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Welcome to our Talents page for Cassia. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Cassia's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Cassia's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Thunderstroke ? Seraph's Hymn ? Charged Strikes
4 Inner Light ? Ring of the Leech Plate of the Whale
7 Impale War Traveler Surge of Light
10 Ball Lightning Valkyrie
13 Grounding Bolt Thundergod's Vigor ? Lunging Strike ?
16 Pierce ? Penetrate ? Martial Law
20 Infinite Lightning Imprisoning Light Titan's Revenge ?

Cassia's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Lightning Fury Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Thunderstroke Icon
Level 4 Ring of the Leech Icon
Level 7 Impale Icon
Level 10 Ball Lightning Icon
Level 13 Thundergod's Vigor Icon
Level 16 Pierce Icon
Level 20 Infinite Lightning Icon

This Build turns Lightning Fury into an outstanding, spammable poke tool. The playstyle of this build differs greatly from the other two, as you will usually deal damage from a safer range. The primary drawback of this build is the mana cost of Lightning Fury, which is remedied when Thunderstroke Icon Thunderstroke is completed.

Use Lightning Fury on enemy Heroes whenever possible, in order to stack Thunderstroke Icon Thunderstroke quickly. If you cast Lightning Fury perpendicularly toward enemy Gates (before Level 16), the lightning bolts will also damage the Towers and Walls with each cast. Use Impale to finish off low Health enemy Heroes. After you get Pierce Icon Pierce at level 16, you should try to hit as many Heroes as possible with the primary missile of each Lightning Fury.

Charged Strikes Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Charged Strikes Icon
Level 4 Ring of the Leech Icon
Level 7 Impale Icon
Level 10 Ball Lightning Icon
Level 13 Grounding Bolt Icon
Level 16 Martial Law Icon
Level 20 Titan's Revenge Icon

With the Charged Strikes Build, your main "Ability" will be Charged Strikes Icon Charged Strikes. This Talent can deal more sustained damage than any Basic Ability in Cassia's kit. The main drawback of this build is that it requires you to remain within Cassia's short attack range while delivering Basic Attacks.

Use Charged Strikes liberally. It has a low Cooldown, costs no Mana, and the bonus damage is useful even without enemy Heroes nearby. Use Impale Icon Impale to secure kills on low Health enemies. Use Grounding Bolt Icon Grounding Bolt to reliably proc Martial Law Icon Martial Law.

Level 1 Charged Strikes Icon
Level 4 Ring of the Leech Icon
Level 7 Impale Icon
Level 10 Ball Lightning Icon
Level 13 Lunging Strike Icon
Level 16 Penetrate Icon
Level 20 Infinite Lightning Icon

The Fend Build focuses on Talents that improve the performance of Fend Icon Fend. This build gives Fend amazing area of effect damage potential. The main drawback of investing heavily into Fend is that it is a channeled Ability, and can be interrupted by various crowd-controls. Interrupting Fend early can prevent most of its damage, and leave it on a full Cooldown. For this reason, this build is recommended against enemy team compositions that will struggle to interrupt Fend's channel time.

Cast Blinding Light Icon Blinding Light over your intended targets just before you charge at them with Fend Icon Fend; this will ensure that you deal as much damage as possible. You will be unable to cast other Abilities while channeling Fend, so Fend will always be the final cast in your combo. The most lethal Ability chain for this build is to open with Blinding Light, follow with Ball Lightning, and finish with Fend.


Level 1 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Thunderstroke ?
Thunderstroke (Level 1) Diablo Cassia

Quest: Hit Heroes with Lightning Fury.

Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, increase Lightning Fury's damage by 100.

Reward: After hitting 40 Heroes, Lightning Fury gains a 2nd charge and its Mana cost is reduced from 30 to 15.

Cassia Seraph's Hymn ?
Seraph's Hymn (Level 1) Diablo Cassia

Reduce the cooldown and Mana cost of Blinding Light by 33%. Basic Attacks against Blinded enemies deal 100% more damage.

Cassia Charged Strikes
Charged Strikes (Level 1) Diablo Cassia
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Activate to increase Basic Attack damage by 20% and cause Basic Attacks against non-Structures to bounce to nearby enemy Heroes for 8 seconds.



Thunderstroke Icon Thunderstroke is a great Talent if you plan to build around Lightning Fury. The reduced mana cost (upon quest completion) is essential for repeated casting of Lightning Fury. This Talent can get good value on its own, but can be substantially amplified with other Lightning Fury Talents at Levels 13 and 16.

Seraph's Hymn Icon Seraph's Hymn would be great for a Basic Attack playstyle, but it is outclassed by Charged Strikes. Charged Strikes allows you to hit several enemies with each Basic Attack, and its effect lasts much longer than Blinding Light. Seraph's Hymn can be very strong when your team has additional sources of Blind.

Charged Strikes Icon Charged Strikes is a powerful and versatile Talent that costs no mana to activate. This Talent is high impact, and is useful any time you are applying Basic Attacks. The bounces of Charged Strikes count as Basic Attacks in every measurable way; bounces can proc Martial Law Icon Martial Law, and provide Cassia with healing via Ring of the Leech Icon Ring of the Leech.


Level 4 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Inner Light ?
Inner Light (Level 4) Diablo Cassia

Whenever Cassia is Stunned or Rooted, Blinding Light is cast at her location.

This effect has a 6 second cooldown.

Passive: Blinding Light's radius is increased by 25%.

Cassia Ring of the Leech
Ring of the Leech (Level 4) Diablo Cassia

Cassia heals for 25% of the damage she deals to Blinded enemies.

Cassia Plate of the Whale
Plate of the Whale (Level 4) Diablo Cassia

Regenerate 5 Health per second while Avoidance is active.

Quest: For every 5 Basic Attacks absorbed with Avoidance, it regenerates an additional 1 Health per second.

Reward: After absorbing 75 Basic Attacks, increase Cassia's maximum Health by 10%.



Inner Light Icon Inner Light is useful against melee Heroes who Stun or Root their victims, before dealing damage with Basic Attacks. While niche, this Talent can shut down specific Heroes.

Ring of the Leech Icon Ring of the Leech is a powerful and versatile self-sustain option that fits into a variety of builds and playstyles. It is recommended in most situations, as it usually yields more value than the other options at this Level. It helps you sustain while clearning Minions, capturing Mercenaries, and fighting Heroes.

Plate of the Whale Icon Plate of the Whale is a quest Talent that requires poor positioning to complete, and provides less healing than Ring of the Leech Icon Ring of the Leech when completed. It is not currently recommended.


Level 7 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Impale
Impale (Level 7) Diablo Cassia

Enemies below 60% Health take 50% increased damage from Fend.

Cassia War Traveler
War Traveler (Level 7) Diablo Cassia

Cassia gains 8% Movement Speed every 1 second while Avoidance is active, up to 20%. This bonus is reset when Cassia stops moving or uses an Ability.

Cassia Surge of Light
Surge of Light (Level 7) Diablo Cassia

After taking 500 (+4% per level) damage with Avoidance active, Cassia can activate Avoidance to deal 210 (+4% per level) damage to enemies around her.



Impale Icon Impale is of great value, because it considerably increases Cassia's kill potential by itself. This Talent does not conflict with other builds, because none of the other options at this Level are essential to make a build work. There are many times in most games when an enemy Hero drops below 60% before they begin to retreat. With Impale, these scenarios can often result in a takedown.

War Traveler Icon War Traveler provides a decent Movement Speed increase to Cassia while fully stacked. If this Talent increased Cassia's Movement Speed unconditionally, it would still be hard to argue that it offers more value than the kill potential that Impale Icon Impale provides.

Surge of Light Icon Surge of Light is a very interesting Talent that stores damage taken, and can deal half of the the stored damage in an area of effect once fully charged. In theory, you can deal more damage with each cast of this than you need to take in order to charge it. However, this is hard to achieve in practice. Impale currently provides kill potential in more situations, and is recommended over Surge of Light at this time.


Level 10 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning (Level 10) Diablo Cassia
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Throw a ball of lightning at an enemy Hero that bounces up to 6 times between nearby enemy Heroes and Cassia, dealing 180 (+4% per level) damage to enemies hit.

Cassia Valkyrie
Valkyrie (Level 10) Diablo Cassia
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Summon a Valkyrie that rushes to Cassia after 0.75 seconds, pulling the first enemy Hero hit, dealing 225 (+4% per level) damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds at the end of her path. The Valkyrie knocks back all other enemy Heroes in her way.



Ball Lightning Icon Ball Lightning is an amazing Heroic, with a very low Cooldown. It can be used to duel enemy Heroes who are isolated. It is best used after you cast Blinding Light, and just before you cast Fend. This will usually result in the enemy Hero retreating, or dying. In team fights it can be risky to follow up Ball Lightning with Fend, as there will be many enemy Heroes to counter-engage on you. Instead, focus on casting Ball Lightning on enemy Heroes who are tightly grouped up for the team fight. If the enemies disperse in an attempt to stop the Ball Lightning from bouncing, you may be able to pick off an isolated enemy with Fend. If you time Fend correctly, you can sometimes even keep the ball bouncing between the isolated enemy and Cassia.

Valkyrie Icon Valkyrie is a niche Heroic, as its long delay makes it easy to avoid unless the intended target is already controlled. If there are channeled Heroics on the enemy team, Valkyrie can be a great way to interrupt them. In other words, this is most useful as a "Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit-stop". Due to Valkyrie's low cooldown, it performs very well for this purpose. Other than interrupting channeled Heroic Abilities, Valkyrie offers little that Ball Lightning does not do better. Ball Lightning is more reliable, and has much higher damage potential per cast.


Level 13 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Grounding Bolt
Grounding Bolt (Level 13) Diablo Cassia

Lightning Fury Slows enemies hit by 20% for 1.5 seconds.

Cassia Thundergod's Vigor ?
Thundergod's Vigor (Level 13) Diablo Cassia

Enemy Heroes hit by the primary missile of Lightning Fury reduce its cooldown by 1 second.

Cassia Lunging Strike ?
Lunging Strike (Level 13) Diablo Cassia

Increase Fend's range and area by 20%, and its duration by 0.5 seconds.



Grounding Bolt Icon Grounding Bolt serves as a way for Cassia to slow enemies on her own, which is useful for getting value out of Martial Law Icon Martial Law. This makes it a great addition to the Charged Strikes Build, where you will deal the bulk of your damage with Basic Attacks. While it does augment Lightning Fury, it does not increase the damage of a Lightning Fury Build as much as Thundergod's Vigor Icon Thundergod's Vigor.

Thundergod's Vigor Icon Thundergod's Vigor decreases the Cooldown of Lightning Fury for each enemy hit. When combined with Pierce Icon Pierce, a single cast can completely reset Lightning Fury's Cooldown. This Talent makes Lightning Fury poke oppressively frequent, and can force low sustain compositions to retreat from an area. It is important to note that chasing enemy teams outside of the support range of your allies is not recommended on Cassia.

Lunging Strike Icon Lunging Strike is an important component of builds that focus on increasing Fend's damage. Lunging Strike is a good Talent by itself, as it increases the range and duration of Fend. However, it competes with several Talents that are critical to other builds.


Level 16 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Pierce ?
Pierce (Level 16) Diablo Cassia

The primary missile of Lightning Fury now pierces, but splits only when hitting Heroes.

Cassia Penetrate ?
Penetrate (Level 16) Diablo Cassia

Enemies take 3% increased damage from Fend each consecutive hit.

Cassia Martial Law
Martial Law (Level 16) Diablo Cassia

Basic Attacks against Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 3% of the Hero's maximum Health.



Pierce Icon Pierce transforms Lightning Fury into a power house in team fights, as long as other Talents have already been invested toward this goal in advance. Lightning bolts can spawn for each enemy Hero that is hit, resulting in some incredible damage when things play out just right. This Talent changes the way you will use Lightning Fury against non-Heroic entities, as javelin impacts with these will no longer result in lightning bolts. When using Lightning Fury to waveclear with this Talent, it is best to cast it directly in ; line with the Minion wave as it is moving. If the Minions engage something and begin to enter a formation, you will not longer be able to hit all of them with a single cast.

Penetrate Icon Penetrate is an important component of the Fend Build. Penetrate increases Fend's damage over time substantially. If the enemy team is mostly made up of squishy Heroes, it can even be better than Martial Law in the Charged Strikes build.

Martial Law Icon Martial Law is a great way to deal with enemy Heroes who have a large Health pool. The bonus damage of Martial Law can proc from the bounce attacks provided by Charged Strikes Icon Charged Strikes, stacks with the bonus damage from Charged Strikes and Blinding Light Icon Blinding Light, and causes additional healing from Ring of the Leech Icon Ring of the Leech. It is almost always the best option for the Charged Strikes build, unless the enemy team has no bruisers.


Level 20 Talents for Cassia

Cassia Infinite Lightning
Infinite Lightning (Level 20) Diablo Cassia

Ball Lightning can now bounce indefinitely, and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds every time an enemy Hero is hit.

Cassia Imprisoning Light
Imprisoning Light (Level 20) Diablo Cassia

Upon impaling a Hero, Cassia's Valkyrie creates a wave of light that deals 200 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies and Roots them for 3 seconds.

Cassia Titan's Revenge ?
Titan's Revenge (Level 20) Diablo Cassia

Cassia's Basic Attacks now ignore Armor, and her Basic Attack range is increased by 2.



Infinite Lightning Icon Infinite Lightning is a way to improve Ball Lightning. Casting this on the enemy team forces them to either spread out, or lose the team fight. You will usually see enemies spread out when Infinite Lightning is cast; be ready to punish any enemy Heroes who may become isolated. When you see the enemy Heroes spreading apart, you can walk toward the Ball Lightning to give it a place to bounce to. Be careful not to extend too far, as Cassia lacks escapes. With this Talent, you can duel almost any Hero in the game, provided that they cannot stop Ball Lightning from bouncing between you. Ball Lightning will still stop if an enemy it is bouncing to enters Stasis, moves out of range of the bounce, or if either of you dies.

Imprisoning Light Icon Imprisoning Light can be taken if you have to take Valkyrie, and you will not benefit from the increased attack range from Titan's Revenge Icon Titan's Revenge.

Titan's Revenge Icon Titan's Revenge makes it much easier to use Charged Strikes, by greatly increasing your Basic Attack range. The armor penetrantion is a nice bonus if you are against Heroes with Physical Armor. Titan's Revenge will allow you to deal sustained damage with Charged Strikes more safely. During the late game when death timers are long, this can mean the difference between winning and losing. Infinite Lightning Icon Infinite Lightning is better for builds that do not deal the bulk of their damage with Basic Attacks.



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