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Auriel Abilities and Strategy

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General Information

Welcome to our Abilities page for Auriel. Here, we give you an overview of every ability in Auriel's kit. For each of them, we explain what it does, how to best use it, and how it works in combination with Auriel's other abilities. We also give you strategy tips to play Auriel efficiently.


Auriel's Tips and Tricks

  • Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep gives you good waveclear, and decent damage in team fights. Use it to build up Energy whenever it is available.
  • Try to get the most value out of your Energy by casting Ray of Heaven Icon Ray of Heaven on multiple allies.
  • Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike can be a great tool to setup kills in tight corridors; however, do not hesitate to use it just to peel pursuing enemies.
  • Be aware of your allies and move Bestow Hope Icon Bestow Hope to an ally who is positioning to deal damage.
  • Like other Stasis effects, Crystal Aegis Icon Crystal Aegis can be used to save allies from targeted Abilities.

Sacred Sweep

Auriel Sacred Sweep
Sacred Sweep (Q) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Sweep the area with sacred power, dealing 40 (+4% per level) damage to enemies and an additional 160 (+4% per level) damage to enemies caught in the center.

Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep can be used efficiently for waveclear, as it is a resource generator and has a reasonably low cooldown. Use against Heroes yields more Energy, just keep in mind that you will be immobilised while briefly channeling the sweep. You should only cast this in team fights when you will be safe during the brief channel.

When learning how to use the Ability, it can be good practice to only take Increasing Clarity Icon Increasing Clarity to augment it. This will have you focus on landing the center area on enemy Heroes without assistance. Once you are comfortable with the skillshot from repeating this a few times, you can take off the training weights by using Majestic Span Icon Majestic Span and Converging Force Icon Converging Force for a huge performance increase.

Sacred Sweep can also be specialised for utility over damage. Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash can be absolutely devastating to enemy team compositions that somewhat rely on Basic Attack damage. Pair this with Swift Sweep Icon Swift Sweep if the enemy Basic Attackers are highly mobile, or with Righteous Assault Icon Righteous Assault when you do not need the increased cast speed.


Ray of Heaven

Auriel Ray of Heaven
Ray of Heaven (W) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Consume Auriel's stored energy and heal allied Heroes in the area for the amount of energy consumed.

Try to get the most value out of your Energy by casting Ray of Heaven on more than one Hero at a time. You should include yourself in the AoE when it is beneficial to do so. After grouping for a heal, move away from your allies a bit to avoid setting up the enemy team for AoE damage on multiple targets.


Detainment Strike

Auriel Detainment Strike
Detainment Strike (E) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Deal 55 (+4% per level) damage to the first enemy Hero hit and knock them back. If they collide with terrain, they are also stunned for 1.25 seconds and take an additional 165 (+4% per level) damage.

Look for enemy Heroes who are near terrain features that you can push them into. Terrain generated by Heroes (such as Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall, Force Wall Icon Force Wall, or Entomb Icon Entomb) can also proc Detainment Strike collisions. Detainment Strike can be a great tool to setup kills in tight corridors. Although much of its power comes from the stun, do not hesitate to use it to peel pursuing enemies away from you or your allies.



Auriel Resurrect
Resurrect (R) Diablo Auriel
  • Heroic
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds

Channel on the spirit of a dead ally for 1 second. After a 5 second delay, they are brought back to life with 100% of their maximum Health at the location where they died.

Auriel can use this ability while dead to resurrect herself.

Resurrect Icon Resurrect is good in matchups where you will often win teamfights, but take casualties in the process. It is great with Heroes who do something beneficial when they die, like Tyrael. With Angelic Flight Icon Angelic Flight at level 20 you will be able to sneak and revive allies who will have large death timers at that stage of the game.

Resurrect can also help stave off defeat in games where teammates are not on the same page. If you find that your team is often down a player before objectives, consider taking Resurrect. This will allow your team to contest the objectives on even footing. Be aware that Resurrect's revive effect does not deny the enemy team the original kill experience; and if used poorly, can result in unintentional feeding.


Crystal Aegis

Auriel Crystal Aegis
Crystal Aegis (R) Diablo Auriel
  • Heroic
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Place an allied Hero into Stasis for 2 seconds. Upon expiration, Crystal Aegis deals 255 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby enemies.

Crystal Aegis Icon Crystal Aegis is the go-to Heroic Ability for Auriel. It will allow you to save teammates (and yourself) from a variety of negative effects, including death. The main advantage to Crystal Aegis over Resurrect is that you can save an ally without allowing the enemy team to get any kill experience. Resurrected allies can sometimes die a second time, in which case the enemy team would get two kills instead of the one they would get from a failed save attempt from Crystal Aegis. Crystal Aegis also provides a large damage field upon expiration which will either serve to deter enemy Heroes away from your target, or deal a large amount of damage to them.


Bestow Hope (Trait)

Auriel Bestow Hope
Bestow Hope (D) Diablo Auriel
  • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Passive: 60% of the damage Auriel deals to Heroes and 20% dealt to non-Heroes is stored as energy.

Bestow an allied Hero with Hope. While they remain near Auriel, 30% of their damage to Heroes and 10% of their damage to non-Heroes is converted to energy. Auriel can only have Bestow Hope on 1 ally at a time.

Auriel can store up to 475 (+4% per level) energy.

Bestow Hope should always be placed on the ally who is positioned to deal the most damage. If your Bestow Hope target retreats or if another ally becomes able to deal more damage, you should move Bestow Hope to them. This Ability is your main tool for gathering Energy to heal your team, and should be used to farm that Energy as efficiently as possible.



  • 29 Aug. 2019: Guide reviewed following balance patch.
  • 16 May 2017: Updated Detainment Strike's discussion to make it clear that it can proc on terrain generated by Heroes.
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