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Demon Hunter Shadow's Mantle Fresh 70 Starter Build (Patch 2.7.1 / Season 24)

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This build is a starter build for fresh Level 70 Demon Hunters who have access to the Shadow's Mantle set.

This guide is part of our Demon Hunter Seasonal Progress Guide, which also includes a leveling build and other early builds for fresh 70 characters.


Fresh 70 Build

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Bolas Icon Bolas Thunder Ball Thunder Ball Right Mouse Button Impale Icon Impale Ricochet Ricochet 1 Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives Pinpoint Accuracy Pinpoint Accuracy 2 Vault Icon Vault Tumble Tumble 3 Companion Icon Companion Bat Companion Bat Companion 4 Shadow Power Icon Shadow Power No rune chosen
Passive Skills

How to Play the Build: Skills and Rotation

The Shadow playstyle is quite different from other Demon Hunter builds, almost exclusively pursuing Elite enemies to take advantage of its massive single target potential, and skipping many disadvantageous trash fights. Big single targets is where the Shadow set shines, especially once the 6-piece bonus is acquired — the massive bonus to Impale Impale damage will decimate any imposing, but singular threat. Companion Companion Bat Companion Bat Companion will passively mitigate your resource spending, but Hatred will inevitably go low from Impale Impale spam — when that happens, pop the active component of Bat Companion Bat Companion for an emergency refill. You will also have a generator at your disposal, so use Bolas Bolas liberally. When you pull bigger fights you will still have to single out enemies with Impale Impale, but will also augment your AoE clear with Fan of Knives Fan of Knives. To reposition to safety or get a better angle on an engage, you will use Vault Vault. Finally, you will have permanent Shadow Power Shadow Power with all its runes from the 4-piece bonus — just do not forget to activate it at least once per game.

The spec focuses on The Shadow's Mantle set's unique single target capabilities, as well as its focus on melee weapons. The recommended split is:

  • Slot 1 — Damage: The role of a primary damage dealer in a beginner Shadow set build is best left to Impale Impale, due to the massive bonus inherent from the 6-piece. The rune Ricochet Ricochet is preferred simply for its consistency (bouncing daggers vs narrow lined shots). This rune also offers elemental synergy with Fan of Knives Fan of Knives, your supplementary damage dealer, taken with the lightning rune Pinpoint Accuracy Pinpoint Accuracy in an early game spec. As an added bonus on top, the additional hits of Ricochet Ricochet proc the unique property of Karlei's Point Karlei's Point dagger, which is a priority item to obtain (discussed below).
  • Slot 2 — Generator: While you can technically run several Hatred generators in this slot, Bolas Bolas offer you convenient elemental damage synergy with Ricochet Ricochet and can be used with a melee weapon, which the Shadow set focuses on.
  • Slot 3 — Supplementary damage: Early on, the spec will struggle to break out of its single target niche. Your closest shortcut to reliable AoE damage prior to obtaining Holy Point Shot Holy Point Shot is found in Fan of Knives Fan of Knives, taken with the strongest damage rune — Pinpoint Accuracy Pinpoint Accuracy Once you acquire a Holy Point Shot Holy Point Shot (your most sought after, and highest gamble priority item), you can repurpose this skill with the defensive Bladed Armor Bladed Armor.
  • Slot 4 — Mobility: Unchanged from the leveling build, Vault Vault Tumble Tumble gives you the best ground covered to Discipline spent ratio, making it the preferable skill for the purpose.
  • Slots 5 & 6 — Utility: You will keep Companion Companion like a swiss knife at your side, but you will adjust its utility according to your preferences; it is likely you will struggle with Hatred in an early Impale Impale spec, so you can safely fall to the Bat Companion Bat Companion crutch until you acquire key legendaries to stabilize resources with. The Shadow set will also lend you an indefinite Shadow Power Shadow Power with all its runes for the mere cost of a skill slot. You should activate it immediately upon entering the game to passively enjoy its damage reduction bonuses, movement speed increase, and increased Life per Hit.
  • Passives: For early game Shadow progression, it is advisable to keep part of the leveling setup (Blood Vengeance Blood Vengeance and Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage), but abandon Custom Engineering Custom Engineering and Steady Aim Steady Aim for Cull the Weak Cull the Weak and Ambush Ambush, as they better reflect the close range, burst orientation of Shadow set builds.

Gear and Builds Using This Set

The build above is specifically created not to require any additional sets or legendary items. In order to transition to a late game-oriented spec using the same set, we have a rough list of high priority items to obtain, as well as a link to the build they pertain to.



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