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Welcome to our Talents page for Malthael. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Malthael's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Malthael's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Death's Reach ? On a Pale Horse ? Fear the Reaper
4 Die Alone Throwing Shade ? Black Harvest ?
7 Cold Hand ? Massacre ? Touch of Death
10 Tormented Souls ? Last Rites
13 Soul Siphon ✘︎ Ethereal Existence ? Inevitable End Shroud of Wisdom ?
16 Soul Collector Mortality ? Memento Mori ✘︎
20 Reaper of Souls ✘︎ Angel of Death ? Final Curtain ? No One Can Stop Death

Malthael's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Standard Build

Level 1 Fear the Reaper Icon On a Pale Horse Icon ?
Level 4 Die Alone Icon
Level 7 Touch of Death Icon Massacre Icon ? Cold Hand Icon ?
Level 10 Last Rites Icon
Level 13 Inevitable End Icon Shroud of Wisdom Icon ?
Level 16 Soul Collector Icon
Level 20 No One Can Stop Death Icon

Malthael's Standard Build provides superior survivability and sustain damage. It provides you with powerful self-sustain and continuous area of effect damage that force your opponents to spread out, reducing their effectiveness.

Massacre Build

Level 1 Fear the Reaper Icon Death's Reach Icon ? On a Pale Horse Icon ?
Level 4 Die Alone Icon
Level 7 Massacre Icon
Level 10 Tormented Souls Icon Last Rites Icon ?
Level 13 Inevitable End Icon Shroud of Wisdom Icon ?
Level 16 Mortality Icon
Level 20 No One Can Stop Death Icon

Malthael's Massacre Icon Massacre Build is focused on dealing the maximum possible damage through Massacre Icon Massacre and Mortality Icon Mortality. Tormented Souls Icon Tormented Souls adds extra damage and mobility to Malthael through multiples uses of Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike.


Level 1 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Death's Reach ?
Death's Reach (Level 1) Diablo Malthael

Increase Wraith Strike's range by 35%.

Malthael On a Pale Horse ?
On a Pale Horse (Level 1) Diablo Malthael

Gain an additional 20% Movement Speed while mounted.

Malthael Fear the Reaper
Fear the Reaper (Level 1) Diablo Malthael
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds

Activate to increase Movement Speed by 25% and pass through other units for 4 seconds.



Death's Reach Icon Death's Reach significantly improves Malthael's effective threat range, and is often picked alongside other Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike Talents. It is good against many marksmen, while Fear the Reaper Icon Fear the Reaper is better to kite Melee Heroes.

On a Pale Horse Icon On a Pale Horse provides no combat benefits. Still, the Talent is excellent if you need to double soak on relatively big Maps, such as Infernal Shrines, Towers of Doom, Garden of Terror, Sky Temple, or Cursed Hollow.

Fear the Reaper Icon Fear the Reaper provides Malthael with utility he sorely lacks: an on-demand means of improving his mobility. Fear the Reaper is particularly useful for its underrated ability to remove Malthael's collision, allowing him to move back to safety unhindered after using Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike, without the possibility for enemy Heroes to bodyblock him. The collision removal is also deceptively useful for dodging Abilities by allowing you to unpredictably move right through your target.


Level 4 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Die Alone
Die Alone (Level 4) Diablo Malthael

Soul Rip deals 50% more damage to Heroes if it hits only one Hero.

Malthael Throwing Shade ?
Throwing Shade (Level 4) Diablo Malthael

Increase Death Shroud's range by 33%, reduce its cooldown by 3 seconds, and reduce its Mana cost from 50 to 30.

Death Shroud's initial impact deals 2% maximum Health as damage to non-Structure enemies.

Malthael Black Harvest ?
Black Harvest (Level 4) Diablo Malthael

Quest: Apply Reaper's Mark to Heroes for a total of 180 seconds.

Reward: Permanently increase Reaper's Mark's duration by 2 seconds.



Die Alone Icon Die Alone increases Malthael's single-target damage output to very reasonable amounts, allowing him to duel Heroes he would otherwise not be able to, such as Thrall. It should be noted that Die Alone can also be used in team fights by focusing your Reaper's Mark Icon Reaper's Mark on a single target, though this is seldom recommended unless you absolutely need to dispatch a specific target. Die Alone is powerful when solo-laning.

Throwing Shade Icon Throwing Shade improves Malthael's ability to poke on top of increasing his threat range. Throwing Shade is often picked along Massacre Icon Massacre, as your playstyle will be to constantly mark all possible targets with Reaper's Mark Icon Reaper's Mark. This Talent is excellent on Battlefield of Eternity, as it enables good long-ranged poke against the Immortal.

Black Harvest Icon Black Harvest significantly improves Malthael's area of effect damage over time output by increasing the duration of Reaper's Mark Icon Reaper's Mark. This duration increase also indirectly improves Malthael's survivability and mobility by making it easier to maintain Reaper's Mark up on multiple targets for Soul Rip Icon Soul Rip and Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike purposes. Black Harvest tends to be picked over Die Alone Icon Die Alone when the opposing team composition features 2 or more Tanks or other Heroes with high max Health such as Azmodan, and if you plan to not solo lane.


Level 7 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Cold Hand ?
Cold Hand (Level 7) Diablo Malthael

Soul Rip Slows enemies by 20% for 2.5 seconds.

Malthael Massacre ?
Massacre (Level 7) Diablo Malthael

Wraith Strike now damages and applies Reaper's Mark to enemies around its target.

Malthael Touch of Death
Touch of Death (Level 7) Diablo Malthael
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Activate to reduce healing received by Heroes afflicted by Reaper's Mark by 50% for 4 seconds.



Cold Hand Icon Cold Hand improves Malthael's ability to stick to his targets by providing him with a very reliable Slow. Cold Hand is particularly debilitating when used along Soul Collector Icon Soul Collector, as it will assure all enemies are hit by Cold Hand Icon Cold Hand's Slow.

Massacre Icon Massacre is excellent to apply Reaper's Mark Icon Reaper's Mark towards multiple targets, increasing your damage and self-sustain. It also has good synergy with Mortality Icon Mortality, as it will apply the percent-based damage on all targets.

Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death excels against Heroes with high self sustain, like Diablo, Dehaka, or Sonya. It is also a good Talent to counter double-Healer team compositions and generally impair high burst Healers such as Whitemane, Rehgar, or Alexstrasza.


Level 10 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Tormented Souls ?
Tormented Souls (Level 10) Diablo Malthael
  • Mana: 20
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Unleash a torrent of souls, continually applying Reaper's Mark to nearby enemies for 4 seconds. When Tormented Souls is cast and when it expires, reset the cooldown of Wraith Strike.

Malthael Last Rites
Last Rites (Level 10) Diablo Malthael
  • Mana: 100
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

Apply a death sentence to an enemy Hero that, after 2 seconds, deals damage equal to 50% of their missing Health.

Quest: Enemies killed between the application of Last Rites and within 1.5 seconds of it dealing damage permanently reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds, to a minimum of 20 seconds.



At this Level, you gain access to Heroic Abilities. If you want to read more about them, check the dedicated section in the Abilities and Strategy page.

Tormented Souls Icon Tormented Souls has two main purposes. First, it allows Malthael to reliably apply Reaper's Mark Icon Reaper's Mark in a large area. Combined with Soul Rip Icon Soul Rip, this effect makes Malthael particularly threatening and difficult to kill in team fighting situations. This wide Reaper's Mark application also provides Malthael with many opportunities to use Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike offensively and defensively.

Tormented Souls also completely resets the cooldown of Wraith Strike upon use and then once again 4 seconds later. This lets you use a first Wraith Strike aggressively, knowing that the Ability will be available shortly after to provide you with an opportunity to escape. This makes Tormented Souls synergise particularly well with Mortality Icon Mortality and Massacre Icon Massacre, which may be used to quickly damage multiple targets for up to 24% of their total Health.

Last Rites Icon Last Rites's power lies in its ability to reliably deal some of the game's highest burst damage from range. By nature, Last Rites will kill any Hero at or below 33% of its maximum Health. This threshold is indicated by a skull icon floating above nearby enemy Heroes. It should be noted that even if the target does not die from Last Rites' effect, it is still damaged. Still, since Last Rites' damage scales with how proportionally low its target's Health is, the Ability should almost exclusively be used as a finisher.

Certain effects, such as Invulnerability or Stasis effects, can prevent Last Rites from dealing its damage, although Armor and other forms of damage mitigation will not. It is important to account for the aforementioned effects when using Last Rites, especially due to its delayed effect.

Another noteworthy point lies in Last Rites' cooldown reduction clause: every target who dies while under Last Rites' effect permanently reduces the Ability's cooldown by 5 seconds. This bonus is acquired whether or not Last Rites is the source of the killing blow, as long as the dying Hero was under the effects of Last Rites.


Level 13 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Soul Siphon ✘︎
Soul Siphon (Level 13) Diablo Malthael

Increase Soul Rip's bonus healing from Heroes to 4.75% of the Hero's maximum Health.

Malthael Ethereal Existence ?
Ethereal Existence (Level 13) Diablo Malthael

Gain 10 Physical Armor per enemy Hero afflicted by Reaper's Mark, up to a maximum of 30.

Malthael Inevitable End
Inevitable End (Level 13) Diablo Malthael
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Activate to become Unstoppable for 2 seconds, but remove all active Reaper's Marks.

Malthael Shroud of Wisdom ?
Shroud of Wisdom (Level 13) Diablo Malthael
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

After 2 seconds, gain 50 Spell Armor for 4 seconds.



Soul Siphon Icon Soul Siphon's extra healing is not good enough to compare it with Shroud of Wisdom Icon Shroud of Wisdom and Ethereal Existence Icon Ethereal Existence. The Healing added by it will not be more efficient than the damage mitigated by Soul Siphon Icon Soul Siphon's counterparts.

Ethereal Existence Icon Ethereal Existence is used to counter team compositions that rely heavily on Basic Attacks, and specific Heroes such as Greymane, Raynor or Illidan.

Inevitable End Icon Inevitable End is one of the most reliable sources of Unstoppable in the game, as it only has a 20-second cooldown. This Talent excels against premeditated crowd control, like Diablo's Apocalypse Icon Apocalypse or Anub'arak's engages. However, it is also great if the opposing team has ways to disrupt Malthael during the fights, as Inevitable End Icon Inevitable End will protect him against these Stuns and Silences.

Be aware that Inevitable End Icon Inevitable End removes all applied marks. It is better to either activate it after blinking with Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike, before using Death Shroud Icon Death Shroud, or during Tormented Souls Icon Tormented Souls.

Shroud of Wisdom Icon Shroud of Wisdom is used to improve your survivability against Ability-damage heavy team compositions, featuring burst Heroes such as Jaina, Li-Ming, or Kael'thas. It should be noted that unlike similar Talents, Shroud of Wisdom has to be activated two seconds before the Spell Armor is needed; as such, you need to be wise, as the Talent's name implies, and predict impending damage burst. Generally, it is safe to assume retaliation after engaging through Wraith Strike Icon Wraith Strike.


Level 16 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Soul Collector
Soul Collector (Level 16) Diablo Malthael

Reduce Soul Rip's cooldown by 0.5 seconds and increase its range by 25%.

Malthael Mortality ?
Mortality (Level 16) Diablo Malthael

When damaging a Hero, Wraith Strike deals bonus damage equal to 8% of the Hero's maximum Health.

Malthael Memento Mori ✘︎
Memento Mori (Level 16) Diablo Malthael

Reaper's Mark deals 60% increased damage after afflicting an enemy for more than 4 seconds.



Soul Collector Icon Soul Collector significantly improves Malthael's area of effect damage output and self-sustain, and particularly when picked along other Talents which improve Soul Rip Icon Soul Rip. If you have been struggling with team fight survival, Soul Collector should help.

Mortality Icon Mortality improves Malthael's burst damage output, particularly against targets with high maximum Health. This Talent should only be picked alongside Massacre Icon Massacre, as the percent-based damage will be applied to all targets hit. It does, however, compete with Soul Collector, which greatly improves your survivability.

Memento Mori Icon Memento Mori's damage boost is not good enough to justify the choice, as Soul Collector Icon Soul Collector will add excellent survivability, while Mortality Icon Mortality will apply more reliable damage into the fight. It also has terrible synergy with the most versatile Level 13 Talent, Inevitable End Icon Inevitable End.


Level 20 Talents for Malthael

Malthael Reaper of Souls ✘︎
Reaper of Souls (Level 20) Diablo Malthael

Increase Tormented Souls' duration by 2 seconds. While Tormented Souls is active, Hero Takedowns refresh the duration.

Malthael Angel of Death ?
Angel of Death (Level 20) Diablo Malthael

Last Rites heals for 100% of the damage dealt, and its current and future cooldown reduction bonuses are doubled.

Malthael Final Curtain ?
Final Curtain (Level 20) Diablo Malthael

Death Shroud leaves a trail in its wake for 4 seconds, applying Reaper's Mark to enemies in its area.

Malthael No One Can Stop Death
No One Can Stop Death (Level 20) Diablo Malthael
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds

Activate while dead to immediately respawn at the Hall of Storms but increase Malthael's next respawn time by 25%.



Reaper of Souls Icon Reaper of Souls is a winmore Talent with outstanding potential against team compositions featuring Murky or The Lost Vikings, who can reliably be killed to trigger Reaper of Souls' duration increase. Otherwise, you would be better served by Final Curtain Icon Final Curtain.

Angel of Death Icon Angel of Death provides Malthael with an alternative source of self-healing, and one that is potentially powerful. If you have been successfully killing targets through Last Rites Icon Last Rites only to die shortly after, Angel of Death may be worth considering, though it is seldom more powerful than Final Curtain Icon Final Curtain. If you managed to get at least 5 kills with Last Rites, Angel of Death becomes much more attractive, as it will instantly bring the Ability's cooldown to its cap of 15 seconds.

Final Curtain Icon Final Curtain significantly improves your ability to apply Reaper's Mark Icon Reaper's Mark to multiple targets, greatly improving your damage over time potential and self-sustain. The trail created by this Talent also acts as a zoning tool, and is extremely punishing to opponents who must fight in enclosed spaces.

No One Can Stop Death Icon No One Can Stop Death is potentially useful to salvage losing matches by giving you another chance at life. It should be noted that this Talent can be picked while dead to allow you to revive. This Talent is the standard choice here, as it can be used in multiple ways, and will be effective in every game.

In Heroes of the Storm, a match can be easily decided by a kill during the late game. No One Can Stop Death Icon No One Can Stop Death allows Malthael to trade his life with someone else very often through Last Rites Icon Last Rites, which can win the game for your team.



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