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General Information

Welcome to our Talents page for Lúcio. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Lúcio's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Lúcio's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Party Mix ? Accelerando Smooth Moves
4 Subwoofer ? Off the Wall ? Supersonic ?
7 Good Vibrations ? Reverse Amp Boombox ?
10 Sound Barrier High Five ?
13 All Together ? Heavy Casters ? Slip
16 Rejuvenescência ? Up the Frequency Up To Eleven
20 Bossa Nova ? Mixing Fire House Party Summer Anthem ?

Lúcio's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Advanced Build

Level 1 Accelerando Icon Smooth Moves Icon ?
Level 4 Off the Wall Icon Supersonic Icon ? Subwoofer Icon ?
Level 7 Reverse Amp Icon Boombox Icon ? Good Vibrations Icon ?
Level 10 Sound Barrier Icon High Five Icon ?
Level 13 Slip Icon Heavy Casters Icon ?
Level 16 Up the Frequency Icon

The Advanced Build is aimed at experienced Lucio players. In order to get value from Talents such as Accelerando Icon Accelerando and Smooth Moves Icon Smooth Moves, you should be playing more offensively, by either abusing Accelerando's increased movement speed to Harass enemies, or by constantly attacking and sustaining yourself through Smooth Moves Icon Smooth Moves. Talents like Subwoofer Icon Subwoofer or Heavy Casters Icon Heavy Casters require more experience from to be properly used.

Accelerando takes some practice to maintain the boost constantly up, but once you get used to it, you will feel the difference it makes. Smooth Moves at level 1 is also good, since it allows you to be more offensive and take some damage for your team. Every option is decent at level 4, pick it considering your next talents. Go for Supersonic Icon Supersonic if you are going to get Heavy Casters Icon Heavy Casters (should be done against Heroes punished by stuns). Even though Off the Wall Icon Off the Wall is excellent with Good Vibrations Icon Good Vibrations, it can still be picked without it, since the Talent is good by itself. At level 20, Mixing Fire Icon Mixing Fire should be picked if you got High Five Icon High Five, while Summer Anthem Icon Summer Anthem when enemy got a wombo combo composition. House Party Icon House Party will be good against compositions without much burst. Bossa Nova Icon Bossa Nova can be an option if your team is dying before the fight starts, since the Cooldown Reduction is very noticeable.

Crossfade Build

Level 1 Party Mix Icon
Level 4 Subwoofer Icon
Level 7 Boombox Icon Reverse Amp Icon ? Good Vibrations Icon ?
Level 10 Sound Barrier Icon
Level 13 All Together Icon Slip Icon ?
Level 16 Rejuvenescência Icon Up the Frequency Icon ?
Level 20 House Party Icon

The Crossfade Build is directly aimed for the novice Lucio players, since it increases Crossfade's range and makes it easier to heal all your team without any concerns. This build has a smaller potential for making plays, and enables an easier and more defensive Lucio playstyle.

All the Talents at level 7 are good for this build. You can get Boombox Icon Boombox to provide more vision to your team, and even heal them from distance. Reverse Amp Icon Reverse Amp is also a good option, since it will increase your damage and add little crowd control to Lucio. Together with Off the Wall Icon Off the Wall, Good Vibrations Icon Good Vibrations adds more resilience to Lucio, and should be the choice if you are being focused by enemy team. Even though All Together Icon All Together gives Lucio a much needed increased mobility, Slip Icon Slip is a good choice against dive compositions willing to kill you.


Level 1 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Party Mix ?
Party Mix (Level 1) Lúcio

Quest: Play Lúcio's Crossfade tracks to nearby allies for a total of 8 minutes. Multiple allies provide additional time.

Reward: Permanently increase Crossfade's range by 20%.

Lúcio Accelerando
Accelerando (Level 1) Lúcio

Wall Ride's Movement Speed bonus gradually increases to 40% over 4 seconds while Lúcio maintains its effect.

Lúcio Smooth Moves
Smooth Moves (Level 1) Lúcio

While Wall Ride is active, Basic Attacks heal for 30% of the damage dealt and restore 1 Mana.

Passive: Increase Wall Ride duration by 1 second.



Party Mix Icon Party Mix plays very well into Lucio's kit, since he normally tries to stay close to his allies in the first place. Thus, completing this Quest Talent should not take very long, while the increased size of both Healing and Speed Boost after completion marks a significant early power spike for Lucio. This Talent is recommended for new players trying Lucio, since it is easier to use than the other options and will be very effective in every game. Experienced Lucio players will get more value from Accelerando or Smooth Moves.

Accelerando Icon Accelerando focuses more on Lucio's own mobility instead of buffing nearby allies. This allows him to rotate around the map much quicker, while at the same time making him a lot harder to kill during team fights. This is the default Talent for this tier. Still, be aware that it is harder to use than Smooth Moves or Party Mix, without proper execution, Accelerando will not be as effective as it could be.

Smooth Moves Icon Smooth Moves's self-heal and Mana regeneration enables Lucio to be more offensive, since most of the damage and poke received will be negated by his sustain.


Level 4 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Subwoofer ?
Subwoofer (Level 4) Lúcio

Enemies within the first half of Soundwave's range are knocked back 75% further.

Quest: Hit 3 enemy Heroes with a single Soundwave.

Reward: Increase Soundwave's arc by 50% and its range by 20%.

Lúcio Off the Wall ?
Off the Wall (Level 4) Lúcio

Hitting an enemy with Soundwave while Wall Ride is active reduces its cooldown by 3 seconds.

Lúcio Supersonic ?
Supersonic (Level 4) Lúcio

While Wall Ride is active, Push Off's cooldown recharges 100% faster.



Subwoofer Icon Subwoofer's extra range after quest completion can be good for interrupting some engages from tanks, such as E.T.C.'s Powerslide Icon Powerslide, Blaze's Jet Propulsion Icon Jet Propulsion or Varian's Charge Icon Charge. The extra knockback is useful when using Push Off Icon Push Off followed with Soundwave Icon Soundwave. It is a good option for veteran Lucio players that can easily complete this quest.

Off the Wall Icon Off the Wall is the most reliable Talent for this tier, since it will be useful in all games. The Cooldown reduction provided turns Lucio into a very annoying Hero to play against. Do not hesitate to use Soundwave Icon Soundwave to peel an ally or to harass enemies, it will be ready for use in 4 seconds.

Supersonic Icon Supersonic's cooldown reduction has outstanding synergy with Heavy Casters Icon Heavy Casters at Level 13, which turns Push Off Icon Push Off's Slow into a Stun, allowing Lucio to peel more efficiently for his allies.


Level 7 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Good Vibrations ?
Good Vibrations (Level 7) Lúcio

Hitting an enemy with Soundwave grants Lúcio a 35 (+4% per level) Shield for 7 seconds. Hitting enemy Heroes grants 3 times this amount.

Lúcio Reverse Amp
Reverse Amp (Level 7) Lúcio

Blast Lúcio's active Crossfade track at enemy Heroes. While Amp It Up is active, Healing Boost deals 50 (+4% per level) damage per second and Speed Boost Slows by 20%.

This ability is unaffected by Crossfade talents.

Lúcio Boombox ?
Boombox (Level 7) Lúcio
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Place a boombox that plays Lúcio's active Crossfade track for 30 seconds. Its volume adjusts with Amp It Up.

Crossfade tracks do not stack.



Good Vibrations Icon Good Vibrations is good if you took Off the Wall Icon Off the Wall at level 4, since it allows Lucio to be more aggressive when harassing enemies.

Reverse Amp Icon Reverse Amp's damage beat can be quite noticeable over time, while the Movement Speed reduction beat is great to chase retreating enemies. The talent comes with very little downsides and a lot of room for impactful plays. The Cooldown is low enough to make this talent a recommended choice.

Boombox Icon Boombox can be a very useful scouting tool and should mostly be placed in bushes or terrain that is hard to reach for the enemy team.


Level 10 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Sound Barrier
Sound Barrier (Level 10) Lúcio
  • Mana: 100
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

After 1 second, Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes gain a 1296 (+4% per level) point Shield that rapidly decays over 6 seconds.

Lúcio High Five ?
High Five (Level 10) Lúcio
  • Mana: 35

Quickly skate to an allied Hero. Upon arrival, the ally is granted Unstoppable for 1 second and is healed for 250 (+4% per level).



Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier offers an incredible amount of AoE burst damage protection for short period of time, as its shield decays rapidly. It is also worth mentioning that Sound Barrier needs to be cast with caution. Before activating it, Lúcio has a 1-second activation timer in which he jumps up in the air before casting the ability. During that short time window, any Stun, Polymorph, or Silence effect will cancel Sound Barrier's casting animation, causing it to go on a 10-second cooldown.

High Five Icon High Five works as an anti crowd control tool that Lucio can use when an ally is in danger. The additional heal it provides works well to get the target out of the danger zone in many cases. What makes this Heroic Ability particularly interesting is its short cooldown. Experienced Lucio players can use their Movement Speed to their advantage and always be in range to use High Five. We recommend picking High Five if the enemy team features several single-target crowd control and you do not need Sound Barrier. It is a good option against Qhira as well, since the Cleanse it provides interrupts her Revolving Sweep Icon Revolving Sweep.


Level 13 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio All Together ?
All Together (Level 13) Lúcio

For each ally affected by Crossfade, Lúcio gains 5% Movement Speed that stacks with other bonuses.

Lúcio Heavy Casters ?
Heavy Casters (Level 13) Lúcio

Push Off no longer Slows enemies, and instead Stuns them for 0.5 seconds.

Lúcio Slip
Slip (Level 13) Lúcio

While Wall Ride is active, passing near an enemy Hero increases its Movement Speed bonus to 40% for 1 second.

Passive: Wall Ride grants 20 Armor.



All Together Icon All Together has great synergy with Party Mix Icon Party Mix, since by the time Level 13 becomes available, Party Mix' Quest bonus should usually be active, which allows Lucio to get the Movement Speed bonus more easily.

Heavy Casters Icon Heavy Casters has outstanding synergy with Supersonic Icon Supersonic at Level 4, which lowers the cooldown of Lucio's Push Off Icon Push Off ability. Is a great option against Heroes that are very punished by crowd control, like Sonya, Yrel, or Genji.

Slip Icon Slip's extra armor and movement speed allows Lucio to play more aggressive, while also giving him more survivability against enemy engages. It is the default Talent for this tier.


Level 16 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Rejuvenescência ?
Rejuvenescência (Level 16) Lúcio

While Amp It Up is active, Crossfade's Healing Boost heals for an additional 2.5% of the target's maximum Health each second.

Lúcio Up the Frequency
Up the Frequency (Level 16) Lúcio

Hitting enemy Heroes with Basic Attacks reduces the cooldown of Amp It Up by 0.4 seconds.

Passive: Wall Ride increases Basic Attack range by 2.2.

Lúcio Up To Eleven
Up To Eleven (Level 16) Lúcio
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to extend the duration of Amp It Up by 2 seconds.



Rejuvenescência Icon Rejuvenescência provides strong extra raw healing, especially on high-health Tanks and Bruisers. It is a good option if you are not confident to be constantly delivering Basic Attacks into enemies.

Up the Frequency Icon Up the Frequency lowers the Cooldown of Amp It Up Icon Amp It Up but requires Lúcio to keep attacking targets as well. This can be a great talent but do not chase enemy targets blindly just to get a few extra Basic Attacks in. Experienced Lucios will in most cases get more value from Up the Frequency than from Rejuvenescencia.

Up To Eleven Icon Up To Eleven comes with a long Cooldown, which makes it an unforgiving talent if timed poorly. While 2 extra seconds can have an impact, we found the other talents to be more consistently valuable.


Level 20 Talents for Lúcio

Lúcio Bossa Nova ?
Bossa Nova (Level 20) Lúcio

Reduce the cooldown of Sound Barrier to 30 seconds, but the Shield now decays over 4 seconds.

Lúcio Mixing Fire
Mixing Fire (Level 20) Lúcio

High Five can now be cast on enemy Heroes, dealing 225 (+4% per level) damage and reducing all healing received by 50% for 3 seconds.

Passive: Increase the duration of Amp It Up by 1 second.

Lúcio House Party
House Party (Level 20) Lúcio

For each ally affected by Crossfade, Lúcio gains 8% increased healing.

Lúcio Summer Anthem ?
Summer Anthem (Level 20) Lúcio
  • Cooldown: 75 seconds

Activate for all other allies affected by Crossfade to become Unkillable for 1.5 seconds.



Bossa Nova Icon Bossa Nova comes with a significant drawback, namely reducing the shield duration to 4 seconds, however, it also comes with an even more significant reward, which drastically reduces Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier's cooldown to 30 seconds. This provides more shields overall and also makes missing Sound Barrier much more forgiving in the late game.

Mixing Fire Icon Mixing Fire should be the go-to choice if High Five Icon High Five was picked at Level 10. It not only increases all your healing, but also adds the ability to inflict damage on enemy Heroes, while reducing all healing received. However, it is important to highlight that using High Five to save allies usually has higher priority than chasing down enemy Heroes when playing Lucio.

House Party Icon House Party works very well with the increased Crossfade radius granted by Party Mix Icon Party Mix at Level 1. This combination allows you to significantly increase Lucio's late-game healing power but even without it, House Party is a tremendous help with keeping allies alive more easily.

Summer Anthem Icon Summer Anthem can be a real game winner if used properly. And that is also what makes this talent situational at best: the short time window during which it grants allied Heroes the Unkillable status is very easy to miss, requiring good game sense. Spot-on timing make this talent hard to use but very powerful if used well.



  • 10 Apr. 2020: Updated builds and Talents to better reflect current meta.
  • 17 Jun. 2019: Revised the guide and found it to be still up-to-date.
  • 28 Mar. 2019: Overhauled and updated Lucio's talents and builds in accordance with his latest rework.
  • 05 Nov. 2018: Removed We Move Together (the talent was removed from the game last week), leaving Accelerando the only recommended talent at Level 1.
  • 26 Mar. 2018: Changed talents at Level 7 and updated Lucio's Sound Barrier Build.
  • 11 Jan. 2018: Changed Maximum Tempo and Reverse Amp to Not Recommended.
  • 22 Dec. 2017: Removed the Reverse Amp Build.
  • 14 May 2017: Changed Can't Stop Won't Stop from Not Recommended to Recommended and changed Back in the Mix from Recommended to Situational.
  • 11 May 2017: Removed Heliotropics.
  • 12 Apr. 2017: Changed the evaluation of Accelerando from not recommended to recommended.
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