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Welcome to our Talents page for Stukov. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Stukov's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Stukov's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Fetid Touch ? Low Blow ? Reactive Ballistospores ?
4 One Good Spread... Biotic Armor Vigorous Reuptake ?
7 The Long Pitch ? Growing Infestation ? Targeted Excision ?
10 Flailing Swipe ? Massive Shove
13 It Hungers Virulent Reaction Poppin' Pustules ?
16 Superstrain ? Universal Carrier ✘︎ Pox Populi
20 Controlled Chaos ? Push Comes To Shove ? Top Off ? Bio-Explosion Switch ✘︎

Stukov's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Lurking Arms Build

Level 1 Low Blow Icon
Level 4 Biotic Armor Icon Vigorous Reuptake Icon ? One Good Spread... Icon ?
Level 7 Growing Infestation Icon
Level 10 Massive Shove Icon Flailing Swipe Icon ?
Level 13 It Hungers Icon Virulent Reaction Icon ?
Level 16 Superstrain Icon Pox Populi Icon ?
Level 20 Top Off Icon

The Lurking Arms build focuses on backing up your team with additional CC. This build shines if your team composition consists of heroes with reliable CC, allowing you to get the full duration of Growing Infestation Icon Growing Infestation in and helping secure enemy hero kills.

Standard Bio-kill Build

Level 1 Reactive Ballistospores Icon Fetid Touch Icon ?
Level 4 Biotic Armor Icon One Good Spread... Icon ? Vigorous Reuptake Icon ?
Level 7 Targeted Excision Icon
Level 10 Massive Shove Icon Flailing Swipe Icon ?
Level 13 Virulent Reaction Icon
Level 16 Pox Populi Icon
Level 20 Push Comes To Shove Icon Controlled Chaos Icon ? Top Off Icon ?

The Standard Bio-kill build focuses on enhancing Stukovs trait. Reactive Ballistospores Icon Reactive Ballistospores and Fetid Touch Icon Fetid Touch are both situational and the correct talent depends on the enemy team composition. If they have dive heroes, Reactive Ballistospores is the correct talent, if not Spine Launcher would be recommended. Targeted Excision Icon Targeted Excision will allow Stukov to use his trait more often, resulting in both more healing and damage/CC through Weighted Pustule. The level 20 talents are situational and most of the times you can pick the upgrade to your level 10 heroic ability.

ARAM Build

Level 1 Fetid Touch Icon
Level 4 Biotic Armor Icon
Level 7 The Long Pitch Icon
Level 10 Massive Shove Icon
Level 13 Virulent Reaction Icon
Level 16 Universal Carrier Icon
Level 20 Top Off Icon

The ARAM Build focuses having an endless supply of Healing Pathogen's up and running through Universal Carrier, simultaneously providing 10 armor on top of it.


Level 1 Talents for Stukov

Stukov Fetid Touch ?
Fetid Touch (Level 1) Starcraft Stukov

Basic Attacks become ranged and Slow enemies by 20% for 1.5 seconds, but deal 35% less damage. This effect can be toggled.

Quest: Hit Heroes with Weighted Pustule.

Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes, reduce the cooldown of Weighted Pustule by 5 seconds and remove its Mana cost.

Stukov Low Blow ?
Low Blow (Level 1) Starcraft Stukov

Lurking Arm deals 100% more damage to enemy Heroes below 50% Health and persists for 1 second after it is canceled.

Stukov Reactive Ballistospores ?
Reactive Ballistospores (Level 1) Starcraft Stukov

While below 50% Health, the cooldown of Bio-Kill Switch refreshes 100% faster.

Activate to instantly spread a Weighted Pustule to all nearby enemy Heroes and reset the cooldown of Bio-Kill Switch.

This effect has a 75 second cooldown.



Fetid Touch Icon Fetid Touch can greatly reduce the cooldown of Weighted Pustule Icon Weighted Pustule, and completely remove the Mana cost. It also has the added functionality of adding a Slow to your Basic Attacks and turning it into a ranged attack which will increase the number of times you are able to apply Basic Attacks during a match. Although it reduces damage on paper, it will open up many more opportunities to deal damage safely. Follow-up Basic Attacks will be easier to deliver thanks to the Slow that this Talent provides.

Reactive Ballistospores Icon Reactive Ballistospores's primary benefit is that it resets Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch. Because Bio-Kill Switch is your main tool for healing allies, this Talent can be very strong. This Talent can be a slight deterrent for enemy melee Heroes who may wish to dive Stukov.

Low Blow Icon Low Blow is a good option to take at Level 1 if you plan to build around Lurking Arm. Its effect is pretty straightforward, but very helpful during team fights in tight corridors.


Level 4 Talents for Stukov

Stukov One Good Spread...
One Good Spread... (Level 4) Starcraft Stukov

After a Healing Pathogen infests 3 targets, restore 10 Mana and reduce the cooldown of Healing Pathogen by 2 seconds.

Stukov Biotic Armor
Biotic Armor (Level 4) Starcraft Stukov

Healing Pathogen grants 10 Physical Armor to targets while active on them. Detonating Bio-Kill Switch increases this bonus to 50 for 2.5 seconds.

Stukov Vigorous Reuptake ?
Vigorous Reuptake (Level 4) Starcraft Stukov

Bio-Kill Switch heals for 30% more when detonating 3 or more Healing Pathogens.



One Good Spread... Icon One Good Spread... is a great way to increase your healing output during the early game, but requires you to have more than one teammate nearby. With Healing Pathogen on your allies more often, you will have more windows of opportunity for Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch. This is exceedingly useful, as Bio-Kill Switch has a relatively long cooldown.

Biotic Armor Icon Biotic Armor is a great Talent that allows you to provide Physical Armor to all allies affected by Healing Pathogen. The Physical Armor value is greatly increased for a short time whenever Bio-Kill Switch is activated. This can help your frontline mitigate damage while engaging, or help you save allies who are being focused with Basic Attacks. Universal Carrier Icon Universal Carrier is very good with Biotic Armor, because it helps you keep Physical Armor on any nearby allies almost constantly.

Vigorous Reuptake Icon Vigorous Reuptake increases Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch healing when conditions are met, which can be useful if you need more burst healing during team fights. In order to ensure that you trigger the bonus healing, it can be helpful to take Universal Carrier Icon Universal Carrier to keep Healing Pathogen on several allies at all times.


Level 7 Talents for Stukov

Stukov The Long Pitch ?
The Long Pitch (Level 7) Starcraft Stukov

Increase the range of Weighted Pustule by 50%. Detonating 2 or more Weighted Pustules causes Stukov's Bio-Kill Switch and Basic Ability cooldowns to recharge 100% faster for 4 seconds.

Stukov Growing Infestation ?
Growing Infestation (Level 7) Starcraft Stukov

Lurking Arm's area expands by 50% over 2.5 seconds, but it cannot be Channeled for longer than 3 seconds.

Stukov Targeted Excision ?
Targeted Excision (Level 7) Starcraft Stukov

Detonating exactly 1 Weighted Pustule (but any number of Healing Pathogens) with Bio-Kill Switch reduces the cooldown of Bio-Kill Switch to 7 seconds and other Basic Abilities by 1.5 seconds.



The Long Pitch Icon The Long Pitch drastically increases the range of Weighted Pustule, and pairs very well with Fetid Touch Icon Fetid Touch. This combination is especially useful when one or more of your allies will benefit from attacking Slowed enemies. This Talent makes it much safer to apply Weighted Pustule to enemies. The cooldown reduction will increase opportunities for Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch detonations, which will help increase your healing and damage.

Growing Infestation Icon Growing Infestation increases the area of Lurking Arm as it is being channeled, but limits the amount of time it can be channeled. This Talent will allow you to Silence more enemy Heroes than normal and has great use with the Lurking Arm Build.

Targeted Excision Icon Targeted Excision will allow you to cast Basic Abilities more often, which can (in theory) increase your healing output. There are a few challenges in executing this strategy, however. You must detonate a single Weighted Pustule in order to proc the cooldown reduction of your Basic Abilities. Furthermore, you must have already applied Healing Pathogen to the allies who need healing. It is not difficult to meet these requirements, but it can make it hard to get maximum effect out of each Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch detonation.


Level 10 Talents for Stukov

Stukov Flailing Swipe ?
Flailing Swipe (Level 10) Starcraft Stukov
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Swipe 3 times in front of Stukov over 1.75 seconds, dealing 48 (+4% per level) damage to enemies hit and knocking them away. Each swipe is larger than the previous.

Stukov Massive Shove
Massive Shove (Level 10) Starcraft Stukov
  • Mana: 50
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Extend Stukov's arm. If it hits an enemy Hero, they are rapidly shoved until they collide with terrain, dealing 190 (+4% per level) damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. Stukov gains 50 Armor while shoving an enemy.



At this Level, you gain access to Heroic Abilities. If you want to read more about them, check the dedicated section in the Abilities and Strategy page.

Flailing Swipe Icon Flailing Swipe is a great way to break up tightly grouped enemies, making it easier for your team to get a pick during team fights. It is also a powerful disengage tool when a fight is not looking favourable for your team.

Massive Shove Icon Massive Shove is an amazing Heroic Ability that can remove an enemy from a team fight completely, in ideal situations. Even in closed in areas, it can be used to knock enemies out of threatening positions and Stun them. While Massive Shove's channel time varies depending on the distance before collision, it will usually take the same amount of time to complete as Flailing Swipe. The primary difference to consider here is that Massive Shove grants 50 Armor while being channeled. Combined with the very short cooldown, these features make it the Heroic to take in most games.


Level 13 Talents for Stukov

Stukov It Hungers
It Hungers (Level 13) Starcraft Stukov

Increase the range of Lurking Arm by 30%. If Lurking Arm damages enemy Heroes 8 times, its cooldown is reset and its Mana cost is refunded.

Stukov Virulent Reaction
Virulent Reaction (Level 13) Starcraft Stukov

Detonating a Weighted Pustule on an enemy who is inside of Lurking Arm Roots them for 1.5 seconds.

Stukov Poppin' Pustules ?
Poppin' Pustules (Level 13) Starcraft Stukov

Detonating Weighted Pustule with Bio-Kill Switch within 1.5 seconds of its expiration increases its damage by 150% and applies its damage and Slow in an area. Enemy Heroes hit have a Weighted Pustule applied to them.



It Hungers Icon It Hungers removes some of the counterplay for Lurking Arm. Normally when Stukov is channeling a well placed Lurking Arm near an Objective, the enemy team is forced to make a choice. They need to either force the Stukov to stop channeling, or concede the Objective. Without this Talent, cancelling Stukov's channel will place Lurking Arm on a full cooldown. With this Talent, Stukov will be able to reposition and quickly recast Lurking Arm.

Virulent Reaction Icon Virulent Reaction provides additional crowd control utility to your kit. It may seem difficult to proc at first, but it is very easy to do. Simply cast Weighted Pustule Icon Weighted Pustule onto an enemy, then channel Lurking Arm Icon Lurking Arm directly under them, and immediately detonate Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch. They will be Rooted, Silenced, and suffering damage over time. This Talent is the reason to pick Stukov and you can single handedly carry a game by triggering this Talent on enemy Heroes.

Poppin' Pustules Icon Poppin' Pustules allows you to detonate Weighted Pustule in an area. You can land Weighted Pustule on several enemy Heroes, and the area damage from the detonation will stack. The successful execution of this technique is a great way to start a team fight. Healing Pathogen is a more important use of Bio-Kill Switch if you are the only Healer on your team. Try to cast and spread Healing Pathogen before Weighted Pustule, so that detonations will accomplish both healing and damage. However in most situations you will want to go with Virulent Reaction as the CC from that Talent can be the difference of killing an enemy Hero or them escaping.


Level 16 Talents for Stukov

Stukov Superstrain ?
Superstrain (Level 16) Starcraft Stukov

Whenever an ally with Healing Pathogen is Stunned or Rooted, they are instantly healed for 300 (+4% per level) Health.

Stukov Universal Carrier ✘︎
Universal Carrier (Level 16) Starcraft Stukov

Healing Pathogen can continually spread through Stukov, but its healing is reduced by 25%.

Stukov Pox Populi
Pox Populi (Level 16) Starcraft Stukov

Bio-Kill Switch no longer removes Healing Pathogen but instead sets its duration to 3 seconds.



Superstrain Icon Superstrain is a good Talent to take against team compositions that have copious amounts of Roots and Stuns. You should always pick this Talent if that is the case.

Universal Carrier Icon Universal Carrier only reduces the healing over time component of Healing Pathogen. Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch healing remains the same. What makes this Talent so good is that you can keep your team primed to receive Bio-Kill Switch Icon Bio-Kill Switch healing as necessary. The 25% heal reduce does hurt Stukov a lot, and because your team will not always be stacked, this Talent sees little use.

Pox Populi Icon Pox Populi refreshes Healing Pathogen duration upon Bio-Kill Switch activation, instead of consuming it. This greatly increases the healing over time component of Healing Pathogen, and allows more freedom in timing Bio-Kill Switch detonations. Pox Populi has amazing synergy with One Good Spread... Icon One Good Spread.... By increasing the duration of Healing Pathogen, you increase the likelihood of procing One Good Spread.


Level 20 Talents for Stukov

Stukov Controlled Chaos ?
Controlled Chaos (Level 20) Starcraft Stukov

Flailing Swipe gains 2 additional charges, but each use only swings 1 time, at maximum range. Additionally, its cooldown is decreased to 25 seconds, and its Mana cost is reduced from 60 to 25.

Stukov Push Comes To Shove ?
Push Comes To Shove (Level 20) Starcraft Stukov

Massive Shove Slows its target by 50% for 4 seconds upon colliding with terrain. If Massive Shove pushes a target for more than 1.25 seconds, its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.

Stukov Top Off ?
Top Off (Level 20) Starcraft Stukov

Healing Pathogen's heal over time is increased by 30% while its target is above 60% Health.

Stukov Bio-Explosion Switch ✘︎
Bio-Explosion Switch (Level 20) Starcraft Stukov

Bio-Kill Switch now also detonates Lurking Arm, dealing 230 (+4% per level) damage, applying a Weighted Pustule, and Silencing enemy Heroes inside for 2.5 seconds.



The cooldown and Mana cost reduction of Controlled Chaos Icon Controlled Chaos has its benefits, however the strength of this Talent comes from being able to control all 3 charges. Most of the time, using a single charge can be enough to disengage from the enemy team.

Push Comes To Shove Icon Push Comes To Shove is usually the best choice to take if you choose Massive Shove at Level 10. You can almost completely reset Massive Shove with well placed casts, which enables you to remove or Stun a second enemy during end game team fights. The strong Slow effect will prevent affected enemies from returning to the fight immediately. This will often result in favourable end game team fights, and greatly increases the likelyhood of victory. Do note that this Talent should only be picked on Maps where you can reliably trigger it. Maps that are big and open like Hanamura Temple are a great place where this Talent can shine.

Top Off Icon Top Off increases the healing-over-time component of Healing Pathogen, and greatly synergizes with Pox Populi Icon Pox Populi. This Talent should be taken if Push Comes To Shove does not have value in your game.

Bio-Explosion Switch Icon Bio-Explosion Switch does not work well with your Fetid Touch plus Lurking Arm combo. Since you want Virulent Reaction to go off, the Silence and damage of Lurking Arm can easily occur for more than 2.5 seconds and 230 damage. Given that your team has CC on top of yours, it will probably last even longer, making this Talent useless.



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