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Samuro Abilities and Strategy

Last updated on Nov 20, 2016 at 07:51 by Straften 15 comments

Table of Contents

Samuro Image

General Information

Below, we give you an overview of the abilities that Samuro has access to. We also explain how to best your these abilities.

The other pages of our Samuro guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

Straften is a Grand Master ranked player in both Hero League and Team League. He has a passion for theorycrafting, and regularly tests new features early on the PTR. He explains his strategy, reasoning, and implementation in these guides.

1. Tips on Ability Usage

  • Use Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image when you are directly on top of an enemy Hero to ensure that they are surrounded by the Images and you.
  • Use Critical Strike Icon Critical Strike immediately after passively occuring Critical Strikes for maximum value.
  • Wind Walk Icon Wind Walk can be used to help you surprise enemies, or to help you escape dangerous situations.
  • Use Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm to kill enemies who would otherwise be protected by the crowd control provided by thier allies.
  • The Movement Speed provided by Advancing Strikes Icon Advancing Strikes can be used not only to chase, but to dodge or to disengage from combat as well.

2. Advancing Strikes (Trait)

Samuro Advancing Strikes
Advancing Strikes (D) World of Warcraft Samuro

Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase Samuro's Movement Speed by 25% for 2 seconds.

Advancing Strikes can help Samuro to apply additional Basic Attacks onto fleeing enemies, and to dodge enemy Abilities during confrontations. Dispite its name, it can also help Samuro disengage and escape.

3. Mirror Image

Samuro Mirror Image
Mirror Image (Q) World of Warcraft Samuro
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds

Create 2 Mirror Images that deal 25% of Samuro's damage and have 50% of his current Health. Images last up to 18 seconds, and only two can be active at any one time.

Mirror Image will remove most negative effects from Samuro.

Mirror Image is Samuro's most defining Ability. As a squishy Melee Assassin, he relies on these to take damage for him. Activating Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image will remove negative effects and move Samuro to one of three points surrounding the location he cast from. Images will be created at the other two points, but the position of the real Samuro is random. Images will spawn with the same percentage of Health that Samuro has at the time of casting, meaning that Images are most effective when cast while you are at full Health. The Images can push Minion waves, clear Mercenary camps, or confuse and damage enemy players. Images will be destroyed by a single tower shot, making them ineffective at sieging without additional forces. Keep in mind that if Samuro stops attacking a Mercenary camp, the Images will lose interest and walk away (unless you take Illusion Master Icon Illusion Master). When using the Images against enemy Heroes, it is a good idea to input as little as possible. Controlling Samuro in an intelligent manner will give away the real Samuro; only do so when you are ready to disengage.

4. Critical Strike

Samuro Critical Strike
Critical Strike (W) World of Warcraft Samuro
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Samuro's next Basic Attack within 8 seconds will be a Critical Strike, dealing 50% increased damage. This also applies to Images, and does not break Wind Walk.

Passive: Samuro and his Images deal a Critical Strike on every 4th Basic Attack.

Activating Critical Strike will reset the passive portion of the Ability, so it is a good idea to use Critical Strike immediately after applying a critical via the passive. Critical Strikes activated through the passive will not expire, and can be saved for use at a later time. By quickly activating Critical Strike after a passively occuring crit, you can hit an enemy with 2 Critical Strikes in quick succession. This can help to speed up Mercenary Camps, or to kill enemy Heroes.

5. Wind Walk

Samuro Wind Walk
Wind Walk (E) World of Warcraft Samuro
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

Enter Stealth for up to 10 seconds or until Samuro attacks, uses an Ability, or takes damage. While Stealthed, his Movement Speed is increased by 25% and he can pass through other units.

Samuro is Unrevealable for the first second of Wind Walk.

Able to stealth at will, Samuro can get close to his enemies and surprise them with Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image. Wind Walk can also be used to escape, especially when Images are distracting enemy Heroes.

6. Bladestorm

Samuro Bladestorm
Bladestorm (R) World of Warcraft Samuro
  • Heroic
  • Cooldown: 110 seconds

Become an Unstoppable whirlwind of death, dealing 235 (+4% per level) damage per second to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

Samuro can move during Bladestorm, and cancel it by reactivating the Ability. Bladestorm deals a large amount of damage over time that can only be stopped by killing Samuro. It is best to use Bladestorm when you have kill potential on an enemy Hero, and in situations where you could otherwise be crowd controlled off of your target. Although it may often seem like a good idea to apply Bladestorm's damage area to as many enemy Heroes as possible, it can be dangerous. Keep in mind that Samuro can still take damage while channeling this Heroic, and factor that into your decisions.

7. Illusion Master

Samuro Illusion Master
Illusion Master (R) World of Warcraft Samuro
  • Heroic
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds

Switch places with the target Mirror Image, removing most negative effects from Samuro and the target Mirror Image.

Passive: You can control Mirror Images separately or as a group, and they deal an additional 10% of Samuro's damage.

Illusion Master Icon Illusion Master is a novel Heroic that is almost an extra passive, rather than focusing on an active component. Illusion Master will increase the efficiency of your Mercenary clear, so if you are playing a map where camps are very important (like Blackhearts Bay,) it can be a very strong choice.

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