GoD/Marauder Support Demon Hunter Skills and Runes

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On this page, we explain how to choose and use your skills when playing GoD/Marauder Support Demon Hunter in Diablo 3. Updated for Patch 2.7.6 and Season 29.

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Bolas Icon Bolas Freezing Strike Freezing Strike Right Mouse Button Strafe Icon Strafe Drifting Shadow Drifting Shadow 1 Multishot Icon Multishot Wind Chill Wind Chill 2 Smoke Screen Icon Smoke Screen Displacement Displacement 3 Companion Icon Companion Wolf Companion Wolf Companion 4 Entangling Shot Icon Entangling Shot Heavy Burden Heavy Burden
Passive Skills


The playstyle of this build is fairly straightforward, but requires a decent amount of attention and precision to execute. You will be spamming both Smoke Screen Smoke Screen (for your own safety and movement speed buffs) and Companion Companion (for the myriad of buffs from your summons) throughout the rift. Begin the run with a shot of Bolas Bolas to "load it" into the GoD 4-piece bonus, and start to Strafe Strafe — this way you will gather everything in your wake, creating nice clusters of enemies for your DPS teammates. When you run into an elite, pause your Strafe Strafe and prepare them with a shot of Multishot Multishot Wind Chill Wind Chill for the crit buff; then, fire off an Entangling Shot Entangling Shot to load that into the GoD 4-piece, and Strafe Strafe around with it to spread the damage bonus. As your teammates finish off the pack, fire off a Bolas Bolas again and move on with Strafe Strafe.


Skills and Runes

Unlike many DPS-oriented builds, Multishot Multishot will be taken strictly for the Critical Hit Chance buff from the rune Wind Chill Wind Chill, which you will apply on Elites and any major fights prior to your DPS teammates engaging them. Note that this will also apply the valuable damage debuff from Numbing Traps Numbing Traps.

While this is a Support build and your gear rolls will make you naturally very tanky, Smoke Screen Smoke Screen is still an invaluable safety tool, which will double up as a movement speed boost from the rune Displacement Displacement. If you are doing a non-pull version of the build (you are running with another pulling support) you will be losing the Bolas Bolas trigger of Strongarm Bracers Strongarm Bracers, so this slot should be replaced by Vault Vault Rattling Roll Rattling Roll to gain another proc for said bracers. In any case, this dedicated "movement skill" slot will also be the one that nets you the benefits of the Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage passive.

For the sake of example, we have taken Companion Companion with arguably its most important rune — the damage multiplication from the Wolf Companion Wolf Companion. Note however that this build incorporates 2 pieces of the Marauder set, which automatically net you all companions at your side — the other notable bonus being the toughness boost from the Boar Companion Boar Companion.

Entangling Shot Entangling Shot is the major reason DH Support is a viable option in the first place, due to the massive damage increase to the entire group against enemies affected by the entanglement via the Odyssey's End Odyssey's End. You will be taking the rune Heavy Burden Heavy Burden for the additional slow duration, adding stronger crowd control component to the skill.

Bolas Bolas is the other major reason DH Supports work; they gain a substantial pull (both in terms of range and effect) from the Leonine Bow of Hashir Leonine Bow of Hashir. You will complement your support utility either by taking the rune Freezing Strike Freezing Strike for the added safety for your team, or Bitter Pill Bitter Pill for your own convenience in Discipline management. If you are doing a version of the build without pulls, this slot should be altered to Marked for Death Marked for Death Contagion Contagion.

Strafe Strafe is a central mechanic to any GoD-based builds, as it spreads the signature barrage of primary skills they are known for. It also doubles up nicely as a movement skill and allows you to ignore enemy collision, all without hindering your movement speed due to the rune Drifting Shadow Drifting Shadow.



While support builds are naturally tanky, it is still recommended that you take Awareness Awareness for its cheat death proc to avoid any misfortunes during the run, and slowing your group down.

Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage offers a nice speed boost whenever you pop Smoke Screen Smoke Screen or Vault Vault, which is useful in keeping you ahead of the group (where you should be, preparing fights for the coming onslaught of your DPS teammates).

Blood Vengeance Blood Vengeance will not only expand your Hatred pool, but also enables a Reaper's Wraps Reaper's Wraps-like effect that replenishes both Hatred and Discipline when picking up health globes.

Numbing Traps Numbing Traps will reduce the damage potential of enemies by a quarter pretty much constantly due to your various Slow and Chilling effects (Entangling Shot Entangling Shot, Iceblink Iceblink...) going off at all times.

A good option for a fifth passive if you use a Hellfire Amulet of Dexterity Hellfire Amulet of Dexterity as your amulet is Hot Pursuit Hot Pursuit for the additional movement speed.



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