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Welcome to our Talents page for Kerrigan. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Kerrigan's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Kerrigan's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Siphoning Impact ? Assimilation Mastery ✘︎ Fury of the Swarm
4 Sharpened Blades Kinetic Fulmination ? Psionic Pulse ?
7 Queen of Blades ✘︎ Boundless Fury Bladed Momentum ✘︎
10 Maelstrom ? Summon Ultralisk
13 Psionic Barrier ? Volatile Power ? Chrysalis
16 Mounting Potency ✘︎ Painful Spikes Unbridled Energy ?
20 Omegastorm ✘︎ Torrasque ✘︎ Assimilation Blades ? Psionic Shift

Kerrigan's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Ravage Build

Level 1 Fury of the Swarm Icon Siphoning Impact Icon ?
Level 4 Sharpened Blades Icon
Level 7 Boundless Fury Icon
Level 10 Summon Ultralisk Icon Maelstrom Icon ?
Level 13 Chrysalis Icon Volatile Power Icon ?
Level 16 Painful Spikes Icon Unbridled Energy Icon ?
Level 20 Psionic Shift Icon

Kerrigan's Ravage Build is excellent if you are able to stack Sharpened Blades Icon Sharpened Blades. While Siphoning Impact Icon Siphoning Impact allows Kerrigan to stack up a rather large Assimilation Icon Assimilation Shield very quicky with her additional charges of Ravage, The splash damage component of Fury of the Swarm Icon Fury of the Swarm will allow for viable waveclear when Kerrigan finds herself alone, especially during the early game.

Both Heroic Abilities are good, and should be picked based on personal preference. While Summon Ultralisk Icon Summon Ultralisk will be a good setup or follow up for your combo, Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom adds more area of effect damage and self-sustain through Assimilation Icon Assimilation. Chrysalis Icon Chrysalis is a good choice against burst and crowd control, while Volatile Power Icon Volatile Power gives you better survivability during team fights.

Combo Build

Level 1 Fury of the Swarm Icon
Level 4 Kinetic Fulmination Icon
Level 7 Boundless Fury Icon
Level 10 Summon Ultralisk Icon Maelstrom Icon ?
Level 13 Chrysalis Icon Volatile Power Icon ?
Level 16 Painful Spikes Icon
Level 20 Psionic Shift Icon

The Combo Build favors Talent options that give Kerrigan the most utility possible, while also having good burst damage in teamfights.

This Build is good if your playstyle revolves around following a Tank's engages or if the enemy team has many ways to punish your dives.

Primal Grasp Build

Level 1 Fury of the Swarm Icon
Level 4 Psionic Pulse Icon
Level 7 Boundless Fury Icon
Level 10 Maelstrom Icon Summon Ultralisk Icon ?
Level 13 Psionic Barrier Icon
Level 16 Painful Spikes Icon
Level 20 Psionic Shift Icon Assimilation Blades Icon ?

Primal Grasp Build consists in constantly having stacked spell armor through Psionic Barrier Icon Psionic Barrier and Psionic Pulse Icon Psionic Pulse. It should be the choice when facing mages and other heroes reliant on spell damage, since it might reduce those by 75%, and give you the much necessary survivability against them.

Boundless Fury Icon Boundless Fury is essential for this build. Kerrigan wants to proc Primal Grasp Icon Primal Grasp's explosion in multiple targets, and the added mobility from the talent will be necessary. Even though Queen of Blades Icon Queen of Blades has good synergy with the Primal Grasp Build, we do not recommend it. It is much less reliable than Boundless Fury, considering you need to use your combo after using Ravage once or twice, while with Boundless Fury Icon Boundless Fury, you are able to combo at anytime without losing mobility.


Level 1 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Siphoning Impact ?
Siphoning Impact (Level 1) Starcraft Kerrigan

Hitting an enemy Hero with Ravage grants 100 (+4% per level) points of Assimilation Shields.

Kerrigan Assimilation Mastery ✘︎
Assimilation Mastery (Level 1) Starcraft Kerrigan

Regeneration Globe healing grants 50 (+4% per level) points of Assimilation Shields per second while active. While Assimilation is active, Kerrigan's Health and Mana regeneration is increased by 150%.

Kerrigan Fury of the Swarm
Fury of the Swarm (Level 1) Starcraft Kerrigan

Gain 10% more Assimilation Shields from Basic Attacks. After casting Ravage, Kerrigan's next Basic Attack within 3 seconds splashes for 100% damage around the target.



Siphoning Impact Icon Siphoning Impact can be a good Talent choice on Maps where fights happen far from the wave, and there is not much waveclear involved, such as Battlefield of Eternity, Hanamura Temple, Alterac Pass and Cursed Hollow. This Talent works particularly well when combined with Boundless Fury Icon Boundless Fury as the extra charges of Ravage can be used to generate more Assimilation Shield. It is important to note that this Shield is increased by the extra Spell Power provided by Unbridled Energy Icon Unbridled Energy.

Assimilation Mastery Icon Assimilation Mastery provides Kerrigan a solid amount of Shield via Assimilation Icon Assimilation anytime she is under the effects of a Regeneration Globe. She is also granted bonus Health and Mana Regeneration as long as Assimilation Icon Assimilation is active. This Talent brings no additional damage to Kerrigan's kit, and not enough self-sustain in fights when compared with Siphoning Impact Icon Siphoning Impact. Therefore, we do not recommend Assimilation Mastery.

Fury of the Swarm Icon Fury of the Swarm is a great source of Assimilation Icon Assimilation Shielding alongside the newfound splash damage on Kerrigan's basic attacks after casting Ravage Icon Ravage. The splash damage is phenomenal for clearing Minion waves, especially during the early game when Kerrigan will be roaming from lane to lane looking for an opportunity to gank. The splash damage also helps to quickly stack up additional burst damage for Kinetic Fulmination Icon Kinetic Fulmination.


Level 4 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Sharpened Blades
Sharpened Blades (Level 4) Starcraft Kerrigan

Quest: Minions and Heroes that die within 1.5 seconds of being hit by Ravage increase its damage up to a maximum of 75.

Minions grant 1 increased damage and Heroes grant 5 increased damage.

Reward: After reaching a 75 damage increase, Ravage gains 50 additional damage.

Kerrigan Kinetic Fulmination ?
Kinetic Fulmination (Level 4) Starcraft Kerrigan

Damaging an enemy increases the damage of Kerrigan's next Impaling Blades within 10 seconds by 10%, up to 100%.

Kerrigan Psionic Pulse ?
Psionic Pulse (Level 4) Starcraft Kerrigan

Primal Grasp explodes a second time 2 seconds after its first explosion.



Sharpened Blades Icon Sharpened Blades solely increases the damage of Ravage Icon Ravage through a Quest mechanic that relies on farming kills on enemy Minions and Heroes. The quest can take some time to complete, as Kerrigan will need to kill 75 Minions within 1.5 Seconds of being hit by Ravage (without taking into account any Heroes that Kerrigan may be able to pick off). When utilizing the Ravage Build, it is very important for Kerrigan to try and finish this quest as quickly as possible as it will provide a nice spike in damage once completed. However, finishing the quest should never take priority over assisting your allies in fighting over Objectives and pushing or depushing.

When fully stacked, Kinetic Fulmination Icon Kinetic Fulmination causes Impaling Blades Icon Impaling Blades to deal a massive amount of burst damage. One of the fastest ways to stack up applications of Kinetic Fulmination is by pairing this Talent with Fury of the Swarm Icon Fury of the Swarm at Level 1. Kerrigan can gather applications off of Minion waves very easily before heading into a skirmish or teamfight to quickly burst down a Hero. Kerrigan can keep up her applications of Kinetic Fulmination when traveling between lanes by Basic Attacking Mercenary Camps or enemy Structures such as left over Walls.

Psionic Pulse Icon Psionic Pulse is the core element behind a successful Primal Grasp Build. It can deal an amazing amount of area of effect damage upon initiation and after sticking to an enemy Hero. Keep in mind it takes 4.5 Seconds for Psionic Pulse's damage to be fully applied (assuming Kerrigan is not immediately peeled away from her target) therefore it is important to utilize the multiple charges of Ravage Icon Ravage to stay on top of her target(s).


Level 7 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Queen of Blades ✘︎
Queen of Blades (Level 7) Starcraft Kerrigan

Reduce the cooldown of Ravage by 3 seconds and increase its damage to Minions and Mercenaries by 100%.

Kerrigan Boundless Fury
Boundless Fury (Level 7) Starcraft Kerrigan

Hitting an enemy Hero with Ravage grants a charge of Ravage. Can only occur once every 10 seconds per Hero.

Kerrigan Bladed Momentum ✘︎
Bladed Momentum (Level 7) Starcraft Kerrigan

Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes reduce the cooldown of Kerrigan's Basic Abilities by 0.6 seconds.



Queen of Blades Icon Queen of Blades adds a good amount of extra damage against Minions and Mercenaries, which speeds up Sharpened Blades Icon Sharpened Blades's completion. However, the cooldown Reduction part of the Talent cannot compete with Boundless Fury Icon Boundless Fury's extra Ravage Icon Ravage's charges, being overshadowed by it.

Boundless Fury Icon Boundless Fury grants Kerrigan an additional charge of Ravage Icon Ravage after striking an enemy Hero with Ravage. This Talent is great for Kerrigan's mobility, and allows her to more reliably navigate her way through cluttered team-fights and across longer distances. It is important to note that the "Cooldown" of Boundless Fury is separate from that of the recharges for Ravage. This means that upon Kerrigan's first use of Ravage, her Ravage's charge cooldown will not begin. Kerrigan should therefore use her first two casts of Ravage consecutively if her goal is to put out as much damage as possible without consideration of Ravage's potential for strategic mobility.

Bladed Momentum Icon Bladed Momentum significantly reduces the cooldowns of Kerrigan's Basic Abilities as she strikes enemy targets with her Basic Attacks. This is a good Talent, as Kerrigan's primary strength lies in her ability to perform a devastating combo of Ravage Icon Ravage, Primal Grasp Icon Primal Grasp, and Impaling Blades Icon Impaling Blades to deal massive amounts of damage to an isolated target. Unfortunately, it competes with Boundless Fury Icon Boundless Fury, which will be the better choice in most games. Mostly for the disparity between Boundless Fury and the other Talents of this tier, we do not recommend Bladed Momentum.


Level 10 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Maelstrom ?
Maelstrom (Level 10) Starcraft Kerrigan
  • Mana: 80
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds

Deals 74 (+4% per level) damage per second to nearby enemies. Lasts for 7 seconds.

Kerrigan Summon Ultralisk
Summon Ultralisk (Level 10) Starcraft Kerrigan
  • Mana: 75
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

After 0.5 seconds, summon an Ultralisk that rushes forward upon spawning, dealing 250 (+4% per level) damage to the first enemy Hero hit and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds.

The Ultralisk's Basic Attacks deal 50% of their damage in an area around their target. Reactivate to retarget the Ultralisk.



At this Level, you gain access to Heroic Abilities. If you want to read more about them, check the dedicated section in the Abilities and Strategy page.

Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom deals plenty of area of effect damage although its primary purpose should be to generate Shields from Assimilation Icon Assimilation. The damage per second element of Maelstrom is very slow, and does not seem to fit too well with Kerrigan's high burst kit. Kerrigan's main objective is to dive the enemy backline. This strategy usually results in Kerrigan becoming a primary target of focus for the enemy team. The additional Shield generated by Maelstrom via Assimilation is integral to Kerrigan's survival. Try to keep in mind that Maelstrom's main purpose is not to deal team wide damage, and players should not sacrifice single target focus to try and position themselves within multiple enemies, unless the situation allows for it.

Summon Ultralisk Icon Summon Ultralisk is great for harassing one or a couple of enemy Heroes and zoning them away from teamfights or Objectives. The Ultralisk's heightened Movement Speed will ensure that it will be able to damage most enemies trying to kite or flee from it. The charge and Stun component of the Ultralisk when summoned allows Kerrigan to lockdown a target who may be otherwise outside of the range of her initiation via Ravage Icon Ravage. Summon Ultralisk tends to be the better Heroic Ability option when Kerrigan is fighting in more open Maps that do not consist of as many narrow choke points. Ultralisk is also the ideal choice when Kerrigan finds herself in more 1-on-1 situations as the Stun and burst damage will more often than not outperform the area of effect damage of Maelstrom.


Level 13 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Psionic Barrier ?
Psionic Barrier (Level 13) Starcraft Kerrigan

Each enemy Hero hit by Primal Grasp grants 20 Spell Armor and 4% Movement Speed for 4 seconds, stacking up to 20% Movement Speed.

Kerrigan Volatile Power ?
Volatile Power (Level 13) Starcraft Kerrigan

Increase the amount of Assimilation Shields granted from damage dealt by 10%, but reduce duration of Assimilation by 3 seconds.

Kerrigan Chrysalis
Chrysalis (Level 13) Starcraft Kerrigan
  • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

Activate to place Kerrigan in a Chrysalis with 750 (+4% per level) Health for 5 seconds. While inside, Kerrigan regenerates 5% of her maximum Health per second.

Enemies can destroy the Chrysalis to end its effects early.



Psionic Barrier Icon Psionic Barrier is a situational Talent that will sometimes find use against Spell Power heavy team compositions that rely on coordinated focus-fire to take down a Hero. Assuming Kerrigan is not able to land her Primal Grasp on multiple targets, the Talent does take time to ramp up needing to be refreshed by each application of Primal Grasp damage. This Spell Armor definitely runs risk of falling off and resetting completely should Kerrigan be unable to stick to her desired targets. It is only useful with Psionic Pulse Icon Psionic Pulse, because it will have a much higher duration and Armor.

Volatile Power Icon Volatile Power is a go-to defensive Talent for Kerrigan that will significantly increase her ability to stay alive during encounters through an increase in Assimilation Icon Assimilation Shield. The one trade off is that Kerrigan's Shield will now expire 50% faster, lasting only 3 Seconds. Volatile Power also performs very well with any one of Kerrigan's Level 1 Talents and will help to mitigate all sources of damage unlike Psionic Barrier Icon Psionic Barrier.

Chrysalis Icon Chrysalis is a great option when Kerrigan is against heavy burst damage, since it will mitigate some of that, allowing her to survive and come back to the fight with higher Health.


Level 16 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Mounting Potency ✘︎
Mounting Potency (Level 16) Starcraft Kerrigan

Ravage grants 5% Spell Power for 5 seconds, up to 40%.

Kerrigan Painful Spikes
Painful Spikes (Level 16) Starcraft Kerrigan

Enemies hit by Impaling Blades take an additional 70 (+4% per level) damage the next 6 times Kerrigan damages them within 5 seconds.

Kerrigan Unbridled Energy ?
Unbridled Energy (Level 16) Starcraft Kerrigan

Damaging a Hero with a Heroic Ability grants 35% Spell Power for 4 seconds.



Mounting Potency Icon Mounting Potency takes a lot of time to ramp-up within a teamfight, and can easily fall off when not careful. This Talent is completely overshadowed by Unbridled Energy Icon Unbridled Energy, because it would only be better in fights where your Heroic Ability is on cooldown and it will be better to not fight in this scenario.

Painful Spikes Icon Painful Spikes will oftentimes be the Level 16 Talent of choice as it is the most reliable and consistent source of bonus damage. Kerrigan is easily able to utilize all 6 applications of Painful Spikes on an enemy target as it is triggered by any source of damage, including her Heroic Abilities Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom and Summon Ultralisk Icon Summon Ultralisk.

Unbridled Energy Icon Unbridled Energy is a good choice when paired with Sharpened Blades Icon Sharpened Blades, since it will greatly improve Kerrigan's Ravage Icon Ravage, which is the main damage tool for that build.


Level 20 Talents for Kerrigan

Kerrigan Omegastorm ✘︎
Omegastorm (Level 20) Starcraft Kerrigan

Maelstrom's duration is increased by 0.25 seconds every time it damages a Hero.

Kerrigan Torrasque ✘︎
Torrasque (Level 20) Starcraft Kerrigan

Increase the Health and Basic Attack damage of the Ultralisk by 20%. The Ultralisk morphs into an egg when it dies. If the egg isn't killed within 4 seconds, a new Ultralisk is born.

Kerrigan Assimilation Blades ?
Assimilation Blades (Level 20) Starcraft Kerrigan

Damaging an enemy increases Basic Attack damage by 2% for 5 seconds, up to 40%.

Kerrigan Psionic Shift
Psionic Shift (Level 20) Starcraft Kerrigan
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

Activate to teleport to a nearby location, dealing 50 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies. Generates 300% increased Assimilation Shields from the damage dealt.



Omegastorm Icon Omegastorm is not a good choice here, firstly, because it competes with Psionic Shift, and it will only be a valuable Talent in long teamfights. As Kerrigan, you cannot be in the middle of enemy team after using your combo, sometimes even the increased duration might not be transformed into damage, since you will have to retreat sooner.

Torrasque Icon Torrasque can be a decent option in less coordinated scenarios, such as Quick match or Silver and Bronze Storm League, since enemies will have a hard time bursting Ultralisk, giving this Talent much value. The cooldown timer of Summon Ultralisk Icon Summon Ultralisk will continue to run regardless of how long the Ultralisk stays alive.

Assimilation Blades Icon Assimilation Blades's damage bonus may prove useful, but takes a very long time to effectively ramp-up and the Talent is overall much less game-changing than what is provided in utility and versatility of Psionic Shift Icon Psionic Shift. However, it can be a good choice for long fights, as Psionic Shift will only be used once, while Assimilation Blades Icon Assimilation Blades will be constantly up.

Psionic Shift Icon Psionic Shift is by far one of the best Talents in Kerrigan's entire kit, as it has a multitude of uses. The versatility provided by Psionic Shift makes it almost mandatory for Kerrigan. Most often Psionic Shift will be used for survival, primarily to escape the fray once Kerrigan has collapsed on and killed an enemy Hero. Since Psionic Shift's Shield is activated by each enemy hit, including Minions, Structures, Mercenaries, and Monsters, it can be used towards a Minion wave to get 55% of your maximum Health in the form of Shields. Should Kerrigan be caught within crowd control, Psionic Shift can be used for an otherwise impossible escape. In a game where good positioning is key, Psionic Shift should rarely be overlooked.



  • 26 Mar. 2021: Updated Talent recommendations.
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