structures from the path of future Bosses (that you will hopefully be able to capture later on) as well as to defend your own Structures from the enemy team (and have an extra layer of protection whenever they will be able to get a Boss instead).



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