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Welcome to our Talents page for Qhira. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Qhira's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.

1. Qhira's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Maximum Effort Fatal Wounds Finishing Touch
4 Upstage Ensnaring Swing Your Pain, My Gain
7 The Thirst Healmonger Siphoning Link
10 Unrelenting Strikes ? Final Strike
13 Chainsaw Pulsing Pain The Hunted
16 Booming Kick Lingering Ailment Swing Life Away
20 Silent Killer Unleashed Potential Utility Belt No Sanctuary

2. Qhira's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Heavy Bleeding Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Fatal Wounds Icon
Level 4 Upstage Icon Your Pain, My Gain Icon ?
Level 7 Healmonger Icon
Level 10 Final Strike Icon
Level 13 Chainsaw Icon The Hunted Icon ? Pulsing Pain Icon ?
Level 16 Swing Life Away Icon
Level 20 Unleashed Potential Icon No Sanctuary Icon ?

The Heavy Bleeding Build focuses on Qhira's outstanding sustained damage potential. Her main goal should always be to spread the ticking bleeding damage onto several enemies at the same time. Consequently, Fatal Wounds Icon Fatal Wounds at Level 1 lays the foundation for this Build. At Level 4, Qhira can decide depending on the situation she finds herself in. We usually recommend picking Upstage Icon Upstage, but if flat Armor is something the player feels more comfortable taking, for example when dealing with burst magic damage, Your Pain, My Gain Icon Your Pain, My Gain is a good alternative. Healmonger Icon Healmonger proves to be a solid defensive talent at Level 7 that provides useful healing throughout the game. When it comes to Heroic Abilities, we find that Final Strike Icon Final Strike complements Qhira's playstyle the most and is less susceptible to enemy counter play. For the late game, we consider every Level 13 talent viable and it is up to the player to decide which one fits their playstyle the most. At Level 16, Swing Life Away Icon Swing Life Away provides plenty of utlity, as it grants cooldown reduction on Revolving Sweep Icon Revolving Sweep and Spell Armor. Level 20 comes with two very strong options. Unleashed Potential Icon Unleashed Potential further boosts Final Strike Icon Final Strike's damage output with the chance of resetting every cooldown, which is huge. No Sanctuary Icon No Sanctuary is a situational choice, since it helps reveal nearby enemy Heroes. This can put your time in an advantageous situation and decide late-game rotations if Qhira leads the charge.

3. Level 1 Talents for Qhira

Qhira Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort (Level 1) Blizzard Qhira

If Carnage damages the same enemy Hero 3 times it deals an additional 108 (+4% per level) damage and Slows by 20% for 2 seconds.

Qhira Fatal Wounds
Fatal Wounds (Level 1) Blizzard Qhira

While at maximum stacks, Blood Rage's bleed deals 50% additional damage to enemy Heroes under 50% Health.

Quest: Damage enemy Heroes with Blood Rage's bleed damage.

Reward: After damaging Heroes with Blood Rage's bleed damage 125 times, Blood Rage's duration is increased by 2 seconds.

Qhira Finishing Touch
Finishing Touch (Level 1) Blizzard Qhira

When Qhira Basic Attacks an enemy Hero below 50% Health it deals 25% additional damage, and she gains 35% Attack Speed for 2.5 seconds.

3.1. Discussion

Fatal Wounds Icon Fatal Wounds provides Qhira with additional Bleed damage on targets below 50% of their health, which works very well with Final Strike Icon Final Strike. After completion, which is not that difficult to do, all Bleeding damage is extended by 2 seconds, which drastically increases the time window of activating Blood Rage Icon Blood Rage.

Maximum Effort Icon Maximum Effort takes too long to get value from. It is essentially a mute talent most of the time until you successfully hit the same Hero three times.

Finishing Touch Icon Finishing Touch is not a bad talent per se, however, it is too dependent on landing Basic Attacks, which makes it susceptible to crowd control, Blinds in particular.

4. Level 4 Talents for Qhira

Qhira Upstage
Upstage (Level 4) Blizzard Qhira

Damaging at least 2 Heroes with Blood Rage causes Qhira to Evade the next 4 Heroic Basic Attacks within 12 seconds.

Qhira Ensnaring Swing
Ensnaring Swing (Level 4) Blizzard Qhira

The primary target of Revolving Sweep is Slowed by 25% while Qhira is attached to them. Secondary targets hit by Revolving Sweep's swing are Slowed by 35% for 3 seconds.

Qhira Your Pain, My Gain
Your Pain, My Gain (Level 4) Blizzard Qhira

Basic Attacking an enemy Hero causes Qhira to gain 10 Armor for 3 seconds. Stacks 3 times.

4.1. Discussion

Upstage Icon Upstage grants Qhira evasion against Basic Attacks which is great even against teams that lack traditional Basic Attackers, since most Tanks and Bruisers hit quite hard innately.

Your Pain, My Gain Icon Your Pain, My Gain provides protection against all sorts of damage, thanks to the stackable Armor it creates. Thus, we consider it a relatively safe option in most games as long as the enemy team is not too stacked with crowd control, especially Blinds.

Ensnaring Swing Icon Ensnaring Swing is not recommended because of Revolving Sweep Icon Revolving Sweep's long cooldown. The benefit this talent provides does not justify neglecting the additional protection granted by the other two talents at this tier.

5. Level 7 Talents for Qhira

Qhira The Thirst
The Thirst (Level 7) Blizzard Qhira

Anytime Carnage damages an enemy Hero, Qhira's next Basic Attack within 4 seconds deals 12% additional damage and restores 50% of the total damage dealt as Health. Damage stacks up to 10 times.

Qhira Healmonger
Healmonger (Level 7) Blizzard Qhira

If Blood Rage damages an enemy below 50% Health, it heals for an additional 205 (+4% per level) Health.

Qhira Siphoning Link
Siphoning Link (Level 7) Blizzard Qhira

Damaging an enemy Hero with Revolving Sweep's initial impact or swing causes Qhira to regenerate 96 (+4% per level) Health over 4 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times.

5.1. Discussion

Healmonger Icon Healmonger's additional healing is outstanding and noticeable enough to make it a recommended talent.

The Thirst Icon The Thirst is too dependent on stacking its damage to get healing value from it, whereas Healmonger Icon Healmonger provides Qhira with a flat, solid amount of extra healing.

Siphoning Link Icon Siphoning Link suffers from Revolving Sweep Icon Revolving Sweep's long cooldown, resulting in less healing than the other talents.

6. Level 10 Talents for Qhira

Qhira Unrelenting Strikes ?
Unrelenting Strikes (Level 10) Blizzard Qhira
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 75 seconds

Deal 44 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds as your sword grows outward. Upon expiring, deal 83 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemy Heroes and Stun them for 0.75 seconds.

Qhira Final Strike
Final Strike (Level 10) Blizzard Qhira
  • Mana: 45
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

After 1 second, deal 415 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in a line. This damage is increased by 25% against enemy Heroes who are below 50% Health.

6.1. Discussion

Final Strike Icon Final Strike is a strong finisher which can be used in most teamfights, sometimes even twice, thanks to its very low cooldown. It works very well with Fatal Wounds Icon Fatal Wounds at Level 1, as both talents increase Qhira's damage against injured foes, allowing her to hunt and execute fleeing targets.

Unrelenting Strikes Icon Unrelenting Strikes has great initiation potential, however, it struggles against team compositions that feature plenty of crowd control. Stuns, Silences, and Roots counter Qhira while spinning and charging up and usually allow enemies to just run away. Thus, we label Unrelenting Strikes situational at best, and only consider picking it if the enemy team is extremely low on any form of hard crowd control.

7. Level 13 Talents for Qhira

Qhira Chainsaw
Chainsaw (Level 13) Blizzard Qhira

Carnage's cooldown recharges 100% faster while an enemy Hero has maximum Blood Rage stacks.

Qhira Pulsing Pain
Pulsing Pain (Level 13) Blizzard Qhira

Each additional enemy Hero hit by Revolving Sweep causes the primary target to take an additional 115 (+4% per level) damage.

Qhira The Hunted
The Hunted (Level 13) Blizzard Qhira

Basic Attacking an enemy Hero increases your Basic Attack damage against that Hero by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times and lasts 4 seconds. Bonus is reset if a different Hero is attacked.

7.1. Discussion

Chainsaw Icon Chainsaw lowers Carnage Icon Carnage's already low cooldown even more, which is great to maintain full Bleed Stacks on multiple enemies at the same time.

The Hunted Icon The Hunted's time window is long enough to allow Qhira to stack the damage up nicely. Furthermore, the additional damage is noticeable enough to justify taking this talent.

Pulsing Pain Icon Pulsing Pain is a great alternative choice to The Hunted Icon The Hunted, especially if the enemy team features Blinds and other form of crowd control, which makes Basic Attacking consecutively quite harder.

8. Level 16 Talents for Qhira

Qhira Booming Kick
Booming Kick (Level 16) Blizzard Qhira

Increase the Stun duration of Revolving Sweep's re-activation by 0.25 seconds. Enemy Heroes around the primary target are also affected by Revolving Sweep's re-activation.

Qhira Lingering Ailment
Lingering Ailment (Level 16) Blizzard Qhira

Enemy Heroes hit by Revolving Sweep's initial impact and swing have their Armor reduced by 15 for 3 seconds.

Qhira Swing Life Away
Swing Life Away (Level 16) Blizzard Qhira

Revolving Sweep's cooldown recharges 150% faster while Qhira is swinging around her target. She also gains 50 Spell Armor for 2 seconds after the re-activation impact.

8.1. Discussion

Swing Life Away Icon Swing Life Away helps fight one of Revolving Sweep Icon Revolving Sweep's biggest downsides, which is its long cooldown. Furthermore, it adds much welcome tankiness against Spell damage to Qhira's kit.

Booming Kick Icon Booming Kick adds additional Stun duration and potential Stun targets to Qhira's Revolving Sweep Icon Revolving Sweep, which can be a big playmaker.

Lingering Ailment Icon Lingering Ailment's Armor reduction is not bad, however, we find its amount to be lackluster. Thus, it becomes too unimpactful to be a good choice at Level 16.

9. Level 20 Talents for Qhira

Qhira Silent Killer
Silent Killer (Level 20) Blizzard Qhira

The initial cast of Unrelenting Strikes Silences enemies who are within the area for 2 seconds and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds when hitting enemy Heroes.

Qhira Unleashed Potential
Unleashed Potential (Level 20) Blizzard Qhira

Increase the damage to enemy Heroes under 50% Health from 25% to 50%.

If an enemy Hero dies within 1.5 seconds of being hit by Final Strike, then reset the cooldowns of Final Strike and all of Qhira's Basic Abilities.

Qhira Utility Belt
Utility Belt (Level 20) Blizzard Qhira

Grappling Hook's cooldown is reset when hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Revolving Sweep and recharges 900% faster if Qhira hasn't taken damage within the last 5 seconds.

Qhira No Sanctuary
No Sanctuary (Level 20) Blizzard Qhira

Nearby enemy Heroes below 50% Health are revealed and you gain 20% Movement Speed while an enemy Hero is revealed by you in this way.

Additionally, you deal 20% increased damage to these revealed enemies.

9.1. Discussion

Unleashed Potential Icon Unleashed Potential can single-handedly decide the outcome of a teamfight if Qhira manages to successfully get a reset on Final Strike Icon Final Strike. The resulting damage and cooldown reset on all of her abilities is devastating to the enemy team.

No Sanctuary Icon No Sanctuary is a talent whose utility, bonus Movement Speed, and damage, should not be underestimated. With good communication, granting vision on nearby enemy Heroes is beneficial to Qhira and her teammates alike.

Utility Belt Icon Utility Belt is too situational and unreliable to make it worth a Level 20 investment.

Silent Killer Icon Silent Killer's benefits are minimal compared to Unleashed Potential Icon Unleashed Potential and do not help fight Unrelenting Strikes Icon Unrelenting Strikes's core weakness, which is its susceptibility to crowd control from sources outside of its radius.

10. Changelog

  • 14 Aug. 2019: Updated Qhira's talent build description.
  • 09 Aug. 2019: Added Talent discussions.
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