Chantodo's Resolve Set

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Welcome to our Chantodo's Resolve guide, where we tell you all about this Wizard set: what the pieces are, how to farm it, how it works, and which builds are using it.


List of Chantodo's Resolve Set Pieces and Desirable Rolls

The following is a list of all pieces of the Chantodo's Resolve set, along with a sample list of desirable rolls for the respective item. This stat priority listing is meant to show you what is roughly a good roll of a set item; when trying to put together a build, always check our dedicated guide for the best-in-slot stats for the specific playstyle.

  • Ceremonial Knife: Chantodo's Will Chantodo's Will — Desirable stats: High Base Damage, Intelligence, Socket (preferably from Ramaladni's Gift Ramaladni's Gift, Cooldown Reduction
  • Source: Chantodo's Force Chantodo's Force — Desirable stats: High Damage Range, Intelligence, Crit Chance, Cooldown Reduction

How to Farm Chantodo's Resolve Pieces

Please refer to our guide on how to farm legendary and set items to increase your chances of getting Chantodo's Resolve pieces.

Note that Chantodo's Resolve set falls into the category of 2-piece sets, which excludes it from the list of sets that the Kanai's Cube 'Convert Set Item' recipe of works on. This means you need to find one of each of the two items by other means (farming, gambling, upgrading rares), and cannot convert a duplicate into the missing one. Please refer to our Kanai's Cube guide for detailed information on the Cube's recipes and the possibilities of their application.


How to Use the Chantodo's Resolve Set

  • 2-piece bonus
    • Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing 4000% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards. This damage scales with attack speed.
    • Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 4000% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times.

The Chantodo's Resolve set is a versatile progression-and-speed-farming set that revolves entirely around the use of Archon Archon, and is best utilized with the 6-piece Vyr set as a base. The set's damage bonus stacks up to 20 times, increasing the damage of the expelled Wave of Destruction for each additional stack. The waves' damage scales with the various damage bonuses across your gear, including Attack Speed, up to the 5 APS equivalent. Note that Chantodo's damage scaling is dynamic in nature, so you need not trouble yourself with concerns about snapshotting mechanics. The Wave of Destruction expels at a rate of once per second.

Chantodo stacks are acquired by hitting enemies outside your Archon Archon form — most commonly done with a combination of Arcane Torrent Arcane Torrent Static Discharge Static Discharge and Black Hole Black Hole Absolute Zero Absolute Zero. Note that stacks can be acquired even after you enter Archon Archon form, if the applicable skill was cast prior to entering Archon Archon; those extra stacks will be applied to your next rotation.

To acquire the significant damage multiplication benefits of Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Trapped, Vyr/Chantodo builds select the Cold rune of Archon ArchonSlow Time Slow Time. When doing so, the Wave of Destruction coming from the Chantodo set applies a Chilling effect in a 30-yard radius prior to dealing damage, allowing you to benefit from the aforementioned legendary gem.


Builds Using the Chantodo's Resolve Set



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