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Welcome to our Talents page for Auriel. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Auriel's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Auriel's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Swift Sweep Increasing Clarity ? Righteous Assault ? Searing Light ?
4 Majestic Span Heavy Burden ? Repeated Offense ?
7 Glimmer of Hope Empathic Link ? Energized Cord
10 Resurrect ? Crystal Aegis
13 Blinding Flash ? Converging Force Piercing Lash ?
16 Reservoir of Hope Will of Heaven ? Wrath of Heaven ?
20 Light Speed ? Diamond Resolve Angelic Flight Shield of Hope ?

Auriel's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Sacred Sweep Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Swift Sweep Icon
Level 4 Majestic Span Icon Heavy Burden Icon ? Repeated Offense Icon ?
Level 7 Glimmer of Hope Icon Energized Cord Icon ?
Level 10 Crystal Aegis Icon
Level 13 Converging Force Icon Blinding Flash Icon ? Piercing Lash Icon ?
Level 16 Reservoir of Hope Icon
Level 20 Diamond Resolve Icon Angelic Flight Icon ? Shield of Hope Icon ?

This build focuses on increasing the safety and reliability of Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep. As a result, it increases Auriel's damage and healing in team fights. This build is a solid platform for learning Auriel; other Talents can be worked in as you become more comfortable with her kit.

Swift Sweep Icon Swift Sweep increases the reliability of Sacred Sweep by reducing the amount of time it takes to channel. Majestic Span Icon Majestic Span improves Sacred Sweep further by increasing the area affected. Together, these Talents make the ability much easier to use and harder for enemies to punish. Glimmer of Hope Icon Glimmer of Hope reserves most of your Energy when you gather a Regeneration Globe before casting Ray of Heaven Icon Ray of Heaven. This functionality enables rapid stacking of Reservoir of Hope Icon Reservoir of Hope during the late game. However, Energized Cord Icon Energized Cord can be a good replacement for Glimmer of Hope Icon Glimmer of Hope if you are struggling to generate energy via Bestow Hope Icon Bestow Hope.


Level 1 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Swift Sweep
Swift Sweep (Level 1) Diablo Auriel

Increases the cast speed of Sacred Sweep by 50%.

Auriel Increasing Clarity ?
Increasing Clarity (Level 1) Diablo Auriel

Quest: Every time Sacred Sweep hits a Hero in the center, increase the center damage by 2, up to 50.

Reward: After hitting 25 Heroes, this center damage bonus is increased to 180.

Auriel Righteous Assault ?
Righteous Assault (Level 1) Diablo Auriel

Reduces the cooldown of Sacred Sweep by 3 seconds for each enemy Hero hit by its center.

Auriel Searing Light ?
Searing Light (Level 1) Diablo Auriel

Ray of Heaven also deals damage to enemies in the area equal to 30% of the energy consumed.



Swift Sweep Icon Swift Sweep increases the safety and reliability of Sacred Sweep by reducing the amount of time it takes to channel. This allows you to easily land blinds if you plan on taking Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash at Level 13. It is never a bad choice.

Increasing Clarity Icon Increasing Clarity is a good Talent to take at Level 1 in some situations. Although Swift Sweep Icon Swift Sweep and Righteous Assault Icon Righteous Assault can offer more synergy with Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash at Level 13, Increasing Clarity will greatly increase your AoE damage. This helps immensely with map pressure from waveclear.

Righteous Assault Icon Righteous Assault can be surprisingly effective in various matchups when combined with Majestic Span Icon Majestic Span at Level 4 and Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash at Level 13. It allows you do blind enemies much more often, especially if you can land the center area of Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep on at least 2 enemy Heroes. For this reason it is best taken when the enemy team consists of at least 2 frontline melee Heroes, as they will be easier to hit.

Searing Light Icon Searing Light can be good when the enemy team has melee Heroes who will often be in range of Searing Light while you are healing your frontline with Ray of Heaven Icon Ray of Heaven. It can also be good when your team is dive heavy, as you will also deal damage to enemies while healing your frontline. Searing Light should not be used to deal damage exclusively; it should only be used as an added damage effect to enemies who happen to be within the AoE of Ray of Heaven casts that are being used for healing. It may also be tempting to hold Ray of Heaven until damage and healing can be done. However, Ray of Heaven should always be used to heal allies as soon as they need it.


Level 4 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Majestic Span
Majestic Span (Level 4) Diablo Auriel

Increases the radius of Sacred Sweep by 15%.

Auriel Heavy Burden ?
Heavy Burden (Level 4) Diablo Auriel

When an enemy Hero is stunned by Detainment Strike, their Movement Speed is slowed by 50% for 3 seconds after the stun.

Auriel Repeated Offense ?
Repeated Offense (Level 4) Diablo Auriel

Enemies hit by Detainment Strike are knocked back 25% farther.

Quest: Every time Detainment Strike stuns a Hero, increase the stun damage by 10, up to 60.

Reward: After stunning 6 Heroes, increase this damage bonus to 250.



Majestic Span Icon Majestic Span increases Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep's already impressive AoE, granting it synergy with 3 of Auriel's Level 1 Talent choices. This Talent is simple and straightforward, and will never be a bad choice if you are unsure of what to take.

Heavy Burden Icon Heavy Burden adds to the utility of Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike, and increases the window of opportunity for your team to get a takedown when your target is stunned by it. Enemies stunned by Detainment Strike will be less likely to be aggressive after the stun, making this Talent good for offensive and defensive plays. It is best taken with compositions that are looking for picks.

Repeated Offense Icon Repeated Offense adds a small amount of damage to Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike's stun. More importantly, it increases the number of situations where Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike can result in a stun. The additional knockback distance also increases the viability of using Detainment Strike to peel from positions where a collision is not possible. This Talent adds some much needed versatility into Detainment Strike, and can open up some surprising plays. Think about the location where your target will end up. Try to maximise the use of Detainment Strike by pushing enemies into precarious positions. Be careful not to push enemies into safety with this Talent. While saving enemies should always be a concern when casting Detainment Strike, this Talent exaggerates the effects of its erroneous use.


Level 7 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope (Level 7) Diablo Auriel

Collecting a Regeneration Globe reduces the cost of Auriel's next Ray of Heaven by 75%.

Auriel Empathic Link ?
Empathic Link (Level 7) Diablo Auriel

Auriel stores 25% of damage taken by allies with Bestow Hope.

Auriel Energized Cord
Energized Cord (Level 7) Diablo Auriel

Increases the energy stored from Auriel's Basic Attacks to 120% of the damage against Heroes and 55% of the damage against non-Heroes.

Does not affect Auriel's Bestow Hope ally.



Glimmer of Hope Icon Glimmer of Hope helps you reserve most of your Energy if you are able to gather a Regeneration Globe before casting Ray of Heaven Icon Ray of Heaven. This functionality enables rapid stacking of Reservoir of Hope Icon Reservoir of Hope during the late-game.

Empathic Link Icon Empathic Link allows you to turn some of the damage an ally takes into AoE healing. It can be a great enhancement to your kit if your primary Bestow Hope Icon Bestow Hope target is a frontline Hero.

Energized Cord Icon Energized Cord is an excellent Talent because it allows you to gather much more Energy for yourself via Basic Attacks. This will translate to more healing for you and your team. Sometimes this can be the best choice, because it makes you less reliant on your team's performance.


Level 10 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Resurrect ?
Resurrect (Level 10) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

Channel on the spirit of a dead ally for 0.5 seconds. After a 5 second delay, they are brought back to life with 50% of their maximum Health at the location where they died.

Auriel Crystal Aegis
Crystal Aegis (Level 10) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Place an allied Hero into Stasis for 2 seconds. Upon expiration, Crystal Aegis deals 255 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby enemies.



Resurrect Icon Resurrect is good in matchups where you will often win teamfights, but take casualties in the process. It is great with Heroes who do something beneficial when they die, like Tyreal. With Angelic Flight Icon Angelic Flight at level 20 you will be able to sneak and revive allies who will have large death timers at that stage of the game. Resurrect can also help stave off defeat in games where teammates are not on the same page. If you find that your team is often down a player before objectives, consider taking Resurrect. This will allow your team to contest the objectives on even footing. Be aware that Resurrect's revive effect does not deny the enemy team the original kill experience; and if used poorly, can result in unintentional feeding.

Crystal Aegis Icon Crystal Aegis is the go to Heroic Ability for Auriel. It will allow you to save teammates (and yourself) from a variety of negative effects, including death. The main advantage to Crystal Aegis over Resurrect is that you can save an ally without allowing the enemy team to get any kill experience. Resurrected allies can sometimes die a second time, in which case the enemy team would get two kills instead of the one they would get from a failed save attempt from Crystal Aegis. Crystal Aegis also provides a large damage field upon expiration which will either serve to deter enemy Heroes away from your target, or deal a large amount of damage to them.


Level 13 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Blinding Flash ?
Blinding Flash (Level 13) Diablo Auriel

Enemies hit by the center area of Sacred Sweep are blinded for 2 seconds.

Auriel Converging Force
Converging Force (Level 13) Diablo Auriel

Enemies hit by the outer area are pushed slightly toward the center.

Auriel Piercing Lash ?
Piercing Lash (Level 13) Diablo Auriel

Detainment Strike now pierces and hits all enemy Heroes in a line, reducing the cooldown by 2 seconds for each Hero hit.



Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash is very useful against enemy team compositions that are built around Basic Attack damage, but will have little effect on mages. As with other blinds, it can completely shut down individual Heroes who rely on Basic Attacks for several aspects of their kit, like Illidan.

Converging Force Icon Converging Force pushes enemies toward the center area, effectively increasing the chance that you will deal bonus damage to additional targets with Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep.

Piercing Lash Icon Piercing Lash pushes all enemy Heroes caught in Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike's thin line, and reduces the ability's cooldown for each enemy hit. This can allow you to peel multiple Heroes who are pursuing you or your teammates. Piercing Lash also makes it possible to stun more than one Hero at a time with Detainment Strike.


Level 16 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Reservoir of Hope
Reservoir of Hope (Level 16) Diablo Auriel

Quest: Each maximum energy Ray of Heaven Auriel casts increases the maximum amount of energy that can be stored by 75.

Auriel Will of Heaven ?
Will of Heaven (Level 16) Diablo Auriel

Allies with Bestow Hope gain 20% Attack Speed.

Auriel Wrath of Heaven ?
Wrath of Heaven (Level 16) Diablo Auriel

Allies with Bestow Hope gain 10% Spell Power.



Reservoir of Hope Icon Reservoir of Hope is a great talent that allows you to increase your total burst heal from Ray of Heaven Icon Ray of Heaven. In games where you are able to fill your Energy bar very often, this Talent can stack quite nicely to secure victory. However, in many games you will find that allies need healing before you have a full Energy pool. In these types of matches, it may be best to take one of the other Talents at this Level.

Will of Heaven Icon Will of Heaven is best taken when your main Bestow Hope Icon Bestow Hope target primarily deals damage through Basic Attacks. This Talent can help create a hyper-carry out of one of your teammates.

Wrath of Heaven Icon Wrath of Heaven is best taken when your main Bestow Hope Icon Bestow Hope target primarily deals damage through use of their Abilities. If you notice that a mage on your team is outperforming other players in a given match, this Talent can give them the edge they need (and give you the Energy you need,) to carry the game.


Level 20 Talents for Auriel

Auriel Light Speed ?
Light Speed (Level 20) Diablo Auriel

Resurrected allies gain 200% increased Movement Speed, decaying over 4 seconds. While a resurrected ally remains alive, Resurrect's next cooldown recharges 100% faster.

Auriel Diamond Resolve
Diamond Resolve (Level 20) Diablo Auriel

When Crystal Aegis expires, it grants the target 75 Armor for 5 seconds, reducing damage taken by 75%.

Auriel Angelic Flight
Angelic Flight (Level 20) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

After 2 seconds, fly to a target location.

Auriel Shield of Hope ?
Shield of Hope (Level 20) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to grant all nearby allied Heroes a shield for 3 seconds equal to 50% of the amount of Health they are missing.



Light Speed Icon Light Speed is an extremely fun talent that gives your Resurrect Icon Resurrect target a comedic amount of Movement Speed upon being revived. The cooldown reduction it can provide is also very useful, because Resurrect has a long cooldown otherwise. Take this Talent if you are already getting good value out of Resurrect in a match. If you are struggling to successfully Resurrect allies, one of the other options may be better.

Diamond Resolve Icon Diamond Resolve is a game changing Talent pick, as it adds significant survivablilty to your Crystal Aegis Icon Crystal Aegis targets. This can allow them to either get away to safety, or use the damage reduction to charge forth with aggression. It will usually be the best choice when Crystal Aegis is taken at Level 10.

Angelic Flight Icon Angelic Flight gives Auriel near-global mobility during the late game. This has several use cases that will vary by game, but often involves split-clearing waves. Just make sure to show up to support your team before any team fights start.

Shield of Hope Icon Shield of Hope is a great Talent when you need to shield multiple allies at the same time; and it can work well with both Level 10 choices. Remember that this shield will do nothing to full Health allies, but should immediately be used to save any imperiled low health allies.



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