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Welcome to our Talents page for Zagara. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Zagara's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Zagara's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Volatile Acid ? Corpse Feeders Infest ?
4 Envenomed Spines Medusa Blades ? Serrated Spines ✘︎
7 Baneling Massacre ? Viscous Acid ✘︎ Bile Drop
10 Devouring Maw Nydus Network ?
13 Hydralisk Transfusion Protective Coating ? Spell Shield ?
16 Corrosive Saliva Mutalisk ? Jagged Barbs ✘︎
20 Tyrant Maw Endless Creep ? Fury of the Storm ?

Zagara's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Infested Drop Build

Level 1 Corpse Feeders Icon
Level 4 Envenomed Spines Icon
Level 7 Bile Drop Icon
Level 10 Devouring Maw Icon
Level 13 Hydralisk Transfusion Icon Protective Coating Icon ? Spell Shield Icon ?
Level 16 Corrosive Saliva Icon
Level 20 Tyrant Maw Icon

Zagara's Infested Drop Build is usually the best choice because it allows her to deal a solid amount of damage in team fight thanks to Bile Drop Icon Bile Drop and Corpse Feeders Icon Corpse Feeders boosting the already good damage output of Corrosive Saliva Icon Corrosive Saliva.

Baneling Barrage Build

Level 1 Volatile Acid Icon
Level 4 Envenomed Spines Icon
Level 7 Baneling Massacre Icon
Level 10 Nydus Network Icon
Level 13 Hydralisk Transfusion Icon Protective Coating Icon ? Spell Shield Icon ?
Level 16 Mutalisk Icon
Level 20 Endless Creep Icon

Zagara's Baneling Barrage Build is a good choice when you need the additional range from Volatile Acid Icon Volatile Acid to stay safe in the solo lane and/or want to damage enemy Structures from afar.


Level 1 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Volatile Acid ?
Volatile Acid (Level 1) Starcraft Zagara

Banelings can travel 50% further before exploding and their damage is increased by 20%.

Volatile Acid Icon Volatile Acid is a good Talent that empowers Baneling Barrage Icon Baneling Barrage by increasing its damage and range, something that helps a lot when you want more safety while soaking and sometimes it can also be used to poke down enemy Structures from high distance. Combine it with Baneling Massacre Icon Baneling Massacre to get even more value out of it.

Zagara Corpse Feeders
Corpse Feeders (Level 1) Starcraft Zagara

Reduces the cooldown of Infested Drop by 3 seconds and Roachlings have 30% more Health.

Corpse Feeders Icon Corpse Feeders is a strong Talent that makes the Roachlings from Infested Drop Icon Infested Drop survive a bit longer by increasing their Health while also making the Ability usable more often thanks to the cooldown reduction.

Zagara Infest ?
Infest (Level 1) Starcraft Zagara

Nearby Ranged Minions deal an additional 125% damage, plus an additional 1% per 1000 Siege damage Zagara has dealt. Can be toggled on or off.

Infest Icon Infest is a decent Talent that gives Zagara more push power at the cost of team fight damage. We do not recommend choosing this Talent because Zagara is already good at taking down enemy Structures but she is weak in team fights.


Level 4 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Envenomed Spines
Envenomed Spines (Level 4) Starcraft Zagara
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to have Zagara's next Basic Attack apply 230 (+4% per level) damage over 5 seconds.

Envenomed Spines Icon Envenomed Spines is a strong Talent as it provides Zagara with another relatively high source of on-demand damage.

Zagara Medusa Blades ?
Medusa Blades (Level 4) Starcraft Zagara

Basic Attacks deal 33% damage to three nearby targets.

Medusa Blades Icon Medusa Blades is a good Talent that will greatly increase Zagara's waveclear and help her better manage her Mana usage when needed.

Zagara Serrated Spines
Serrated Spines (Level 4) Starcraft Zagara

Quest: Each Basic Attack against a Hero increases Zagara's Attack Damage by 0.2%.

Serrated Spines Icon Serrated Spines is a weak Talent that provides additional Attack Damage based on how many Basic Attacks on enemy Heroes have been done by Zagara during the game. We do not recommend this Talent because it counts on the enemy Solo Laner to give you free stacks.


Level 7 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Baneling Massacre ?
Baneling Massacre (Level 7) Starcraft Zagara

Gain 2 additional charges of Banelings, and reduce the cooldown of Baneling Barrage by 0.5 seconds.

Baneling Massacre Icon Baneling Massacre is a good Talent that allows Zagara to immediately cast two additional charges of Baneling Barrage Icon Baneling Barrage. While it is a good Talent on its own, it is preferred to combine it with Volatile Acid Icon Volatile Acid because they amplify each other.

Zagara Viscous Acid
Viscous Acid (Level 7) Starcraft Zagara

Banelings Slow enemies by 25% for 2.5 seconds.

Viscous Acid Icon Viscous Acid is a decent Talent for skirmishes and teamfights with many beneficial applications. The 20% slow applied to each Baneling can be used to kite away aggressive enemies, peel for teammates, and catch fleeing Heroes.

The 2.5-second duration of the Slow for each Baneling means Zagara will be able to apply the slow for 6 full seconds when the ability is cast accordingly.

Viscous Acid is best served in teamfight-oriented builds, however, it may be chosen by those wanting the safety of an additional escape mechanic when split-pushing while over-extended.

Zagara Bile Drop
Bile Drop (Level 7) Starcraft Zagara

Quest: Passively increases the radius of Infested Drop by 20%.

Reward: After hitting 12 Heroes with Infested Drop, it spawns an additional Roachling.

Bile Drop Icon Bile Drop is a strong Talent that, upon Quest completion, increases Zagara's damage by providing Infested Drop Icon Infested Drop an additional Roachling. Combine it with Corpse Feeders Icon Corpse Feeders to get even more value out of it.


Level 10 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Devouring Maw
Devouring Maw (Level 10) Starcraft Zagara
  • Mana: 70
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

Summon a Devouring Maw that devours enemies for 4 seconds. Devoured enemies cannot fight and take 94 (+4% per level) damage per second.

Usable on Unstoppable enemies.

Devouring Maw Icon Devouring Maw is arguably one of the most impactful Heroic Abilities in the game. A well placed Devouring Maw will not only apply a moderate amount of damage to all enemies trapped within, but will effectively remove them from play for a full 4 second duration.

This ability is completely uncounterable, as it is even able to take in Heroes considered to be Unstoppable at the time of its use, but it cannot be used on Deathwing despite him being permanently Unstoppable thanks to Aspect of Death Icon Aspect of Death.

A downside to Devouring Maw is its delayed cast time, which may leave newer Zagara players feeling as though the Ability is somewhat unresponsive, but you will eventually get used to it. Players need to be able to foreshadow their targets' movement to give themselves the higher likelihood of landing a successful Maw.

Once created, Devouring Maw is considered to be impassable terrain, similar to Structures, so keep in mind it may potentially block both allied and enemy Heroes to reach their intended location.

Zagara Nydus Network ?
Nydus Network (Level 10) Starcraft Zagara
  • Mana: 50
  • Charges: 2
  • Recharge Time: 120 seconds

Summon a Nydus Worm on Creep anywhere that Zagara has vision. Zagara can enter a Nydus Worm and travel to any other Nydus Worm by right-clicking near it. While inside a Nydus Worm, Zagara regenerates 10% Health and Mana per second.

Stores up to 2 charges. Maximum of 4 Nydus Worms at a time.

Passive: Creep spreads 15% farther.

Passive: While on Creep, each Basic Attack reduces all of Zagara's cooldowns by 0.4 seconds.

Nydus Network Icon Nydus Network is the cornerstone to Zagara's split-push build. Not only does this talent provide a sizable increase in creep coverage, but the cooldown reduction built in to her Basic Attacks is invaluable when having to constantly spam Basic Abilities to tear down the enemy defenses.

The cooldown reduction will not only greatly impact Zagara's sustained damage output through Baneling Barrage Icon Baneling Barrage, but will also dramatically increase the up time of Roachlings and Hydralisks spawned from Infested Drop Icon Infested Drop and Hunter Killer Icon Hunter Killer.

The ability to immediately travel anywhere on the map where creep has previously been laid is invaluable, and will constantly force enemies to have to leave other important objectives to alleviate the pressure it will create.

Always remember to place a worm directly near the allied base to ensure quick return to the field should Zagara be slain at any point. The sustain provided when entering a Nydus Worm will also prevent Zagara from ever having to pull back her pressure due to a lack of Health or Mana.


Level 13 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Hydralisk Transfusion
Hydralisk Transfusion (Level 13) Starcraft Zagara

Zagara is healed for 60% of the damage dealt by Hunter Killers' Basic Attacks to Heroes.

Hydralisk Transfusion Icon Hydralisk Transfusion is a strong Talent because it gives Zagara self-sustain when Hydralisk is attacking.

Zagara Protective Coating ?
Protective Coating (Level 13) Starcraft Zagara

While on Creep, Zagara gains 20 Armor, taking 20% less damage.

Protective Coating Icon Protective Coating is a situational Talent, as a “permanent” 20% damage reduction to all sources is incredibly strong. It is recommended having Creep near Zagara's current location at all times to keep up this additional source of protection.

Zagara Spell Shield ?
Spell Shield (Level 13) Starcraft Zagara

Every 30 seconds, gain 50 Spell Armor against the next enemy Ability and subsequent Abilities for 3 seconds, reducing the damage taken by 50%.

Can be toggled to allow or prevent this talent from triggering automatically.

Spell Shield Icon Spell Shield is a situational Talent that gives Zagara more survivability by increasing her Spell Armor for a brief moment. Enable it when you expect burst damage and/or crowd control within 2 seconds, else keep it disabled to avoid wasting it for poke damage.


Level 16 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Corrosive Saliva
Corrosive Saliva (Level 16) Starcraft Zagara

When attacking Heroes, Hunter Killers and Roachlings deal additional damage equal to 1.75% of their maximum Health.

Corrosive Saliva Icon Corrosive Saliva deals damage based off of the maximum Health of a Hero, therefore the higher Health a target has, the more effective the talent will be. This talent is great at tearing down intimidating frontlines, especially since those are the Heroes that will most often be in range of Zagara's abilities assuming she is positioned correctly.

Zagara Mutalisk ?
Mutalisk (Level 16) Starcraft Zagara

Reduce the cooldown of Hunter Killer by 4 seconds. Hunter Killer now spawns a Mutalisk. Mutalisks have a bounce attack and last for 30 seconds.

Mutalisk Icon Mutalisk is the talent of choice when split-pushing is the name of the game. Although the additional bounce attacks are nice, especially when the Mutalisk is attacking an enemy minion wave, the main strength of Mutalisk lies in the spawn's greatly increased duration. Long after their initial summoning, Mutalisks will continue down the lane, dealing multi-target damage to any minions or defenses that happen across its path.

Zagara Jagged Barbs
Jagged Barbs (Level 16) Starcraft Zagara

While on Creep, Zagara gains 40% more Basic Attack damage and her attack range is increased by an additional 20%.

Jagged Barbs Icon Jagged Barbs is a weak Talent that further enhances Zagara's Basic Attacks by increasing Attack Range by 1.1 and Attack Damage by 40%. While it has synergy with Serrated Spines Icon Serrated Spines at Level 4, we do not recommend this Talent in any case because, due to team fights happening everywhere on the battlefield during the late game, you will not necessarily have a Creep Tumor Icon Creep Tumor on the ground when needed.


Level 20 Talents for Zagara

Zagara Tyrant Maw
Tyrant Maw (Level 20) Starcraft Zagara

Devouring Maw deals 50% more damage. Takedowns reduce its cooldown by 25 seconds.

Tyrant Maw Icon Tyrant Maw is a strong Talent increases the damage of Devouring Maw Icon Devouring Maw by a good amount; furthermore, it gives some cooldown reduction each time you help your team taking down an enemy Hero, but do not fight when it is on cooldown just to try getting it back.

Zagara Endless Creep ?
Endless Creep (Level 20) Starcraft Zagara

The cast range for Creep Tumor is increased by 2000%. Creep Tumors now last 600 seconds. While on Creep, Zagara gains an additional 10% Movement Speed.

Endless Creep Icon Endless Creep is a good talent option for Zagara at Level 20 when she has chosen Nydus Network Icon Nydus Network as it includes a slew of performance upgrades to her kit. The first upgrade that comes with Endless Creep is the massive increase in Creep Tumor Icon Creep Tumor's cast range.

Creep Tumor with its upgraded cast range can be used liberally as it will be effectively providing free vision all throughout the entire Battleground. The resulting additional vision helps prevent enemy ambushes and also reveals their rotations more easily.

Zagara Fury of the Storm ?
Fury of the Storm (Level 20) Starcraft Zagara

Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 91 damage to the target, and 228 damage to all nearby Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters.

Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm is a decent Talent intended to be used for late game pushing, which Zagara will always be able to benefit from. Even in late-game team fights, the extra damage from Fury of the Storm is a welcome ally.



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