Chen Offlane Matchups

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Welcome to our Matchups page for Chen. Here, we give you an overview of how difficult each of Chen's matchups are, alongside information about how the matchup should be played from your side, in order to make the laning phase easier.


Chen's Offlane Strategy

Due to his lack of waveclear, Chen needs to find alternative ways to do well in the offlane. His strong self-sustain and dueling capabilities can be used to freeze the lane and deny Experience to opponents who have a waveclear advantage. This playstyle is particularly good on Maps where point control is important (notably Braxis Holdout and Dragon Shire).


Chen's Offlane Matchups

Here you can find tips and tricks for playing Chen in the offlane against specific Heroes. Click on any Hero in the overview table below to easily navigate within this page and quickly find information about a given matchup.


Chen vs Artanis

Chen is unfavored against Artanis.

Artanis Portrait

Chen vs Arthas

Chen is favored against Arthas.

Arthas Portrait

Chen vs Blaze

Chen is favored against Blaze.

Blaze Portrait
  • Try to damage Blaze when he steps up to clear Minions.
  • Prefer dueling.
  • Use the Slow from Keg Smash Icon Keg Smash and your body to steal Regeneration Globes.

Chen vs The Butcher

Chen is favored against The Butcher.

Butcher Portrait

Chen vs D.Va

Chen is favored against D.Va.

D.Va Portrait
  • Prefer taking short trades when your Abilities are ready.
  • Avoid standing among allied Minions.

Chen vs Deathwing

Chen is favored against Deathwing.

Deathwing Portrait

Chen vs Dehaka

Chen is favored against Dehaka.

Dehaka Portrait

Chen vs E.T.C.

Chen is unfavored against E.T.C..

ETC Portrait

Chen vs Gazlowe

Chen is favored against Gazlowe.

Gazlowe Portrait
  • Use Stagger Icon Stagger to deny Gazlowe's self-healing.
  • Move around a lot to avoid getting Stunned by Xplodium Charge Icon Xplodium Charge.
  • Pay attention to Scraps to predict Gazlowe's movements.
  • Prefer dueling.

Chen vs Hogger

Chen is unfavored against Hogger.

Hogger Portrait
  • Avoid using Breath of Fire Icon Breath of Fire on Hogger when his Rage is low.
  • Prefer dueling when Hogger's Rage is low.
  • Use Stagger Icon Stagger as you retreat from a duel.
  • Heavily prioritize Regeneration Globes.

Chen vs Imperius

Chen is favored against Imperius.

Imperius Portrait

Chen vs Leoric

Chen is even against Leoric.

Leoric Portrait
  • Flying Kick Icon Flying Kick allows you to break Drain Hope Icon Drain Hope by jumping on enemy Minions or to dodge it by jumping on Leoric at the right time.
  • Use the Slow from Keg Smash Icon Keg Smash and your body to steal Regeneration Globes.
  • Withering Flames Icon Withering Flames can be picked to deny Leoric's self-sustain.
  • Prefer dueling, but not among allied Minions.

Leoric wins if he consistently hits Drain Hope Icon Drain Hope, with the help of Ghastly Swing Icon Ghastly Swing.


Chen vs The Lost Vikings

Chen is even against The Lost Vikings.

Lost Vikings Portrait
  • Try chasing down Baleog or Erik if they attack you.
  • If possible, ignore Olaf.
  • Use Deadly Strike Icon Deadly Strike to ambush unattended Lost Vikings.

A truly great The Lost Vikings' player is heavily favored.


Chen vs Malthael

Chen is even against Malthael.

Malthael Portrait

Take short trades if you picked Deadly Strike Icon Deadly Strike or long ones if you picked Withering Flames Icon Withering Flames.


Chen vs Murky

Chen is favored against Murky.

Murky Portrait

Chen vs Qhira

Chen is even against Qhira.

Qhira Portrait

Chen vs Ragnaros

Chen is favored against Ragnaros.

Ragnaros Portrait
  • Use Flying Kick Icon Flying Kick to avoid fighting among allied Minions.
  • Use Stagger Icon Stagger to deny Ragnaros's self-healing.
  • If Ragnaros clears Minions, freeze the lane.
  • If Ragnaros steps out far on lane, use your chase and kill potential to punish him.

Chen vs Rexxar

Chen is even against Rexxar.

Rexxar Portrait

Prioritize hitting Rexxar if you picked Deadly Strike Icon Deadly Strike or Misha if you picked Accumulating Flame Icon Accumulating Flame.


Chen vs Samuro

Chen is even against Samuro.

Samuro Portrait
  • Prioritize clearing Minions before dueling Samuro.
  • Spot the real Samuro by noticing his higher Health percent after hitting them with Keg Smash Icon Keg Smash and Breath of Fire Icon Breath of Fire.
  • Prefer even unfavorable duels after Samuro uses Image Transmission Icon Image Transmission to remove your Brew from himself.
  • Bait healthy Mirror Images to hit your Minions or move under your Towers.

If winning a Capture Point matters to you, take Stormstout Secret Recipe Icon Stormstout Secret Recipe, otherwise the matchup becomes unfavored.


Chen vs Sonya

Chen is even against Sonya.

Sonya Portrait
  • Use Stagger Icon Stagger to prevent Sonya's self-healing. Don't attempt this if you have Shields from Fortifying Brew Icon Fortifying Brew.
  • When Stagger Icon Stagger is on cooldown, prefer dueling away from allied Minions.
  • To prevent Sonya from using Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind on your Minions, freeze the lane far on your side.

If Sonya picks Hurricane Icon Hurricane, consider picking Accumulating Flame Icon Accumulating Flame.


Chen vs Thrall

Chen is even against Thrall.

Thrall Portrait

Chen vs Varian

Chen is favored against Varian.

Varian Portrait
  • Prefer dueling.
  • Try to mitigate the value of whichever Level 1 Talent gets picked by Varian.

Chen vs Xul

Chen is favored against Xul.

Xul Portrait
  • Use your Shield from Fortifying Brew Icon Fortifying Brew to tank Skeletal Warriors before they reach allied Structures.
  • Prefer dueling when allied Minions are alive.
  • Avoid standing among allied Minions.

Chen vs Yrel

Chen is unfavored against Yrel.

Yrel Portrait

Chen vs Zeratul

Chen is favored against Zeratul.

Zeratul Portrait


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