Support Monk Skills and Runes

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General Information

On this page, we explain how to choose and use your skills when playing Support Monk in Diablo 3. Updated for patch 2.6.4 and Season 16.

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Crippling Wave Icon Crippling Wave Tsunami Tsunami Right Mouse Button Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash Crippling Light Crippling Light 1 Epiphany Icon Epiphany Soothing Mist Soothing Mist 2 Cyclone Strike Icon Cyclone Strike Implosion Implosion 3 Inner Sanctuary Icon Inner Sanctuary Temple of Protection Temple of Protection 4 Mantra of Healing Icon Mantra of Healing Time of Need Time of Need
Passive Skills

1. Rotation

The build assumes a protector position in Greater Rifts, opening fights for the DPS characters to clear in relative safety. Begin combat by dropping an Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary circle beneath the DPS of the group, followed by drawing enemies in with your Cyclone Strike Cyclone Strike, and finishing the rotation with a debuffing from Blinding Flash Blinding Flash. Where a support Barbarian will be responsible for long range enemy pulling, you will be responsible for much of the actual enemy stacking, as well as reducing enemy damage through Crippling Wave Crippling Wave Tsunami Tsunami stuns and Mantra of Healing Mantra of Healing Time of Need Time of Need. You will be constantly healing your group through the effect of Epiphany Epiphany Soothing Mist Soothing Mist, which you should activate on cooldown.

2. Skills, Runes and Passives

The recommended generator skill for the build is Crippling Wave Crippling Wave, coupled with the support-oriented Tsunami Tsunami rune. This rune will reduce incoming group damage by stunning enemies for a second in a generous, 17-yard radius. As a Cold rune, it will also serve as a valuable proc for the Iceblink Iceblink legendary gem, increasing the Critical Hit Chance against affected enemies for the entire party.

Cyclone Strike Cyclone Strike will be used to trigger multiple bonuses for the build. Its obvious crowd controlling function will be further strengthened by the Implosion Implosion rune, extending the vortex effect to the impressive 34 yards. It will additionally trigger the damage bonuses from Strongarm Bracers Strongarm Bracers in speedruns, and the mitigation from Resolve Resolve.

Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary is a key defensive skill in your arsenal, protecting and strengthening not only you, but nearby allies as well. On a reasonable 20-second base cooldown, this skill will serve as a protective circle when fighting within, and will render affected allies immune to crowd control from the Temple of Protection Temple of Protection rune.

Epiphany Epiphany is a staple in the Monk arsenal, allowing you to stick yourself — and as a consequence, your allies — on a target to ensure the kill. Epiphany Epiphany also increases your Spirit regeneration by 20 per second, ensuring that even the most tenacious Cyclone Strike Cyclone Strike and Mantra of Healing Mantra of Healing use will remain uninterrupted. And most important of all, you will be adding the healing effect of Soothing Mist Soothing Mist to your active abilities, dictating the use of high Attack Speed and Health Globe bonuses on gear.

Blinding Flash Blinding Flash extends over the 11-yard circular area of safety of Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary with a 20-yard crowd control from the blinding effect. This utility cooldown brings further value with the damage reduction of Crippling Light Crippling Light, knocking another 25% off the incoming hurt for 5 seconds after the Blind wears off. Note that there is a viable alteration of the build that uses the Uliana set and slots Exploding Palm Exploding Palm The Flesh is Weak The Flesh is Weak in the place of Blinding Flash Blinding Flash. Check the gearing section for details.

Uncommon among the protective skills because of its spender nature, Mantra of Healing Mantra of Healing passively increases life regeneration (scaling with your Life per Second stats on gear), and adds 30% damage reduction below half health through the Time of Need Time of Need rune — helpful to survive bursty elite affixes. Its active component adds another Life per Second scaling absorption shield to the group, and can be spammed reasonably often due to the good resource maintenance of the build. If you are having more trouble with even damage intake rather than damage spikes, you can notably alternate this slot for Mantra of Salvation Mantra of Salvation Agility Agility.

This concludes the overview of the Active Skills, now let us look through the Passives.

To counteract some of the damage spikes this frontline build is exposed to, we will be taking Near Death Experience Near Death Experience — the cheat death passive available to Monks. On the standard 60-second cooldown, it will prevent a lethal situation and restore you to 35% Life and Spirit instead. The 2-second immunity to damage and crowd control impairing effects is a nice bonus on top.

Beacon of Ytar Beacon of Ytar is a solid foundation for high skill uptime, providing a 20% chunk to your Cooldown Reduction. Every second that you shave off Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary and Blinding Flash Blinding Flash can be the difference of life or death of your DPS teammate.

Resolve Resolve is a key defensive passive reducing the damage of affected enemies on all auto attacks and most elemental affixes, making it a great fit for the current mitigation meta in Greater Rifts.

As a support, one of your main goals is to augment the damage of your DPS teammates — to that end, include the minor, but party-wide damage increase of Unity Unity.

3. Changelog

  • 17 Jan. 2019: Information was reviewed and approved for Season 16 with no changes required.
  • 26 Nov. 2017: Reverted the guide to its pure Inna state.
  • 28 Oct. 2017: Added Exploding Palm to go with the Ulyana pieces.
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