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Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence Fresh 70 Starter Build (Patch 2.7.6 / Season 29)

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This build is a starter build for fresh Level 70 Demon Hunters who have access to the Unhallowed Essence set.

This guide is part of our Demon Hunter Seasonal Progress Guide, which also includes a leveling build and other early builds for fresh 70 characters.


Fresh 70 Build

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Evasive Fire Icon Evasive Fire Focus Focus Right Mouse Button Multishot Icon Multishot Wind Chill Wind Chill 1 Vengeance Icon Vengeance Seethe Seethe 2 Vault Icon Vault Tumble Tumble 3 Companion Icon Companion Bat Companion Bat Companion 4 Preparation Icon Preparation Invigoration Invigoration
Passive Skills

How to Play the Build: Skills and Rotation

The majority of the build will be assembled to Unhallowed Essence's translation of Discipline into damage, as well as its obvious Multishot Multishot focus.

You will alternate generating Hatred through Evasive Fire Evasive Fire Focus Focus and spending it in powerful Multishot Multishot volleys. You can activate Preparation Preparation when low on Discipline, but the skill is taken mostly for the Unhallowed Essence 6-piece benefits from Invigoration Invigoration. With its significant downtimes in early character progression, Vengeance Vengeance should be used only for significant fights (high density, elites and Rift Guardians). The rest of your Hatred management will come from Companion Companion Bat Companion Bat Companion, which you can swap to Wolf Companion Wolf Companion once you are confident with resources. As usual, Vault Vault will take you in, out and from fight to fight.

  • Multishot Multishot is the obvious choice for a damage dealing hatred spender in an Unhallowed Essence build; you have two viable runes to choose from, Arsenal Arsenal and Wind Chill Wind Chill. While Arsenal Arsenal deals higher damage overall, it is more GR-progression oriented, requiring swaps in your passives into Thrill of the Hunt Thrill of the Hunt and Arsenal Arsenal — both of which significantly deviate from your main goal, utility and speedfarm. Wind Chill Wind Chill applies a chilling effect prior to dealing damage, proccing Cull the Weak Cull the Weak (and later on, Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Trapped) automatically. Allowing you better speedrun passives and offering a party-wide Crit Chance increase makes Wind Chill Wind Chill the recommendation. Note that you acquire Multishot Multishot damage bonuses from the Unhallowed Essence as late as the 6-piece, so you can run any spender to your liking prior to that point.
  • While you can technically run any 7 Hatred generator in this slot, Evasive Fire Evasive Fire fires in a wide ark, helpfully reminiscent of Multishot Multishot and with a high chance of hitting a target without the need of much aim.
  • Unchanged from the leveling build, Vault Vault Tumble Tumble gives you the best ground covered to Discipline spent ratio, making it the preferable skill for the purpose of mobility.
  • You will keep Companion Companion like a swiss knife at your side, but you will adjust its utility according to your preferences; it is likely you will struggle with Hatred in an early Multishot Multishot spec, so you can safely fall to the Bat Companion Bat Companion crutch until you acquire key legendaries to stabilize resources with.
  • Preparation Preparation will also remain in the build, but needs to be changed into Invigoration Invigoration as soon as you acquire the 6-piece Unhallowed Essence bonus, as it extends your Discipline pool.
  • Similarly to Multishot Multishot, Vengeance Vengeance draws damage benefits from the Unhallowed Essence set, and brings a multiplicative damage buff of its own. Its major role in the build comes from the Seethe Seethe rune however, and obtaining its amazing Hatred regeneration permanently through cooldown reduction stacking and cubing Dawn Dawn will be one of your gearing priorities.
  • For early game Unhallowed Essence progression, it is advisable to keep most of the leveling setup (Steady Aim Steady Aim, Blood Vengeance Blood Vengeance and Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage), but abandon Custom Engineering Custom Engineering along with its sentries for the multiplicative damage increase of Cull the Weak Cull the Weak.


The build above is specifically created not to require any additional sets or legendary items. In order to transition to a late game-oriented spec using the same set, we have listed the top three priority items to obtain when starting out with this set.

  • Yang's Recurve Yang's Recurve — this bow is tailor-made for Unhallowed Essence and Multishot Multishot, with a myriad of affixes that are all too helpful to ignore. Naturally rolling with up to 50% Resource Cost Reduction, it is already a strong contender for expensive spender builds, but to top it off it increases Multishot Multishot attack speed by 50%.
  • Dawn Dawn — the power of this legendary one-handed crossbow is one the most attractive options to consume in the Cube. Since Vengeance Vengeance is a universally desired buff, reducing its cooldown up to 65% and achieving permanent uptime through a modest CDR investment on gear is an opportunity you cannot pass lightly.
  • Dead Man's Legacy Dead Man's Legacy is a Multishot Multishot-specific quiver that doubles the application of your shots as soon as your enemy reaches below 60% health and further increases the damage of your spender.

End-Game Unhallowed Essence Builds

The mini-guide above is simply meant to acquaint you with the set and how a build with just the Haedrig's Gift (or a newly found set), and no supporting legendaries would play out. We have the following endgame-oriented builds that use the set, and encourage you to explore these much stronger playstyles!



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