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General Information

Welcome to our Talents page for Tyrael. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Tyrael's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Tyrael's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Salvation Justice for All Ardent Restoration
4 Stalwart Angel Bound by Law Divine Vigor
7 Reciprocate Purge Evil Swift Retribution
10 Judgment Sanctification
13 Sword of Justice Holy Ground Law and Order
16 Horadric Reforging ? Burning Halo Smite the Wicked
20 Angel of Justice Holy Arena ? Defense of the Angels Seal of El'druin

Tyrael's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Level 1 Justice for All Icon
Level 4 Stalwart Angel Icon Bound by Law Icon ?
Level 7 Swift Retribution Icon Reciprocate Icon ?
Level 10 Sanctification Icon
Level 13 Holy Ground Icon Sword of Justice Icon ?
Level 16 Burning Halo Icon ? Horadric Reforging Icon ?
Level 20 Defense of the Angels Icon Holy Arena Icon ?

The Tank Build aims to make Tyrael as resilient as possible in order to allow him to hold the frontline without dying too quickly. It is important to highlight that Tyrael does not have Stun or Root abilities, which means his zoning potential is limited compared to other Warriors. However, numerous defensive talents like Stalwart Angel Icon Stalwart Angel and Defense of the Angels Icon Defense of the Angels make him very hard to kill and cause Tyrael to become a thorn in the enemy team's side.

Bruiser Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Justice for All Icon
Level 4 Bound by Law Icon
Level 7 Reciprocate Icon Swift Retribution Icon ?
Level 10 Judgment Icon Sanctification Icon ?
Level 13 Law and Order Icon Holy Ground Icon ? Sword of Justice Icon ?
Level 16 Burning Halo Icon
Level 20 Angel of Justice Icon Seal of El'druin Icon ?

The Bruiser Build focuses more on Tyrael's offensive capabilities and is a recommended choice if your team already has a dedicated Tank and/or if the enemy team lacks burst damage. Picking Judgment Icon Judgment at Level 10 over Sanctification Icon Sanctification allows Tyrael to dive deep into the enemy team's backline, ideally picking and isolating a low health priority target.


Level 1 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Salvation
Salvation (Level 1) Diablo Tyrael

Increase the Shield amount Tyrael gains from Righteousness by 25% and heal Tyrael for 140 (+4% per level) Health if his Shield is destroyed. Does not increase the Shield amount gained by allies.

Tyrael Justice for All
Justice for All (Level 1) Diablo Tyrael

Increase the Shield applied to allies by Righteousness to 75% of the Shield gained by Tyrael.

Tyrael Ardent Restoration
Ardent Restoration (Level 1) Diablo Tyrael

Dealing damage to a Hero heals Tyrael for 17 (+4% per level) Health over 5 seconds. Dealing damage resets this timer, and the heal amount stacks up to 10 times.



Justice for All Icon Justice for All is a great defensive choice, especially against high AoE damage abilities to protect nearby allied Heroes. This talent works extremely well with fellow melee Heroes, as they will naturally stand nearer to Tyrael's own location.

Salvation Icon Salvation's healing feels good enough to make it a stronger talent choice compared to Ardent Restoration Icon Ardent Restoration, while the bonus shielding on just Tyrael himself allows him to initiate team fights more securely.

Ardent Restoration Icon Ardent Restoration's self-healing is too marginal to make it a worthwhile investment. While in lane, it does not contribute much to help Tyrael win early skirmishes, while in team fights it is usually not a factor at all.


Level 4 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Stalwart Angel
Stalwart Angel (Level 4) Diablo Tyrael

Gain 25 Armor while El'druin's Might is active, and for 2 seconds after teleporting.

Tyrael Bound by Law
Bound by Law (Level 4) Diablo Tyrael

Increase El'druin's Might's Slow by 10%. Tyrael's Basic Attacks against enemies Slowed by El'druin's Might increase the Slow duration by 1 second, up to 4 seconds.

Tyrael Divine Vigor
Divine Vigor (Level 4) Diablo Tyrael

If Smite hits an enemy, Tyrael's Basic Attacks within the next 4 seconds heal for 60% of the damage dealt.



Stalwart Angel Icon Stalwart Angel provides 20 Armor for a long period of time if Tyrael does not flash to his sword immediately when using El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might. Since Tyrael lacks any form of innate defensive stats boosts, this talent will help him greatly to hold the frontline. Also, pay attention to the great synergy between Stalwart Angel and the cooldown reduction provided by Horadric Reforging Icon Horadric Reforging at Level 16.

Bound by Law Icon Bound by Law is a fantastic engaging talent, causing Tyrael's El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might and ensuing Basic Attacks to slow the target's Movement Speed significantly. This allows nearby allied Heroes to catch up immediately and chase the target down. This talent, too, possesses great synergy with Horadric Reforging Icon Horadric Reforging at Level 16.

Divine Vigor Icon Divine Vigor feels a bit underwhelming due to the fact that Tyrael's innate Basic Attack damage is relatively low. Consequently, the self-healing is usually less efficient than the damage absorption provided by Stalwart Angel Icon Stalwart Angel.


Level 7 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Reciprocate
Reciprocate (Level 7) Diablo Tyrael

When Tyrael's Shield from Righteousness expires or is destroyed, it deals 170 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Tyrael Purge Evil
Purge Evil (Level 7) Diablo Tyrael

Each enemy Hero hit by Smite increases Tyrael's Basic Attack damage by 55% for 4 seconds.

Tyrael Swift Retribution
Swift Retribution (Level 7) Diablo Tyrael

Smite grants 20% more Movement Speed and also grants 25% Attack Speed for 2 seconds.



Swift Retribution Icon Swift Retribution is an incredibly versatile talent and becomes truly powerful if your team composition features Basic Attack and mobility dependent Assassins, such as Greymane or Valla. This talent does not only gain value in actual team fighting, but also causes your team to clear Objectives and Mercenary/Boss Camps much more quickly.

Reciprocate Icon Reciprocate causes your shields to explode if they expire or get destroyed, damaging nearby enemies. This provides Tyrael with an additional source of waveclear, which allows him to kill Minions and Mercenaries much more quickly. Against enemy Heroes this talent can provide an unexpected amount of damage.

Purge Evil Icon Purge Evil tackles Tyrael's low Basic Attack damage, however, it forces Tyrael to play very aggressively. This can often cause him to be caught out of position and lead to a one-dimensional and predictable playstyle.


Level 10 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Judgment
Judgment (Level 10) Diablo Tyrael
  • Mana: 80
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

After 0.75 seconds, charge an enemy Hero, dealing 150 (+4% per level) damage and Stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Nearby enemies are knocked away and take 75 (+4% per level) damage.

Tyrael Sanctification
Sanctification (Level 10) Diablo Tyrael
  • Mana: 75
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds

After 0.5 seconds create a field of holy energy that makes allied Heroes Invulnerable. Lasts 3 seconds.



As previously mentioned in the Abilities section, Judgment Icon Judgment is Tyrael's Heroic ability of choice, having the potential of single-handedly winning team fights if used correctly. Locking down one of the opposing team's most important members and exposing it to your allies can wreak havoc among the enemy lines.

Sanctification Icon Sanctification proves to be the complete opposite of everything Judgment Icon Judgment stands for. While Sanctification provides a static bulwark to protect your team from enemy spells and attacks, Judgment brings you right into the heat of battle. While Sanctification supports your allies, Judgment harms your enemies. In our opinion, Sanctification can be a very impactful Heroic Ability if communication and coordination between yourself and the rest of your team is on point. Thus, we do recommend it especially if you queue up as a premade team.


Level 13 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Sword of Justice
Sword of Justice (Level 13) Diablo Tyrael

Upon teleporting using El'druin's Might, El'druin swaps places with Tyrael, and El'druin's Might can be reactivated to teleport an additional time.

Tyrael Holy Ground
Holy Ground (Level 13) Diablo Tyrael

Create a ring for 3 seconds that blocks enemies from entering the area teleported to using El'druin's Might.

Tyrael Law and Order
Law and Order (Level 13) Diablo Tyrael

Each enemy Hero hit by Smite reduces the cooldown of Righteousness by 1 second. Each allied Hero Shielded by Righteousness increases the damage of the next Smite by 25%.



Holy Ground Icon Holy Ground can be used to zone enemy Heroes and prevent them from entering certain locations. Holy Ground can also be used to steal Mercenary Camps and Bosses if Tyrael places his El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might exactly in the middle of the capture zone. Doing so makes it impossible for all enemy Heroes to enter the capture zone. Furthermore, it has outstanding synergy with the cooldown reduction provided by Horadric Reforging Icon Horadric Reforging at Level 16.

Law and Order Icon Law and Order is a decent talent, which allows Tyrael to boost both his offensive and defensive capabilities. We usually prefer picking Law and Order over Holy Ground Icon Holy Ground if Tyrael fulfills the role of a Bruiser.

Sword of Justice Icon Sword of Justice is a flashy talent that needs to be used with diligence. Use it to dive deep into the enemy ranks, bait several abilities on to you, only to teleport back to your original location. This playstyle requires expertise and experience as otherwise Tyrael may get caught by several crowd control effects preventing him from teleporting back. Last but not least, this talent has great synergy with Burning Halo Icon Burning Halo at Level 16, as it triggers the bonus damage after teleporting twice.


Level 16 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Horadric Reforging ?
Horadric Reforging (Level 16) Diablo Tyrael

Tyrael's Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of El'druin's Might by 1.5 seconds.

Tyrael Burning Halo
Burning Halo (Level 16) Diablo Tyrael

Both Tyrael and El'druin deal 18 (+4% per level) damage per second to nearby enemies. Teleporting increases this damage from Tyrael by 150% for 2 seconds.

Tyrael Smite the Wicked
Smite the Wicked (Level 16) Diablo Tyrael

While El'druin's Might is active, and for 2 seconds after teleporting, Smite's cooldown recharges 125% faster.



Horadric Reforging Icon Horadric Reforging balances out one of El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might's biggest downsides, namely its long cooldown. Moreover, this talent offers some decent synergy with a variety of El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might related talents, most notably Holy Ground Icon Holy Ground at Level 13.

Burning Halo Icon Burning Halo offers constant AoE damage (and waveclear) and performs particularly well if paired withSword of Justice Icon Sword of Justice at Level 13, as the double teleport will cause Burning Halo to activate twice.

Smite the Wicked Icon Smite the Wicked offers decent cooldown reduction for Smite Icon Smite, however, its overall damage usually does not outperform Burning Halo Icon Burning Halo, which also offers more consistent and Mana efficient waveclear.


Level 20 Talents for Tyrael

Tyrael Angel of Justice
Angel of Justice (Level 20) Diablo Tyrael

Increases the cast range of Judgment by 50%, and reduces the cooldown by 40 seconds.

Tyrael Holy Arena ?
Holy Arena (Level 20) Diablo Tyrael

Increase the duration of Sanctification by 1 second and increase the damage of allies inside by 25%.

Tyrael Defense of the Angels
Defense of the Angels (Level 20) Diablo Tyrael
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds

Activate to gain 50 Armor for 5 seconds.

Each time Righteousness's Shield absorbs damage, Defense of the Angel's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.

Tyrael Seal of El'druin
Seal of El'druin (Level 20) Diablo Tyrael

Using a Basic Ability grants 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.



Angel of Justice Icon Angel of Justice makes your Judgment Icon Judgment Heroic ability slightly more intimidating by adding a lower cooldown and larger cast range. We find this talent particularly powerful if you are required to dive the enemy backline very often.

Defense of the Angels Icon Defense of the Angels provides Tyrael with a powerful defensive ability against any form of damage, making it a very rewarding choice to bait enemy focus fire onto him. Being able to manually lower this talent's cooldown by using Righteousness Icon Righteousness makes this talent stand out quite a bit.

Seal of El'druin Icon Seal of El'druin is worth considering if your team has another frontliner who fulfills the role of a Tank, which allows you to go for a more aggressive talent build in general. The Attack Speed increase provides great synergy with Horadric Reforging Icon Horadric Reforging at Level 16, which causes your fast Basic Attacks to consistently lower the cooldown of El'druin's Might Icon El'druin's Might.

Holy Arena Icon Holy Arena is a bit of a gamble, since Sanctification Icon Sanctification can sometimes be hard to execute well. Thus, this Level 20 talent is extremely unforgiving if you fail to drop a golden Sanctification, but at the same time very rewarding if you do land it perfectly.



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  • 19 Feb. 2018: Changed Law and Order from Not Recommended to Recommended, Sword of Justice from Recommended to Not Recommended, and Smite the Wicked from Not Recommended to Situational.
  • 07 Feb. 2018: Updated Stalwart Angel's description in accordance with the Maiev update.
  • 17 Jan. 2018: Updated Tyrael's talents in accordance with his latest rework.
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