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General Information

Welcome to our Talents page for Lúcio. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Lúcio's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.

1. Lúcio's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Maximum Tempo Accelerando Slip
4 Subwoofer Off the Wall Chase the Bass
7 Party Mix Sonic Amplifier Boombox
10 Sound Barrier Reverse Amp
13 Beat Mixing Can't Stop, Won't Stop Hard Style Back in the Mix ?
16 Rejuvenescência Bring it Together Up the Frequency
20 Bossa Nova Nonstop Remix Bonus Track Synaesthesia Auditiva ?

2. Lúcio's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Sound Barrier Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Accelerando Icon
Level 4 Chase the Bass Icon Subwoofer Icon ?
Level 7 Sonic Amplifier Icon Boombox Icon ?
Level 10 Sound Barrier Icon
Level 13 Hard Style Icon Back in the Mix Icon ?
Level 16 Rejuvenescência Icon
Level 20 Bonus Track Icon Bossa Nova Icon ?

The Sound Barrier Build shares multiple talents with the Reverse Amp Build, however, with its massive shields it focuses more on Lucio's defensive capabilities. Keep in mind that Back in the Mix Icon Back in the Mix is a strong but situational talent, which we recommend against multiple Stuns and Silences. If the enemy team has a lot of those crowd control effects, Back in the Mix Icon Back in the Mix can be a worthy alternative choice. Bonus Track Icon Bonus Track at Level 20 is a powerful upgrade that complements Lucio's late game power-spike allowing him to use Amp It Up Icon Amp It Up on his Healing Boost twice.

3. Level 1 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Maximum Tempo
Maximum Tempo (Level 1) Lúcio

Quest: Kill 5 enemy Heroes while Crossfade's Speed Boost is active.

Reward: Permanently increase the Amp It Up bonus for Crossfade's Speed Boost to 60%.

Lúcio Accelerando
Accelerando (Level 1) Lúcio

Wall Ride's Movement Speed bonus gradually increases to 40% over 4 seconds while Lúcio maintains its effect.

Lúcio Slip
Slip (Level 1) Lúcio

Passing through or near an enemy Hero during Wall Ride's effect increases its Movement Speed bonus to 70% for 1 second.

3.1. Discussion

Accelerando Icon Accelerando focuses more on Lucio's own mobility instead of buffing nearby allies. This allows him to rotate around the map much quicker, while at the same time making him a lot harder to kill during team fights.

Maximum Tempo Icon Maximum Tempo requires Lucio to take part in 5 takedowns while Crossfade - Speed Boost Icon Crossfade - Speed Boost is active, which is a chancy condition, especially if the early game does not go well for his team. The resulting Movement Speed Boost is noticeable but not enough to make this talent a good alternative to Accelerando Icon Accelerando.

Slip Icon Slip's benefit is too unreliable to make it a viable choice, especially if you compare to the great (and reliable) value Maximum Tempo Icon Maximum Tempo offer.

4. Level 4 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Subwoofer
Subwoofer (Level 4) Lúcio

Enemies within the first half of Soundwave's range are knocked back 50% farther.

Lúcio Off the Wall
Off the Wall (Level 4) Lúcio

If Soundwave is cast while having Wall Ride's speed bonus, the cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.

Lúcio Chase the Bass
Chase the Bass (Level 4) Lúcio

Quest: Hit 20 enemy Heroes with Soundwave.

Reward: Increase Soundwave's arc by 50% and its range by 20%.

4.1. Discussion

Chase the Bass Icon Chase the Bass takes a while to get completed, however, the reward is more than worth it. Increasing Soundwave Icon Soundwave's arc and range allows Lucio to use this ability from a safer distance while also greatly enhancing its efficiency.

Subwoofer Icon Subwoofer is a good but situational talent against sticky Warriors and melee Assassins like Varian or Valeera who can pose a serious threat to Lucio and his allies.

Off the Wall Icon Off the Wall cannot compete against the other two talents, as its value is too situational to be worth an entire talent slot.

5. Level 7 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Party Mix
Party Mix (Level 7) Lúcio

Quest: Play Lúcio's Crossfade tracks to nearby Allies for a total of 8 minutes. Multiple Allies provide additional time.

Reward: Permanently increase Crossfade's range by 20%.

Lúcio Sonic Amplifier
Sonic Amplifier (Level 7) Lúcio

If at least 2 Allied Heroes are nearby when Amp It Up is cast, Crossfade's radius is increased by 50% for the duration.

Lúcio Boombox
Boombox (Level 7) Lúcio
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Place a boombox that plays Lúcio's active Crossfade track for 30 seconds. Its volume adjusts with Amp It Up.

Crossfade tracks do not stack.

5.1. Discussion

Party Mix Icon Party Mix plays very well into Lucio's kit, since he normally tries to stay close to his allies in the first place. Thus, completing this Quest Talent should not take very long, while the increased size of both Healing and Speed Boost after completion marks a significant early power spike for Lucio.

Sonic Amplifier Icon Sonic Amplifier requires at least 2 allied Heroes in your vicinity in order to trigger the increased radius after casting Amp It Up Icon Amp It Up and offers and incredible radius increase, which should be easy to achieve during team fights when there are many allied Heroes nearby.

Boombox Icon Boombox can be a very useful scouting tool and should mostly be placed in bushes or terrain that is hard to reach for the enemy team.

6. Level 10 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Sound Barrier
Sound Barrier (Level 10) Lúcio
  • Mana: 100
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

After 1 second, Lúcio and nearby Allied Heroes gain a 1296 (+4% per level) point shield that rapidly decays over 6 seconds.

Lúcio Reverse Amp
Reverse Amp (Level 10) Lúcio
  • Mana: 55
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

Blast Lúcio's Crossfade track at enemy Heroes for 4 seconds, causing Healing Boost to inflict 104 (+4% per level) damage per second and Speed Boost to slow for 45%.

This ability is unaffected by Crossfade talents.

Passive: Increase Amp It Up's duration to 4 seconds.

6.1. Discussion

Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier offers an incredible amount of burst damage protection for short period of time, as its shield decays rapidly. It is also worth mentioning that Sound Barrier needs to be cast with caution. Before activating it, Lúcio has a 1-second activation timer in which he jumps up in the air before casting the ability. During that short time window, any Stun, Polymorph, or Silence effect will cancel Sound Barrier's casting animation, causing it to go on a 10-second cooldown.

We generally recommend picking Sound Barrier if the enemy team consists of heavy burst Assassins, such as Li-Ming or Kael'thas.

Reverse Amp Icon Reverse Amp does not nearly have the combat value that Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier has. While the damage over time beat is barely noticable, Movement Speed reduction beat is not really needed, since Lúcio's team should always be able to chase down fleeing enemies in the first place thanks to Speed Boost and Amp It Up Icon Amp It Up. As a result, Reverse Amp offers very little during team fights and usually cannot compensate the loss of burst damage protection that Sound Barrier offers.

7. Level 13 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Beat Mixing
Beat Mixing (Level 13) Lúcio

After switching Crossfade tracks, if the next song plays for at least 1.5 seconds, Lúcio gains a 100 (+4% per level) point Shield that lasts indefinitely.

Switching tracks again removes the Shield.

Lúcio Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Level 13) Lúcio

While Wall Ride's Movement Speed bonus is active, Lúcio is immune to all enemy Slow and Root effects.

Lúcio Hard Style
Hard Style (Level 13) Lúcio

Gain 25 Armor while Wall Ride's Movement Speed bonus is active, reducing damage taken by 25%.

Lúcio Back in the Mix ?
Back in the Mix (Level 13) Lúcio

Heal for 245 (+4% per level) upon entering a Stun, Silence, or Time Stop effect. This cannot happen more than once every 10 seconds.

7.1. Discussion

Hard Style Icon Hard Style is incredibly good during team fights if Lúcio manages to use Wall Ride Icon Wall Ride from time to time. On most battlegrounds this should be relatively easy to do, which is why Hard Style is a great talent to pick at Level 13.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Icon Can't Stop, Won't Stop is a solid alternative choice to Hard Style Icon Hard Style, especially if the enemy team consists of Heroes such as Arthas or Malfurion.

Back in the Mix Icon Back in the Mix provides great self-sustain against Heroes like Diablo or Muradin who are very likely going to Stun Lúcio very frequently throughout the game.

Beat Mixing Icon Beat Mixing is a bad talent, as it comes with a crippling condition that has to be met before rewarding Lúcio with its shield. And even if the 1.5 second time window is provided, the shield amount is too minimal to make this talent worth picking.

8. Level 16 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Rejuvenescência
Rejuvenescência (Level 16) Lúcio

While Amp It Up is active, Crossfade's Healing Boost heals for an additional 2.5% of the target's maximum health each second.

Lúcio Bring it Together
Bring it Together (Level 16) Lúcio

If at least 2 Allied Heroes are nearby when Amp It Up is cast, Crossfade's Healing Boost is increased by 45% for the duration.

Lúcio Up the Frequency
Up the Frequency (Level 16) Lúcio

Amp It Up's mana cost is reduced from 90 to 70 and dealing Basic Attack damage to enemy Heroes also reduces the cooldown of Amp It Up by 0.45 seconds.

8.1. Discussion

Rejuvenescência Icon Rejuvenescência provides strong extra healing, especially on Warriors who have a higher health pool than any other class in the game. Thus, this talent becomes incredibly powerful in double or even triple Warrior compositions.

Bring it Together Icon Bring it Together works similarly to Rejuvenescência Icon Rejuvenescência but proves to be slightly less reliable, as it requires at least 2 allied Heroes to be in Lúcio's vicinity for it to proc.

Up the Frequency Icon Up the Frequency lowers the cooldown of Amp It Up Icon Amp It Up but requires Lúcio to keep attacking targets as well. While this seems like a fair trade it can actually bait players into overextending and exposing themselves as well. We find that Rejuvenescência Icon Rejuvenescência is the safer and more reliable choice overall.

9. Level 20 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova (Level 20) Lúcio

Reduce the cooldown of Sound Barrier to 30 seconds, but the shield now decays over 4 seconds.

Lúcio Nonstop Remix
Nonstop Remix (Level 20) Lúcio

While Reverse Amp is affecting at least 2 enemy Heroes, its duration lasts indefinitely.

Lúcio Bonus Track
Bonus Track (Level 20) Lúcio

Swapping Crossfade tracks while Amp It Up is active will set Amp It Up back to its max duration.

Can only happen once per cast.

Lúcio Synaesthesia Auditiva ?
Synaesthesia Auditiva (Level 20) Lúcio

The initial cast of Amp It Up removes all Stun, Slow, and Root effects from Allies, and also removes Slow and Root effects on Lúcio.

9.1. Discussion

Bonus Track Icon Bonus Track can be picked regardless of your Heroic Ability choice at Level 10. This talent essentially provides Lúcio with 1 entire enhanced Speed Boost and 1 entire enhanced Health Boost if he swaps beats while Amp It Up Icon Amp It Up is still active. We find this talent to be too good in terms of overall utility to be neglected.

Bossa Nova Icon Bossa Nova comes with a significant drawback, namely increasing the shield decay to 4 seconds, however, comes also with an even more significant reward, which drastically reduces Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier's cooldown to 30 seconds. This provides more shields overall and also makes missing Sound Barrier much more forgiving in the late game.

Synaesthesia Auditiva Icon Synaesthesia Auditiva provides Lúcio with a powerful AoE and self-cleanse, which can certainly turn the tide of a team fight during the later stages of the game. Still, we think this talent arrives too late in Lúcio's talent tree to make it more than a situational pick against heavy crowd control teams at best.

Nonstop Remix Icon Nonstop Remix shares a weakness that several Lúcio's non-recommended talents have in common: it is highly dependent on a certain condition that needs to be met. In this case you have to have at least 2 enemy Heroes in Reverse Amp Icon Reverse Amp's radius for its effect to persist. While this may occur very frequently in one game, it might not occur frequently at all in the next. As such, we find this talent too unreliable compared to Bonus Track Icon Bonus Track.

10. Changelog

  • 05 Nov. 2018: Removed We Move Together (the talent was removed from the game last week), leaving Accelerando the only recommended talent at Level 1.
  • 26 Mar. 2018: Changed talents at Level 7 and updated Lucio's Sound Barrier Build.
  • 11 Jan. 2018: Changed Maximum Tempo and Reverse Amp to Not Recommended.
  • 22 Dec. 2017: Removed the Reverse Amp Build.
  • 14 May 2017: Changed Can't Stop Won't Stop from Not Recommended to Recommended and changed Back in the Mix from Recommended to Situational.
  • 11 May 2017: Removed Heliotropics.
  • 12 Apr. 2017: Changed the evaluation of Accelerando from not recommended to recommended.
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