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Crusader Seeker of the Light Fresh 70 Starter Build (Patch 2.7.6 / Season 29)

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This build is a starter build for fresh Level 70 Crusaders who have access to the Seeker of the Light set.

This guide is part of our Crusader Seasonal Progress Guide, which also includes a leveling build and other early builds for fresh 70 characters.


Fresh 70 Build

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Blessed Hammer Icon Blessed Hammer Limitless Limitless Right Mouse Button Falling Sword Icon Falling Sword Rapid Descent Rapid Descent 1 Laws of Valor Icon Laws of Valor Critical Critical 2 Judgment Icon Judgment Debilitate Debilitate 3 Provoke Icon Provoke Too Scared to Run Too Scared to Run 4 Akarat's Champion Icon Akarat's Champion Prophet Prophet
Passive Skills

How to Play the Build: Skills and Rotation

The Seeker of the Light starter build is a natural continuation of the leveling and fresh 70 build, as the set itself augments the powers of Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer. Your main resource tool remains Provoke Provoke, trading turns with Gabriel's Vambraces Gabriel's Vambraces for Wrath management in AoE and single target situations, respectively. With resources taken care of, you are free to swap away Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force for the additional damage of Critical Critical (useful early on with subpar gear), or to Laws of Hope Laws of Hope Wings of Angels Wings of Angels to speed yourself up. You will be trading the generic leveling choices like Steed Charge Steed Charge and Condemn Condemn for skills that better synergize with your set: Falling Sword Falling Sword Rapid Descent Rapid Descent for mobility and protection, and Judgment Judgment Debilitate Debilitate for crowd control and debuffing. Note that as soon as you obtain a Sacred Harness Sacred Harness, you should swap the latter's rune to the damage-oriented Resolved Resolved. The ubiquitous Akarat's Champion Akarat's Champion remains in the build, as well as all the leveling passives (of course, with an adjustment to Fervor Fervor as soon as you obtain Johanna's Argument Johanna's Argument).


Gear and Builds Using This Set

The build above is specifically created not to require any additional sets or legendary items. In order to transition to a late game-oriented spec using the same set, we have a rough list of high priority items to obtain, as well as a link to the build they pertain to.



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