Thorns Bombardment Crusader Skills and Runes

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On this page, we explain how to choose and use your skills when playing Thorns Bombardment Crusader in Diablo 3. Updated for Patch 2.7.2 and Season 25.

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Punish Icon Punish Celerity Celerity Right Mouse Button Bombardment Icon Bombardment Barrels of Spikes Barrels of Spikes 1 Shield Glare Icon Shield Glare Divine Verdict Divine Verdict 2 Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge Draw and Quarter Draw and Quarter 3 Iron Skin Icon Iron Skin Reflective Skin Reflective Skin 4 Akarat's Champion Icon Akarat's Champion Prophet Prophet
Passive Skills


The build's performance hinges on the alignment of several really strong buffs to the Bombardment Bombardment damage; most notably, you have to play around the Convention of Elements Convention of Elements cycles and time your manual Bombardments with the Physical part of the rotation. This necessitates that you keep track of the CoE buff and whenever Lightning is up — the buff that directly precedes Physical — you have to make sure that you Steed Charge Steed Charge into the thick of a fight, attaining the 5-second Norvald set buff, and then attack with Punish Punish and block attacks to build Invoker 2-piece stacks up to or near cap. This simple rotation will ensure that whenever the Physical CoE cycle is up, you will have the optimal amount of buffs to your manually cast Bombardment Bombardment burst. Needless to say, when you get into the fray, you will need to have your defensive buffs up — this means casting Akarat's Champion Akarat's Champion on cooldown, as well as applying Iron Skin Iron Skin and Laws of Valor Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force (note its RCR synergy with the Cpt. Crimson set) whenever you expect incoming damage. After your burst cycle is complete, you should consider the state of the battlefield — if there are only a few stragglers up, even if they are elites, you should drag them along into a bigger fight using Steed Charge Steed Charge Draw and Quarter Draw and Quarter; you are much stronger when you take advantage of Area Damage.


Skills and Runes

Similarly to the older LoN spec, this Akkhan build focuses on Bombardment Bombardment as the primary damage dealer of the build, along with the Barrels of Spikes Barrels of Spikes rune that scales off Thorns damage on gear. By wearing Belt of the Trove Belt of the Trove, you will have a source of automated damage that inherits your selected rune and damage bonuses (see this build's gear page for more information); however, you are still in control of your own cooldown, allowing you precision and buff-syncing for the bulk of your damage.

Punish Punish is the solitary non-cooldown skill in the build, but do not be fooled by its unassuming generator damage — it will serve to amplify your Thorns damage through the Invoker 2-piece bonus, which Bombardment Bombardment will take advantage of.

Mobility is a vital aspect of Greater Rifts clears, whether it is for simple movement or more active avoidance or engagement in fights. The Crusader's best tool for the purpose is Steed Charge Steed Charge, and you can add to its utility by adding a monster displacement aspect to it with the rune Draw and Quarter Draw and Quarter; this way, you have an additional tool to build and distribute monster density in a fight. Note that Steed Charge Steed Charge is especially important in this build, since it uses the Norvald's Fervor set (Flail of the Charge Flail of the Charge and Shield of the Steed Shield of the Steed), whose bonus multiplies your damage while mounted and for 5 seconds after the skill wears off. You need to internalize the duration of this buff and reapply it accordingly, since you DPS hinges on its maintenance.

As an Akkhan-based build, it is only natural to include Akarat's Champion Akarat's Champion in the setup. While the set bonus cuts the skill's cooldown in half, you will still aim for the 56% CDR breakpoint (and even slightly above — consult the gear page for more information) in order to reach permanent uptime of this powerful steroid. The rune of choice is, of course, Prophet Prophet — for the additional toughness and cheat death proc.

The traditionally defense-oriented Iron Skin Iron Skin skill sees its role reversed in Thorns builds with the rune Reflective Skin Reflective Skin. Instead of using it when endangered by burst, trigger it directly before a Bombardment Bombardment barrage to skyrocket its damage. Timing this skill becomes even more important if you push this build into Greater Rifts, since you will have to synchronize it with a physical cycle of the Convention of Elements Convention of Elements rotation. It should be noted that earlier on in character progression, you can stick to a purely protective rune like Steel Skin Steel Skin here; since the Reflective Skin Reflective Skin Thorns bonuses stack additively with the Invoker bonus, the loss of DPS is something you can consider purely for convenience and ease of piloting the build.

You will be taking a rather unusual candidate in your 'Laws slot': Laws of Valor Laws of Valor with the Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force rune. While you do not have any spenders at your disposal, the worn Cpt. Crimson set scales your damage reduction based on your Resource Cost Reduction, and this rune directly affects that. In Season 25, in order to activate the CC-dependent effect of the Remnant of Pain Soul Shard, you will have to use Shield Glare Shield Glare Divine Verdict Divine Verdict in this slot. Time it just prior to your burst.



Unlike its LoN counterpart, this Thorns Bombardment variant uses Heavenly Strength Heavenly Strength as a baseline weapon passive, due to the mandatory two-handed Flail of the Charge Flail of the Charge in your hands. Note that in an early season setup, if you are still farming the Norvalds set, you can freely swap this passive out for Fervor Fervor according to your best rolled Thorns weapon.

You have a degree of freedom in your second passive slot, which you can adjust according to your preferences and attempted content. If you feel your defenses lacking (during early season gearing or late GR pushes, for example) or prefer the safety in Hardcore, include the Indestructible Indestructible cheat death. Our base recommendation however is to use Hold Your Ground Hold Your Ground to improve your Invoker 2-piece bonus stacking, and augment your burst as a result.

Your passive choices will be rounded out by a Thorns and a Bombardment staple respectively — 50% increase of Thorns from Iron Maiden Iron Maiden, and a 35% Cooldown Reduction of Bombardment Bombardment from Lord Commander Lord Commander.



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