Marauder Multishot Demon Hunter Nephalem Rift Speed Farming Variation

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Nephalem Rift Speed Farming

The Marauder Multishot Demon Hunter deals excellently with Nephalem Rift Speed Farming, as the massive AoE of Multishot Multishot scales even better with the lower health pools of speed GRs, and you can transition into riskier, all-out aggressive playstyle with corresponding gear choices. We have solo speed GR rankings and solo speed T16 rankings if you want to know more about which builds are best for speed farming.

Within the limited scope of regular difficulties, the necessary damage and toughness to triumph over the enemy is significantly smaller. Thus, your best course of action is to improve utility and speed.

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Evasive Fire Icon Evasive Fire Focus Focus Right Mouse Button Multishot Icon Multishot Arsenal Arsenal 1 Vengeance Icon Vengeance Seethe Seethe 2 Vault Icon Vault Tumble Tumble 3 Companion Icon Companion Wolf Companion Wolf Companion 4 Sentry Icon Sentry Spitfire Turret Spitfire Turret
Passive Skills

Adapting Rotation

When you are speed farming regular rifts, parts of your playstyle will adapt to the lowered challenge and focus more on speed and utility.

The T16 key farming build will mimic the GR speed farming rotation, but sped up one step further: extremely aggressive Vault Vaulting all over the place, placing down a Sentry Sentry or two and Multishot Multishotting the screen down with their help, and then moving along — only stopping for a shot or two of Evasive Fire Evasive Fire when Vengeance Vengeance Seethe Seethe fails to keep up with your tremendous Hatred spending. Pop Wolf Companion Wolf Companion frivolously, any time you see a fight coming or simply when it is off cooldown.


Adapting Skills

Parts of the skill and passive selection will overlap with the base Greater Rift progression build, but others will have to change according to the task at hand. Ability to cross over great distances faster and more efficiently take precedence.

  • You still rely on Sentry Sentry for the bulk of your damage, but you no longer have to build up nests of 5 turrets as you do in GR progression; simply plop down one or two per fight and help them out with a barrage of your own. Since you do not need to run Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Trapped for T16s, Polar Station Polar Station can be dropped in favor of either the small DPS gain from Spitfire Turret Spitfire Turret (our default recommendation), or the defensive utility of Guardian Turret Guardian Turret.
  • Multishot Multishot Arsenal Arsenal offers the most AoE bang for your buck, which is all you care about in T16 keyfarm.
  • Vengeance Vengeance offers a nice damage multiplier as a base effect, but the impressive Hatred regeneration brought by the Seethe Seethe rune is your real reason for its inclusion. Pop it on cooldown. Whenever it is down and your Hatred reserves near depletion, fire away with Evasive Fire Evasive Fire Focus Focus.
  • Companion Companion remains a utility-packed cooldown even without taking Zoey's Secret Zoey's Secret (see below), but it is mostly taken for the nice damage boost from Wolf Companion Wolf Companion.
  • Mobility is paramount in any form of speed running, and you can cross the greatest distances via Vault Vault Tumble Tumble — making it a fixture during T16 key farm.
  • Passive-wise, keep Ballistics Ballistics for the multiplicative damage increase to rockets from Arsenal Arsenal and Ambush Ambush for the augmentation of your upfront burst, which is very likely to oneshot enemies in T16s. Complement them with speedfarm-appropriate passives like Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage (for the extra movement speed) and Blood Vengeance Blood Vengeance (for the plentiful resource restoration as you effortlessly pick up health globes via Avarice Band Avarice Band).

Adapting Gear

Your armor pieces will match your GR progression setup — with a cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring of Royal Grandeur, you will retain your Marauder 6-piece set bonuses, and will also be able to include the craftable Captain Crimson set. Your weapon and offhand are also fixed to Yang's Recurve Yang's Recurve and Bombardier's Rucksack Bombardier's Rucksack, as they are intrinsically tied to the Marauder Multishot playstyle with their crucial bonuses.

In T16s, your toughness will be taken care of by the cubed Goldwrap Goldwrap, along with the socketed Boon of the Hoarder Boon of the Hoarder and the Avarice Band Avarice Band worn by your follower. This gold triumvirate combo will render you practically invulnerable during standard rift farm, and will allow you to make reckless moves like Vault Vaulting directly into Molten affix explosions and such. With that in mind, you should remove Wraps of Clarity Wraps of Clarity from your bracer slot and replace them either by Warzechian Armguards Warzechian Armguards in solo play (for the environment destruction-based speed boost), or Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers in group play (as you no longer have a follower and need to proc the elite spawns on your own).

Differences will come from your chosen jewelry, especially if you opted for an Endless Walk-based GR progression setup. In speedfarming, Squirt's Necklace Squirt's Necklace is all but mandatory for its ubiquitous damage bonus, which you should be able to retain indefinitely as you are rendered impervious by the Goldwrap Goldwrap armor boost. For your rings, take a Fire damage Stone of Jordan Stone of Jordan for its consistent elemental and elite damage bonuses. Pair it with a defensive choice in the form of Elusive Ring Elusive Ring, which will allow you to make extremely aggressive Vault Vaults all over the Rift, while simultaneously keeping a very high level of damage reduction. If you feel you are overkilling on defenses, an alternative for this slot is Rechel's Ring of Larceny Rechel's Ring of Larceny, a Fear-based movement speed buff, which can proc itself with its guaranteed Chance to Fear on Hit in its secondary stats.

Slot Pieces Stat Priority
  1. Dexterity
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Socket
  4. Multishot %
  5. Crowd Control Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity (or CDR at high Paragon)
  2. Resource Cost Reduction
  3. Area Damage
  4. Sentry %
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Health Globe Healing Bonus (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. 3 Sockets
  3. Sentry %
  4. All Resistance
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Melee or Missile Damage Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Fire Damage %
  4. Life per Hit or Vitality
  5. Reduced Damage Melee Attacks (Secondary stat)
  1. Dexterity (or Area Damage at high Paragon)
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Cooldown Reduction
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Health Globe Healing Bonus (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. Vitality
  3. All Resistance
  4. Life %
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Life per Kill (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. 2 Sockets
  3. Vitality
  4. All Resistance
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Pickup Radius (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. Multishot %
  3. Vitality
  4. All Resistance
  5. Pickup Radius (Secondary Stat)
  6. Health Globe Healing Bonus (Secondary Stat)
  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Damage
  3. Critical Hit Chance
  4. Fire Damage %
  5. Crowd Control Duration Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
Ring #1
  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Flat Damage Increase
  5. Crowd Control Duration Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
Ring #2
  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Flat Damage Increase
  5. Crowd Control Duration Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  1. High Weapon Damage
  2. Socket (preferably from Ramaladni's Gift Ramaladni's Gift)
  3. Dexterity (or Damage % at high Paragon)
  4. Attack Speed
  5. Cooldown Reduction
  1. Dexterity
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Sentry %
  4. Cooldown Reduction
  5. Area Damage

To help you with farming the gear you need for your builds, we have two very useful guides that you can access by clicking the links below: a Salvage Guide to help you quickly check whether or not you can safely salvage a piece of gear and a Legendary Farming Guide to help you efficiently farm legendaries and set items.


Altar of Rites

The former Season 28 theme, the Altar of Rites, has been revised and re-added to Diablo 3 as a permanent character progression mechanic. — For virtually all builds and players of all skill levels — from casual to advanced — we recommend progressing through the Altar tree using the path outlined below. The suggested path is geared towards maximum quality of life first, then amplifying damage, and then mopping up the tree with defensive and edge case utility nodes.

Note that while they require reaching them with a Seal, Legendary Potion Powers are not part of the Seal cost system; Potions unlock with a separate resource called Primordial Ashes, obtained from salvaging Legendary or Set items of Primal (red bordered) quality. Upgrade them as soon as possible, and in the order shown below (courtesy of Caleko's Altar of Rites planner).

Altar of Rites Planner

You can read more on the Altar of Rites, Seals and Legendary Potion Powers in our dedicated Altar of Rites Mechanics guide.


Adapting Gems

Most of your legendary gem selection from GR progression retains its value in T16 Nephalem Rift speed farming. Both Enforcer Enforcer and Zei's Stone of Vengeance Zei's Stone of Vengeance still brings excellent damage multiplication value to the build. While certainly not weak, you should consider dropping Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Trapped in order not to overkill on damage, and replace it with Boon of the Hoarder Boon of the Hoarder instead. Paired with a cubed Goldwrap Goldwrap, and an Avarice Band Avarice Band worn by your follower in solo play (or yourself in groups), this legendary gem increases your movement speed and provides near-infinite Toughness through its interaction with the aforementioned items.


Season 30 Soul Shards

In Season 30, your helm and weapon sockets will be taken over by the supremely powerful Soul Shards. For this build, we recommend the following:

  • HelmShard of Hatred with "Your movement speed is increased by 50%" as its Rank 3 power. For optimization benefits, aim for Dexterity or Melee/Ranged Damage Reduction on its Rank 2 roll.
  • WeaponStain of Sin with "You gain an additional Rift Progress Orb when you kill an elite pack" as its Rank 3 power. For optimization benefits, aim for Fire Skills % Increase or Weapon Damage Increase on its Rank 2 roll.
Slot Gems
Torso and Pants

For more information about gems, please refer to our guide on gems.


Adapting Kanai's Cube

Most of your Kanai's Cube slots will be consistent in T16 runs as well. Dead Man's Legacy Dead Man's Legacy is a straight skill multiplier with an added bonus that complements the Ambush Ambush passive. Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring of Royal Grandeur is necessary to tie the set bonuses of Marauder and Cpt. Crimson together. As mentioned in previous paragraphs, use Goldwrap Goldwrap in the armor slot for the near-invulnerability it brings while you farm T16s.

The Kanai's Cube can be used for much more than simply extracting Legendary powers from items. Please refer to our Kanai's Cube guide for more information.



The recommended follower for this build during GR speed farming is the Enchantress, due to her cooldown reduction bonus (cutting down Vengeance Vengeance and Wolf Companion Wolf Companion downtime) and elemental damage increase. She also brings a cheat death from Fate's Lapse Fate's Lapse and an Attack Speed bonus from Focused Mind Focused Mind, all of which are valuable to the build. Note that this requires that you run Hand of the Prophet Hand of the Prophet and optimize her survivability, as per our Follower guide.

For more information regarding followers, we advise you to read our Follower Guide, which contains detailed advice for choosing the skills and the gear of your follower.


Legendary Potion

The preferred potions for this build are Bottomless Potion of Amplification Bottomless Potion of Amplification (the highest pure health recovery pot, as its healing amplification procs itself for 75% health restoration), or Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation (for the extra resource recovery proc when used below half HP — useful in a resource-intensive build such as this one). Pick whichever you feel helps you out the most.



  • 08 Jan. 2024: Revised guide for the permanent addition of the Altar of Rites, and added Season-specific Soul Shard recommendations.
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