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Welcome to our Talents page for Deckard Cain. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Deckard Cain's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Deckard Cain's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Scroll of Identify ? Field Study ? Sapphire
4 Potion of Shielding Rejuvenation Potion Ruby ?
7 Cube Mastery ? Kanai's Cube Emerald ?
10 Stay Awhile and Listen Lorenado ?
13 Super Healing Potion Potion of Revival Ancient Blessings ?
16 Scroll of Stone Curse ? Safety in Numbers Horadric Staff ?
20 Respect the Elderly Morenados! Bottomless Flask Perfect Gems ?

Deckard Cain's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Standard Build

Level 1 Sapphire Icon Field Study Icon ?
Level 4 Potion of Shielding Icon Rejuvenation Potion Icon ? Ruby Icon ?
Level 7 Kanai's Cube Icon Cube Mastery Icon ?
Level 10 Stay Awhile and Listen Icon
Level 13 Super Healing Potion Icon
Level 16 Safety in Numbers Icon Scroll of Stone Curse Icon ? Horadric Staff Icon ?
Level 20 Respect the Elderly Icon Bottomless Flask Icon ? Perfect Gems Icon ?

This standard build provides superior crowd control and burst healing. Horadric Cube Icon Horadric Cube-related Talents allow you to both aggressively setup and follow up while Healing Potion Icon Healing Potion-related Talents keep your teammates alive and happy.


Level 1 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Scroll of Identify ?
Scroll of Identify (Level 1) Diablo Deckard Cain

Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with Scroll of Sealing reveals them for 8 seconds.

Reward: After hitting 14 Heroes, Scroll of Sealing also reduces Armor of Heroes hit by 15 for 4 seconds and the reveal duration is doubled.

Deckard Cain Field Study ?
Field Study (Level 1) Diablo Deckard Cain

Each enemy Hero hit by Scroll of Sealing grants 20% Spell Power for 16 seconds, up to 40%.

Deckard Cain Sapphire
Sapphire (Level 1) Diablo Deckard Cain
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to increase the damage of the next Horadric Cube by 100% and its slow by 30%.

Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.

This Talent tier focuses on improving Deckard's crowd control.

Scroll of Identify Icon Scroll of Identify is Deckard's most offensive option at this Talent tier. The Quest Armor reduction tied to Scroll of Identify's Quest is also powerful for aggressive team compositions that are able to capitalise on the effect and seek to pick off and burst a specific target. Tanks such as Artanis, Diablo, Dehaka, E.T.C., and Garrosh can very easily enable such strategies. It should be noted that this effect exceptionally functions against Structures as well, which is unusual. The Talent's long reveal effect of the Talent also has niche use against Valeera, as she relies heavily on in-combat Stealth

Field Study Icon Field Study is a balanced Talent that provides Deckard with a a respectable healing power increase as well as a bit of offensive power, particularly when combined with the Level 16 Scroll of Stone Curse Icon Scroll of Stone Curse Talent.

Sapphire Icon Sapphire makes Horadric Cube Icon Horadric Cube's movement speed reduction effect very potent, to the point where it allows you to secure powerful Scroll Of Sealing Icon Scroll Of Sealing hits.


Level 4 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Potion of Shielding
Potion of Shielding (Level 4) Diablo Deckard Cain

Whenever an ally is healed by a Healing Potion, they gain a 122 (+4% per level) Shield for 6 seconds.

Deckard Cain Rejuvenation Potion
Rejuvenation Potion (Level 4) Diablo Deckard Cain

Healing Potions restore 10 Mana and heal for an additional 108 (+4% per level) over 4 seconds.

Deckard Cain Ruby ?
Ruby (Level 4) Diablo Deckard Cain
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Activate to increase the damage of the next Horadric Cube by 100% and it spawns 3 Lesser Healing Potions from each enemy Hero hit, healing allied Heroes for 250 (+4% per level) when picked up. Lesser Healing Potions last for 10 seconds.

Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.

This Talent tier focuses on situationally improving Deckard's healing output.

Potion of Shielding Icon Potion of Shielding increases Deckard's combat healing output by approximately 37%, ranking this Talent one of the largest improvement to any Ability. The fact that this increase is tied to a Shielding effect, however, means that this does not represent an increase to Deckard's sustaining power. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Shielding effect does not stack, being merely refreshed to its full amount and duration by Healing Potion Icon Healing Potion. As such, Potion of Shielding is most effective against team compositions that feature plenty of burst damage. Against two Tanks or Healers, Rejuvenation Potion Icon Rejuvenation Potion should be picked instead.

Rejuvenation Potion Icon Rejuvenation Potion increases Deckard's sustained healing on top of providing precious Mana for longer fights. Although Rejuvenation Potion provides less instantaneous value than Potion of Shielding Icon Potion of Shielding, it has the significant advantage of providing out-of-combat sustain, making this Talent more versatile, although less powerful.

Ruby Icon Ruby's niche use lies in providing burst healing to dive-heavy team compositions; using Ruby before following up with Horadric Cube Icon Horadric Cube allows you to provide significant burst healing to your frontline when it is most exposed.


Level 7 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Cube Mastery ?
Cube Mastery (Level 7) Diablo Deckard Cain

Reduce the Mana cost of Scroll of Sealing from 40 to 25. Each enemy Hero hit by Horadric Cube reduces the cooldown of Scroll of Sealing by 4 seconds.

Deckard Cain Kanai's Cube
Kanai's Cube (Level 7) Diablo Deckard Cain

Horadric Cube reduces Hero damage dealt by 30% for 4 seconds.

Deckard Cain Emerald ?
Emerald (Level 7) Diablo Deckard Cain
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to increase the damage of the next Horadric Cube by 100% and have it reduce the healing received of enemy Heroes by 75% for 4 seconds.

Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.

This Talent tier provides Deckard with matchup-specific utility.

Cube Mastery Icon Cube Mastery improves Deckard's ability to follow up by providing a reasonable Cooldown reduction to Scroll Of Sealing Icon Scroll Of Sealing. Cube Mastery should be picked if you do not feel threatened by melee Assassins or general burst damage.

Kanai's Cube Icon Kanai's Cube provides Deckard with a potent and reliable damage reduction effect. Combined with Deckard's Armor, Kanai's Cube makes Deckard one of the hardest Healers to kill for melee Heroes.

Emerald Icon Emerald has niche use against Heroes who rely on large healing Cooldowns. Notable examples include Alexstrasza (Life-Binder Icon Life-Binder, albeit rare), Dehaka (Adaptation Icon Adaptation), and Rehgar (Ancestral Healing Icon Ancestral Healing). Emerald requires you to hold on to Horadric Cube Icon Horadric Cube until the perfect moment, which may require discipline but can pay off significantly by outright securing kills.


Level 10 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Stay Awhile and Listen
Stay Awhile and Listen (Level 10) Diablo Deckard Cain
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

After 1 second, Channel for 3 seconds, putting enemy Heroes in front of Deckard to Sleep while Channeling, and for 2 seconds after.

Enemies can only be put to Sleep once per cast, and Sleep's effects end instantly if they take damage.

Deckard Cain Lorenado ?
Lorenado (Level 10) Diablo Deckard Cain
  • Mana: 35
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Vector Targeting

After 1 second, create a twirling tome tornado that travels towards the targeted direction, continually knocking away enemies that come into contact with it.

At this Level, Heroic abilities become available. Both Heroic Abilities have already been described in the abilities section.

Stay Awhile and Listen Icon Stay Awhile and Listen provides Deckard with a powerful but situational area of effect crowd control effect. Due to the Sleep effect being canceled by damage, a best-case scenario for this Ability is to hit every Hero able to interrupt you while your teammates focus down whatever is left awake. This means that Stay Awhile and Listen should not be used mid-teamfight unless the backline can also be hit; Healers with long healing Cooldowns such as Auriel, Rehgar, and Uther are also important targets to consider as it prevents them from exploiting important protection timings. In an uncoordinated environment, Stay Awhile and Listen is more likely to be used as a defensive tool to peel melee Heroes away from you or other fragile teammates.

Lorenado Icon Lorenado is a versatile but peculiar Ability which seeks to disrupt your opponents' plan. Its main use is preventing players from moving where they may want to go. Examples include Mercenary Camp capture points, tight corridors leading to you or other teammates, escape paths (notably, Gates), and Map Objectives. Lorenado can also be used to push enemies into Scroll Of Sealing Icon Scroll Of Sealing's area of effect. By remaining near Lorenado, you can make yourself very difficult to approach for melee Heroes for its duration. Lorenado works well on Maps that feature multiple choke points such as Braxis Holdout, Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror, Infernal Shrines, and Volskaya Foundry.


Level 13 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Super Healing Potion
Super Healing Potion (Level 13) Diablo Deckard Cain

If a Healing Potion isn't picked up for at least 2 seconds, it heals for 120% more.

Deckard Cain Potion of Revival
Potion of Revival (Level 13) Diablo Deckard Cain

When a Healing Potion is picked up, it also heals all nearby allied Heroes for 50% of the healing amount.

Deckard Cain Ancient Blessings ?
Ancient Blessings (Level 13) Diablo Deckard Cain
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate Fortitude of the Faithful to empower nearby allied Hero Basic Attacks for 8 seconds, causing them to deal an additional 62 (+4% per level) damage in an area and heal for 90 (+4% per level) for each Hero hit. This effect can only occur once per second.

This Talent tier focuses on improving Deckard's healing output.

Super Healing Potion Icon Super Healing Potion is an easy-to-use way of improving Deckard's sustained healing and combat healing, provided you set up Healing Potion Icon Healing Potion ahead of time to give them time to mature. This is particularly important to do on Maps that feature telegraphed Map Objectives, which indicate where future fights will occur. It is worth noting that Super Healing Potion works with Bottomless Flask Icon Bottomless Flask.

Potion of Revival Icon Potion of Revival's area of effect is too small for the Talent to be realistically useful for most team compositions. However, rare compositions featuring four melee Heroes may be able to benefit from this Talent, particularly when combined with Ruby Icon Ruby. Otherwise, consider other options.

Ancient Blessings Icon Ancient Blessings provides both damage and healing, and particularly to Heroes who rely mainly on Basic Attacks. If your team composition features more than two Ability-reliant Heroes and Healers, including Deckard himself, Ancient Blessings may not get much value. It is worth noting that the effect has an internal Cooldown of one second so as to prevent fast attackers from abusing the effect.


Level 16 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Scroll of Stone Curse ?
Scroll of Stone Curse (Level 16) Diablo Deckard Cain

Scroll of Sealing deals 200% more damage when hitting at least 2 Heroes.

Deckard Cain Safety in Numbers
Safety in Numbers (Level 16) Diablo Deckard Cain

If at least 3 allied Heroes are nearby, Fortitude of the Faithful grants an additional 15 Armor, 50% Mana Regeneration per second, and causes Deckard's Basic Abilities to recharge an additional 50% faster.

Deckard Cain Horadric Staff ?
Horadric Staff (Level 16) Diablo Deckard Cain

Every 5 seconds, Deckard's next Basic Attack Stuns Heroes for 0.75 seconds.

This Talent tier focuses on improving Deckard's utility.

Scroll of Stone Curse Icon Scroll of Stone Curse provides Deckard with a significant amount of burst damage, provided you have the necessary setup to reliably hit with Scroll Of Sealing Icon Scroll Of Sealing. As a purely offensive Talent, Scroll of Stone Curse should only be considered if you do not feel threatened.

Safety in Numbers Icon Safety in Numbers makes Deckard significantly harder to kill on top of increasing his offensive and healing capabilities. Its condition, however, requires you to watch your positioning carefully to maximise the Talent's effects. Be sure to inform your teammates of your use of Safety in Numbers as well. The Talent should be avoided when playing with Abathur, Cho'gall, The Lost Vikings, or Murky, however, as these Heroes provide poor Fortitude of the Faithful Icon Fortitude of the Faithful uptime.

Horadric Staff Icon Horadric Staff provides Deckard with on-demand crowd control, given he is within melee range of his target. As such, this Talent finds a niche as a soft self-peeling tool against melee Assassins, when Safety in Numbers Icon Safety in Numbers is not viable. Key targets include Genji, Tracer, and Zeratul, whose rotation can be completely disrupted by an unforeseen Stun.


Level 20 Talents for Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain Respect the Elderly
Respect the Elderly (Level 20) Diablo Deckard Cain

Stay Awhile and Listen Silences and Blinds enemies for 3 seconds upon waking up from Sleep.

Deckard Cain Morenados!
Morenados! (Level 20) Diablo Deckard Cain

Lorenado's cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds every time an enemy Hero is knocked back. This effect can only occur once per 0.5 seconds.

Deckard Cain Bottomless Flask
Bottomless Flask (Level 20) Diablo Deckard Cain

After use, Healing Potions recharge after 8 seconds.

Deckard Cain Perfect Gems ?
Perfect Gems (Level 20) Diablo Deckard Cain

Reduce the cooldown of all Gems to 5 seconds and the cooldown of Horadric Cube by 6 seconds.

This Talent tier focuses on greatly improving Deckard's utility.

Respect the Elderly Icon Respect the Elderly turns Stay Awhile and Listen Icon Stay Awhile and Listen into one of the most powerful crowd control effect. The Talent's main advantage is that of making interrupting Stay Awhile and listen much less of a downside, thus allowing you to use the Ability in the middle of combat and still find value.

Although potentially disruptive, Morenados! Icon Morenados! does little to compete with its very powerful alternatives.

Bottomless Flask Icon Bottomless Flask changes the way you can use Healing Potion Icon Healing Potion, as permanent Potions can then be scattered to points of interest to allow Deckard to provide healing regardless of his position. To give an example, two Potions could be thrown by a Boss to allow any Hero to solo it. Potions could also be used to allow certain Heroes, such as Samuro, to split push. Simply make sure to not replace older Potions by throwing new ones without purpose. This Talent works well on larger Maps where Heroes tend to be more independent such as Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror, and Warhead Junction.

Perfect Gems Icon Perfect Gems allows you to use Gems (Sapphire Icon Sapphire, Ruby Icon Ruby, and Emerald Icon Emerald) much more often, on top of providing Horadric Cube Icon Horadric Cube with a significant Cooldown reduction. Perfect Gems works well with Ruby and Kanai's Cube Icon Kanai's Cube, and particularly if Lorenado Icon Lorenado was picked as well, as the outstanding Respect the Elderly Icon Respect the Elderly becomes unavailable.



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