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Jaina Hero Synergies and Counters

Last updated on Jul 11, 2015 at 20:41 by Oxygen 34 comments

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General Information

On this page, we list the heroes you synergise well with, as Jaina and those you are particularly vulnerable against.

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About the Author

Oxygen is a veteran of the MOBA genre, which he has been playing for nearly 15 years. He has coached some of Heroes of the Storm's most prominent North American players and teams alike, including Team Liquid. As a Master player, he enjoys playing all Heroes and roles.

1. Heroes Jaina Works Well With

In this section, we will look at Heroes that work particularly well with Jaina.

1.1. Diablo

Diablo Portrait Diablo is able to use Shadow Charge Icon Shadow Charge in combination with Overpower Icon Overpower to immediately take an enemy out of position, allowing Jaina to use her combo to kill the enemy Hero. This brutal combination punishes enemies that would normally be out of Jaina's reach.

1.2. Tyrande

Tyrande Portrait Tyrande's Hunter's Mark Icon Hunter's Mark and Lunar Flare Icon Lunar Flare perfectly compliment Jaina by amplifying her damage and immobilising enemy Heroes, while Sentinel Icon Sentinel provides vision of enemies so that Jaina is able to flank them. Additionally, Starfall Icon Starfall's massive slow and damage field works well with Jaina's area of effect slows and damage.

1.3. Uther

Uther Portrait Uther is able to lock down targets with Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm, allowing Jaina to follow-up with her damage. Uther can also use Holy Light Icon Holy Light, Holy Radiance Icon Holy Radiance, Cleanse Icon Cleanse, and Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield to keep you alive if you are prioritised by enemy assassins. Uther's multitude of different uses and his ability to adapt to the current situation make him a powerful ally.

1.4. Zagara

Zagara Portrait Zagara's Creep Tumor Icon Creep Tumors are able to provide a massive amount of vision, especially with talents like Endless Creep Icon Endless Creep. This vision allows you to always be aware of the enemy team's position so that you can correctly position yourself for an ambush or flank. Additionally, a good Devouring Maw Icon Devouring Maw is the perfect setup for your full combo.

2. Heroes Jaina Is Countered By

In this section, we will look at Heroes that counter Jaina particularly well.

2.1. Diablo

Diablo Portrait Diablo is extremely punishing if you are even slightly over-extended. He will use Shadow Charge Icon Shadow Charge followed by Overpower Icon Overpower, bringing you into the middle of the enemy team, which generally means your certain death.

2.1.1. How To Play Against Diablo

The best way to avoid dying to Diablo is to not let him Shadow Charge Icon Shadow Charge you, as the only things that have a chance to save you once he uses Overpower Icon Overpower on you are Improved Ice Block Icon Improved Ice Block or your allies. Since you are likely to be stunned by more enemy Heroes after you have been Overpowered, stay away from Diablo until he has used Shadow Charge or Overpower.

2.2. Nova

Nova Portrait Nova is the only Hero that rivals Jaina's burst damage (aside from Murky); Nova is able to kill you from max health. With stealth, Nova is sneakier than you can ever hope to be, and trying to hunt the enemy team while Nova hunts you will usually just end up with you dying.

2.2.1. How To Play Against Nova

Although Nova will be able to deal damage equal to the majority of your life, she cannot kill you in one rotation of her abilities, unless she hits you with Precision Strike Icon Precision Strike or Triple Tap Icon Triple Tap, both of which can be avoided. That being said, losing almost all of your health will force you out of a team fight, unless you have a healer. If Nova is in the game, always keep an eye out for the shimmer of her Permanent Cloak. If you are able to attack her before she can attack you, you will be able to kill her.

2.3. Stitches

Stitches Portrait Stitches works similarly to Diablo, in that he will force you out of position via Hook Icon Hook, where his team can follow-up and kill you. Since you lack mobility, if you get hit by Hook, you will most likely die.

2.3.1. How To Play Against Stitches

Dealing with Stitches is fairly straightforward: do not get hit by Hook Icon Hook. If you are able to do that, you should have no problem with Stitches, but the same cannot be said for your team. Be vocal about Stitches' whereabouts, and always keep in mind his ability to use Hook over walls. Occasionally, Stitches will have Gorge Icon Gorge, which will basically guarantee your death if you are hooked. However, if Stitches has Gorge, you still need to be aware of him, even if his Hook is on cooldown. He can eat you and then move back to his team, where you are very likely to die.

2.4. Uther

Uther Portrait Uther is well known for his ability to lock down targets with Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm, but those abilities are not what make him a counter to Jaina. Cleanse Icon Cleanse and Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield — coupled with his multiple healing spells — allow Uther to completely negate all of the damage from your combo.

2.4.1. How To Play Against Uther

There are a few strategies to deal with Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield. You can try to bait Uther into using it prematurely by feigning your combo, or can kill an enemy Hero before Uther has time to react. You can combo enemy Heroes that are too far from Uther and out of range of Divine Storm. You can even combo multiple enemy Heroes at the same time so that he can only shield one.

3. ChangeLog

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  • 11 Jul. 2016: Removed mentions of Tumor Clutch, which has been removed in Gul'dan's patch.
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