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Tassadar Talents

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General Information

Welcome to our Talents page for Tassadar. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Tassadar's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Tassadar's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Psi-Infusion Templar's Will ? Khaydarin Resonance
4 Khala's Celerity Khala's Embrace Khala's Light
7 Psionic Projection Resonation Mental Acuity
10 Archon Force Wall
13 Deep Shift Adun's Wisdom Nullification
16 Phase Disruption Psionic Echo Focused Beam ?
20 Twilight Archon Force Barrier Prismatic Link ? Shield Battery

Tassadar's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Shield Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Khaydarin Resonance Icon
Level 4 Khala's Celerity Icon Khala's Embrace Icon ?
Level 7 Mental Acuity Icon
Level 10 Force Wall Icon Archon Icon ?
Level 13 Adun's Wisdom Icon
Level 16 Phase Disruption Icon Psionic Echo Icon ?
Level 20 Shield Battery Icon

The Shield Build is designed to provide Tassadar and his allies with strong protection against burst damage while also improving their overall utility by applying buffs, such as increased Movement Speed or Life Steal. At Level 1, Khaydarin Resonance Icon Khaydarin Resonance lays the foundation to more potent Shields, which in return will work greatly with both Khala's Celerity Icon Khala's Celerity and Khala's Embrace Icon Khala's Embrace as follow-up talents at Level 4. Investing points into Mental Acuity Icon Mental Acuity at Level 7 and Adun's Wisdom Icon Adun's Wisdom at Level 13 allows Tassadar to benefit off strong Basic Ability cooldown reduction, which results in more Shielding as well. Shield Battery Icon Shield Battery concludes the Shield Build with additional AoE protection turning Tassadar into a late-game protection machine.

Psionic Storm Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Psi-Infusion Icon
Level 4 Khala's Embrace Icon Khala's Light Icon ?
Level 7 Psionic Projection Icon
Level 10 Archon Icon Force Wall Icon ?
Level 13 Adun's Wisdom Icon Nullification Icon ?
Level 16 Psionic Echo Icon
Level 20 Twilight Archon Icon Force Barrier Icon ?

The Psionic Storm Build focuses on boosting Tassadar's waveclear and AoE capabilities, most importantly his Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm and Archon Icon Archon abilities. This build performs particularly well on maps such as Infernal Shrines, where Psionic Storm's AoE damage clears off PvE objectives, or Towers of Doom, where it can be used used it to prevent enemies from capturing objectives.


Level 1 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Psi-Infusion
Psi-Infusion (Level 1) Starcraft Tassadar

Quest: Gain 1 Mana for every non-Structure enemy hit by Psionic Storm.

Reward: After hitting 500 enemies, increase the size of Psionic Storm by 20%.

Reward: After hitting 1000 enemies, increase the damage of Psionic Storm by 20%.

Tassadar Templar's Will ?
Templar's Will (Level 1) Starcraft Tassadar

Quest: Attacking enemy Heroes restores 8 mana per second.

Reward: After spending 30 seconds attacking Heroes, Distortion Beam's damage is increased by 125%.

Reward: After spending 60 seconds attacking Heroes, Distortion Beam's range is increased by an additional 1.

Tassadar Khaydarin Resonance
Khaydarin Resonance (Level 1) Starcraft Tassadar

Quest: Regeneration Globes grant an additional 100% Mana.

Reward: After collecting 10 Regeneration Globes, Plasma Shield's value is increased by 15%.

Reward: After collecting 20 Regeneration Globes, Plasma Shield's value is increased by 30%.



Psi-Infusion Icon Psi-Infusion looks fightening at first glance, yet its first quest is usually completed quite quickly. If you decide to go for a more offensive talent build that features Psi Infusion, it is of utmost importance to hit as many enemies as possible with Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm to speed up the stacking process.

Khaydarin Resonance Icon Khaydarin Resonance should usually not take too long until fully completed, which makes it a great choice on most battlegrounds, especially if paired with strong carries, such as Illidan or Tracer.

Templar's Will Icon Templar's Will focuses on Tassadar's Basic Attack and causes its range to increase drastically after completing both quests. However, we found this boon to be a risky one to pick at times, since it cripples Tassadar's early game Mana regeneration. Yet, after completion, this talent can gain a lot of momentum.


Level 4 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Khala's Celerity
Khala's Celerity (Level 4) Starcraft Tassadar

Plasma Shield also grants 20% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.

Tassadar Khala's Embrace
Khala's Embrace (Level 4) Starcraft Tassadar

Increase the Life Steal of Plasma Shield to 75%.

Tassadar Khala's Light
Khala's Light (Level 4) Starcraft Tassadar

Plasma Shield grants Heroes 20 Armor for 3 seconds upon breaking or expiring, causing them to take 20% less damage.



Khala's Embrace Icon Khala's Embrace is a very strong talent if used on fast attacking Assassins like Illidan, Tracer, or Valla.

Khala's Light Icon Khala's Light is a useful talent if you do not expect Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield to last long, for example if the enemy team has a lot of burst damage that will break the shields very quickly. The 15% damage reduction it provides can definitely help keeping allies alive against explosive team compositions.

Khala's Celerity Icon Khala's Celerity is a good talent that can work particularly well with innately slow allied Heroes that require additional Movement Speed, such as Jaina or Arthas.


Level 7 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Psionic Projection
Psionic Projection (Level 7) Starcraft Tassadar

Increases the cast range of Plasma Shield and Psionic Storm by 40%.

Tassadar Resonation
Resonation (Level 7) Starcraft Tassadar

Distortion Beam Slows enemies affected by Psionic Storm by 60%.

Tassadar Mental Acuity
Mental Acuity (Level 7) Starcraft Tassadar

Quest: Each Takedown earned lowers the cooldown of Oracle by 3 seconds, to a maximum of 15 seconds.

Reward: Upon getting 5 Takedowns, the sight range of Oracle is increased by 50%.



Psionic Projection Icon Psionic Projection is one of the most useful talents in Tassadar's repertoire. It allows him to cast Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield from a larger distance, while staying out of the enemy team's reach. We recommend picking this talent no matter which talent build you decided to go for.

Mental Acuity Icon Mental Acuity is a great talent. It allows you to counter stealthed Heroes like Nova ganks or Zeratul more frequently while also possessing outstanding synergy with Adun's Wisdom Icon Adun's Wisdom at Level 13.

Resonation Icon Resonation is not a recommended talent for the same reason as Templar's Will Icon Templar's Will. Tassadar's normal Basic Attacks already slow decently, trying to improve that amount does not justify giving up Psionic Projection Icon Psionic Projection's extra range.


Level 10 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Archon
Archon (Level 10) Starcraft Tassadar
  • Mana: 80
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds

Tassadar transforms into an Archon and gains a Plasma Shield. His Basic Attacks deal 158 (+4% per level) damage, slow the target by 30% for 1 second and splash for 79 (+4% per level) damage to enemies within 2.5 range. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Passive: Archon refreshes the cooldown of Dimensional Shift.

Tassadar Force Wall
Force Wall (Level 10) Starcraft Tassadar
  • Mana: 25
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Create a wall that blocks all units from moving through it for 2 seconds.

Passive: Increases the slow amount of Distortion Beam to 35%.



Archon Icon Archon is a powerful Heroic Ability, which greatly complements a more offensive playstyle as Tassadar. Its increased damage on Basic Attacks makes you hit harder, while the provided shield makes you harder to kill at the same time. All in all, Archon is well-rounded ability with few to no drawbacks, which makes it a great choice, especially for newer and less experienced experienced Tassadar players.

There are, however, two things that need to be considered when choosing Archon at Level 10. Firstly, make sure to use it in the middle of team fights only, as its cooldown is simply too high to be used during mere skirmishes. Secondly, always make sure to take a look at your own team composition first before picking your Heroic Ability. If your team lacks damage in general, Archon is a the right call, whereas Force Wall Icon Force Wall offers more utility and protection to your team if your team lacks defensive capabilities.

Unlike Archon Icon Archon, Force Wall Icon Force Wall does not boost your damage output and it will also not make you tankier. Force Wall can be used, however, to catch fleeing enemies and block their escape routes or to deny enemies access to a certain location of the map. This proves to be particularly useful on maps that feature many narrow choke points like Cursed Hollow, Infernal Shrines, or Tomb of the Spider Queen.

Another advantage of Force Wall is the fact that it has a low cooldown, which makes it a very forgiving Heroic Ability. Thus, do not hesitate to cast Force Wall, since it will come off cooldown relatively soon. Due to the abundance of potential choke points and the difficulty of knowing when and where to use Force Wall most efficiently, we suggest practising Force Wall placement and usage against the A.I. or in Quick Matches first, before using it in Hero and Team League.


Level 13 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Deep Shift
Deep Shift (Level 13) Starcraft Tassadar

Dimensional Shift's duration and Movement Speed bonuses are increased by 50%.

Tassadar Adun's Wisdom
Adun's Wisdom (Level 13) Starcraft Tassadar

While Oracle is active, Basic Abilities cooldown 75% faster.

Tassadar Nullification
Nullification (Level 13) Starcraft Tassadar
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to reduce the damage the target enemy Hero deals by 75% for 4 seconds.



Nullification Icon Nullification is a great counter to any Assassin. While it does not slow their Movement Speed, its 75% damage decrease renders enemy damage dealers almost entirely useless for 4 seconds.

Adun's Wisdom Icon Adun's Wisdom is a very useful talent, especially if you combine it with Mental Acuity Icon Mental Acuity at Level 7. The reduced cooldown can definitely have an impact during longer skirmishes but remains rather unnoticeable in shorter team fights.

Deep Shift Icon Deep Shift is not a recommended choice, as an extra 50% duration on Dimensional Shift Icon Dimensional Shift could render you without the ability to cast a potential life saving Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield on an ally or a life-ending Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm on an enemy. All in all, we find Dimensional Shift's original duration and effect to be more than sufficient.


Level 16 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Phase Disruption
Phase Disruption (Level 16) Starcraft Tassadar

Enemy Heroes being hit by Psionic Storm have their Physical Armor reduced by 35, causing them to take 35% more damage from Basic Attacks.

Tassadar Psionic Echo
Psionic Echo (Level 16) Starcraft Tassadar

A second Psionic Storm can be cast within 2 seconds of casting the first. Enemies can only be affected by one Psionic Storm at a time.

Tassadar Focused Beam ?
Focused Beam (Level 16) Starcraft Tassadar

While Oracle is active, Basic Attacks against Heroes deal an additional 1.5% of the target's maximum Health as damage.



Phase Disruption Icon Phase Disruption gains a lot of synergy with strong Basic Attackers like at Illidan or Valla in your team, as it decreases the enemy team's Physical Armor while standing inside your Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm. But even without those Heroes, the talent remains a decent damage boost, which should not be overlooked too easily.

Psionic Echo Icon Psionic Echo is a very rewarding choice if you decided to go for Psi-Infusion Icon Psi-Infusion at Level 1. Being able to cast a second Psionic Storm for free increases Tassadar's damage and waveclear tremendously.

Focused Beam Icon Focused Beam is a decent late game addition if you decided to go for Templar's Will Icon Templar's Will at Level 1 and provides Tassadar with a surprising amount of Basic Attack damage.


Level 20 Talents for Tassadar

Tassadar Twilight Archon
Twilight Archon (Level 20) Starcraft Tassadar

Basic Attacks while in Archon form increase its duration by 2 seconds.

Tassadar Force Barrier
Force Barrier (Level 20) Starcraft Tassadar

Force Wall's Range is increased by 100% and its cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.

Tassadar Prismatic Link ?
Prismatic Link (Level 20) Starcraft Tassadar

Distortion Beam bounces to hit 2 additional targets for 50% damage.

Tassadar Shield Battery
Shield Battery (Level 20) Starcraft Tassadar
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes an untalented Plasma Shield.



Twilight Archon Icon Twilight Archon will make your Archon Icon Archon even more powerful than it already is. Being able to remain in Archon form during an entire team fight can single-handedly make the difference to tip balance in your team's favor. Twilight Archon is the ultimate final talent for an offensive Tassadar build.

Force Barrier Icon Force Barrier enhances your Force Wall Icon Force Wall Heroic ability, giving it a significantly lower cooldown. This allows you to have Force Wall up almost permanently, which becomes extremely useful, especially if your team composition features strong chasers like Illidan or Tracer.

Shield Battery Icon Shield Battery protects nearby allied Heroes, which makes it a great choice during late game team fights, especially against AoE dependent Heroes such as Kael'thas or Jaina.

Prismatic Link Icon Prismatic Link is quite a strong late game talent. The additional slow on up to 2 additional nearby targets works with the additional damage coming from Focused Beam Icon Focused Beam, which is why these two talents should always be taken together.



  • 29 Aug. 2019: Updated Tassadar's Talent Builds and several of his Talent priorities in accordance with the latest Balance Update.
  • 19 Feb. 2019: Updated Tassadar's talent builds.
  • 30 Jan. 2018: Changed Khaydarin Resonance from Recommended to Not Recommended.
  • 29 Jan. 2018: Updated Khala's Light description and updated Tassadar's Talent Builds.
  • 03 Sep. 2017: Changed Force Barrier from Not Recommended to Situational and updated several other talent descriptions.
  • 06 Jul. 2017: Updated Adun's Wisdom's description.
  • 09 Jun. 2017: Changed Khala's Embrace from Not Recommended to Recommended and updated Talent Builds.
  • 04 May 2017: Updated several of Tassadar's talent descriptions.
  • 28 Feb. 2017: Updated Khaydarin Resonance in accordance with the latest Balance Update.
  • 31 Jan. 2017: Changed some Level 7 and Level 13 talent recommendations.
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