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General Information

Welcome to our Talents page for D.Va. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of D.Va's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.

1. D.Va's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Rush-down ? Hit the Nitrous Crash Course Pro Moves
4 Diverting Power ? Get Through This! ? Fusion Generator Bring It On
7 Coming Through Dazer Zone Aggression Matrix Nuclear Option ?
10 Bunny Hop Big Shot
13 Expensive Plating Emergency Shielding ? Ablative Armor ?
16 Torpedo Dash GG, WP Nanoweave Suit ? Suppressing Fire ?
20 Stop and Pop ? Pew! Pew! Pew! Concussive Pulse MEKAfall

2. D.Va's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Mech Mode Boosters Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Hit the Nitrous Icon
Level 4 Fusion Generator Icon
Level 7 Coming Through Icon
Level 10 Bunny Hop Icon
Level 13 Expensive Plating Icon
Level 16 GG, WP Icon
Level 20 MEKAfall Icon

The Mech Mode Boosters Build focuses on Talents that will provide D.Va with additional strength when in Mech Mode in order to provide her team with the most utility possible through use of Boosters Icon Boosters. Hit the Nitrous Icon Hit the Nitrous will allow D.Va to more quickly and easily reposition within teamfights while Coming Through Icon Coming Through will double the effectiveness of the knockback component of Boosters. Since D.Va will try to spend most of the Match within her Mech Bunny Hop Icon Bunny Hop is selected as the Heroic Ability, with Expensive Plating Icon Expensive Plating aiding in Mech Modes survivability. GG, WP Icon GG, WP and MEKAfall Icon MEKAfall are also chosen to help ensure that should D.Va be tossed out of her Mech she will be able to quickly cast Call Mech Icon Call Mech to get right back into the mix.

Mech Mode Defense Matrix Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Pro Moves Icon
Level 4 Get Through This! Icon
Level 7 Dazer Zone Icon
Level 10 Bunny Hop Icon
Level 13 Expensive Plating Icon
Level 16 GG, WP Icon
Level 20 MEKAfall Icon

The Mech Mode Defense Matrix Build focuses on Talents that will provide D.Va with additional strength when in Mech Mode in order to provide her team with the most utility and damage mitigation possible through use of Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. Get Through This! Icon Get Through This! combined with Dazer Zone Icon Dazer Zone allows D.Va to maintain incredible uptime of Defense Matrix on an enemy Hero, not only mitigating significant amounts of their damage but also slowing them for the duration. Pro Moves Icon Pro Moves is chosen in order to further assist D.Va in tracking with the target of her Defense Matrix. The remaining Talents of the build are the same as D.Va's "Mech Mode Boosters Build" as they will help ensure D.Va is able to get the most out of the time she will be spending in her Mech.

Pilot Mode Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Hit the Nitrous Icon
Level 4 Bring It On Icon
Level 7 Coming Through Icon
Level 10 Big Shot Icon
Level 13 Expensive Plating Icon
Level 16 Torpedo Dash Icon
Level 20 Pew! Pew! Pew! Icon

The Pilot Mode Build focuses on two primary talent options; Big Shot Icon Big Shot at Level 10 and Pew! Pew! Pew! Icon Pew! Pew! Pew! at Level 20. Big Shot will provide D.Va an alternative means to generate the charge of Call Mech Icon Call Mech more quickly while giving her some nice poke damage while in Pilot Mode. Pew! Pew! Pew! further increases the strength of Big Shot both in terms of damage and utility as it can effectively triple the cooldown reduction component of Big Shot. Torpedo Dash Icon Torpedo Dash was also chosen at Level 16 to give D.Va some much needed mobility while poking targets down with Big Shot in Pilot Mode.

3. Level 1 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Rush-down ?
Rush-down (Level 1) D.Va

If D.Va neither takes nor deals damage during Boosters, its cooldown is lowered by 7 seconds.

D.Va Hit the Nitrous
Hit the Nitrous (Level 1) D.Va

Initial speed bonus of Boosters is increased to 325%, then decays to normal boost speed over 0.5 seconds. During this time, Boosters deals 50% extra damage.

D.Va Crash Course
Crash Course (Level 1) D.Va

Quest: Damage enemy Heroes with Boosters.

Reward: After damaging 20 Heroes, each use of Boosters lowers its cooldown by 1 second per Hero hit.

D.Va Pro Moves
Pro Moves (Level 1) D.Va

D.Va's Mech gains 2% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds every time it takes damage, up to 30%.

3.1. Discussion

Rush-down Icon Rush-down's viability depends primarily on the size of the Battleground that D.Va finds herself in. Rush-Down is by far the strongest Talent option on larger maps with multiple objective locations such as Cursed Hollow, Warhead Junction, and Blackheart's bay. D.Va relies heavily on Boosters Icon Boosters for swift map rotations, and being able to use the ability twice as often while out of combat is incredibly strong. Although Rush-down should not be considered a mandatory Talent on smaller maps, it may still prove beneficial to D.Va's overall map presence as she will be able to swap between lanes and return to lanes after hearthing much faster.

Hit the Nitrous Icon Hit the Nitrous is a great talent option should D.Va not require the movement speed benefit of Rush-down Icon Rush-down during a match. The bonus damage to Boosters Icon Boosters is definitely noticeable in teamfights and skirmishes, and provides D.Va with some additional waveclear while in lane. The immediate burst of speed provided by Hit the Nitrous makes it much easier for D.Va to reposition within teamfights should she need to either quickly engage onto an enemy or peel for an ally. The speed bonus also makes dodging crucial enemy skillshots, such a high damage abilities or crowd-control, much easier. Remember that the bonus damage effect of Hit the Nitrous is only available during the first 0.5 seconds of the ability, so if dealing bonus damage to a target is D.Va's priority, the Boosters should only be cast when D.Va is already within close proximity of the enemy.

Unfortunately, Crash Course Icon Crash Course is a disappointing Talent that is not only slow to take effect (due to the quest portion of the Talent), but even upon quest completion feels quite unimpactful to D.Va at all points of the match. Although the quest portion of Crash Course is fairly easy to finish, the potential cooldown reduction of Boosters Icon Boosters is just too unreliable and underwhelming to justify the Talent's selection over its alternatives. D.Va should be rarely attempting to strike the entire enemy team with a single cast of Boosters, as doing so will often force her into either awkward positioning or distract her from more important tasks such as peeling or focusing a single target. Because of this D.Va will most often only strike 1 to (maybe) 3 targets with a cast of Boosters, only reducing the abilities cooldown by a mere 1-3 seconds.

Pro Moves Icon Pro Moves is a fun Talent that gives D.Va a nice bonus to her movement speed during teamfights and skirmishes. Although the 2% movement speed bonus of Pro Moves does stack up to a total of 30%, each application of additional damage D.Va takes does NOT refresh the movement speed effect. The stacks fall off one a time, meaning that if D.Va were to accrue a large amount of stacks quickly and then no longer take damage, the movement speed buff will decrease by one stack every 1.5 seconds (which in turn slowly decreases the speed bonus of Pro Moves until the buff falls off completely). Pro Moves is most effective when kiting enemies, as the damage D.Va continually takes will keep her stack count high making it easier and easier to out-maneuver opponents. Likewise, Pro Moves also makes it easier to chase down enemies attempting to kite D.Va for the same reasoning. Pro Moves, especially when used in conjunction with Get Through This! Icon Get Through This! at Level 4 and Dazer Zone Icon Dazer Zone at Level 7, will often catch more agile enemy Heroes off guard (primarily Basic Attack focused assassins who rely heavily on stutter-stepping to be effective in fights).

4. Level 4 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Diverting Power ?
Diverting Power (Level 4) D.Va

The area of Defense Matrix is 100% wider and 25% longer, but D.Va's Movement Speed is reduced by 30% for the duration.

D.Va Get Through This! ?
Get Through This! (Level 4) D.Va

Increase the duration of Defense Matrix by 3 seconds.

D.Va Fusion Generator
Fusion Generator (Level 4) D.Va

Every time an enemy Hero deals damage while inside Defense Matrix, D.Va's Self-Destruct Charge increases by 1%.

Max of 15% Charge gained per use.

D.Va Bring It On
Bring It On (Level 4) D.Va

Self-Destruct's Charge amount gained from losing Mech Health is increased by 30%.

4.1. Discussion

Diverting Power Icon Diverting Power is a good Talent that will greatly increase the impact of Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix at the cost of D.Va's mobility. The increased size of Defense Matrix provided by Diverting Power is rather impressive, and can allow D.Va to more easily mitigate the damage of multiple enemy Heroes with a single cast. Diverting Power even causes Defense Matrix to be seen as an even more effective movement-displacement tool as enemy Heroes are effectively zoned out of the AoE if they desire to deal any effective damage. The self-slowing component of Diverting Power hinders D.Va's mobility within teamfights and may even cause her to become a primary target for additional enemy crowd-control and focus-fire. This is why Diverting Power is best used in situations where D.Va will be needing to "zone" opponents from a specific area such as Battleground objectives, Boss or Mercenary Camps, or allied fortifications while defending a siege.

When shutting down a specific enemy Hero's damage is D.Va's primary concern, Get Through This! Icon Get Through This! may prove valuable to bolstering the effectiveness of Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. As previously stated in the discussion of Pro Moves Icon Pro Moves at Level 1, Get Through This! will be most effective when used against enemy Heroes who rely heavily on Basic Attacks to deal a large amount of sustained damage. If Defense Matrix is not the primary focus of D.Va's build, D.Va should consider Bring It On Icon Bring It On or Fusion Generator Icon Fusion Generator, as an alternative Talent option at Level 4.

Fusion Generator Icon Fusion Generator is a relatively straightforward Talent that will allow D.Va to generate charges of Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct much faster, assuming she is able to regularly keep enemies within range on her Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. Fusion Generator will most often be the "go-to" Talent for this tier, especially since utilizing this Talent effectively does not require players to change the way D.Va is utilized in her role. Fusion Generator also works well in particular with Aggression Matrix Icon Aggression Matrix at Level 7. Aggression Matrix significantly increases the potential up-time of Defense Matrix, which in turn increases the charge percentage of Self Destruct D.Va can generate with Fusion Generator.

The benefit of Bring It On Icon Bring It On is completely passive and not tied to any specific Ability, therefore making it the easiest talent to use effectively. Because the strength of Bring It On is directly correlated to the amount of Health that D.Va will lose over the course of a match, it is best utilized when D.Va is paired with a support Hero who will be able to steadily replenish her lost Health. The increased Health granted to D.Va from Expensive Plating Icon Expensive Plating at Level 13 also works well with Bring It On, as the larger Health pool grants D.Va more charge of Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct before she is either dropped low or completely forced from her Mech if it is caught out and destroyed.

5. Level 7 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Coming Through
Coming Through (Level 7) D.Va

Knockback distance of Boosters is increased by 100%.

D.Va Dazer Zone
Dazer Zone (Level 7) D.Va

Enemy Heroes affected by Defense Matrix are Slowed by 20%.

D.Va Aggression Matrix
Aggression Matrix (Level 7) D.Va

Basic Attacks in Mech Mode against Heroes lower the cooldown of Defense Matrix by 0.25 seconds.

D.Va Nuclear Option ?
Nuclear Option (Level 7) D.Va

Increase Self Destruct's detonation timer by 3 seconds. Detonation damage increased by 70%.

A new Mech can still be called after 4 seconds.

5.1. Discussion

Each Talent option at Level 7 provides D.Va with some additional source of utility for her different Basic Abilities; Coming Through Icon Coming Through increases the power of D.Va's Boosters Icon Boosters knockback, Dazer Zone Icon Dazer Zone provides a slowing effect to Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix, Aggression Matrix Icon Aggression Matrix lowers the cooldown of Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix (effectively increasing the up-time of D.Va's damage mitigation), and Nuclear Option Icon Nuclear Option increases the zoning potential of Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct. Which Talent to choose ultimately depends on the specific Battleground, team compositions, and what D.Va wishes to bring most to her allies during each unique match.

Coming Through Icon Coming Through further strengthens the knockback effect of Boosters Icon Boosters. As discussed in the Abilities and Strategies section of the guide, Boosters should first and foremost be seen as a tool of crowd-control. The Ability should be used both offensively and defensively throughout the match since D.Va is able to peel for those in need by pushing away aggressive enemy Heroes, as well as follow up an ally's' teamfight initiation by flanking and forcing a vulnerable enemy closer towards her teammates. Coming Through doubles the effectiveness of this knockback making it a potentially valuable choice for more effective movement displacement.

Dazer Zone Icon Dazer Zone gives Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix a respectable slowing effect which may work well to shut down more aggressive enemy Heroes attempting to dive her or her allies. Basic Attack Focused Melee assassins or bruisers such as Illidan, Thrall, or Sonya will suffer heavily if unable to reach their intended target. Dazer Zone may also be used to prevent high priority targets from fleeing an unfavorable situation for the enemy team.

Aggression Matrix Icon Aggression Matrix is arguably one of the stronger Talents options for D.Va at Level 7 as it can significantly reduce the cooldown of D.Va's Defense Matrix. The cooldown of Defense Matrix is reduced by 0.25 seconds for every Basic Attack D.Va lands against an enemy Hero, and since her attack speed is 4.0 D.Va is able to decrease the cooldown of Defense Matrix by 1 second for every second she spends auto attacking a single Hero. Keep in mind that this Talent only works against enemy Heroes and will not proc with Basic Attacks made against enemy fortifications, Minions, Mercenaries, or Battleground objective units. A shorter cooldown on Defense Matrix means D.Va will not only be able to benefit from greater damage mitigation potential but also the additional Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct charge from Fusion Generator Icon Fusion Generator if she has already talented into that option at Level 4.

Although Nuclear Option Icon Nuclear Option at first may seem like a poor Talent choice because it gives enemies longer to flee the blast radius of Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct, its true strength actually lies in the even more impactful decision it will force D.Va's opponents to make. The threat of Self-Destruct's blast radius will either force enemies out of its range, or result in them being caught and forced to take an incredibly large amount of AoE damage. Nuclear Options' increased delay before Self-Destruct detonates causes enemies to have to remain conscious of the threat for an even longer duration, sometimes preventing them from making more immediate decisions that would otherwise benefit them. Should an enemy end up being within the radius of the explosion they will take significantly more damage due to Nuclear Option as well. This Talent improves both of the components that make Self-Destruct such an impressive zoning tool, which can be used in strategic locations to give D.Va and her allies a significant advantage in team-wide map positioning.

6. Level 10 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Bunny Hop
Bunny Hop (Level 10) D.Va
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds

D.Va's Mech becomes Unstoppable and stomps every 0.5 seconds, dealing 60 (+4% per level) damage and Slowing enemies by 40%. Lasts 4 seconds.

Requires Mech Mode.

D.Va Big Shot
Big Shot (Level 10) D.Va
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Deal 250 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies in a line. The cooldown of Call Mech is reduced by 8 seconds for each enemy Hero hit.

Requires Pilot Mode.

6.1. Discussion

Bunny Hop Icon Bunny Hop is D.Va's Mech Mode oriented Heroic Talent that deals nice AoE damage and provides a significant slow to those caught within its radius. The ability is straightforward to use although knowing when to use it is going to be the greatest challenge in maximizing its effectiveness. The Unstoppable component to Bunny Hop is where most of the abilities' strength lies. D.Va can use Bunny Hop to prevent enemies attempting to flee or to peel away aggressive enemy Heroes from her more defenseless allies. The fact that it makes her Unstoppable will help ensure that D.Va can track her desired target(s) and even allows her to try to cut-off and body-block an enemy from their desired direction of movement. D.Va should not hesitate to use Bunny Hop defensively should she be caught in a chain of crowd-control or found in a compromising position that would otherwise lead to the destruction of her Mech followed by her death.

Big Shot Icon Big Shot is the Pilot Mode counterpart to Bunny Hop Icon Bunny Hop and can only be used once D.Va finds herself stranded without a Mech. The cooldown of Big Shot is surprisingly short which allows her to cast it more liberally in an attempt to deal consistent poke damage and further reduce the cooldown of Call Mech Icon Call Mech. Unless the damage would otherwise result in the immediate death of an enemy Hero, D.Va should try to line up Big Shot to strike multiple targets in order to most efficiently benefit from the cooldown reduction component of the ability. If taking the time to line up a shot on multiple Heroes is going to be longer than 4 seconds, D.Va should not hesitate to strike whatever target is available to her once the ability is available. Although not incredibly significant, it should be noted that talenting into Big Shot does provide D.Va some much welcome waveclear in Pilot Mode when waiting around for Call Mech to become available.

7. Level 13 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Expensive Plating
Expensive Plating (Level 13) D.Va

Increase Mech Health by 20%, but also increase the cooldown of Call Mech by 15 seconds.

This does not decrease the amount of Self-Destruct Charge gained.

D.Va Emergency Shielding ?
Emergency Shielding (Level 13) D.Va

When D.Va's Mech would be destroyed, it instead gains a Shield that absorbs 209 (+4% per level) damage over 6 seconds.

This effect has a 15 second cooldown.

D.Va Ablative Armor ?
Ablative Armor (Level 13) D.Va

Damage against D.Va's Mech that would deal 4% or less of its maximum Health is reduced by 50%.

This does not decrease the amount of Self-Destruct Charge gained.

7.1. Discussion

Expensive Plating Icon Expensive Plating is probably the most reliable Talent option at Level 13 as it benefits D.Va in all situations during a match. The Mech Health increase is quite significant and will help prevent D.Va from being easily burst down by enemy focus-fire as well as provide her some additional sustain during teamfights and skirmishes. The bonus Health will also make it easier should D.Va find herself needing to soak damage from Battleground objectives (such as Temples on Sky Temple) or Mercenary and Boss camps. Although there is a 15-second penalty to the cooldown timer of Call Mech Icon Call Mech for selecting Expensive Plating, the additional time will most often go unnoticed as D.Va is able to either reduce this duration via Basic Attacks and Big Shot Icon Big Shot in Pilot Mode or completely negate this additional time altogether via procs of GG, WP Icon GG, WP at Level 16. As previously mentioned in the discussion of the Level 4 Talent Bring It On Icon Bring It On, Expensive Plating also happens to synergize well with the additional Health D.Va receives.

Emergency Shielding Icon Emergency Shielding is a good alternative to Expensive Plating Icon Expensive Plating should D.Va consistently find herself being picked-off first in teamfights or when she is without a reliable support to help prevent her Health from being steadily poked down. This is also a good choice should D.Va be completely talented into Mech Mode oriented Talents that would not provide her an alternative means of lowering the cooldown of Call Mech Icon Call Mech aside from Basic Attacks.

Ablative Armor Icon Ablative Armor is an incredibly situational Talent that depends completely on the composition of the enemy team. Should D.Va find herself against Heroes who deal a large amount of more lightly hitting strikes, Ablative Armor may be worth considered as a viable option. Depending on how they are talented, Heroes such as Tracer, Gazlowe, Nazeebo, and Zagara could fall into this category.

8. Level 16 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Torpedo Dash
Torpedo Dash (Level 16) D.Va
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

D.Va gains the Torpedo Dash ability, allowing her to dash forward and pass through enemies.

Requires Pilot Mode.

GG, WP (Level 16) D.Va

Increase Pilot Mode Basic Attack damage by 50%. Participating in a Takedown while in Pilot Mode instantly refreshes the cooldown of Call Mech.

D.Va Nanoweave Suit ?
Nanoweave Suit (Level 16) D.Va

For 4 seconds after ejecting from her Mech, D.Va gains 50 Armor and her Basic Attacks grant 50% more cooldown reduction towards Call Mech.

D.Va Suppressing Fire ?
Suppressing Fire (Level 16) D.Va

Pilot Mode Basic Attacks have 20% increased range and Slow enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds.

8.1. Discussion

Torpedo Dash Icon Torpedo Dash is a Talented Basic Ability that is D.Va's only source of mobility in Pilot Mode. This Basic Ability provides her a reliable gap-closer to reposition or escape from enemies once being forced out of her Mech. Torpedo Dash passes through units so D.Va should not be afraid to position herself in situations were she would normally be body-blocked, as she can simply dash through the imposing units when most threatened. At the Level 16 Talent Tier, Torpedo Dash is up against GG, WP Icon GG, WP (arguably one the strongest Talents in D.Vas's entire kit) and should be taken by those who will embrace the Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode play-style and will depend heavily on Torpedo Dash for success with D.Va.

GG, WP Icon GG, WP adds an entirely new dynamic to D.Va's play-style, as she will become even more elusive to those seeking to complete take her down once she has entered Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode. The damage increase to D.Va's Basic Attacks is already impressive, and the instant refresh of Call Mech Icon Call Mech should D.Va participate in a Takedown while in Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode is game changing. This Talent gives D.Va an incredible amount of sustain and staying power in teamfights as she will be able to more reliably re-enter Mech Mode Icon Mech Mode should any member of the enemy team end up falling. This Talent should be seen as an absolute must have for any Talent Build revolving primarily around D.Va's Mech Mode as she will have no other means of reducing the cooldown of her Call Mech aside from Basic Attacks.

Nanoweave Suit Icon Nanoweave Suit may be a good option for D.Va if she (for whatever reason) finds herself either being killed very quickly in teamfights or without a proper main-tank to provide her allies a reliable frontline. Nanoweave Suit may give D.Va the damage mitigation required to survive the initial burst that she is sure to endure should her Mech be destroyed and will even provide her a new Mech much faster in order to get back into the mix as soon as possible to continue to soak damage and peel for her allies. If neither of the two situations described above are relevant, D.Va will definitely want to consider another Level 16 Talent option.

Suppressing Fire Icon Suppressing Fire is a very situational Talent option for players who feel confident enough in their movement and positioning to skip out on Torpedo Dash Icon Torpedo Dash and want to fully embrace the safety and kiting potential that Suppressing Fire brings to D.Va in her Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode. This Talent should always be passed over for Mech Mode focused builds as both GG, WP Icon GG, WP and Nanoweave Suit Icon Nanoweave Suit provide much more utility to those play-styles. Even Torpedo Dash will most likely give players more versatility in their decision making when focusing on a Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode build, however Suppressing Fire may find success among the most mechanically savvy players.

9. Level 20 Talents for D.Va

D.Va Stop and Pop ?
Stop and Pop (Level 20) D.Va

Bunny Hop deals 200% more damage if D.Va isn't moving at the moment of impact.

D.Va Pew! Pew! Pew!
Pew! Pew! Pew! (Level 20) D.Va

Instead of a single shot, Big Shot fires 3 shots over 0.5 seconds. Each shot deals 50% damage.

D.Va Concussive Pulse
Concussive Pulse (Level 20) D.Va
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds

D.Va gains the Concussive Pulse ability, allowing her to deal 141 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in a cone and knock them back.

Requires Pilot Mode.

D.Va MEKAfall
MEKAfall (Level 20) D.Va

Call Mech is instant and can target a location. Upon landing, the Mech deals 202 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in the impact area.

9.1. Discussion

Stop and Pop Icon Stop and Pop is a Talent that brings nothing more than additional Heroic damage to D.Va in the late game. Although the damage increase is significant, it is VERY difficult to apply to targets unless they are completely stationary and will often require allies with hard AoE crowd-control to be used in conjunction with Bunny Hop to successfully apply the bonus damage. D.Va is technically able to stutter-step the strikes of Bunny Hop Icon Bunny Hop in order to deal Stop and Pop's bonus damage while moving, however this requires absolute mastery the Bunny Hop's timing and of HOTS movement mechanics to pull off successfully. Should D.Va be paired with a Hero who is able to provide wide spread crowd control such as E.T.C. with Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit or Jaina with Ring of Frost Icon Ring of Frost, and has already talented into Bunny Hop at Level 10, then Stop and Pop may be considered an viable Talent option.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Icon Pew! Pew! Pew! will most often be the Talent of choice for D.Va when she is talented into a more Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode oriented build and has already chosen Big Shot Icon Big Shot at Level 10. Although Pew! Pew! Pew! casts a self-root on D.Va for the 0.5 second duration, it will most often go unnoticed and the damage that D.Va is able to deal with a single cast of Big Shot is well worth it. Just like before, Big Shot will strike all targets caught within its path, allowing D.Va to deal significant amounts of AoE damage to the enemy team during what may be a match-deciding battle. Each shot of Pew! Pew! Pew! from Big Shot will also reduce the cooldown of Call Mech Icon Call Mech by 5 seconds. Since each enemy hit with all 3 shots of Big Shot will reduce the cooldown of Call Mech by 15 seconds, D.Va can theoretically hit 3 targets will all 3 shots of Big Shot in order to immediately negate the cooldown of a new Mech right after she has been ejected from her previous one. The stacking effect of the cooldown will make it even easier for D.Va to be able to summon a new Mech should she need one at a moments notice.

Concussive Pulse Icon Concussive Pulse is similar to Torpedo Dash Icon Torpedo Dash in that it is a Pilot Mode Basic Ability that is only available to D.Va after talenting into it at level 20. This ability is a straightforward knockback on a relatively short cooldown. Much like D.Va's Boosters Icon Boosters in Mech Mode, Concussive Pulse can be used both offensively or defensively, although she will most often be using it to peel away enemies attempting to dive her while she's defenseless. Concussive Pulse can also be used to force an enemy or multiple enemies within range of her Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct should it be properly timed. Unfortunately for Concussive Pulse, it rivals Talents at the Level 20 Tier that are too important to pass up. Torpedo Dash is an equally effective survival tool that may be taken earlier in the game by D.Va should staying alive in Pilot Mode Icon Pilot Mode be an absolute priority without having to pass up on the strength of an alternative Level 20 Talent.

MEKAfall Icon MEKAfall is a great Level 20 Talent that brings a plethora of benefits to D.Va in the late-game. The utility of MEKAfall brought to D.Va in terms of mobility and repositioning is very strong and allows her to immediately engage or disengage toward different positions within a teamfight. The bonus damage of Call Mech Icon Call Mech is also very beneficial as it will many times help secure an otherwise unattainable Takedown for D.Va and her allies. The fact that Call Mech becomes an instant cast should also not be overlooked, as it will prevent D.Va from being interrupted while channeling her new Mech at what could be the most important moment of an entire match.

10. Changelog

  • 17 Oct. 2017: Level 1 Talent Pro Moves duration has been increased to 1.5 seconds from 1.25 seconds.
  • 08 Aug. 2017: Level 4 Talent Diverting Power now slows D.Va by an additional 50% rather than self-rooting her for the duration of the cast.
  • 07 Jun. 2017: Corrected error in the description of the way stacks are lost for the Level 1 Talent Pro Moves.
  • 01 Jun. 2017: Level 1 Talent Pro Moves duration has been increased to 1.25 seconds from 1 second.
  • 31 May 2017: Talent Build Page updated with full descriptions and discussion.
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