Battlefield of Eternity Map Strategy Guide

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This guide will walk you through the various goals and strategies of Battlefield of Eternity. We will begin with an overview of priorities.

  1. Secure the Immortal.
  2. Siege enemy structures.
  3. Obtain Mercenary Camps.

Battlefield of Eternity only has two lanes that spawn minions, which travel along the top and bottom of the map. There are a total of four Mercenary Camps, covered below. Thematically, the left side of the map is angelic, and the right side is demonic. The center of the map is composed of obstacles, pathways, and vents, disrupting vision and allowing for rotations between top and bottom. Having no minion lanes or structures, the large center of the map will remain in fog of war unless a Hero intervenes. The center of the map is also host to the main objective, which will spawn after a brief period of laning.


Lane Assignments

Top lane and bottom lane on this map are functionally identical. The optimal lane split when the game starts will depend on the Heroes in each team composition, and will be different every game. In some matchups there may be a strong solo laner on your team (like Zagara or Tassadar), who can safely soak while facing multiple opponents. In this scenario, it may be best to send four Heroes to one lane, to attempt first blood and try to take down an outer tower before the main objectives spawn. On the other hand, if you lack the siege potential to push hard enough, it may be wiser to match the enemy team Hero for Hero; defending your structures and waiting for the objectives to spawn. Before the gates open, discuss with your team the split you may want to use.

There are a lot of vents to hide in near the lanes, so practice caution unless you can confirm enemy Heroes are not waiting to gank from them. Failing to respect vents when enemies are unaccounted for may result in giving up first blood to the enemy team. Conversely, the vents can also be used to secure first blood and an early advantage for your team.


Main Objective

The main objectives on Battlefield of Eternity, the Immortals, spawn at 1:45 with a reminder being displayed at 1:30. Each team is allied with an Immortal, assigned based on which side of the map your Core is located. The team with the left Core is allied with the angelic Immortal, while the team with the right Core is allied with the demonic Immortal. The Immortals appear to be locked in a conflict with each other; however, they do not deal damage to each other. They can only be damaged by players of the opposing team. There are four positions an Immortal can take, although the two will always be opposite of one another. When one of the Immortals reaches half health, they will both take new positions. The objective is completed when one of the Immortals is destroyed. At this point, any remaining hit points of the surviving Immortal are added to it as a shield. It is then regenerated to full health, and sent into a lane to help siege the enemy's structures. This means that an Immortal that survives with full hit points will be almost twice as hard to defend as an Immortal who survives with very low hit points. After regenerating, the surviving Immortal will always go to the lane that is pushed less. After the victorious Immortal is killed, the Immortals will remain inactive on the map for about 1:45s. This gives teams time to regroup, push lanes, and pursue Mercenary Camps.

Immortals use two abilities while they fight in the middle of the map. One deals an area of effect in a large circle around the Immortal, while the other causes several smaller area damage zones at a slightly greater range. Both Immortal abilities display warning indicators on the ground, and can be dodged. If a player is hit by an opposing Immortal's ability, they will be stunned and take damage. An Immortal's abilities will not harm Heroes allied with it.



The basic idea of this map is to use your Immortal to siege down the enemy structures, and eventually their Core. In between Immortals, your goal should be to apply pressure to the enemy team by pushing lanes out, and taking or contesting Mercenary Camps. See below for detailed information on mercs.

When Immortals spawn, it is important to rotate to the middle of the map to participate in the battle for them. There are niche cases where a Hero is able to soak and help during the primary objective, such as Abathur or The Lost Vikings, although generally it will not be worth soaking if it means putting your team at a disadvantage for the Immortals. Ultimately, the best choices at this point will require some forethought about what both team compositions are capable of.

If your team has a lot more single target damage than the opposing force, you will want to “race” the enemy team in dealing damage to their Immortal faster than they can damage yours. While winning a damage race, be prepared for the enemy team to engage you. If it becomes clear that they cannot kill the Immortal as fast as your team, the enemies' most viable option is to defend their Immortal with a strong engage.

Alternatively, if your team has less single target damage, but has heavy crowd control or area of effect abilities, it may be wiser to defend your Immortal. Because the AoE attacks from the Immortals are frequent, fighting under an Immortal gives an advantage to a team defending it. While defending, your goal should be to pick off an enemy attacker. Simply zoning enemies away from your Immortal will not be good enough, because eventually they will either kill one of your teammates, or poke your Immortal down. The center of the map has no minion lane, so the fog of war and many vents allow for flanking maneuvers and ganks. Securing at least one kill will enable you to take an offensive position until the other team is able to regroup; unless your team is too low on health or mana. While you temporarily have the upper hand, damage the enemy Immortal and acquire more kills if possible.

Regardless of your team composition, always be aware of all Hero positions. If enemies come to defend their Immortal, you should be ready to disengage the objective and help your team to stay alive and secure kills. Ignoring a team fight to continue damaging the Immortal will rarely be worth it, even if you secure the objective. If your entire team is dead, the Immortal will not deal significant damage before it is removed. In some cases the enemy team could even core you after wiping your team, instead of defending a late game Immortal.


Mercenary Camps

There are two kinds of Mercenary Camps on Battlefield of Eternity, Impalers and Fallen Shaman. The Impalers are effectively “super archers,” having much higher health, damage, and range than archer minions. The Fallen Shaman has a ranged attack, and comes with two Hounds that it is able to resummon when killed. When removing an enemy Fallen Shaman, focus the Shaman itself; fighting the Hounds will only waste your resources.

The proper time window to do Mercenary Camps is when both lanes are being soaked (or are pushed past a safe soaking distance,) and the Immortals are not active. The optimal time to summon a Mercenary Camp is right before Immortals spawn. The enemy team will have to decide between clearing it and fighting your team on equal ground. If they choose to ignore the camp, it will deal structural damage. If they send someone to clear the camp, you should ping to alert your team that it is time to engage them in a favourable team fight.

Although you should always be aware of your map, Mercenary Camps do not require you to heavily micro your Hero, which creates an opportunity to observe the map in more detail than usual. Be ready and willing to stop the Mercenary Camp without completing it, if you see team mates who become involved in a fight that you are close enough to help with. Mercenaries can be an extra edge, but are not valuable enough to merit sacrificing teammates, structures, or objectives.


Tips and Tricks

  • Be mindful of exit routes while fighting near Immortals. There are walls blocking many sides of the immortal locations, limiting avenues of safe pathing. These can be used to more accurately predict an enemy's movement, as they may only have one or two paths available to them. You can use this knowledge to land hard skill shots more easily, or to body block an enemy into the Immortal's AoE.
  • When possible, gather an Impaler and Fallen Shaman so that they push together. With both, you can push a fort with your team. Even if your team decides not to push with them, they will take time to clear for most Heroes, opening engagement opportunities up for you.
  • If one team mate dies, you can still mount a defense at your Immortal, using your Immortal as a tank. Sometimes an enemy will overextend, and you can turn the advantage in your favour.
  • If your Core is exposed and the enemy team summons a late game Immortal, you can still win! Your opportunity is to hard engage the enemy team before the Immortal starts walking down a lane. If you are able to kill several enemies, your team may be able to burn through the Immortals hp fast enough to save your Core.