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Welcome to our Talents page for Stitches. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Stitches's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Stitches's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Savor the Flavor Patchwork Creation ? Hungry for More
4 Serrated Edge ? Playtime! Chop Chop
7 Blight ? Cannibalize ? Tenderizer
10 Putrid Bile Gorge ?
13 Fishing Hook Meat Hook Pulverize
16 Lacerate Digestive Juices Gas Flare
20 Potent Bile ? Hungry Hungry Stitches ? Second Helping ? Shambling Horror

Stitches's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Slam Build

Level 1 Hungry for More Icon Patchwork Creation Icon ?
Level 4 Playtime! Icon Serrated Edge Icon ?
Level 7 Tenderizer Icon Cannibalize Icon ? Blight Icon ?
Level 10 Putrid Bile Icon Gorge Icon ?
Level 13 Fishing Hook Icon
Level 16 Lacerate Icon
Level 20 Shambling Horror Icon Second Helping Icon ? Potent Bile Icon ?

Stitches's Slam Build is designed to get as much value as possible from the Hero by increasing his survivability, utility, and damage. While it is possible to vary some Talents here and there, the general idea behind it remains the same: use Hook Icon Hook empowered by Fishing Hook Icon Fishing Hook for additional range and then follow up with Slam Icon Slam empowered by Lacerate Icon Lacerate for additional damage.


Level 1 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Savor the Flavor
Savor the Flavor (Level 1) World of Warcraft Stitches

When Devour hits a Hero, Stitches heals for an additional 8% of his maximum Health and Mana over 4 seconds.

Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Devour increases Stitches's Health Regeneration by 1.5.

Stitches Patchwork Creation ?
Patchwork Creation (Level 1) World of Warcraft Stitches

Increase regeneration effects and all healing received by 15%. Whenever a nearby enemy Minion dies, restore 33 (+4% per level) Health. Takedowns restore 255 (+4% per level) Health.

Stitches Hungry for More
Hungry for More (Level 1) World of Warcraft Stitches

Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Stitches's maximum Health by 30.

Reward: Every 15 Globes gathered permanently increases Stitches's Movement Speed by 5%, up to 20%.



Savor the Flavor Icon Savor the Flavor requires Devour Icon Devour to be used on enemy Heroes to gain permanent health regeneration, which can lead to Devour being used simply to gain the benefit of Savor the Flavor, rather than as a heal. This can put some players in an awkward spot if a team fight breaks out and Devour is on cooldown.

Patchwork Creation Icon Patchwork Creation increases the effectiveness of Devour Icon Devour, Health Globes, and the healing received from allies by 15%, making it much harder for the enemy team to kill you. Furthermore, Stitches heals for a small amount whenever enemy Minions die near him and a big amount after an enemy Hero takedown, making it an incredibly strong self-sustain talent.

Hungry for More Icon Hungry for More greatly increases Stitches' health pool and Movement Speed after collecting enough Regeneration Globes. Even if the Globe collecting process does not go outstandingly well, the additional health is still noticeable enough to make this talent a good investment.


Level 4 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Serrated Edge ?
Serrated Edge (Level 4) World of Warcraft Stitches

Hitting an enemy Hero with Hook deals bonus damage equal to 5% of their maximum Health, and reduces Hook's cooldown by 3 seconds.

Stitches Playtime!
Playtime! (Level 4) World of Warcraft Stitches

Heroes hit by Slam reduce the cooldowns of Stitches's other Basic Abilities by 0.5 seconds, increased to 2 seconds for Heroes that are hit by its inner impact area.

Stitches Chop Chop
Chop Chop (Level 4) World of Warcraft Stitches

Hitting an enemy Hero with Slam grants 25% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Double the Attack Speed bonus and duration if they are hit by Slam's inner impact area.



Serrated Edge Icon Serrated Edge lowers Hook Icon Hook's cooldown after landing it on an enemy Hero. This allows Stitches to go for strong picks and plays more often. The additional damage is a nice bonus.

Playtime! Icon Playtime! comes with useful cooldown reduction on most of Stitches' Basic Abilities. That makes it a decent talent choice if the enemy team consists of several melee Heroes, who are usually more easily hit. The additional cooldown reduction is noticeable especially on Devour Icon Devour.

Chop Chop Icon Chop Chop increases Stitches' Attack Speed, which we consider less impactful than Playtime! Icon Playtime!'s cooldown reduction and Serrated Edge Icon Serrated Edge's playmaking potential.


Level 7 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Blight ?
Blight (Level 7) World of Warcraft Stitches
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

Activate to apply Vile Gas to all nearby enemies. Enemy Heroes hit receive 20% less healing for 5 seconds.

Passive: Vile Gas heals Stitches for 33% of the damage dealt.

Stitches Cannibalize ?
Cannibalize (Level 7) World of Warcraft Stitches

Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks or the inner impact area of Slam heals Stitches for 2% of his maximum Health.

Stitches Tenderizer
Tenderizer (Level 7) World of Warcraft Stitches

Basic Attacks Slow enemies by 25% for 2.5 seconds and refresh the duration of Slam's inner impact area Slow.



Blight Icon Blight is a situational Talent that can be activated to lower the healing received by enemy Heroes hit in a small area around Stitches; furthermore, it gives Stitches a small self-healing effect when dealing damage with Vile Cleaver Icon Vile Cleaver.

Cannibalize Icon Cannibalize can be strong if you get the feeling that additional self-sustain is needed. We usually consider Blight Icon Blight the overall better choice in that regard, especially, since it also comes with a very useful Anti-Healing debuff.

Tenderizer Icon Tenderizer applies a decent Slow to enemy Heroes hit with Basic Attacks and refreshes the better Slow provided by Slam Icon Slam, something that slightly mitigates the lack of crowd control suffered by Stitches when Putrid Bile Icon Putrid Bile is not available.


Level 10 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Putrid Bile
Putrid Bile (Level 10) World of Warcraft Stitches
  • Mana: 75
  • Cooldown: 75 seconds

Emit bile that deals 37 (+4% per level) damage per second to enemies within, Slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds. Gain 20% Movement Speed while emitting bile. Lasts 8 seconds.

Stitches Gorge ?
Gorge (Level 10) World of Warcraft Stitches
  • Mana: 70
  • Cooldown: 65 seconds

Consume an enemy Hero, trapping them for 4 seconds. When Gorge ends, the enemy Hero takes 274 (+4% per level) damage. The trapped Hero cannot move or act and doesn't take damage from other sources.



Putrid Bile Icon Putrid Bile is a great Heroic that should generally be used in one of two ways: to Slow the enemy team's advance or retreat. Once Putrid Bile is activated, you want to place yourself along the path that enemy Heroes are most likely to take, forcing them to move through the bile if they wish to progress. This gives you and your allies time to position yourselves accordingly, while also dealing damage. The increase in your own movement speed, coupled with the decrease in your enemies' movement speed makes Putrid Bile a fantastic disengage and escape tool.

Gorge Icon Gorge's main purpose is to work in tangent with Hook Icon Hook by Gorging a pulled Hero and then walking towards your allies so that they can kill the enemy Hero as soon as they are expelled. Gorge can also be used to interrupt a channeled Ability or temporarily remove an otherwise high-threat enemy from a team fight for the duration of Gorge. Additionally, you can Gorge an enemy Hero and bring them behind your gate and walls to almost guarantee the kill once they are expelled. That being said, Gorge fills a very niche role. If you are able to Hook an enemy Hero, your team should be there to immediately follow up and kill the pulled enemy Hero. Gorging will sometimes delay kills by several seconds, giving the enemy team plenty of time to respond. Since Gorge will always expel the consumed Hero directly in front of you, face a corner or dead end so that the enemy Hero has nowhere to flee.


Level 13 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook (Level 13) World of Warcraft Stitches

Hook has an additional 40% range.

Stitches Meat Hook
Meat Hook (Level 13) World of Warcraft Stitches

Hitting an enemy Hero with Hook heals Stitches for 20% of his maximum Health over 4 seconds. While active, Basic Attacks against the Hero hit refresh the healing duration.

Stitches Pulverize
Pulverize (Level 13) World of Warcraft Stitches

All enemies hit by Slam are Slowed by 80% for 0.75 seconds.



Fishing Hook Icon Fishing Hook increases the range of Hook Icon Hook, allowing you to pull enemy Heroes from the fog of war. This makes Hook much more difficult for enemies to predict. This Talent is a great improvement to Stitches' most impactful Ability, and can fit nicely into builds that do not focus on improving Slam.

Meat Hook Icon Meat Hook lacks the playmaking impact of Fishing Hook Icon Fishing Hook, however, it comes with a huge amount of extra combat survivability. Against team compositions that feature several melee Tanks and Bruisers, landing a short distance hook mid-fight allows Stitches to constantly regenerate big amounts of health.

Pulverize Icon Pulverize is a massive improvement to Slam, as it adds a strong Slow to it, which also allows Stitches to land Hook Icon Hook more easily. Pulverize enables Stitches to Slow the enemy frontline every few seconds, making it easier for his team to remain in control during team fights. This Talent is absolutely critical for a Slam build because the increased slow will pump more value out of all of your other Talents.


Level 16 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Lacerate
Lacerate (Level 16) World of Warcraft Stitches

Slam afflicts enemies with Vile Gas, and Heroes hit by Slam have their Armor reduced by 10 for 4 seconds.

Stitches Digestive Juices
Digestive Juices (Level 16) World of Warcraft Stitches

Hitting an enemy Hero with Devour reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds and causes the Hero hit to deal 50% reduced damage for 5 seconds.

Stitches Gas Flare
Gas Flare (Level 16) World of Warcraft Stitches

Deals 15 (+4% per level) damage per second to nearby enemies. Hitting an enemy Hero with Hook increases this damage by 150% for 8 seconds.



Lacerate Icon Lacerate lowers the Armor of all enemy Heroes inside Stitches' Slam Icon Slam range, which helps your allies significantly to take them down. Furthermore, the guaranteed activation of Vile Gas on these targets provides Stitches with strong damage and self-sustain, especially if Blight Icon Blight was picked at Level 7.

Digestive Juices Icon Digestive Juices is not a recommended talent due to Devour Icon Devour's rather long cooldown and Stitches' underwhelming mobility, which often prevents him from using the damage debuff on the actual ideal target.

Gas Flare Icon Gas Flare can be a solid talent that provides Stitches with additional AoE damage, especially after successfully landing a Hook Icon Hook. Unfortunately, Hook is a rather inconsistent skillshot, potentially resulting in less extra damage uptime than anticipated.


Level 20 Talents for Stitches

Stitches Potent Bile ?
Potent Bile (Level 20) World of Warcraft Stitches

Putrid Bile lasts 6 seconds longer and its Slow is increased from 35% to 45%.

Stitches Hungry Hungry Stitches ?
Hungry Hungry Stitches (Level 20) World of Warcraft Stitches

For 4 seconds after using Gorge, Stitches can teleport a short distance to additional targets and Gorge them.

Stitches Second Helping ?
Second Helping (Level 20) World of Warcraft Stitches

Devour gains 1 additional charge. Enemy Heroes hit by Devour reduce the cooldown of Stitches's Heroic Ability by 5 seconds.

Stitches Shambling Horror
Shambling Horror (Level 20) World of Warcraft Stitches
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to gain 50 Armor for 4 seconds.

Passive: Stitches cannot have his Movement Speed reduced below 100%.



Potent Bile Icon Potent Bile greatly increases the duration of Putrid Bile Icon Putrid Bile and moderately increases the slow. This Level 20 Talent can give your team a huge advantage during late game team fights because the enemy team will have trouble engaging and disengaging.

Hungry Hungry Stitches Icon Hungry Hungry Stitches can be an extremely strong Talent that changes the functionality of Gorge Icon Gorge. You can use Gorge on several Heroes, which prolongs the duration of your team's numerical advantage. Take this if you took Gorge at Level 10, and do not require the extra protection from Shambling Horror Icon Shambling Horror.

Second Helping Icon Second Helping provides additional self-sustain to increase your survivability when the enemy team does not have crowd control and burst damage to take you down before you can actually use Devour Icon Devour twice.

Shambling Horror Icon Shambling Horror is a truly incredible choice for Stitches, who lacks mobility and defensive Abilities, as it enables you to survive burst damage from the enemy team that would otherwise kill you. Furthermore, it prevents enemy Heroes from Slowing him below 100% of his own Movement Speed, which helps battling Stitches' weakness of getting kited all too easily.



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