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Season 4 2019 Anomaly - Experience Globes

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Anomalies change the way how Heroes of the Storm is played. Below, you can find information about the current Anomaly.

Heroes of the Storm is introducing a new feature called “Nexus Anomalies”. Every season will have an “Anomaly” which alters an aspect of the game in a certain way. The first Nexus Anomaly to arrive to Heroes of the Storm is the XP Orb Anomaly.

The idea behind this Anomaly is that players will have to collect XP as a pick-up from slain minions, very much like how regeneration globes work. XP is no longer received automatically by killing a mob and there are no changes to Passive XP gained over time.


How XP Orbs Work

During this seasons Anomaly, ranged and melee minions will drop XP orbs when slain. These orbs will remain on the ground for 6 seconds. The Wizard minions who currently drop a regeneration globe will continue to do so and will not drop an XP orb.

The XP gain is adjusted so that ranged and melee minions grant more experience than they currently do.


The Effect On The Meta

There will be some pretty big changes to the Tier list after Anomaly releases for the new season. Certain heroes will excel at denying or picking up orbs. Some heroes will become close to useless as they cannot pick up the orbs from where they kill the minions and we will go a bit into detail over how this will affect the Meta.



As it stands, Anomaly will encourage a lot of lane bullying from both sides, this means that Heroes that are naturally tanky and has good sustain built into their kit will be more viable for their role.

Most, if not all Heroes in the game have AoE spells that they use for clearing waves, meaning the tank going in to soak orbs will most likely be either hit with the AoE or focused down.

As a result, Heroes like Anub'arak or E.T.C. will excel in orb soaking. E.T.C has his trait, Rockstar Icon Rockstar giving him 25 Armor and he will naturally have his trait up due to using Guitar Solo when going in to soak. Anub'arak has his Harden Carapace Icon Harden Carapace ability, granting him 40 Spell Armor he can pop before going in.

Other Tanks such as Garrosh will become a monster for denying Orb soaks from the enemy team as he can simply flip the tank away or into his team. Garrosh can, however, be countered by Johanna who can simply ignore Garrosh's table-flipping madness when going in to soak.


Bruisers and Solo Laners

Bruisers in the Solo lane will probably be the most affected by the Anomaly.

Heroes that have strong lane sustainability and are hard to gank will be more favored than certain other heroes. Two examples of such Heroes could be Sonya and Chen, as they both have means to stay in the lane and can bully their matchup. Sonya with her Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind healing and Chen with his drinking problem allows them to go in for a soak and take the hits should they receive any.

Squishy bruisers such as Malthael will still be a good pick for the Solo lane, but because they suffer from being squishy and easy to gank, they are not as viable against bully matchups as the aforementioned heroes.

The one Hero to gain the most benefit from the current Anomaly would be Rexxar. Misha counts as a Hero, allowing Rexxar to safely collect XP orbs whilst zoning out the enemy Hero. This will most likely make Rexxar a pick-first-ban-first Hero after the Anomaly is live.


Ranged Assassins

The Anomaly will probably not affect Ranged Assassins too much, however, Heroes such as Gul'dan, Jaina and Kael'thas will probably see more play after Anomaly goes live. They are inherently very good wave clearers who can easily bully the enemy tank/team into going in to soak.

Other Heroes who are able to dish out a lot of single target damage could also be more viable as they have the means to punish the enemy soakers. Additionally, Heroes with great ganking potential such as Genji can be used to gank or zone out solo laners denying the enemy team XP orbs.

Azmodan, however, is rendered much weaker in this anomaly due to his minions not being able to soak the orbs. Unless changes, Azmodan will probably see close to no play when Anomaly goes live.


Melee Assassins

Anomaly will probably not affect Melee Assassins too much, however, Heroes with great ganking potential such as Zeratul, Maiev, or Qhira can be used to zone out or gank enemy solo laners.

Melee assassins should also probably refrain from soaking Orbs unless needed or no threats are present. In most cases, your Tank should be doing the soaking.



Due to how Anomaly will affect Tanks, healers will have to correspond by having strong single-target healers such as Ana or Lt. Morales by their side. Other healers with good CC or push-backs like Malfurion or Lucio can deny the enemy team from going in to soak.



Anomaly has severely changed the usefulness of some of the Supports. Abathur, for example, is able to soak orbs through his Symbiote Icon Symbiote. Medivh can also be a good pick for Anomaly as he can simply shield the tank going in for a soak. The Lost Vikings might suffer a bit as the tiny Heroes will have to go close to melee range for XP now, making them vulnerable for easy kills by the enemy team.


Final Notes

Anomaly can be a good change for the pace of the game, as it attracts new ideas that can be implemented. However as it currently stands, Anomaly breaks some Heroes and has a lot of inconsistencies with the way some Heroes work. It also has to be noted that just because a certain Hero was not mentioned does not ruin its viability when Anomaly hits live. The new changes will most likely have some undiscovered tactics or strategies and we will have to see how they play out.



  • Anub'arak
    • Cocooned enemy Hero will not soak orbs for either team
  • Samuro
    • Clones will soak orbs


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