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Chromie Talents

Last updated on Dec 17, 2016 at 20:34 by Kendric 11 comments

Table of Contents

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General Information

On this page, we present the viable talent choices for playing Chromie in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. For each talent, we explain what they do and why they should or should not be taken.

The other pages of our Chromie guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Compounding Aether Deep Breathing Timewalker's Pursuit
2 Piercing Sands Bronze Talons Enveloping Assault
5 Mobius Loop Dragon's Eye Chrono Sickness
8 Slowing Sands Temporal Loop
11 Bye Bye! ? Reaching through Time Time Out ?
14 Shifting Sands Fast Forward Quantum Overdrive
18 Pocket of Time Loophole Past and Future Me Andorhal Anomaly ?
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2. Common Talent Paths

Timewalker Build (talent calculator link)

The Timewalker Build is a fairly safe way to build Chromie. It offers decent damage amplification with talents such as Piercing Sands Icon Piercing Sands and Dragon's Eye Icon Dragon's Eye, while also offering decent crowd control with Slowing Sands Icon Slowing Sands to zone out enemy melee Assassins and Warriors.

Maximum Safety Build (talent calculator link)

We recommend The Safety Build during games in which the enemy team composition features several hard engaging Assassins and Warriors like E.T.C., Zeratul, or Tracer who can dive deep into your team's backline. Bronze Talons Icon Bronze Talons, in particular, should never be underestimated, as its Basic Attack range increase adds a lot of safety, while its empowered Basic Attacks causes Chromie to accumulate a lot of extra damage over time.

Dragon's Breath Build (talent calculator link)

The Dragon's Breath Build turns Chromie into a deadly glasscannon. Deep Breathing Icon Deep Breathing lays the foundation for Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath to hit really hard in the late game, especially if combined with Dragon's Eye Icon Dragon's Eye at Level 7. In order to take down individual targets as quickly as possible, knowing how to execute Temporal Loop Icon Temporal Loop becomes crucial. In order to maximize your success rate with Temporal Loop, please refer to our Abilities section and practice its execution in "Try" mode, which can be found at the Heroes of the Storm ingame shop.

3. Level 1 Talents

Chromie Compounding Aether
Compounding Aether (Level 1) World of Warcraft Chromie

Reward: After hitting 25 Heroes with Sand Blast, increase its damage by 100.

Chromie Deep Breathing
Deep Breathing (Level 1) World of Warcraft Chromie

Quest: Every time Dragon’s Breath hits a Hero increase its damage by 2, up to 50.

Reward: After hitting 25 Heroes, increase its damage by an additional 150 and also increase Chromie's sight radius by 100%.

Chromie Timewalker's Pursuit
Timewalker's Pursuit (Level 1) World of Warcraft Chromie

Activate to reveal the targeted area for 2 seconds. Enemies seen are revealed for 4 seconds.

Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Chromie's Mana Regeneration by 0.1, up to 1.5.

Reward: After gathering 15 Globes Chromie also gains 5% Ability Power.

3.1. Discussion

Compounding Aether Icon Compounding Aether is a crucial talent if you decided to go for a Q-heavy talent build. It has really great synergy with Piercing Sands Icon Piercing Sands at Level 2, Shifting Sands Icon Shifting Sands at Level 14, and Past and Future Me Icon Past and Future Me at Level 18.

Deep Breathing Icon Deep Breathing is your talent of choice if you aim to go for a W-heavy talent build. Make sure to follow suit with Enveloping Assault Icon Enveloping Assault at Level 2, Dragon's Eye Icon Dragon's Eye at Level 5, and Reaching through Time Icon Reaching through Time at Level 11.

Timewalker's Pursuit Icon Timewalker's Pursuit is the most diverse Level 1 talent, which provides a solid 5% Ability Power increase upon completion. Its activatable component proves to be exceptionally useful in more competitive game modes, such as Hero League and Team League.

4. Level 2 Talents

Chromie Piercing Sands
Piercing Sands (Level 2) World of Warcraft Chromie

Sand Blast will now hit the first two Heroes in its path.

Chromie Bronze Talons
Bronze Talons (Level 2) World of Warcraft Chromie

Increases Chromie's Basic Attack range by 35%. Using Sand Blast increases the damage of her next Basic Attack by 250%.

Chromie Enveloping Assault
Enveloping Assault (Level 2) World of Warcraft Chromie

Increases Dragon's Breath's radius by 25%.

4.1. Discussion

Piercing Sands Icon Piercing Sands has great synergy with Compounding Aether Icon Compounding Aether since it allows you to potentially get 2 stacks at the same time. Furthermore, the piercing effect is particularly strong against teams that consist of multiple melee Heroes, which tend to clump up during team fights.

Bronze Talons Icon Bronze Talons is a recommended talent only if the enemy team features one or multiple mobile Assassins, such as Illidan, Zeratul, or Tracer that will seek to harass you a lot. Landing your skillshots against those nimble opponents is not guaranteed, which makes Bronze Talons a lot more reliable and necessary to keep your enemies at bay.

Enveloping Assault Icon Enveloping Assault is your go-to choice if you went for Deep Breathing Icon Deep Breathing at Level 1, since it increases your chance of hitting enemy Heroes significantly.

5. Level 5 Talents

Chromie Mobius Loop
Mobius Loop (Level 5) World of Warcraft Chromie

Reduces Dragon’s Breath's Mana cost and cooldown by 50%, but also reduces its damage by 25%.

Chromie Dragon's Eye
Dragon's Eye (Level 5) World of Warcraft Chromie

Dragon’s Breath does 25% more damage to enemies in the center.

Chromie Chrono Sickness
Chrono Sickness (Level 5) World of Warcraft Chromie

Reduces Time Trap's cooldown and Mana cost by 50%. After the Time Stop ends, the enemy is also slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.

5.1. Discussion

Dragon's Eye Icon Dragon's Eye is a really solid talent overall. It adds a lot of extra damage if you manage to aim your Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath precisely. Unfortunately, the other talents on this tier do not add a lot of damage or utility, which is why Dragon's Eye is our go-to choice.

Mobius Loop Icon Mobius Loop is a talent that we primarily recommend taking if you are not experienced on Chromie yet. Due to the reduced cooldown and Mana cost it provides on Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath, it makes missing the ability a lot more forgiving. Once you get more familiar with Chromie's kit, we advise you to take Dragon's Eye Icon Dragon's Eye instead.

Chrono Sickness Icon Chrono Sickness offers some utility but it is not enough to compete with the bonus damage offered by Dragon's Eye Icon Dragon's Eye.

6. Level 8 Talents

Chromie Slowing Sands
Slowing Sands (Level 8) World of Warcraft Chromie
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds

Place a sand vortex that greatly slows enemies inside it. The longer it is active the more it slows, up to 60% after 3 seconds.

Chromie Temporal Loop
Temporal Loop (Level 8) World of Warcraft Chromie
  • Mana: 60
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

Choose an enemy Hero. After 3 seconds, they will teleport back to the location where Temporal Loop was cast on them.

6.1. Discussion

Slowing Sands Icon Slowing Sands is a great choice on Maps that feature several choke points like Cursed Hollow or Towers of Doom. Besides, Slowing Sands gains a lot of value if the enemy team composition consists of multiple melee Assassins and Warriors, which will likely stay close to each other during team fights. It is of utmost importance, however, to remember to manually re-cast the ability depending on the enemy team's location.

Temporal Loop Icon Temporal Loop allows Chromie to execute deadly burst damage against a single trapped target. In order to successfully do that, however, you need to carefully watch the timer on Temporal Loop. As soon as the little clock shows less than 40% of the remaining time, you should start casting Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath followed by Sand Blast Icon Sand Blast. Keep in mind that Temporal Loop can also be cast defensively to trap an engaging melee Assassin or Warrior in order for Chromie to escape. All in all, this Heroic Ability requires some practise and experience, yet if mastered and used well, it is an extremely powerful weapon in Chromie's arsenal.

7. Level 11 Talents

Chromie Bye Bye! ?
Bye Bye! (Level 11) World of Warcraft Chromie

Reduces the cast time of Hearthstone by 75%, and it is not interrupted by taking damage.

Chromie Reaching through Time
Reaching through Time (Level 11) World of Warcraft Chromie

Increases Sand Blast and Dragon’s Breath's range by 15%.

Chromie Time Out ?
Time Out (Level 11) World of Warcraft Chromie
  • Cooldown: 0 seconds

Activate to place Chromie in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for up to 7 seconds. Can be reactivated to end the effect early.

7.1. Discussion

Reaching through Time Icon Reaching through Time provides additional range to Chromie's damaging spells, which is great for multiple reasons. It allows her to surprise enemies from afar and, most importantly, it also allows Chromie to keep a safer distance to potential threats. We strongly recommend this talent for both the Q-heavy and the W-heavy talent builds.

Bye Bye! Icon Bye Bye! is a very safe and useful talent against mobile Assassins such as Illidan or Tracer who will most likely chase you most of the time.

Time Out Icon Time Out is a reliable defense tool against bursty enemy team compositions that feature multiple mobile Assassins. If your survival cannot be guaranteed, Time Out may just be the talent you need in order to survive.

8. Level 14 Talents

Chromie Shifting Sands
Shifting Sands (Level 14) World of Warcraft Chromie

Hitting an enemy Hero with Sand Blast increases Chromie's Ability Power by 8% for the next 10 seconds. This bonus can be stacked up to 40%, and the duration is refreshed whenever an enemy is damaged by Sand Blast.

Chromie Fast Forward
Fast Forward (Level 14) World of Warcraft Chromie

If Sand Blast travels at least 75% of its base distance and hits a Hero, its cooldown is reduced to 0.75 seconds.

Chromie Quantum Overdrive
Quantum Overdrive (Level 14) World of Warcraft Chromie
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to increase Spell Power by 20% for 10 seconds.

8.1. Discussion

Shifting Sands Icon Shifting Sands is a great talent, especially if you chose a Q-heavy talent build. But even if without it, Shifting Sands provides decent value, since you should be able to hit enemy Heroes during team fights quite easily.

Quantum Overdrive Icon Quantum Overdrive is a great damage boost if your team has plenty of crowd control at their disposal. This guarantees some good hits with Sand Blast Icon Sand Blast and Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath while Quantum Overdrive is active.

Fast Forward Icon Fast Forward is not a recommended talent, since Sand Blast Icon Sand Blast's cooldown is very short to begin with.

9. Level 18 Talents

Chromie Pocket of Time
Pocket of Time (Level 18) World of Warcraft Chromie

Removes Slowing Sands Mana cost and increases the slow from 60% to 80%.

Chromie Loophole
Loophole (Level 18) World of Warcraft Chromie

Temporal Loop hits all enemy Heroes near the initial target.

Chromie Past and Future Me
Past and Future Me (Level 18) World of Warcraft Chromie

After casting Sand Blast, Chromie leaves an echo of herself behind. The next time Sand Blast is cast, the echo also casts an untalented Sand Blast that does 40% damage.

Chromie Andorhal Anomaly ?
Andorhal Anomaly (Level 18) World of Warcraft Chromie

Time Trap gains 2 charges, and when the cooldown finishes, Chromie gains all charges at once. Maximum 3 active Time Traps.

9.1. Discussion

Past and Future Me Icon Past and Future Me is an amazing talent, that we recommend in the majority of games. It provides a reliable source of extra damage that comes with virtually no side effects. Make sure to use your Sand Blast Icon Sand Blast whenever it comes off cooldown to maximise the value out of Past and future Me.

Andorhal Anomaly Icon Andorhal Anomaly adds a lot more crowd control to Chromie's kit, however, it usually does not pay off to take this talent over Past and Future Me Icon Past and Future Me. Only if the enemy team features multiple hard-engaging threats, should you consider taking Andorhal Anomaly. If you do, place several Time Trap Icon Time Traps around you in order to slow hostile melee Assassins and Warriors down significantly.

Pocket of Time Icon Pocket of Time provides Chromie with an even more powerful AoE slow, which proves to be particularly useful during team fights around static Map Objectives, such as Temples, Tributes, or Shrines. However, we usually find Slowing Sands Icon Slowing Sands's original form powerful enough already.

Loophole Icon Loophole is a hit-or-miss talent, which proves to be incredibly good when it works and incredibly underwhelming when it does not work. Consequently, it is usually not worth taking this talent over Past and Future Me Icon Past and Future Me, which adds consistent and reliable bonus damage.

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