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Welcome to our Talents page for Ana. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Ana's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Ana's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Contact Healing Slumber Shells Vampiric Rounds
4 Biotic Enhancements Overdose Debilitating Dart ?
7 Anti-Healer Night Terrors Mind-Numbing Agent
10 Nano Boost Eye of Horus
13 Speed Serum ? Purifying Darts ? Smelling Salts ?
16 Sharpshooter Concentrated Doses Active Reload
20 Nano Infusion Deadeye ? Armored Stance Dynamic Optics ?

Ana's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Grenade Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Contact Healing Icon
Level 4 Biotic Enhancements Icon
Level 7 Anti-Healer Icon
Level 10 Nano Boost Icon Eye of Horus Icon ?
Level 13 Purifying Darts Icon Speed Serum Icon ? Smelling Salts Icon ?
Level 16 Sharpshooter Icon Active Reload Icon ?
Level 20 Nano Infusion Icon Deadeye Icon ? Armored Stance Icon ?

The Grenade Build provides strong AoE (anti)healing, which is particularly good if your team has several melee Heroes who usually clump next to each other and if the enemy team features one or several Supports with high number healing abilities, such as Rehgar's Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing, for instance. Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost is the Heroic Ability of choice, even if your team does not feature any dedicated Mages, as the Mana replenishment and especially the cooldown reduction works great on most Heroes. However, Eye of Horus Icon Eye of Horus can certainly be picked as well, especially if your team requires additional burst healing during team fights. The Level 13 talent pick is highly situational, however, judging of how likely a talent is going to net value throughout a game, we value Purifying Darts Icon Purifying Darts a lot, since there is a larger number of Movement Speed Slows and Roots than Stuns. That being said, some Heroes have such highly impactful Stun abilities (Muradin's Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt, for instance) that Smelling Salts Icon Smelling Salts can definitely become a viable alternative choice. At Level 20, both Heroic upgrades are strong choices. However, the additional damage and, more importantly, the additional protection makes Armored Stance Icon Armored Stance a solid alternative.


Level 1 Talents for Ana

Ana Contact Healing
Contact Healing (Level 1) Ana

Biotic Grenade heals for 30% more per allied and enemy Hero hit.

Ana Slumber Shells
Slumber Shells (Level 1) Ana

Reduce the cooldown of Sleep Dart by 4 seconds. Upon waking, enemy Heroes are Slowed by 25% for 3 seconds.

Ana Vampiric Rounds
Vampiric Rounds (Level 1) Ana

Quest: Stack 5 Doses on an enemy Hero or Basic Attack a Hero with 5 Doses.

Reward: Stack 5 Doses to increase Shrike's healing by 0.75%.

Reward: Basic Attack a Hero with 5 Doses to increase Shrike's healing by 0.25%.



Contact Healing Icon Contact Healing is a powerful talent during team fights with several Heroes—regardless of friend or foe—clumping next to each other. Biotic Enhancements Icon Biotic Enhancements' cooldown reduction at Level 4 makes this talent even better.

Vampiric Rounds Icon Vampiric Rounds seems weak at first glance, however, after successfully completing several Quest stacks, Ana's power level increases significantly. The value of additional self healing should not be underestimated on a Hero that has no real escape mechanism.

Slumber Shells Icon Slumber Shells's reward is too unreliable, since hitting Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart cannot be guaranteed all of the time. Even if the Dart hits enemies, the Movement Speed increase does not justify neglecting the extra healing from the other Level 1 talents.


Level 4 Talents for Ana

Ana Biotic Enhancements
Biotic Enhancements (Level 4) Ana

Increase the bonus healing duration of Biotic Grenade by 50% and reduce its cooldown by 2 seconds.

Ana Overdose
Overdose (Level 4) Ana

Sleep Dart applies 4 Doses. While Aim Down Sights is active, Sleep Dart pierces all enemy Heroes.

Ana Debilitating Dart ?
Debilitating Dart (Level 4) Ana
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Activate to fire a dart which Slows the Movement Speed and reduces the damage dealt by the first enemy Hero it hits by 50% for 4 seconds.



Biotic Enhancements Icon Biotic Enhancements causes Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade to have a lower cooldown, which is particularly useful if you go for a Grenade Build in the first place. The resulting synergy with talents like Contact Healing Icon Contact Healing at Level 1 and Anti-Healer Icon Anti-Healer at Level 7 turns Ana into a quite potent AoE healer.

Overdose Icon Overdose's reward is very strong if combined with Shrike Icon Shrike's activated Aim Down Sights component, which allows the Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart to hit up to 2 enemy Heroes and Vampiric Rounds Icon Vampiric Rounds, which can help acquiring more Quest stacks.

Debilitating Dart Icon Debilitating Dart is not a bad talent per se and still remains a solid yet situational choice against aggressive Assassins and Warriors who could pressure you otherwise.


Level 7 Talents for Ana

Ana Anti-Healer
Anti-Healer (Level 7) Ana

Increase the area of Biotic Grenade by 25% and the duration of the healing reduction by 25%.

Ana Night Terrors
Night Terrors (Level 7) Ana

Gain 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds for every Hero hit by Sleeping Dart. Upon waking, enemy Heroes take 10% of their Maximum Health in damage.

Ana Mind-Numbing Agent
Mind-Numbing Agent (Level 7) Ana

Every Dose a Hero has reduces their Spell Power by 10%.



Anti-Healer Icon Anti-Healer works very well with Biotic Enhancements Icon Biotic Enhancements' cooldown reduction at Level 4. The increased radius and duration on the anti-healing component makes it a formidable choice if the enemy team features a Support like Rehgar (with Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing) whose healing output can be severly crippled by a well-timed Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade.

Mind-Numbing Agent Icon Mind-Numbing Agent is a great talent if the enemy team features multiple Mages. But even without a lot of spell damage in their ranks, Numbing Agents will cripple enemy Heroes significantly. The best part about this talent is the fact that it gets applied passively, which makes it very reliable.

Night Terrors Icon Night Terrors comes with good looking rewards at first glance, however, the actual value from them remains questionable. The damage bonus is too little to be relevant and the cooldown reduction on Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart more of then than not will not make a big difference in team fights.


Level 10 Talents for Ana

Ana Nano Boost
Nano Boost (Level 10) Ana
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

Instantly boost an allied Hero, restoring 200 Mana. For the next 8 seconds, they gain 30% Spell Power and their Basic Ability cooldowns recharge 150% faster.

Cannot be used on Ana.

Ana Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus (Level 10) Ana
  • Mana: 45
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Assume a sniping position, gaining the ability to fire up to 6 specialized rounds with unlimited range. Rounds pierce allied and enemy Heroes but collide with enemy Structures in their path. Allies are healed for 225 (+4% per level) and enemies are damaged for 135 (+4% per level). Deals 50% less damage to Structures.

Ana is unable to move while Eye of Horus is active.



Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost is the ultimate weapon when your team features one or several ability damage heavy Assassins like Alarak, Kael'thas, or Kel'Thuzad in your roster. Since the ability comes with a relatively long duration of 8 seconds, make sure to cast it at the beginning of a team fight rather than keeping it for too long.

Eye of Horus Icon Eye of Horus is an interesting Heroic Ability since it allows Ana to heal allies and damage opponents from anywhere on the map. We generally recommend this ability if you notice that your team requires additional burst healing during team fights. However, the global range comes with a major drawback: it forces Ana to temporarily take on a stationary position, rendering her vulnerable to any form of crowd control and damage.


Level 13 Talents for Ana

Ana Speed Serum ?
Speed Serum (Level 13) Ana

Healing Dart grants 25% Movement Speed to affected Heroes for 1 seconds.

Ana Purifying Darts ?
Purifying Darts (Level 13) Ana

Healing Dart removes Roots and Slows from the target, and heals for 20% more when doing so.

Ana Smelling Salts ?
Smelling Salts (Level 13) Ana

Healing Dart removes Stuns from the target, and grants them 50 Armor for 2 seconds when doing so.



Speed Serum Icon Speed Serum is a solid all-round talent. Increased Movement Speed is something every ally will find useful. As a rule of thumb, choose this talent if you are not entirely sure what to pick.

Purifying Darts Icon Purifying Darts is worth taking if the enemy team features multiple sources of Slows and Roots like Arthas or Jaina.

Smelling Salts Icon Smelling Salts gets massive value against compositions that feature several Heroes with Stun abilities.


Level 16 Talents for Ana

Ana Sharpshooter
Sharpshooter (Level 16) Ana

Healing Dart's healing is increased by 5% if it heals a Hero, up to 50%. This bonus is reset if Healing Dart fails to hit a Hero.

Ana Concentrated Doses
Concentrated Doses (Level 16) Ana

Increase Healing Dart's healing by 10% for each Dose active on enemy Heroes.

Ana Active Reload
Active Reload (Level 16) Ana

Activate to instantly gain 3 charges of Healing Dart.



Sharpshooter Icon Sharpshooter can be a risky but very rewarding choice, since it requires Ana to consecutively hit Healing Dart Icon Healing Dart. Missing only one is enough to lose all but if several Healing Darts connect, especially while Shrike Icon Shrike's Aim Down Sights is active, the additional healing makes it very hard for the enemy team to take down allies.

Concentrated Doses Icon Concentrated Doses has great synergy with Overdose Icon Overdose at Level 4, as it allows you to immediately generate 3 Doses, increasing Ana's healing by 30%.

Active Reload Icon Active Reload comes with a very long cooldown of 60 seconds. If used timely in a team fight, however, Ana is able to spam several Healing Dart Icon Healing Darts in quick succession to potentially save allies in need.


Level 20 Talents for Ana

Ana Nano Infusion
Nano Infusion (Level 20) Ana

Allies affected by Nano Boost heal for 50% of Spell Damage dealt.

Ana Deadeye ?
Deadeye (Level 20) Ana

Increase Eye Of Horus' healing and damage by 4% for every Hero hit. This bonus resets after all shots have been fired.

Ana Armored Stance
Armored Stance (Level 20) Ana

Increase Shrike's damage by 50%. While Aim Down Sights is active, gain 25 Armor.

Ana Dynamic Optics ?
Dynamic Optics (Level 20) Ana

Basic Attacks increase Attack Speed by 10% for 3 seconds, up to 100%. While Aim Down Sights is active, increase your Basic Attack Range by 4.



Nano Infusion Icon Nano Infusion is a good and straightforward talent with no downsides. The additional healing it provides can help to ensure the allied target's survival which enables a more aggressive playstyle to deliver as many empowered abilities as possible.

Armored Stance Icon Armored Stance provides Ana with much needed self protection while Shrike Icon Shrike's Aim Down Sights is active while also causing her Basic Attacks to inflict more poison damage on enemies.

Dynamic Optics Icon Dynamic Optics is a relatively safe choice. The bonus Attack Speed is a solid boon to spread Shrike Icon Shrike reliably and the additional Attack Range allows her to stay away from enemy Warriors and Assassins more easily.

Deadeye Icon Deadeye's extra damage and healing only occurs if additional Heroes are hit, which cannot always be guaranteed. However, in clustered late game team fights, this talent can unfold a lot of value, which is why we label it a situational choice if Eye of Horus Icon Eye of Horus was picked at Level 10.



  • 03 Jun. 2019: Changed Eye of Horus from Situational to Recommended and updated the talent builds accordingly.
  • 13 Feb. 2019: Updated Ana's talents and builds in accordance with the latest rework.
  • 07 Mar. 2018: Updated Ana's Talent Builds in accordance with the most recent balanced update.
  • 29 Jan. 2018: Overdose is now Recommended and Aim Down Sights is now Not Recommended as intended.
  • 13 Oct. 2017: Changed Dynamic Shooting from Not Recommended to Recommended and fixed Overdose's description.
  • 29 Sep. 2017: Updated talent builds and descriptions after further playtesting.
  • 28 Sep. 2017: Added talent discussions.
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