Tal Rasha's Elements Set

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Welcome to our Tal Rasha's Elements guide, where we tell you all about this Wizard set: what the pieces are, how to farm it, how it works, and which builds are using it.


List of Tal Rasha's Elements Set Pieces and Desirable Rolls

The following is a list of all pieces of Tal Rasha's Elements set, along with a sample list of desirable rolls for the respective item. This stat priority listing is meant to show you what is roughly a good roll of a set item; when trying to put together a build, always check our dedicated guide for the best-in-slot stats for the specific playstyle.


How to Farm Tal Rasha's Elements Pieces

Please refer to our guide on how to farm legendary and set items to increase your chances of getting Tal Rasha's Elements Finery pieces.


How to Use the Tal Rasha's Elements Set

Tal Rasha's Elements set is one of the more visually impressive sets in the game, as it encourages a playstyle of elemental diversity for Wizards, and rewards it with buffs and extra damage, even going as far as dropping a free Meteor Meteor for every elemental damage type that you use in your rotation. Tal Rasha offers a generic damage increase otherwise, and any damaging skill can be adapted to be your main damage dealer, provided that you keep auxiliary attacks of every elemental type in your arsenal. The elemental variety required by Tal Rasha is assisted very nicely by Etched Sigil Etched Sigil, which casts equipped spenders regardless of price and type while you're using channeling skills.

  • 2-piece bonus
    • Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type.
  • 4-piece bonus
    • Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each increase all of your resistances by 25% for 8 seconds.
  • 6-piece bonus
    • Attacks increase your damage by 2000% for 8 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each add one stack. At 4 stacks, each different elemental attack extends the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 seconds.

The 2-piece set bonus rewards each of your varying elemental attacks with the aforementioned Meteor Meteor of the corresponding damage type. There is an 8-second internal cooldown to this bonus, which pretty much ensures its damage is only noticeable in very early character progression.

The 4-piece set bonus increases your resistances for each of the elemental sources of damage available to Wizards: Arcane, Cold, Fire and Lightning. Notice the absence of Poison, Arcane and Physical, and be aware of those damage types when progressing with this set, especially when it comes to elite affixes.

The 6-piece set bonus offers you an incremental damage increase for each of the four elements that you use in your build. In practicality, this usually results in choosing one main element with a hard-hitting spender attack (i.e. Meteor Shower Meteor Shower), and three auxiliary, mostly cooldown-based attacks to fulfill the requirements of the set (i.e. Arcane Torrent Arcane Torrent Static Discharge Static Discharge, Frost Nova Frost Nova Frozen Mist Frozen Mist, Teleport Teleport Calamity Calamity).


Builds Using the Tal Rasha's Elements Set



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