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Nexus Anomaly #3: Climate Phenomena (2020 Season 3)

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Nexus Anomalies change the way how Heroes of the Storm is played. Below, you can find information about the current Nexus Anomaly.



Nexus Anomalies are periodic changes meant to improve the game and/or to make the game more interesting to play.

They are organized in the following way.

  • When a Season starts, Blizzard releases a new Nexus Anomaly for Heroes of the Storm.
  • During the Season, Blizzard gets feedback by the community and tries to improve the active Nexus Anomaly.
  • When the Season ends, the Nexus Anomaly gets removed from the game, unless Blizzard decides to keep it based on how the community reacted to it change after change.

To make a quick recap, the previous Nexus Anomalies are as follows.

The first iteration of those Nexus Anomalies was not well received by the community, however, Blizzard made multiple changes to them and eventually decided to keep both forever.


Climate Phenomena

At the beginning of 2020 Season 3, strange weather disturbances have been spotted across the Nexus. Mei arrived just in time to help analyze and study them.

With the arrival of into the Nexus, we also get the third Nexus Anomaly: Climate Phenomena, bringing a variety of fun Weather Events to the game.


Weather Events

There are 3 types of Weather Events.

  • Rain Storms
  • Snow Flurries
  • Foggy Mists

The main Battlegrounds have been divided into 3 groups, each of them featuring a different Weather Event. All other Battlegrounds will use a random Weather Event, including Brawls.

If you cannot remember well which Battleground has which Weather Event associated with it, use this article and/or the following image as a reference while drafting, at least until you learn them all.

All the Weather Events have 4 minutes of cooldown and last 2 minutes, with the first one happening as soon as the game starts. The dedicated icon just below the Team Levels will be bright when the Weather Event is active and will be dark when not. Use the in-game clock to know in advance when the Weather Event will happen and change your playstyle accordingly.

Heroes who do not contribute with their body (for example Abathur during most of the game, except during Ultimate Evolution Icon Ultimate Evolution) will get way less value from Weather Event compared to others.


Rain Storms

A rainstorm strike all Heroes with lightning every 25-40 seconds, granting them a Lightning Shield for 8 seconds that increases their Movement Speed by 15% and deals 46 damage per second to enemies within 2.5 range.

As a general rule, the damage done by Lightning Shield gets affected by the majority of damage modifiers that do not check for particular attributes on enemy Heroes.

The bonus Movement Speed gets reduced by Slows, does not stack with most Movement Speed effects, and does not affect Mounts.

Unfortunately, this kind of effect will mess up with Heroes that rely on Sleep effects because the periodic damage dealt by Lightning Shield will wake up enemy Heroes within range. Among them, being melee, Mal'Ganis suffers this negative interaction the most.

If you want to get a bit more value from Rain Storms, reduce the Armor of enemy Heroes to amplify the damage done by the Lightning Shield.

Rain Storms will happen on the following Battlegrounds:

  • Blackheart's Bay;
  • Braxis Holdout;
  • Dragon Shire;
  • Garden of Terror;
  • Sky Temple;
  • Warhead Junction.

Snow Flurries

After not taking damage for 5 seconds, snow starts accumulating on Heroes, granting 29 Shield every 0.5 seconds, stacking up to 233, lasting until consumed by damage.

The amount of Shield that Heroes get is based on their Team Level, with each level being worth 4% additional value.

While being slightly useful against poke damage as well, this effect will mostly help against burst damage, especially on Heroes with bonus Armor because the Shield value gets indirectly amplified by it.

Heroes with Shields (for example Fenix) will see their Shield increased in value. The size of Shield provided by Snow Flurries alone is not that high to justify Shield-breaking Talents, unless you need them for countering another Shield as well.

Snow Flurries will happen on the following Battlegrounds:

  • Alterac Pass;
  • Cursed Hollow;
  • Infernal Shrines;
  • Volskaya Foundry.

Foggy Mists

After staying idle in a bush for 1.5 seconds, gain Stealth for 40 seconds, lasting until you use Basic Attacks, cast Abilities, take damage, click to interact with something, or Foggy Mists ends.

Stealth makes the Hero look transparent to the enemy team and hides their icon on the enemy Minimap. Basic Attacks, scan Abilities (such as Purification Salvo Icon Purification Salvo by Fenix), and point and click Abilities (like Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast by Kael'thas) cannot be used on Heroes affected by Stealth.

Unless on a Capture Point (Mercenary Camps on any Battleground and the Objective featured on Volskaya Foundry come to mind), standing still for 3 seconds will upgrade the Stealth to Invisibility until the Hero moves again. In addition to what Stealth does, Invisibility makes impossible for the enemy team to see the affected Hero.

Having this kind of effect on Heroes who are not designed for it will be a powerful tool to surprise the enemy team with traps even in zone without bushes.

Considering that Stealth drastically reduces your soaking range from 6 to 1.75 units, if you want to catch Experience Globes without going too deep in the enemy territory, you can intentionally reveal yourself by briefly casting your Hearthstone.

Just to mention a curios interaction, Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker will make Dehaka exit from the bush already Stealthed, without the need to wait in the bush for 1.5 seconds after arriving there.

Reveal effects will obviously help against Stealth, but most players will probably prefer playing around it rather than wasting a Talent because of it.

In case you rarely play Heroes with Stealth, keep in mind that Forts, Keeps, and Core have True Sight, meaning that they passively Reveal the area surrounding them, unless that Structure is disabled by something (for example Summon Sindragosa Icon Summon Sindragosa by Arthas).

Foggy Mists will happen on the following Battlegrounds:

  • Battlefield of Eternity;
  • Hanamura Temple;
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen;
  • Towers of Doom.


  • 25 Jun. 2020: Guide updated for Climate Phenomena.
  • 24 Apr. 2020: Guide updated for A Call For Help.
  • 05 Dec. 2019: Guide created.
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